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210  Star Trek X, Nemesis, has been moved to

Title moved to attempt to restore old address: (210)  Websites and Fan Film Makers working on films but which have no full episodes ready (some may have shorts)

Whether they have made films or not, none of these filmmakers or websites have full episodes available for viewing. Some may have shorts under ten minutes in length.  For now, single letter designation or any Arabic numeral means they are either obviously working and give regular updates or have responded to e-mails saying they are working, usually within the last 6 months to a year.  Projects on temporary hold or recently put on hold have two-letter designations starting with A, Such as (AC).  I have also moved projects to the (A+other letter) listing that said they are working but after many years show no detectable progress.  Projects which have been on hold or abandon, or which show no progress for over two years, are designation with two letters, the first one being after A, such as (BD) or (CG).  These films will also be removed from the Fan Filmmaker map.  Filmmakers that produced substantial films before ceasing production or abandonment of a series are listed elsewhere.  Completed films mean either that the filmmaker has his/her/their own permanent web page, without regard to whether they are continuing, or if the film was a short, that it is listed in an appropriate list of short films, story, comedy, etc.   Substantial uncompleted films are listed in various places depending on their nature (e.g., a proposed pilot for a professional series is listed in that subject, a fan film that released three of five acts but seems to have abandoned the effort is listed here: .)

Empty slots for fully active films:   (B), (D), (E), (I), (M), (O), (T), (U), (V), (W), (Z), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9) (16 in use)

Empty slots for slow/temporary hold films:  (AB), (AC), (AE), (AF), (AG), (AH), (AI), (AJ), (AK), (AL), (AM), (AO), (AP), (AQ), (AT), (AU), (AW), (AY), (AZ). (8 in use)

(EG), (EI) and (EM) are empty.

(A)  Star Trek: Ambush is Golden Age, (2266) set after the TOS episode, "Balance of Terror".  However, a reel released on Dec. 24, 2016 shows Starfleet uniforms of the Stone Age (ST: Enterprise era). It is a production out of Verwood, Dorset, UK. Facebook page: .  This is their Kickstarter campaign, which has already achieved goal, but is going for more.  As of Memorial Day weekend, 2014, they were in production and shooting.  Here is a video of the shoot posted May 25, 2014: Trek.FM discussion of this film:

On July 7, 2014, they posted on their Facebook page that they had completed half of principle photography.
On Sept. 5, 2013 they posted this short video: "Studio Ready" (0:58)

Article August 11, 2014:

Short release March 18, 2015: (0:44)
Production Summary to date released April 26, 2015, (2:06).

On July 22, 2015 they posted that they were working on their shuttlecraft set.

12/14/2015, they posted this "Announcement Trailer" (1;00)

On May 31, 2016 they posted stills shot inside the shuttlecraft.

12/24/2016 posted a "Sizzel Reel" promising a release in 2017.


April 2017 posting says, "We're editing."  June 1 2017 they reposted their initial trailer.

Asked for Update January 17, 2018.  On February 4, 2018, they posted pictures they said showed that they were still working.

Asked for update Dec. 1, 2018.


(C)    Starship Chimera (Action figures, parody, adult fans, mixed era but mostly silver age)
Facebook Fan Club:
Trailer (Posted Feb. 5, 2017)
Starship Locations Update discussion (posted July 5, 2017)

Video posted June 10, 2017 indicates they have hit a snag but production continues.
Video Posted Nov 2017 hopes for final release June 2018.

Update posted Sept 2018, (11:59)
Update posted December 6, 2018, (10:27)



(F)     Star Trek: First Frontier, (Shooting out of Atlanta, Ga., USA. Set in 2245, Late Stone Age, live action, sets) the story of the original launch of the Starship Enterprise under Captain Robert April.  One shot full length movie.  Facebook page:     They are held and cancelled a Kickstarter in April and May of 2015, with an explanitary video:
The creator claims he hopes to fund this himself.

Post on July 17, 2015 says the script is approved and locked, and they are working on storyboarding.  There are posts after that showing work on the storyboarding.  They also posted photos showing work  on the bridge that day.

Post on August 3, 2015 says they have completed storyboarding.

Post on August 28, 2015 says they have fully cast it, as follows:
Captain Robert April - Robert Pralgo
Dr. Sarah April - Tara Ochs
John April - Barry Corbin
Lieutenant Tai - Diany Rodriguez
Lieutenant Lyra - Brianna Ferris
Captain Collins - Stan Harrington
Lt. Commander McCain - Paul Telfer
Ensign Brooks - Brandon T. Wilson
Lt. Commander Young - Mark Ashworth
Yeoman Nichols - Autumn Dawn
Admiral Taylor - Robert Bryan Davis
Lieutenant Grace April - Natalie Pero
Commander Corbin - Vince Canlas
Dr. Richard Daystrom - J. Todd Smith
Counselor Lynch - April Billingsley
Empress Lysix - Deborah Childs
Captain Jelland - Keith Brooks
Lt. Commander Kelley - Courtney Hogan
Lt. Shire - TJ Garland
Technician / Engineering Crew Member - David Plunkett
Commander Wickley - Adam Minarovich
Lt. Garland - Sean Goulding
Funeral Mother - Athena Bitzis
Funeral Son - Richard Kohberger
Lt. Caldwell - Nick Marinelli
Prisoner #2 - Trevor Garner
Tan Shirt 1 / Technician - David Plunkett
Blue Shirt 1 / Corbin - Vince Canlas
The Creature - Lex Lewis
Posts on 9/23/2015 show a completed bridge, cast in costume and make-up, and what appear to be plackards from a shoot.

In June of 2016 they continue to post updates showing active work in progress.

In March, 2017, they posted part of an old fan film by Kenny Smith from 1988, "Star Trek: Operation Destruct,"  The second part of the film is permanently lost, so the film is listed as (AA) under

Asked for a status update on Dec. 23, 2016.
Posted Teaser Preview 1 January 27, 2017.  Not available as of June 12, 2017.

Official Trailer Posted March 19, 2017: available as of June 12, 2017.  Still not up July 22, 2017.

June 12, 2017 wrote on their timeline asking if this production was going forward.  Sent PM warning on 7/22/2017 that this would be moved to long term hold on or after August 1 if I hear nothing.  On August 9, 2017, it was shown that the March 19, 2017 trailer had been taken down, and the project was moved to long term hold

The following were posted September 9. 2018:
FanMovie Star Trek First Frontier
Trailer #2 FanMovie 2018 First Frontier

Here is a pre-release version of the film: 14, 2018)
Here is a later, pre-release version, Director's Cut posted May 15, 2018, (1:21:20)
Here is a trailer for the film posted December 17, 2018.

Moved to Slow progress.

Trailer released January 7, 2019, with expected film release in March. (1:59)

Moved back to full steam ahead.

(G)       Gatekeeper, formerly Star Trek: Gatekeeper. Facebook page:
Scandinavian Movie Planned.  Crossover, ST/SW.  However, the website appears in English. Dated 2887-2892, the Movie is set past my current setup of "Bronze Age".  The movie is also a crossover with Star Wars, hence would go into my crossover listings.    Facebook page is very active and speaking about shoots as of July, 2012.  They had not yet shot the Star Wars section when Disney bought out Lucusfilm, and are looking for some guidance as of January 2013.  They will rewrite the continue the project if they get a C&D letter from Disney, which generally does not permit fan films.

On April 21, 2016 film was put on hold until after Axanar dispute is resolved after Star Trek: Horizon received Cease & Desist order.

Concept teaser (3:26)
Also here: (3:26)

Posting with updates made at TrekUnited staring in late May 2011.

Facebook Page active as of March 2012.

3D Matt Painting posted April, 2012  (0:06)

Short concept film, June 2012.  (2:49)

Although there were ongoing posts, it wasn't clear that they were related to this movie, so I left a message asking about the film's status on 9/19/2014.

October 2016 they promised a teaser soon, but my request for an update Dec 28 2016 was not responded to as of Feb, 1, 2017.  On 6/21/2017 the declared their decision to move forward and release at least parts of the planned film.

Asked for Update January 17, 2018

Asked for and got response December 1, 2018, working on special effects.

(H)  The Human Adventure,
On March 28, 2018, they reported that principle photography was completed.  The film was shot in  Southern California.

Trailer released 5/8/2018, (0:56)

(I)     The Final Hour, trailer and discussion: (1:45).  The filmmaker says it will be an animation.

(J)      Trek'd (1:08).  An international team working out of Bejing, China.Very early in the works (Live action, costumes CGI.)  Filming started in January 2016 and is ongoing.

I e-mailed somebody involved for an update on  12/25/2016.  Received Confirmation that they are working on this, but slowly.  They did some filming in Nov 2016.  I was told that a newer trailer was posted at the above location.

Sent an e-mail asking for an update on 6/12/2017.  Received an e-mail showing significant ongoing progress.  They have moved forward with another group to work on special effects, and have a fundraising link:
and we are running a submission campaign to get contributions:

Sent e-mail asking for status January 17, 2018. Response was that they continued to work, but slowly.

Teaser trailer!  Chinese Language comments!  Super-cool! (1:25)

Asked for Update Dec. 1, 2018.  It is still in active development.

(K)    Star Trek Discovery: The Kelvin Timeline.  Appears to be a proposed fan film.   Teaser Trailer: (2:38).   You Tube home:
Another Teaser Trailer: (2:39).  Nothing in last 5 months as of December 2018.

(L)    The Listener: Spectral Awakening (formerly Guinan: The Series).  Sort of a fan film, sort of not.  Follows Guinan under a different name long before TNG, in fact before she ever came to Earth. (Pre-Stone Age, professional actors).
Facebook page:
Article from Fan Film Factor:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
The organizers are professional actors and filmmakers.  Here is the lead actress's IMDb listing:

Had regular update in late 2017.  Nothing since January 2018.  Left a message asking about updates December 2, 2018.


(N)       Space Charter,  a TAS Parody from JTStarrProductions, (0:31).  Announced on the Trek BBS,


(P)  Pacific 201 - A Star Trek Film out of Harrisberg, Pa. USA.  Discussion started in May, 2014, here: . Set in 2200, which makes it Stone Age, a few decades after the Romulan Wars.  It's focus is 'below decks' not on the bridge.  It follows the other crew members.  Website: .  You Tube Channel:  Facebook Page:
Teaser released April 9, 2015 (0:38)
Kickstarter: Starting 8/21/2015.  Goal was reached.

Teaser released 11/04/2016: (4:01)
Tactical Systems Teaser: 1/24/2017
Ship design May, 2017:

Postings continued at least monthly, with a post on June 8, 2017, being the most recent as of 6/12/2017

Teaser released 8/1/2017(August 1, 2017)

A Facebook Post on January 2018 said that they were editing.

On 5/31/2018 they released this trailer: (0:41)(Down on Dec. 2, 2018)

A Nov. 18, 2018 Facebook note said they were editing.

A live discussion held on Facebook on 1/16/2019 discussed the CGI being generated.

(Q)            Starship Pegasus, Los Angeles-based animated series. set in the 2180s, which makes it a Stone Age production.  Facebook Home:   Andre Cotman is working on a  3D animation.    Active work showing 3D characters and ship animations as of late July 2015.

An older version of this project:  The Warp 7 Project.  Adult fans, CGI.  Private Facebook Group as of July 2014.  (Absent Jan 2018)

CGI releases: (0:10) or (0:11)

Preview released 4/25/2016: (0:31)

June 21, 2016.  Facebook page shows postings at least monthly but doesn't show exactly what is happening.

I left him a message on 12/25/2016 Andre Cotman told me that he was still working on this and had taken courses which were helping him move this along more quickly.  He anticipated that the first episode would be under 15 minutes.

June 12, 2017, left two messages asking how this was coming along.  Response detailed progress in animation and texturing.

January 2018, I asked how Pegasus was coming.   Slow work.

Dec. 2, 2018, I asked again.  He is still working and making progress but has no release date.

(R)     Planned Machinima "Star Trek Protectors of Freedom" based on Star Trek Online. (3:24) (Posted Dec.1 2018)
Another trailer posted December 12, 2018, (3:24).

(S)        The Silent Frontier; formerly Star Trek: The Early Frontier.  Planned Golden Age film.  Adult, mostly deaf fans.  Facebook page is here: .  Set in an all-deaf alternative universe.  Includes Klingons.  At least one person working on this lives in Las Vegas, NV.  The Facebook page mentions, "Star Trek: American Sign Language."

As of late July 2015, they were doing a lot of 3D modeling of both the inside and the outside of spaceships.  I asked if the film would be animated or live action.  They said they were working on, "3D with green background video editing."

Same was true as of June 2016.  Activity continued as of 12/25/2016. and 2/1/2017.
As of June 12, 2017, there was a posting on May 25, 2017.

Asked for an update January 18, 2018.

This is a video they posted: (11:32)

On Dec. 2, 2018, I asked if they were anywhere near releasing a film.  They responded that hope to release a film at the end of 2019, so I am leaving this here.





(X)  Phoenix Five, a Pre-Stone Age live-action fan film about Zephren Cochrane being planned by Rhys Bond of Shepperton Studios, UK, which is outside of London. .  Very early stages of development, mentioned in late June 2017.  Rhys Bond has experience in the TV and Film industry.  Effects will be done with a combination of CGI and models.

Sent a PM asking for an update January 18, 2018.  "Still in production."  Asked again December 2, 2018.

(Y) Yorktown: A Time to Heal, formerly Yorktown II.

Short clip released 1/28/2019, (0:28)

On Dec. 2, 2018, I decided to not even bother to ask.

On 7/22/2018 I received the following PM from John T. Atkin on Facebook:
"I'm changing the name of the Vulcan officer (Jesse Tebbs) in Yorktown to "Zar."  Although Xon never appeared in a Star Trek episode, there is that cool test footage of David Gautreaux in Phase 2 and we didn't want to "recast" tht part.
"Zar was the original namem for Sybok in the early scripts for Star Trek V before they changed it to Sybok in the film.  It fits well, so I'm using it instead of Xon now.  It is easy to dub the name "Zar" over Xon, so definitely works the best."

Left a message in January of 2018 asking if I would live long enough to see this one.

Personal Message on Facebook 6/21/2017 saying work was continuing, but some of the CGI work had been delayed as the volunteers were being paid to do CGI by other people.

Posting  April 23, 2017 stating rough edit of Act I was complete.

Posting on Dec. 12, 2016.  Clearly still active as of that date.

June 22, 2016.  I left a message on their more active Facebook page asking if they were still on track for a September release.

July 2015.  The film transfer is completed and new pictures from the film were being posted on their Facebook page.

March 2015: Two Related Facebook Pages: and

September  17, 2014,  Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

July 29, 2014.  Teaser Trailer released, (1:01)

June 21, 2014, UPDATE.  The videos are back up online.

JUNE 12, 2014 UPDATE.  It appears the original agreement between the parties was broken, and those holding the actual film are being blocked from posting their product online.  It's a sad day in the fan film community, and this project may go back into limbo for more decades to come.  Most of the video links below are DEAD. (revision above, they are back up)

The Same day, update:  Plans are still being made to complete this film, but it may be limited to private distribution.  At this point, no further information can be expected for a while.  I may move this whole section to short term hold unless this clears itself up in a few days.

As of May 2014, They hope to have it done in 2015.

Here is a short series of clips they released in October of 2012:  (0:55).
This is their new Vimeo account as of August 2013:
Here is a second trailer released May 2013: (1:20)
a behind-the-scenes short: (8:44)
Footage released June 2014: and
Footage released Feb. 25, 2015:

  This You Tube account contains CGI which may be in the works for this project:

Trailers: (1:01) or (1:01)

See also .

This is their Trekspace page:
This is their facebook page:

Here is a VFX Teaser Trailer released June 5, 2011:
Here is a trailer posted June 7, 2012:

Here is an interview (from October 2013): (9:08)

This is an article from Starlog, June 1987, when the film was first shot.  The article starts on page 15 and continues on page 16.

However, unhappiness with You Tube has lead to using this account for this project: going forward.  The trailer on You Tube will be taken down at some poing.

Trekspeak posted the following discussion on March 6, 2012: (36:31)

Star Trek: Axiom (Golden Age) has also worked on this project.

A discussion:

Yorktown: A Time to Heal

I received the following in an e-mail on November 22, 2010, from the Axion group:
We are in pre-production and re-writing the script. There is no requisite schedule or need to build sets or cast when we haven't completed the upgraded script(s). Typically pre-production for a television show or feature film can take years so I see nothing out of the ordinary taking place. We are however soliciting crew and personnel so that we have a ready list of applicants when we do begin physical production. We are also not trying to 'sell a DVD' as the planned documentary release is not yet completed. We are however promoting it in advance as a teaser. None the less, feel free to list our production as you like.

I received the following comment on April 8, 2010: Star Trek: Axiom *RESURRECTED* Links Orion Press article was accessible through the lists of other websites which contain broad Trek content, and the yahoo link is what the title here links to.  I am unsure why this repetitious comment was added, but I am embedding it as it clearly refers only to this item and not to the list generally.

Here is the trailer, now available on On You Tube: (2:52)
Also available directly on
Here is a picture of an old Newspaper article on the original version of this fan film: Here's another webpage on this project: And here's a blog about it as a 'lost' fanfilm:

This film not only hired George Takei, but also interested a diverse group of other entertainment industry figures (in alphabetical order)...

Stephen J. Cannell** provided incidental Sound Effects
Peter Kuran** of ILM fame was a consultant for Special Effects.
George Lazenby** was scheduled to play the role of Admiral Nogura but due to scheduling conflicts, couldn't make the shoot. Veteran actor James Shigeta** stepped in to fill the spot in his stead.. 
Andrew Probert**, the designer of the USS Enterprise-D, joined the team in pre-production and helped redesign the Yorktown, design for the enemy vessel Nagear ("Reagan" spelled backwards) and create a new design for a Klingon fighter. 
George Takei** reprised his role as Hikaru Sulu

Shooting began in 1985 on Super 8 film but unfortunately it was never released. 

According to the Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki, there was an earlier film that was called Yorktown: In Temporary Command, later renamed Yorktown: The Quadroplastine incident.  Here is an article about the old film which has been posted on line:  The previous film, Yorktown: In Temporary Command, is listed here:   As of March, 2012, it has not been posted on the web, but may be posted in the next year or two.  Here is a teen award ceremony for Yorktown In Temporary Command: (2:25)

Axanar discussion of Yorktown:


(1)      Trek v. Trek, (1:55) Parody/Comedy by makers of Trek v. Batman.  Posted August, 2018

Trek v. Trek from the makers of Crossover Fan Film Star Trek v. Batman.
Fundraising short summary: (2:29).
Comment on the Trek BBS:

The plan is for shooting at Starbase Studios and location shoots.   Posted during first half of 2017.

(2)     Star Trek Saratoga, Facebook page,,  Trailer,
Trailer 2: (2:23)








The Following Projects fall into to two groups.  Those that begin with A are either on short term hold or have been 'in the works' without producing an actual film for years.   Those that begin with letters after A, either have confirmed that they are on hold or appear to be abandoned, and did not respond to my inquiry about whether or not they were for a period in excess of one week. In some cases, no e-mail or snail mail address was given at the website, and the project has been moved here without consultation.

(AA)    Maquis, from Bognor Regis, Wales, UK by Steven Alan Mayhew, (added Sept. 26, 2017).
12/13/2017.  Talk about switching to a combination of audio and animation.
Facebook location as of January 2018:

In late November, 2018, posted that they would have to put this aside until next year.  Move this to Short Term Hold or slow progress on December 2, 2018.



 Blood Trek.  Silver age being developed by Alan Thompson out of Coal Valley, Ill.  Teaser: (1:15). You Tube home:  This is his personal facebook page: ,  Still working as of March 2014.
In response to a question by me on July 23, 2015, I was told, sets have been built and are about to be painted.  They have also built a full-sized one-person shuttle they call the "Workbee."
On June 15, 2016, I asked about progress.  He has built most of the props for his space station and continues to make slow progress.
On 12/28/2016 he reported it was underway, but being revised to better fit the CBS Guidelines.

In January 2018 reported significant progress.  Asked again Dec. 2, 2018.










(AN)   Star Trek TOS: Beyond Antares, previously Star Trek: Antares Rift (3D animation, adult fan)
This is beginning of a 3D animated fan film, for which the filmmaker, Robert England, hopes to create many episodes.  He is a professional animator, and his speed of production is greatly limited by lack of computing power.  He has completed 2/3 of his first episode:
Parts 1 and 2 of 3: (23:41)
He released part of Part 3 and an appeal for donations Feb,  1, 2016: (5:59)

We talked via his You Tube channel in early June, 2016, and he was still working at that time.  I asked for an update again on 12/28/2016 on his discussion page on his You Tube channel.

I left a message asking for an update on of 2/1/2017.  I asked if there was any hope Dec, 2, 2018, on the video that was part of part 3.

Original Part 1:
Part 1 of 3: (13:33).

Another clip: (2:19).   Here is some 3D test footage which appears to be his work, but was posted by the folk at Star Trek: Ajax: (10:29)
More renderings improving textures and other animation issues: (0:22) (2:19)
"The Transporter Effect" : (3:03)

After some correspondence he informed me as follows:
"[I decided to ]... create 'Beyond Antares' the first episode from my "STAR TREK - Year Five" project.
I would gladly accept any kind of help from hardware to funding, etc.  I only have the one machine so that is a limiting factor. Funding is always an issue as I'm sure you are aware,  anything you can do to help will make a huge difference.  I do have 23 more episodes after this to do (I have the stories and speaking dialog ready, just have to make the visuals ,..  but one at a time, right!   ;~) ... my email for recieving Paypal donations is:  robert at ..." ____
He also attached the following pictures:




(AR)     Resurrection, formerly Star Trek: Resurrection
Current group:

former, Private Group,   Set in 2714, (Bronze Age) the story includes several crews.  The participants are in Corsham, Wiltshire,England,  Australia, California, and Texas, among other places.  Produced by Dave Donovan, Written by Mark Alan Jackson, Music by Mark Gosney, Character Animations by Theressa Rossdale, Exterior and Sets by Dave Donovan.

As of June 2016, the public Facebook page was very active, showing numerous animation ideas.

As of July 2015, the Facebook page was very active with many postings about ships and crew appearance.

As of 12/25/2016, the first Facebook page appeared to be down, and the second showed no activity since Summer.  I left a message asking for an update.

On  February 1, 2017, lacking any updates since 2015 and no response to my message of Dec. 2016, I moved this to long-term hold/abandon and removed to link to the missing movie page from this listing.

Postings were made over the next few months, including one on Sept. 4, 2017, showing there was life in this yet. An exchange in January of 2018 indicated work was moving slowly.

(AS)    Star Trek Saratoga, made in part from films from Star Trek: Chronicles.
You Tube Home:
Teaser #1 (1:15) (Posted June 2016)
Borg Cube.  "USS Tomorrow."  Silver Age Uniforms.  Adult actors.  CGI.
Trailer: (1:41)(Oct 3, 2016) (also says this project is canceled)
Star Trek Chronicles: Final trailer (abondon project)

New Trailer for a new project?  Star Trek: Saratoga, posted March 4, 2018:

Teaser released Sept 27, 2018, (2:23)



(AV)     Star Trek: Evergreen, a fan audio production.  Facebook page:
Note about work on script in May 2017 shows ongoing work.

December 2, 2018, asked for update on audio show progress.  He responded the same day that he is working on this very slowly.



     Exetertrek. .  Updates here:   Added March 2013.   Website (created August 2014)
 (Live action, adult fans, green screens, sets, costumes)  Home base is Jacksonville, Fl.  In spite of the name, they are not associated with either Starship Exeter or Starship Ajax, it's successor production, but will be shooting their film or films in the Farragut Films sets.  Here is a promo video released October 19, 2013: (2:40).  Here's another released April 27, 2014:
This is their gofundme campaign link if you want to help them pay for this film:
Here's an article discussing this project dated April 2015:

On July 24, 2015, I left a note on their Facebook page asking for a current update.  I was sent to a different Facebook page, They have completed principle photography on their first episode, "Our Dearest Blood."  They are in post-production.  I received a PM on Facebook on 11/26/2015 telling me they were still in post-production.

On April 2, 2016, Exeter Trek released the opening teaser and title credits of their first episode, "Our Dearest Blood" on YouTube: (3:14)

Dec. 24, 2016, asked for a status update on their facebook page.  On January 14, 2017, they responded to another comment that they hoped to release something, 'soon.'

On June 12, 2017 I asked if they were still working on this.  They were, they had completed their final pick-up shoot, and were in post-production.

Asked for Update January 17, 2018.  It's in post, editing continues but very slowly.  Moved to slow progress.

Left message on facebook page on Dec. 2, 2018.  It is still in the works?  Yes it is and is still making slow progress in post.



(BA)  Star Trek: Excelsior, a long running audio series, has announced a plan to produce an animated version of one of their most celebrated episodes, "No One Gets Out Alive." For more on this, see Audio Drama, ,   under Excelsior or the announcement here   on the Trek BBS.  On Nov. 20, 2010, they announced they had abandon this project.

(BB)  Star Trek: Dark Reign  This Silver Age project, set in 2385, appears to have been abandon in 2007.

(BC)   Star Trek: ChallengerSilver Age, planned Mechinima animation set five years after the Dominion War in 2380. Website has not been updated since February 2008. There is no obvious means to contact the siteholder.

(BD)   Star Trek: The Argas Effect (Animation) . They have produced a Teaser and Act I of a Four Part Episode.  It appears to be Mechinima based on the game, Elite Force.  Here is their Forum:  This shows no updates since 2007, so I am moving this to 'inactive' status.
Front page of website: .  There is another fan film which appears to be based on "Elite force"

(BE) The Frozen Waste, a Star Trek Machinima series based on Star Trek Online and set at the end of the Enterprise period, (Stone Age).   The creator is in Baltimore, Md.  Plans are discussed here:  As of Nov. 13, 2010, they are seeking a voice cast.  No further postings were made, and a posting on April 4, 2011 was ignored.

(BF)   Star Trek: Quadrants This appears to be a role playing game planning a fan film.
Cancelled as of April 13, 2011.

 Set aside for a while, vis:

The was announced to be back into pre-preduction on October 10, 2010. .  Confirmed still working (slowly) on February   23, 2011.

Facebook Page is entitled, "Studio 47 Productions."

Late Silver Age.

They have been kind enough to write and provide the following information:

Star Trek: Quadrants is a fanfilm based on the forum RPG you saw, an animated series using Sims 2 machinima as the animation medium. The bulk of the production work is based in Australia (Tamworth, New South Wales), but the cast list is being filled with voice talent from the US, UK and Canada. Unfortunately, due to severe technical problems, production has been delayed. The first episode, 'Mutation' may not come out until mid-2010 at the earliest.

Overview: The year is 2415. Following a skirmish between a Federation fleet and the Borg in a remote sector of the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet Intelligence fears that an alien module from the Andromeda Galaxy containing an active Omega molecule has been assimilated by the Borg, fulfilling the Collective's dearest wish. The Starlight-class USS Hammersley has been fitted with the Federation's most advanced technological innovations and sent to investigate rumours of an Omega-powered Borg superweapon. Unfortunately, Section 31 (late and unlamented of DS9) has survived an attempt by Intelligence to wipe them out and is pulling out all the stops to keep the Hammersley from accomplishing their mission. In addition, Starfleet's Project Falcon (responsible for the Hammersley's new-generation transwarp drive) is headed by a S31 turncoat who presents a challenge for the ship's commanding officer.CastJames Long as Captain Jerian DaxMichael Dunn as Commander Wade TempletonMichael Liebmann as Lt. Anarathron ch'ThalaneCat Givney as Dr. Anna WestcottWill Dees as Lt. Dimak GelletJosie Ditoro as Ensign LessiaRobin Hiert as Commander James CookGreg Brady as Admiral Dudley HouseAdditional voices by Gregory SpeedA Studio 47 ProductionExecutive Producer: James LongAnimation by James Longusing the Sims 2, SimPE, Body Shop and Homecrafter PlusStoryline and continuity by James Long, Michael Dunn, Joey Carlini and James Howard CookSet design by Michael Dunn

(BG)  Star Trek: Cloak
Golden Age
Animated. Sequal to "The Enterprise Incident."
No sign of activity since April 2008.

(BH)  Cardassia Primera

This is listed as a fan film website at Starship: Intrepid but I could not find information about any fan films there. It just looked like a Spanish language fan website to me. The only location reference I could find was Argentina.  I have moved this to inactive due to lack of evidence of a fan film production.

(BI)   Trinity Silver Age. Live Action. i

The home base is England and Seattle, Washington USA.
Forum notes on Sept 27, 2009 that production is still happening. I received a private message from them directly on May 6, 2010 saying the project was on hold at best, and probably abandon.  The website did not exist as of June 10, 2011, so I am moving this to long term hold or abandon.
Beginning of Film: (5:04)

(BJ)  Star Trek: The Mirror War by Two If By Sea Productions

Home base is a suburb South of Colorado Springs, with plans for shotting this live action film in planned studio space near Fountain, Colorado.

The Mirror Wars is a planned Golden Age fan film series made up of 5 2-hour fan films set in both the Mirror Universe and the Prime Universe. There is a thread about this production at the Phase II Forums, website was down as of April 13, 2010.  Still down June 10, 2011.

(BK)    Star Trek: Horizon (Cracow, Poland -- Polish)
Silver Age live action (set in 2384) Star Trek. The website has teasers, and seems to put production of this film as a matter of Polish national pride.  

In January, 2011, I received word that this film is on indefinite hold.  When I checked on June 10, 2011, they had not maintained their website, and it was gone.   I moved this to long term hold at that time.

Here is a trailer: (0:53)

Frankly, I was saddened to hear that this project was on hold. I was really looking forward to seeing a Polish take on Trek. I thought it would be very exciting, given their national experience. The Poles repelled the Islamic invasion which swept across much of the Christian world. They were the people most responsible for keeping Europe Christian. Then, for centuries, they were under the rule of either the Russians or the Germans. Many Poles were slaughtered by the Nazis during World War II, the lived under the Soviet boot for another generation. It is my personal opinion that if one person is to be given credit for the fall of the USSR, that is not Ronald Reagen, but Pope John Paul II, a Polish national. The Poles have, as much as any nation, sat at the fulcrum of history. I really hope they get back to this project.

(BL)  Star Trek: Vengeance, a Mechinima Motion Picture  No updates as of June10, 2011, moved to permanent hold.

(BM)   Star Trek: The Early Years (Live action, very early - 2250 - Golden Age JJA Trek) Their regular website was never up, and I received notice the series was not going forward ("cancelled") on July 3, 2010.

Produced by Final Frontier Films, out of Raleigh and Wilmington, North Carolina
Temporary website: Star Trek: The Early Years (my space) was down on July 2, 2010, which prompted my inquiry.  The last entry on this page was March 2009.
CGI Website: The Dragon Whelp

(BN)   Star Trek: Just Ad Nauseum Animated comedy confab from prior TAS, but with new script and voices. Being coordinated out of Santa Rosa, California. (San Francisco Bay area). Website: . Casting Call: . Script:  Here is another website related to this project:  As of January 27, 2011 I received word from the film's leader that this project was on long term hold.

(BO)   Star Trek: The Legacy, website has been down since at least May, 2010. However, in May 2010, the link below said, (according to google translate) The Site is Updated.  Perhaps being updated?

This German based fan film company has an English language website. They seem to have done a lot of work on sets but list their film as in "Post-Production"

This is a page which permits you to pick English or German:
This may be related: (dated May, 2010) by, but the bad spelling suggests otherwise.

Phase II Boards thread:
Facebook page:
You-Tube trailer release: "Vulcan Willi"

Website was down April 13, 2010.

Note on thread by "Vulcan Willi" indicates the filmmaker recently became a father and is not currently working on this film.

Video Article on this project in German: (8:14)

(BP)   Star Trek: Mission of Mercy The Starship and uniforms look Stone Age, and the film company is associated with Milennium LLC, which produces the Stone Age Romulan Wars, but I'm not sure this is Stone Age Trek. About a medical starship. Written and produced by Trekkie EMS people.

Home is Lake County, Florida, USA.  They have a home on You Tube, also: found July 4, 2010 says the series is being reworked for audio only.

(BQ)   Star Trek: Solidarity (Planned audio show, then abandon without making any episodes. (as of 2/22/2011))  PMed him at HF Forums on June 15, 2011 to confirm abandonment.  Confirmation received June 22, 2011.

(BR)   The Lexington Adventures, previously know as Star Trek: Lexington New Beginnings , and Star Trek: Lexington.  Facebook: .  Facebook group -
Joey Bonice -
Justin Burton -
Thomas Royall -

Star Trek: Lexington New Beginnings kept doing nothing, then releasing teasers.
On April 17 2014, they released a CGI opening sequence: (1:39)

This is their You Tube home: .  In addition, they stated  in August 2014 that they intend to do all CGI, including characters, which I take to mean an animation, rather than live action.

October 2, 2014, they stated it would take a very long time to do this, and released these samples: May 7, 2014 (2:51)October 12, 2013 (1:34)

On September 4, 2012, they offically reorganized. This was the announcement on their Facebook page:
Here it is the new layout for Lexington : New Beginnings ! Congratulations to everyone and welcome back Joey!

It was filming it's first episode (again) starting October 13, 2012, and they claim they will film for as long as it takes until it wraps.

Justin Burton

An Executive Producer (EP) is a producer who is not involved in the technical aspects of the
filmmaking process, but has played a crucial financial or creative role in ensuring that the project goes into production. There may be several Executive Producers on a film who may take the lead role in a number of areas, such as development, financing or production. Executive Producers must be excellent negotiators. They need a keen business sense, and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of film production, financing, marketing and distribution. Executive Producers are responsible for the overall quality control of productions. On some productions the Executive Producer role may be combined with other roles, so that as well as raising the finance they may also be responsible for managing the budget during production. Executive Producers must be able to identify commercial, marketable projects. Executive Producers have overall responsibility for the successful financing and marketing of these projects. During production, Executive Producers may be involved in some aspects of scripting, casting, and crewing. Executive Producers often work on a number of projects simultaneously. They are experienced industry practitioners, who have usually worked previously for a number of years in any one of a variety of roles, such as producer, writer, director or script editor. Most have some hands on experience of producing.

Joey Bonice & Justin Burton

A Film Producer creates the conditions for making movies. The Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the film making process from development to completion of a project.

Line Producer

The Line Producer is the liaison between the Studio or Producer and the Production Manager.

Production Managers
Justin Burton & Keith Harris

The Production Manager supervises the physical aspects of the production (not the creative aspects) including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. It is the Production Manager’s responsibility to make sure the filming stays on schedule and within its budget. The PM also helps manage the day-to-day budget by managing operating costs such as salaries, production costs, and everyday equipment rental costs. The PM often works under the supervision of a Line Producer and directly supervises the Production Coordinator.

Production Coordinators
Justin Burton, Jim Brucke, & Renda Carr

The Production Coordinator is the information nexus of the production, responsible for organizing all the logistics from hiring crew, renting equipment, and booking talent. The PC is an integral part of film production.

Post-Production Supervisors
Justin Burton & Joey Bonice

Post-production Supervisors are responsible for the post-production process, during which they maintain clarity of information and good channels of communication between the Producer, Editor, Supervising Sound Editor, the Facilities Companies (such as film labs, CGI studios and Negative Cutters) and the Production Accountant. Although this is not a creative role, it is pivotal in ensuring that the film's post-production budget is manageable and achievable, and that all deadlines are met. Because large amounts of money are involved, and most of a film's budget is spent during production, the post-production period can often be difficult and challenging.

Production Assistant
Keith Harris

Production Assistants, referred to as PAs, assist in the production office or in various departments with general tasks, such as assisting the First Assistant Director with set operations.

Joey Bonice & Jamie Snaith

The Screenwriter, or Scriptwriter, may pitch a finished script to potential Producers, or may write a script under contract to a Producer. A Writer may be involved, to varied degrees, with creative aspects of production.

Script Supervisor
Keith Harris

Also known as the continuity person, the Script Supervisor keeps track of what parts of the script have been filmed and makes notes of any deviations between what was actually filmed and what appeared in the script. They make notes on every shot, and keep track of props, blocking, and other details to ensure continuity from shot to shot and scene to scene. The Script Supervisor's notes are given to the Editor to expedite the editing process. The Script Supervisor works very closely with the Director on set.

Stunt Coordinator

Where the film requires a stunt, and involves the use of stunt performers, the Stunt Coordinator will arrange the casting and performance of the stunt, working closely with the Director.

Casting Directors
Justin Burton, Renda Carr, & Jim Brucke

The Casting Director chooses the Actors for the characters of the film. This usually involves by inviting potential Actors to read an excerpt from the script for an audition.

Jim Brucke

The Director is responsible for overseeing the creative aspects of a film, including controlling the content and flow of the film's plot, directing the performances of Actors, organizing and selecting the locations in which the film will be shot, and managing technical details such as the positioning of cameras, the use of lighting, and the timing and content of the film's soundtrack. Though directors wield a great deal of power, they are ultimately subordinate to the film's Producer or Producers. Some Directors, especially more established ones, take on many of the roles of a Producer, and the distinction between the two roles is sometimes blurred.

First Assistant Director
Keith Harris

The First Assistant Director (1st AD) assists the Production Manager and Director. The ultimate aim of any 1st AD is to ensure the film comes in on schedule while maintaining a working environment in which the Director, principal artists (Actors) and crew can be focused on their work. They oversee day-to-day management of the cast and crew scheduling, equipment, script, and set. A 1st AD may also be responsible for directing background action for major shots or the entirety of relatively minor shots, at the Director's discretion.

Second Assistant Director
Renda Carr

The Second Assistant Director (2nd AD) is the chief assistant of the 1st AD and helps carry out those tasks delegated to the 1st AD. The 2nd AD may also direct background action and extras in addition to helping the 1st AD with scheduling, booking, etc. The 2nd AD is responsible for creating Call Sheets that let the crew know the schedule and important details about the shooting day. In Canadian and British functional structures there are 3rd ADs and even Trainee ADs; in the American system there are 2nd 2nd ADs.

Location Manager
Justin Burton & Renda Carr

Oversees the Locations Department and its staff, typically reporting directly to the Production Manager and/or Assistant Director (or even Director and/or Executive Producer). Location Manager is responsible for final clearing (or guaranteeing permission to use) a location for filming and must often assist Production/Finance Dept(s) in maintaining budget management regarding actual location/permit fees as well as labor costs to production for himself and the Locations Department at large.-

Assistant Location Manager
Keith Harris

Works with the Location Manager and the various departments in arranging technical scouts for the essential staff (grips, electric, camera, etc.) to see options which the Location Manager has selected for filming. The Assistant Location Manager will be onset during the filming process to oversee the operation, whereas the Location Manager continues preproduction from elsewhere (generally an office) on the upcoming locations. (Note: On most location-based television shows, there will be two Assistant Location Managers that alternate episodes, allowing one to prep an upcoming episode while the other is on-set with the current one.)

Location Scouts
Jim Brucke; Renda Carr

Does much of the actual research, footwork, and photography to document location possibilities. Often the Location Manager will do some scouting himself, as well as the Assistant Location Manager.

Location Assistant
Keith Harris

 Hired by the Location Manager to be on-set before, during, and after the filming process. General responsibilities include arriving first at the location to allow the Set Dressers into the set for preparation; maintaining the cleanliness of the location areas during filming; fielding complaints from neighbors; and ultimately, at the end of the filming, making sure it seems as though the film crew was never there. There is generally one to three assistants on a shoot at any given time.

Camera Operator Tim Car
Follows Directions from the set director

Assistant Camera Operator OPEN
Backup to the main camera operator takes direction from the On Set Director and Producers
Will anything happen now?  I don't know, but if it does, I'll be delighted.
In August, 2012, they renamed the project, Star Trek Lexington New Beginnings, and were going to recast everyone.

You Tube Home:
AIA Special Addition Teaser 1:  (5:32)
AIA Special Addition Act 1: (11:11)
Downloadable at Bridge Commander:;118037

Will there be more this time?  We'll see!  Last activity appears to have been August, 2011, since then, nothing.  I moved this group to short term hold until I see activity.  I submitted a question on their facebook page on February 4, 2012.

has a forum, one existing website,  some listings on You-Tube. Star Trek: Lexington apparently did some filming and released trailers. Then it announced plans for 50 episodes with much fanfare. The group was working out of Birmingham, Alabama. Time period, was around 2290, Golden Age.  They have produced novellas and a music video.  Their characters also apparently appear in the Hidden Frontier Audio series, Star Trek: Grissom.

Here is their publication site: Star Trek: Lexington Publications

Here is their facebook page:
But, there's another one:
They are also planning an audio production.

Here is a newswebsite that seems to follow them:

There was a hard disk crash but other episodes had already been written and possibly filmed. However, only a very short (3 minute) piece was recorded as released. This is what I've found:

This film group is listed and discussed in several places, including

The group has released episodes in the form of Novellas. Star Trek: Lexington Novella Announcement Thread

Here's what I found on You Tube: Lots of high quality special effects work.
Star Trek: Lexington:

Star Trek: Lexington Departing Drydock Trailer: (1:59)

CGI Demo reel: (3:16)
Star Trek: Lexington 01 (Stills of crew)
Star Trek: Lexington 02 (Female crew member looks at screen while CGI of a yellow star has storms in background.
Star Trek: Lexington Warp Jump Test:

Here are three links which include the beginning of an episode. I don't consider a film under four minutes which is over a year old sufficient to receive a blog, so I'm moved this from 96, missing, to 97, as a teaser available on the web with no film:
To view: CG Demo Reel for Star Trek: Lexington(3:17)

There were also some releases for a first Episode, "All in the Appearances."

Original Teaser Act for "All in the Appearances"

Here is an article about this group at Orion Press:
Star Trek: Lexington
Star Trek Lexington: Meet DeClan Ironsides,CEO and Saavik,CSO
AdmiralTMoya's Channel
Star Trek Lexington's forums/website

They have also released scripts for proposed episodes and a novella.

(BS)  Hyperion (or Star Trek: Hyperion) Filmed in Stafford, UK.  This is a Silver Age live action project being done by adults.  Confirmed still active in March 2010.  This is the website they have identified as the production company via private message: .  The story is set in 2394 aboard a Nova Starship, Rhode Island Class. discusses this project and includes a link to a trailer. (3:30)  .  They posted new work in April 2010 as well.  Here is their You Tube Home : . Asked for update April 8, 2011.  Their production company website is down, but with a promise of being up again on June 20, 2011.  I'll wait until then to try to connect to more people.

The always brilliant Kirok L'Stok came up with this webpage, which does not appear to be related, but also refers to "Star Trek: Hyperion"

This also looked unrelated, but is called, "Star Trek: Hyperion" (1:19) (Moved July 9, 2011 from active after multiple inquiries with no response.)

(BT)   Star Trek: Guidance

On February 16, 2011, their web address was clearly abandon, their website down.

They were kind enough to respond to my e-mail, and say they are located in both the US and the UK. They have given me London, England as their center, and that is where I have placed them on my Fan Film Production Company Map. Their film is set after Star Trek: Nemesis, but still within the Silver Age period. They ask that anyone interested in working on their fan film contact them by e-mail: or go to their forum at

Only pictures are of ships, not people. They released a trailer in April or May of 2009. They have recently changed their plans and hope to do a live action production.

ON Vimeo:  I found no activity in their website April 13, 2010. ;An attempt to e-mail them on July 4, 2010 showed the e-mail contact information had gone bad, so I have moved this project here until I get information leading me to believe it is active.

(BU) Star Trek: Mirrorverse (He Who Draws the Sword) Golden Age.

I received a PM from a principal on Friday, August 27, 2010 stating this project is dead.

The home base is Dayton, Ohio.  On March 4, 2010 They posted a message that their webhome will move to .  They have also released a 'fan mix' which can be downloaded for viewing at the new website or here: . (59.94MB)

This group has not replied to a posting I made on their forum in July 2009.  There is discussion about switching to animation.  Nor is there a reply on their facebook page I made in June of 2010.  However, they did create said facebook page in March 2010.!/pages/Star-Trek-Mirrorverse/500198660102?v=wall

(BV)  Star Trek: Andromeda.
You Tube:
Teaser 1 : (0:40)
Teaser 2 : (1:26)

Abandon.  E-mail and forum comments have confirmed this is abandon.

(BW)  Star Trek Cartoon.  Filmmaker:  Location: Monroe, La.  Also did a music video, but here is the beginning of the cartoon:
Part 1: (0:58)
Part 2: (0:59)
Although the filmmaker expressed a hope of finishing it, they did not have any specific plans to get back to it as of Sept. 15, 2011.  These had at that time been posted for five years. (I have nicknamed this cartoon, "Evil Wesley Crusher").

(BX)  Star Trek, The Hellsing Generation.  Audio acting and mostly still illustrations.  Crossover with Japanese Anime, Hellsing, but incomplete.
Part 1:  (4:06)
Part 2: (3:45)

(BY)  Star Trek: Dauntless appears to have been abandon in 2008, or thereabouts.
Forums: .  I see no main website.

(BZ)   Star Trek Unity (US) This website has produced audio only episodes, but promises animated episodes. Set in the late Stone Age. There is an update which confirms their continued work on the animated episodes in September of 2009.   Their website was being reorganized as of January 2010.  I could not follow it to it's new home as of April 13, 2010.  On Sept. 7, 2010 I received confirmation that work continues on this animated fim albeit slowly.   A note was sent via the "contact" form on their website on Oct. 20, 2011 asking if they were still moving forward on this project.  Confirmation was received of work on the audio, but not the video episodes.  In light of that, this was moved here, but confirmation of continued audio work was made in their listing under Audio Trek.

There is a very large Silver Age film series by this name. Information about that series is at Blog (90). They are an entirely different group of filmmakers.  To watch it, click here: (90) Star Trek: Unity

(CA)  Star Trek: Gateway.  Proposed fan film series, drafted a script.

(CB)   Better Off Red, Comedy/Parody TOS era planned series.  Here are a few links including a fundraiser and video:
You Tube Channel:
Promo 1:  (1:01)
Promo 2:  (1:52)
You Tube: (1:24)
Facebook Page:
Trek BBS thread:
Wrote for update 2/2/2013.  Wrote again 11/11/2013.  Moved here 1/30/2014 after no response.

(CC)    What A Twisted Web  (Golden Age Fan Film being worked on slowly in the very early stages of development)  vis: .  Updated note on Jan 22 2011, still working.  New thread giving details of progress on Feb. 25, 2011, vis:  On Oct. 20, 2011, I sent a PM at both the Trek BBS and New Voyages asking if he was still working on this project.  The response was they were putting it aside until they finished their graduate thesis.

(CD)  Star Trek: Challenger.  You Tube Home: Trailer 2: (2:23)  I wrote to the creator in Nov. of 2011 and received the following PM back:

Re: Star Trek: Challenger

Several years ago I actually reworked the plotlines I planned into an independent series, so that hopefully it can reach a somewhat bigger stature when it's actually completed. Progress has been pretty slow so far, but it's getting there.

So if by some incredibly long-shot chance you hear about a book series called Challenger years from now, with the author talking about how it got it's start as a Trek fan series, now you'll know where it came from haha.

Thanks for the interest, and good luck with the site. It's nice to have such a large list of fan productions like that around, I already see a few things I'm gonna have to look into.


(CE)   Star Trek Nautilus A new Fan Series is being created called Star Trek Nautilus.  Live Action, Silver Age. Location: Fresno, CA. They are currently seeking help to get the show in filming. for more information, read .  To join this project e-mail them at .  I received an e-mail on January 21, 2011 stating they were on hold while working on two other short films.   I wrote again on February 4, 2012 asking again for a new update.  The e-mail address was no longer active an bounced, so this was moved to long term hold or abandon.

(CF)   Star Trek A.T.F. (Advanced Tactical Fleet) .  In March, 2012, this project was reorganized as a non-Trek original project.

(CG)     Star Trek: Dark Spectre.   Facebook page: (moved to at least short term hold Early September 2014).  Facebook page disappeared as of July 24, 2015.  A search of Facebook did not show a replacement page.  Moved to Long Term Hold or Abandon.

(CH)   Postings in the Spring of 2012, and private comment I heard have lead me to believe this film has been abandon or at least set aside with no clear time to return to it.  A posting in August of 2012 clarified that the entire series was to be a game followed by a comic.  The following was posted when this was planned as a film:

Star Trek Universe  Home Base is Tokyo, Japan.  Voices are speaking English.  I wrote to them on July 2 on Facebook and via their website on July 4 to see if work was still being done on this project.
Facebook Page: and
Set 40 years after the destruction of Romulus (in 2387).  2427 is late Silver Age.
You Tube Home 1:
You Tube Home 2:
This is their posting from the submissions thread at the Trek BBS:

Produced at: Kietero Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan
Format: Audio (visual planned)
Season: First
Status: In Production

STAR TREK UNIVERSE centers around Captain Alexander Chase and the Starship USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-G. Her adventures take place in the 25th century, in a Federation whose economy has been devastated by the Klingon War (as depicted in STAR TREK ONLINE). The mission of the Enterprise is simple: restore humanity to what it was before the last half-century worth of wars by returning to the roots of STAR TREK: exploration!

Chase is accompanied by Starfleet's best and brightest, who don't always get it right. The crew ranges from two genius level officers to a Vulcan with a distinct heritage, a battle-hungry Hirogen tactical officer, a "by the book" XO, a "hopeless" doctor, an engineer who designed the ship and knows everything, and a hotheaded captain who seems more laid back than any other commander in the fleet!

Set on the backdrop of political intrigue and a suspenseful mystery that could spell doom for the entire galaxy, Chase must hold onto the values and principles that make the Federation great, while defending her from a tyrant bent on total domination!

The series stars:
Jason Donner as "Capt. Alex Chase" and "Dr. Thierey Reynard"
Eric Hawkins as "XO Cmdr. Hitoshi Ogaki"
Crystal Hawkins as "Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Dora Strom"
Jesse Hampton as "Science Officer Lt. S'tok" and "Engineer's Mate Master Chief Petty Officer (EMCM) Paris Coridin"
Brian Bedard as "Security Chief Lt. Cmdr. Korix"
Simon Rasmussen as "Helmsman Ensign Daniel Park"

Season 1's full episode order is currently IN-PRODUCTION
However, a series of vignettes is also under the same status, with three public releases with one being released next week. These vignettes are available for podcast streaming at the website.

The website is located at
The site features a running text-based story called HEADLINES. "Headlines" takes us on a tour of journalism from the time of Ambassador Spock's "death" up to the events of the first episode. This section is updated irregularly, with as many as three stories on a particular day and sometimes a hiatus for a few days. The sheer length of this text-based drama calls for frequent updates, and promises to fill in the period of events between the destruction of Romulus and the launch of Enterprise-G.
VIGNETTES is where you can stream the current vignettes.
The site has information on the Enterprise, herself, as well as her lineage.

Our social page is located on Facebook, at Members of the social community get to download the vignettes a few days before they're made available on the website. The social page is also being used in lieu of using a BBS forum.

Also, members of our community also get a complete exclusive: "Crew Essays," written by the staff writers, that delve into the heart of our central characters.

Please take a look at our website and visit our Facebook page!

STAR TREK UNIVERSE is being developed by Michael Yamazaki from Tokyo, Japan. STU is called "Universe" because of the series' expansive nature, in that in encompasses the entire Star Trek universe, as well as starship-based stories. The first episode is currently in production and will premiere in late fall.
kietero is offline Notify the Moderator 
I hope that's not a link... I hit copy... Anyway, I"ll move the information over in time.

Star Trek Universe Animated Headlines 001  (2:54)

Teaser from their first episode: (0:58)

On August 3, 2012, they announced the following:  From a long, long silence comes some news.

Star Trek Universe is undergoing a complete overhaul! Anyone who is subscribed to STAR TREK ONLINE (now free) will soon be able to play the first episode of 4 in STAR TREK UNIVERSE: THE KLINGON WAR. In this series, you will be introduced to a few of our main characters as they boldly serve the interests of the Federation during this most troubling time

This will be followed up by our new standard format for STU distribution: digital comic! We have decided to forgo audio-visual classic episodes and distribute each new episode in the form of a web comic based off the graphics engine for STAR TREK ONLINE.

Each STO episode will coordinate with each STU episode, though you don't need to play STO in order to understand the STU format.

Players of STAR TREK ONLINE will get their first glimpse of one of our major STU characters very soon!

On August 10, 2012 STU posted the following on their facebook page:  ATTENTION: STAR TREK ONLINE PLAYERS!

In "Unto the Breach," you are called to meet with the Starship Enterprise-F. There, you will meet an intelligence specialist who charges you with figuring out who is responsible for a sudden wave of violence along the Klingon border.

To access the mission, under the COMMUNITY AUTHORED missions tab (accessible by clicking on the STARFLEET DELTA attached to the MINI MAP), do a CUSTOM SEARCH for Title: "Unto the Breach" ; Author, "kietero". The mission has just recently been published.
This was audio drama that was released:
Star Trek Universe (Audio production with video planned, then abandon.    Home page: .  Article from TrekWeb: July 2, 2011.
Two short audio stories (as well as some prose stories) have been released, vis:
They are:
Vignette 1: Ensign Daniel Park
Vignette 2: In Memory of ... [Lt. Commander Korix]
Vignette 3: Getting Back the Horrors of War [Dr. Thierey Reynard]
Here is another webpage for this production: .
No further releases December 26, 2013.  Moved here as abandon.

(CI)  Star Trek, Voyager: Shattered Cosmos
Their home base is Lincolnshire, England, UK.
Trek Phase II Forums Thread
It sounds like they plan an animated film. They are seeking volunteers.  This is on hold until late in 2010.  I send a note to check back with them On June 10, 2011 to get a status update.  No sign of progress.

(CJ)   Star Trek: Denares Estimated release date is given as 2013, creator Anthony Roberts identifies himself as a graphic designer. Star Trek:Denares takes place three months after the events of the Dominion War and sees a new crew and a new ship return to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy. This film is currently in production.  Note requesting update sent on April 8, 2011.  I sent another e-mail noting I was moving this to short term hold status on June 10, 2011.  Moved to long term hold or abandon in August of 2012.

(CK) Star Trek: The Legos Series.  Home Base is Newton, Iowa.  This is their You Tube Channel: .  Here is a thread that discusses their work: .  In an exchange of PMs on You Tube on August 20th and 21st 2012 the filmmaker acknowledged he had five scripts but the project had no date on which he intended to begin, and that he had not worked on it for about two years.  He agreed to contact me when it became active again.  He released this Feb. 27, 2013: (0:37)

(CL)    Star Trek: U.S.S. Hathaway  (confirmed by e-mail on August 23, 2012 this is on indefinite hold)
Silver Age
The home base is Toledo, Ohio.
Star Trek: USS Hathaway Trailor (2:46)
USS Hathaway NCC 2593 (0:15)
The following was posted on the Trek BBS Sept. 21, 2009: In July, Brad sent out a notice to the people involved in the project stating that he was putting the production on what he called indefinite stand-by status. He hopes to pick it up sometime in the future. Brad and I went through several drafts of the script over the last few years, so it's more than a little disappointing that the project hasn't come together. However, I know these films are a tremendous effort under the best of circumstances. Throw in the ravages of the beast known as "real life," and things can easily get derailed.
This was still the status according to a posting in the Trek BBS in December 2009:
Their own website, however, stated it was still being worked on 7/16/2010.  An e-mail on Feb. 16, 2011 put this on semi-hold status.  There is apparently a very small amount of work being done on this project, from time to time.

They provided Star Trek Grissom with a CGI trailer which was released in March, 2011:

(CM)   Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier.  An animation, discussed in this thread:  .
They released a new short on Nov. 20, 2011: (2:00) through this You Tube channel:  And their official trailer on Nov. 24, 2011: (2:29) and a promotional video on Nov. 30, 2011 "Promo 1"   (0:42)
Another December 23, 2011: "Promo 2"  (0:46)
In July 2012 last update seemed to be Feb. 2012, sent note via You Tube asking if this was still active July 3, 2012.  No response 3 months later, Oct. 9, 2012.  I tried posting to the thread on the Star Trek Phase II BB asking to see if anyone knew what was going on with this project.   Moved here Nov. 5, 2012.

(CN)   Tales of Discovery (formerly,Star Trek: The Expedition) (Website was down Feb. 8, 2013) (wrote note on their facebook page which had no updates in over a year asking if there was anyone actively working on this project) (planned mixed format film and audio drama.)   Here is their You Tube home, which was created February 1, 2010.  Thomas Reynolds creator of "The Expedition" left a comment on the blog to which is was originally assigned stating, "We will be going to a full AUDIO version. Some of the original actors will remain. If you have any questions please get in touch."
As of Sept. 2011, they expect to have the film out in 2012.  Title is "Heresy"
Trailer: (2:00)
You Tube Channel:
Wrote to the You Tube channel for an update on July 10, 2012.

On August 29, 2011, they posted that this was still being worked on.

Sept. 14, 2011, they uploaded new credits: Trailer: (1:06)

On October 15, 2011, they released a short film, "Collateral Damage."  (set in 2378): (2:43)  All ships, no people.  This video was alleged by Star Trek: Dark frontier to have been removed by You Tube in December, 2011 due to musical copyright infringement.  However, after reading that I found the video to still be up. ???
On December 23, 2011, Triple Fiction uploaded a version of this film with live action people in it: (2:49)

On December 4, 2011 they released their "First Introduction": (2:15)  It's an introduction to original music composed for their fan film.

Seems to be joint British/American Star Trek. Set after Voyager returns. This website includes a few shorts films. In the films, the crew, men and women, each with their own issues, are being assembled. The Dominion War is ending, but Voyager has already returned (I'm not sure of the order of these shorts. I'm guessing below).

Loss & Redemption(9:28)
Time Flies Director's Cut(5:46) (Nick Cook appears)
Star Trek : Expedition(7:31)

They then said they would do a mix of audio and film episodes. .
After years of no activity, I have moved them here to long term hold.  The following is their audio listing.  They never released any audio drama or comedy.

Tales of Discovery (formerly, Star Trek: The Expedition)  (planned audio drama.) Thomas Reynolds creator of The Expedition left a comment on the blog to which is was originally assigned stating, "We will be going to a full AUDIO version. Some of the original actors will remain. If you have any questions please get in touch."

In September 2010, they posted that they will mix audio and film, vis:

Seems to be joint British/American Star Trek. Set after Voyager returns. This website includes a few shorts films. In the films, the crew, men and women, each with their own issues, are being assembled. The Dominion War is ending, but Voyager has already returned (I'm not sure of the order of these shorts. I'm guessing below).

Loss & Redemption(9:28)
Time Flies Director's Cut(5:46) (Nick Cook appears)
Star Trek : Expedition(7:31)

Nothing for four years as of August 7, 2012.

(CO) Star Trek: Magestic (Mechinima, Adult Fans, announced August 2012)
Here is the thread at the Trek BBS:  Last comment was August 20, 2012, asking for pictures of sets.  No activity (or visits to the Trek BBS) since then.  No PMs available.  I sent him a friend request as I saw no way to contact him as of Feb. 3, 2013.  Moved to Abandoned 7/26/2013.

(CP)   Star Trek: Time Rifts.  On hold until 2012, according to the filmmaker by You Tube message dated Nov. 30, 2011.  I'll try to get back to him at the end of 2012 and see if any progress has been made.  You Tube Home: .  Several videos there, including this one: (2:04).  The description:

A Federation Captain must travel through time and build an army of the greatest Starfleet Captains our planet has ever known. To fight a battle of our greatest enemies also from our past, He must unite them all to fight the greatest battle ever held.

(CQ)  Star Blocks Sky Limit: Mechinima Star Trek film based on Minecraft.  See  Found as of May, 2012.  Activity in June, 2012.  No activity since July, 2012 as of February 3, 2013.   Sent them a note on February 3, 2013 asking if they were still working.  No response, and website no longer exists as of  August, 2013.

(CR)  Redo of special effects for The Doomsday Machine
Part 1 of 8 (7:27)
Part 2 of 8 (8:51)
Part 3 of 8(Test 1) (9:14)

No change for over two years as of February 2013.  Moved here on 10/16/2013 when I discovered the work that was done was no longer available for viewing.

(CS)  Star Trek: The Cartoon.  Home base is Marysville, California, USA.
Introducing Star Trek: The Cartoon:  (0:49)Star Trek: The Cartoon Screen Shots:  (1:03)
Star Trek: The Cartoon 60 Second Trailer: (1:00)
Next Mission: Star Trek: The Cartoon:  (0:32)
The filmmaker was kind enough to respond to my PM at You Tube.  He says that the animation has been worked on for 35 years and is near completion.  It will be approximately six minutes long.  He is seeking voice talent to complete this project.  If you are interested in helping, I recommend you go to his You Tube channel and contact him there via message.
Wrote for update on July 10, 2012.  Moved to (AC) Feb. 2, 2013 as I had not gotten a reply.  Moved here October 16, 2013 still no reply.

(CT)  Star Trek: Outer Regions. (2:58).  This was two years old when I found it, and I found no sign of anything further.  This is an introduction to a film or series.  I wrote to the filmmaker and asked if there was any follow up on 10/22/2013.

(CU)   Star Trek: Starbase 53.  Planned  Audio Drama.  Here is their Facebook Page: .   They plan to have a website at http:/, but it was not up when I looked early on May 14, 2013 and on Dec. 24, 2013.  On Dec. 26th, I left a message on their facebook page asking if this were still going forward.  The announcement on the Trek BBS seems to say it is Golden Age, but set in the JJA-verse .   Starbase 53.
Trek BBS thread:
Professional Website of Filmmaker:

(CV)   Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures.  Appears to be animation out of Los Angeles by an adult fan film student, Jim R. Terry, Jr. who has a degree in film.  Wrote for more information Feb 4.  Made contact Feb. 18. .   Added February 2013.  Still no script as of June, 2014.  Moved to long term hold.  Location on map was in Sun Valley, LA. Ca.  It was between San Fernando Road and Bradley Avenue, about 1000 feet north of Tuxford St.

(CW)  Star Trek: Extreme Measures, Adult Fans Live Action, Star Trek Movie era, being organized out of Reading, UK to be shot in London.   Thread about it is here: .  Added January 2013.  No updates, left a note on the BBS thread March 3, 2013 that I would move this to Long Term Hold or Abandon in April without further news.  On Sept. 16, 2014, the following link was posted to a display at a convention by the people who had abandon this effort:

(CX)     Star Trek: Countdown.  Animated.  Prequel to JJA Trek, but set at the time of the Explosion of the Romulan Sun, at least initially.  First episode was released in December, 2010.  Home base is Camp Verde, Arizona.

Episode 1: (6:26)  As much credits as story.  Shows Nero and his crew experiencing the sun going Nova and engulfing Romulous.  You Tube Home:

SkyandGuyandSnipes was kind enough to respond to a PM in January 2013.  They are still working, no release date for Eps. 2.  Another e-mail was sent August 3, 2013.  No response yet.  Moved here October 16, 2013.  Sent an e-mail on July 2, 2014 saying this will be classified as Long Term Hold or Abandon as of August 1, 2014.  Replied the same day, it is on long term hold, moved here.

(CY)   Star Trek: Iliad  Thread discusses this project which is likely to be renamed:  Updated as of July 7, 2012.  Put on hold in October, 2012, still on hold February 2013.  Moved here July 2, 2014.

(CZ)   No sign of progress since 2012, in spite of protests in 2013.  Moved to long term hold on July 2, 2014.

 Star Trek: Expanding Horizon.  Aka Outpost Polaris.  Trying to organize in Maine, USA. Website: .
Scifi Meshes:
Discussion on Trek United:

Received e-mail Dec. 18, 2011 saying this project would be on hold until Summer 2012.  They have made a non-Trek film they released, but as of August, 2012, no sign of Trek.

Wrote again Feb, 18, 2013.  Received PM dated Feb. 23, 2013 saying: "Hello, Expanding Horizon is still in the early planning stages and, while not abandoned, won't see much visable progress for quite a while. Currently all that is being done is the 3d development of models as well as plot and character planning. Like I said, very early stages. Be well.

The following comment was posted at this listing's previous location:


  1. For Star Trek: Expanding Horizon, the main thread has changed:
    Just letting you know. The forum link is also on that page.
    Thank you for featureing my organization, and many others on your site I am sure that they agree that getting the public aware and supportive is key to success.
    Once more thank you. Feel free to delete this comment after reading it and updating, I just wanted to point out the thread change.
    ~ [Daniel] ||| [Trekie015]

(DA)       Star Trek: A Final Unity  based on the game released in 1995 (see Star Trek Games, Comics, Prose, etc. for more on that game) This is the You Tube Home of the proposed Game:  .  The filmmaker is German.   In March of 2013, he reported that he is working on it, all-out, spending every spare minute on it, and has completed 70% of the sequences and 40% of the editing, although he still does not have an estimated release date.

The following comment was posted on the Trek BBS: Hello fellow fans. I have been working on a movie remake of the game "A Final Unity" which was released in 1995 for PC since late 2007. The film will be a composition of all new CGI effects (space and planetary surface), stock TNG crew footage (seasons 5 - 7) and new live action scenes (featuring the characters from the game).
I am about to release a first teaser soon, 50 % of the film have been cut and the work on the SFX is moving forward as well. Casting is in progress and I will shoot the new live action scenes next year.

You can visit the official homepage at and a videoblog at
Feedback and constructive criticism will be taken seriously. Thanks for your interest and support so far!

In February of 2012 they said they will redo their entire set of meshes in HD.  In July of 2014 nothing had been done and this was moved to long term hold or abandon.

(DB)       Star Trek: Beyond the Barrier.  Planned TNG Era Movie.  Facebook Page:   Mentions Star Trek V.  Here's a video update on their CGI work as of Dec. 31, 2014: (1:58).  Fred Archer said May 28 2015 this is a fan edit, not a fan film.   Will investigate.  They posted on July 3, 2015 that the project had lost its host, Digital FanEdits and was on indefineate hold.

(DC)   Star Trek: Vanguard Armada, here:

(DD)  Star Trek: Sutherland. Silver Age, Adult Fans, out of "NYC".  Website: Facebook page:

(DE)  Star Trek: The Adventure Begins.  Animated, Golden Age, set at the time Captain Kirk first took command of the Enterprise.
Facebook page:
Studio doing the work:
They continue to work on this, as of Dec. 25, 2011 they are planning a single film instead of a series.  As of February 25, 2012 they acknowledge this has been backburnered until another project is completed.
Wrote to them on August 21, 2012 asking for updates.  Moved to long term hold or abandon Feb. 19, 2013 when I had not received a reply, but wrote again.  They now replied on March 2, 2013 saying that they would work on this next summer, and also saying they had five scripts to choose from.  They also said it would now be a live action show.

On July 2, 2014, I left a message on their page asking what they were doing or had done.  I will move this to long term hold August 1 if I have not gotten a reasonable reply.

(DF)    Star Trek: Protector a London, UK based produced was active in September 2013.  It is set in the Abramsverse (which makes it Golden Age) but was too close to STID, so they are rewriting it.  Like Abram's view, this is a space war based film.   Recruitment video January 15, 2013 (0:36).  They hope to have a revised script by January 2014.  I wrote on July 2, 2014 for an update.  No response as of 9/19/2014, moved to long term hold.

Previous (2010 and before)
They cut their plans from a series to a Trilogy, set in 2385, which makes them Silver Age.

Teaser trailer from September 23, 20007. (1:27)  I received notice in Dec. 2009 that they were on indefinite hold due to a series of hardships, which in time included the death of the lead person.  But some would like to continue it, and a call for help was posted September 2010.   No updates from  then, through, October 25, 2011 I am moved this to Long Term Hold for a while.

(DG)   It appears that there are TWO animated productions of Star Trek Titan, one (1) in 3D out of Germany, the second (2) in Legos out of the UK.  The Legos Star Trek Titan can be found on the Legos page: , (K).  The 3D Star Trek: Titan  has a home base in Germany, near Berlin.  Introduction of title only. CRSHinra has been kind enough to respond to an e-mail from me and tell me that this is, indeed, a fan film in full 3d animation, and it will just take some time to complete. This is their Web home on You Tube: Shinra Entertainment Group/CRSHinra's Channel
They have released Part 1 of their first episode, The Last Line of Defense, Cyrus' Awakening Part 1 (8:40) This which can be viewed in your choice of definition at their channel home. or here:  The date given is January 10 2274, which is Golden Age, not Silver Age. Location is Mars.  Music is from ST:XI.  A ship flies into a large orbiting space station and the station explodes.  More than three minutes of credits roll.  Then we see what looks like a Babylon 5 type Stargate and a ship, the Chimera, appears and goes by.  Mostly credits.  I wrote for updates on July 10, 2012.  Although I received no reply, more tests and film was posted in January of 2013.  However, these were taken down, and I wrote again in February of 2013.

I wrote again on July 2, 2014 on the You Tube channel.  Will move to long term hold August 2014 unless I get a reply.

Silver Age.
Riker and Troi, animated. But photos, too.??? Morpheus Awakes I? becomes the captain of the Titan. The film maker can't type or proofread. They keep writing Star Terk instead of Trek. This appears to be a series of ads for novels, but is listed as a fan series at
This further claims to star the real actors from TNG, DS9, and Voyager. The photos used are old.
This is a segment which is a very long title sequence. One hopes that, with nearly six minutes of titles, we can look forward to a two hour film.
Intro • The Last Line of Defense • Cyrus' Awakening(5:42)

More: Opening Theme

(DH)       Star Trek Futures (Film miniseries. They plan to shoot two short films followed by five one-hour long episodes.  There is an overarching storyline but each episode will examine it's own conflict.)(Adult Fans, JJ Abrams Universe, Silver Age, live action, costumes, set design, late 2300s).
Home Website:
Facebook page:
Thread on Trek BBS:  Ideas:  .
Interview (March, 2014)
Interview (June, 2014)
CGI release (October, 2014) (1:19)

On July 26, 2015, I assessed movement.  NO videos were posted after last fall, but the Facebook page includes poster art this month and storyboardling last month.  I am leaving this as active.

On August 21, 2015, the declared that this project was being put on indefinate hold due to personal issues.

(DI)   Station Aux Video and Channel is planning a Star Trek Parody. "Star Heck", a stop action animation.
You Tube:
Information source:
Here is a stop action animation they released Nov. 15, 2011, entitled, "Star Heck Demo": (1:59)
Wrote on July 10, 2012 to see if they were still working on this project.  On July 11, they told me this was on temporary hold due to editing issues, and would let me know when it was running again.  No word as of Feb. 24, 2013, but decided to wait longer before writing again.

Wrote to his facebook page and PMed the You Tube channel on July 2, 2014.  The responded almost immediately that they were indeed working on this but that stop motion animation took a very long time.  I will leave this here under 'slow going' and check again in the summer of 2015.

July 24, 2015.  Their Facebook page is gone.  I left a note on their discussion page at You Tube asking if this was still being worked on.

September 25, 2015.  No response, moved this here to long term hold or abandon.

(DJ)  Star Trek: Origins
Home base is Central Kentucky, USA.  They say the name of their first episode will be, "Wounds of War."
Facebook Page:
Set in 2233, which is late Stone Age.  A note on their My Space page in January, 2011 says they are back in Business.  This group has come in and out of hold status, but appears to be moving forward rapidly during Summer, 2011.  As of January, 2013, they were still working.

They released this trailer on Feb. 6, 2014: (1:34)

In October 2014, they expected to resume filming in November 2014, completing their first episodes's shots and getting it into post-producion.  Then, in late October, they announced an end to the project unless there was more cooperation.  On Nov. 1, 2014, they posted a casting call for "all ages/races/genders."

They announced on Dec. 6, 2014 that they will make a short films as a prequel to their re-shoot of their first episode, "Wounds of War."

Long ago, they claimed to be close to releasing a film, then went into hold mode.

The Story is late Stone Age. A trailer was released in 2006: (2:09)
Another: Wounds of War teaser: (1:05) Released June, 2011.
Update on pics May 3, 2011:
You Tube Channel:
You Tube copy of the Teaser:
Title sequence: (1:17)

Other information:
They said they were actively filming the pilot on October 1, 2012.

On July 24, 2015  I left a note on the Star Trek Origins You Tube channel, which showed no new postings in the last year, if they had worked on this over the last year.

There is also a German group working on a game by this name:

(DK)  Declared with plans to re-launch the audio show by HF on 3/21/2016.

  Star Trek: Equinox.   Gary Lockwood from the TOS Shatner pilot episode, John Savage from Voyager's two episodes, "Equinox," are working on this Star Trek Fan Film.  They are using all union labor, and CBS has agreed to view it and consider it for a direct-to-DVD offering.  Article: .  April-May 2014 Kickstarter:  April 2015, successful Kickstarter: "KHAN-Starter"
June 2014 new trailer: (0:52)
Cast interviews:

After two failed fundraisers they are working on some short prequel films.  On October 9, 2014, they announced their film would be produced by Phase II.  A few months later, they parted ways.

On June 29, 2015, they released this extended trailer: (6:54).  On July 18, 2015, the posted thesame trailer on You Tube: (6:54)

The Night of Time.  Planned video or film.  Golden Age, Professional Entertainer Fans including Trek alum, Live Action.  Cameran T. Burton, Writer. Website: .  Facebook page: Here is a listing at IMDb: ,  and here is a preview discussion from :  also    My original comment was that with a  Budget is set at $250,000 it did not seem to have any source of funding.  Added Dec. 18, 2013.  A phone call I received in April 2014 said that they have a matching pledge of $125,000.  That brought the fund-raising number ($125,000) out of record territory and into the area of what might be doable.

TMZ notes casting of WWE Star as a Romulan Commander:
Trek News has this article: :
ST Equinox: Fleet Captain Mitchell (1:39)
ST Equinox: Lt. Cmdr. T'Lexa (1:42)

The behind-the-scenes discussion on the webseries, "Steve Neill's Garage" has been made private or unavailable.  But just in case they change their minds, here is the old link:  (33:29).  Interviews at the end.  This project involves Gary Lockwood (from the TOS Shatner pilot) and the Equinox from Voyager.
Article by

In September, 2014, they continue to attend comiccons and the like.  No information on progress the actual film, though.

On November 3, 2015, an outside individual claimed to have Spken to Gary Lockwook who he claimed called the project a 'rip-off, and I agreed with a post on the Equinox facebook page asking of the project was dead.

(DL)  Starship Ebenezer - Animated, TOS , 2-D, from Starfleet Studioes.
Episode 1 (not a whole story) released 12/27/2015, (2:18)

June 22, 2016.  I left a message on both their You Tube channel and Facebook page asking for updates, including asking if they had done any work on this in the last three months.  They responded that they had not worked on it, and it was on long term hold.  Moved to long term hold.

(DM)    Starship Constellation .  See also   The adventures of the USS Constellation before the Doomsday Machine.  Orange County, LA,Ca.

(DN)    Star Trek: The Vinyl Frontier.  Many clips the creator, Damian Kemper, hopes will eventually become a film. or

(DO)   Star Trek v. Star Wars Federation Force.  Facebook page:

This is a 'motion comic' originally planned for release in 2014.  The most recent posting concerning the film was May, 2015, which indicated that he was still trying to design the background set form his animation.   Moved to slow progress.

Postings on the Facebook page did not seem to be related to production.  I send them a PM and asked for an update on 6/21/2016.

(DP)    Jarvis Davidson (Facebook:  )  seems to start and rename numerous projects.  He does not seem to produce movies or even short videos of live action stories.  As of leap Day (2/29/2016)I am officially giving up trying to figure out what he is working on and what he is calling that project at the moment.  .  For example, he had a  project he was calling the "Star Trek Challenger Fanclub" which is now "The Star Trek Columbia fan club."  He changes eras, too. Description posted 2/29/2016:  The series begins in 2156 where the Coalition of Planets is struggling with the Romulan Wars, with the lost of half of the forces Starfleet Command has been working on the NX-02 Columbia under the Command of Captain Marica Taylor.

Star Trek: Deutschland (as of Dec. 23, 2015) Star Trek: Voyager Fan Club, Star Trek:Deutschland/Star Trek: Olson (Changed to Star Trek Deutschland Fan Club on March 21, 2015, then to Star Trek:Deutschland on March 28, 2015, then to Star Trek Voyager Fan Club on April 26, 2015) (formerly The New Generation, before that Washington).    (Silver Age, adult fans, live action).  In a Facebook post dated 6/3/2013, Jarvis Davidson of Knoxville, Tennessee who appears to be the producer discloses the following:. Star Trek the new Generation it takes place a year after Star Trek Nemesis Half of the Senior Officers have been cast and half of the Regular cast that has been cast.
Captain John T. Martin a Starship Captain that was born in New Orleans and is 23 years old and Graduated Starfleet Academy in 2369-Jarvis Davidson
He stated on 7/31/2014 that it takes place in an alternative universe.

Commander Jane Ross Daughter of Admiral William J Ross and who is a very nice person and has the personality of Captain Will Riker- Felecia Linkous/Bailey
Lt. Commander Kyle Clarkson Friend of Captain Martin- Jeremy Regan
Lt. (jg) Jennifer McKnight Former Helm officer of the Enterprise-D - Dee Lusk
... Lt. Commander Wesley Crusher Son of Dr. Beverly Crusher former Helm officer currently Tactical/ Security Chief- Jacob Elliot
Lt. Dorian Collins Lover of Wesley Crusher former Red Squad member- Lindsey Tackett
Doctor Tina Garner- a 23 year old American Female who was born at the new Providence colony survived the attack on the planet by being at Starfleet Academy at the time.
Lt. Commander Lisa Martin- married to Captain Martin and is in her 20s and is the Science officer onboard the Enterprise-E but gets reassigned during the M'loi War
there's still some parts to be casted and help with Script editing and props and I have a friend who can make the Starfleet Uniforms but still don't know what kind of Uniforms to wear I have a choice of 2371 or 2373.

Posting on May 24, 2014 about casting.

Star Trek: Washington.changed its name 5/10/14 to Star Trek: The New Generation.  Silver Age, set after ST: Nemesis.  This is their Facebook page: .  A description in response to a question I asked:

  • As for the Characters now here's a really tough think with Fan Series, films, and Audio series they don't know how to bring out the best in some characters and that's what I plan on doing with Star Trek: Avenger Captain Martin is a man that believes his father is still alive after the Dominion Wars and we have the Ship's Chief of Security Dorian Collins a Scarred young woman who witnessed the death of her entire Red Squad team mates and resulted in her not wanting to Trust the Dominion when they become an Ally against the Hebitian Empire in later Episodes.

The Facebook page showed that they were seeking female actors as of May 17, 2015.
As of June 2016, the last post was in December 2015, and had the name as Star Trek: Challenger.  I am moving this to long term hold because at least until he sticks with a plan for a year, I don't see that is a project going anywhere.

(DQ)  Starship Ironsides.  Facebook page started January, 2013: .  Golden Adult fans, live action out of Rochester, New York.  some from Project Potemkin.  Originally others were from Phase II, but I have been told they are no longer with this project.  Says they have been working on this film since 2010.  On June 7, 2014, seeing no substantive posts since February, I sent a message and asked if this was on hold.  They announced they had gotten a camera on July 5, 2014.  On July 4, 2015 I asked about progress, and told them this would be moved to long term hold August 1, 2015 unless they could report progress.

Video animation of The ship, the USS Constitution: and .
Trek BBS Thread .  Added February 2013.

They posted that they were working in February 2014.  I asked for updates in late March and on July 2, 2014.  So far no reply.  In August 2014 they said they were working on two scripts and hope to start shooting before the end of the year.

No apparent progress.  I left a message on July 4, 2015, and again on July 24th, 2015, asking for updates.  Move to long term hold August 1, 2015 or thereafter.

On 11/29/2015 the force behind this came by to see if they should take it down or if they could get some support.

(DR)       Star Trek: Dark Trek,  Leader is Ron Freeze out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  .  Three parts, some of which are divided into more parts. Alternative universe, based on Dark Trek: Empyre of Terra, a book, .  Empyre of Terra .     Star Trek: Dark Trek, the Picard Variable.   Empyre's Entropy.  Occasional work since 2011, no script., but costumes an characters in the works.

As of June 2016 I saw nothing posted for over a year.  I am moving this to long term hold.

Older duplicate listing:
Dark Trek: The Picard Variable.  Follows Jaxx Picard (Shown as Patrick Stewart with a beard) in the Mirror Universe. .  A fe w posts in 2011, a change of picture in Feb. 2013.  Based on a fan novel, "Dark Trek: Empyre of Terra" discussed here: .

Postings as recently as July 7, 2015. (as of July 24, 2015)

(DS)      Star Trek: USS PAN.  Discovered Sept. 12, 2015.  In spite of claims otherwise, looks more like an RPG than a movie.
Facebook Page:
From IMDb:  The USS Pan, the new flagship of the Federation. It is the year 3299, the dawn of a new century is about to begin. The Pan is a Desira class starship. The enemies are the Chatacrons.

On 6/21/2016 I submitted a question at their website to detmine if they were currently working on this project.

(DT)     Doomsday, produced by VVCC of Columbia, Missouri, a Golden Age fan effort based on a script by that name by James E. Brooks.   (Listed here 5/31/2015).   Proof of concept videos were removed as of 6/21/2016.  They had been producing multiple short videos as of July 2015, but I no longet see them as of June 2016.  You Tube home:

A message left in February of  2016 asking for a progress report had no reply as of June 21, 2016.  I moved this project to long term hold/abandon.

(DU)        Starship Hood (Formerly Starship Defiance) TOS era planning to shoot at Starbase Studios.  Effort by Brian Anglin. (Facebook page:  On June 23, 2016, Starbase Studios says the name has changed a number of times and may have changed again since "Starship Hood."

I PMed Brian Anglin about this on 12/25/2016.  He saw it on 1/3/2016, but did not respond, so I left another message on 1/10/asking that he say he wasn't involved if that was true.

This may be an unrelated Star Trek club with a Facebook page:

(DV)       U.S.S. Mayres  Appears to be a German language group but also includes text in English.    Different pictures look like different eras.  Posted a message on July 31, 2015 asking for more information.

As of June 22, 2016 this appears to be down.  Moving to long term hold or abandon.

(DW)      Star Trek:  Terra Australius.  Page was down on June 22, 2016.  Moving to Long Term Hold.

(DX)   A response to a private PM with Jim Bray confirmed that Star Trek: Anthology will transition to an entirely original set of series, with no connection to Star Trek (7/6/2016).
Here is a promo for the new non-Trek series:

Below is the prior listing, including all old links.

Star Trek Anthology. formerly Starship Anthology.    Website: Golden Age, Out of Highgate, Vermont, USA.  Adult fans using Phase II's sets.  Three different story arcs with three different crews and different ships. Think Trek meets Night Gallery.   The goal is to shine a light on issues related to Autism.  Jim Bray described the planned series as follows:
"Where Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK was to be his "Wagon Train" to the stars, STARSHIP: Anthology" is planned to be "A short bus to the Twilight Zone". Set in the TOS universe, this series will go WAY outside the box to explore the truly weird.

This group posts updates more than weekly as of June 22, 2016.

Teaser released January, 2015: (1:56)
Master Trailer released February 1, 2015: (1:44)
Starship Challenger Pilot Teaser Trailer:;postID=7327164926713008472 (0:57)

Final Master Trailer: (Released December 6, 2015) (1:59). (For Starship Challenger.)

As of June, 2014, they reported having a script, a cast, and plans to shoot parts of the film this June at the Phase II shoot.

As of Sept. 13th, they completed a shoot on the Phase II sets, and have moved on to work on post-production.  Here are roughs of their credits: (2:30) and (0:43)

Logo Build: (0:38)
Teaser Build: (0:57)
A test without sound: (4:15)
Another build, scene 15, rough 2nd test, color : (4:16)

March 3, 2015: Kickstarter:

The three stories are:
Mother: Mother Knows Best, the story of a merchant cargo ship.

Assignment Earth (the 1960s series that never happened.)
Opening Credits released May, 2015: (1:12)
Another theme for Assignment Earth (1:12)

Who is Captain Colt (5/7/15) (6:09)
JM Colt is ready (7/29/2015) (0:53)

Starship Challenger Teaser Trailer (7/29/2015) (1:02)
Starship Challenger Test video: (0:53)

Fundraising Video (7/30/2015) (3:50)

Anthology  in the News:

(DY)     Starship Ajax.  Oklahoma City, Ok. USA.     On July 24, 2016 Starship Ajax declared that they believed themselves to be in compliance with the fan film guidelines and would continue filming already started, and hoped to release their first film in late 2017.

In On December 21, 2016, Ajax was rearranging plans to shoot their pilot in 2017 in Arkansas due to the movement of Starbase Studios out of Oklahoma City for a new location with bathrooms and free rent.

Information prior to the CBS Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines:
This Golden Age Fan Film is being planned.   The group that has revived and upgraded what survives of Exeter's bridge set is now run separately as Starfleet Studios, which makes Star Trek Original Series sets available to fan filmmakers out of Oklahoma City.  jax filming unit is producing a 4-part prequel, Star Trek: Barratis, as well as the main series, Starship Ajax.

Shoot completed May 31, 2015.

But they then were planning on a shoot in the summer of 2016 to be released in 2017?

On October 13, 2014, they stated that there is one production, Starship Ajax and that the episodes of Star Trek: Barratis are part of Starship Ajax.

On November 16, 2014, they released a tentative opening sequence: (2:02)

As of March 1, 2014, these are the episodes they are planning:
Star Trek: Barratis:
"The Infinite Moon, pt. 1"
"Eye of the Storm, pt 2"
"In The Best Interest..., pt 3"
"Ruminations, pt 4"
Barratis Facebook Page;

Starship Ajax
"When One Door Closes..."
"Redemption (Cold Blooded Hospitality)"
"The Dispersion Effect"

On 1/15/2014 I received a note from J.C. England describing these plans:
Update on Barratis "The Infinite Moon"...  The script was finalized last week, and 13 of the 16 cast members are confirmed.   I am creating a "shooting schedule" this week as well as a Costume List.
Rehearsals will probably begin next week (for certain scenes).  It looks like right now, the majority of our filming will occur in March. ... Plot:  Cdore Boone must escort an ambassador thru a hostile area of space to negotiate a peace treaty.

Trailer: (1:18)
Credits/teaser/trailer: (42)

Here is a local Oklahoma City news clip: ;  and another: (2:13)
Here are local Oklahoma City newspaper articles: and:  and
Here is a Blog which comments on this production:

Website for studio (available for use by other productions):
Facebook Page:
Fundraising Page:
Information is available in these threads:

Comedy/Music video Releases:
The Harlem Shake: Trekkie Edition (Star Trek: Original Series)(has a commercial) (0:41)
The Harlem Shake - Star Trek Style - Uhura Gets Down (0:57)

Promo (posted March 20, 2013): (2:12)

Quick outtakes from run-through before filming, posted 2/2/2013:

The film project Ajax has separated from the studio, Starbase Studios, which has also acted as a set for Yorktown, and will be used by Starship Courageous and other Golden Age fan films. 
A discussion of this project:

A short advertising involvement of Starbase Studios in the Oklahoma City Halloween Parade: (0:25)

12/25/2016.  The sets moved to Arkansas, and the only thing in post-production is an under 10-minute intro "Barratis."  Moving this to slow progress or short term hold.

(DZ)     Blood of Tiberius, formerly Star Trek: Progeny
Now being kept up to date on the new Dbs at

June 21, 2016
This project was removed from Facebook and Vimeo, and its website was down.  Moved to long term hold or abandon.

This plan had been revised to be a 3D animation and work had begun.

These links were all dead as of .  Captain Kirk has a granddaughter, Livia Avitus, (from one of his casual encounters) who becomes a Federation agent.
Facebook Page:
Vimeo Trailer: (1:05)
Writer, producer:

Old, but still working:
Facebook: - Dead as at May 25, 2019
IMBd - Live but describes the live fan film
Posted Sept. 8, 2016. - Dead as at May 25, 2019

Left a message on the Facebook page looking for an update

mid-January 2017
Facebook page showed work on it.

The website indicated this would be produced as a non-Trek Sci Fi feature and an animation.

(EA)      Trekked Out (Animated short film) Golden Age., Kirk & Co.  Website:   Facebook Page:

As of June 21, 2016, I see no progress on this.  I will move this to long-term hold unless they report progress by mid-July.

We received an e-mail on 1/15/2016 saying they are on long-term hold at least until the Axanar lawsuit is settled.

(EB)      Starship Langley (was Starship Courageous,  then Starship Constellation,(another group uses that name) then Starship Defiance then Starship Courageous again, then Starship Cooper, then Starship Alexandria, then Project NCC 1703, now Starship Langley.)  Golden Age film using Oklahoma City sets.  It's about Starfleet Marines, the MACOS.  This is their facebook page: . The leader, Brian Anglin, put the project on long term hold on Feb. 16, 2014, but is leaving the facebook page in place.   On March 26, 2014, he announced he would take down the Facebook page.  On April 27, 2014 he said he almost had act II finished?  Huh?  OK, hes only speaking about a script.  July 2, 2014, he just finished a first draft of a script.  Septembers showed he had printed a plastic ship plaque.  Oct 19, 2014, still talking about script development.  November 28, 2014, trying to raise money to pay for planned film, vis:
On July 23, 2015, I asked what progress had been made.  In response I was told that he had outlines for two script with a draft for the first, and he was reworking characters.  He reported that he had abandon the script he had compelted last year.
On August 30, 2015 the name was changed yet another time.
In April of 2016 they claimed to be focusing on working on a script.
On July 22, 2016 they proclaimed the project dead, blaming Alec Peters and CBS.
On April 15, 2017, theys said they had completed a script and would be ready for a shoot in a year.
On December 24, 2017, they said that the issues with Starbase Studies had stopped them from moving forward, and they were considering building sets.

In May of 2018 they posted they were going to move to an audio show.

On Feb. 19, 2019, they said they were done.  Moved to long term hold or abandon.

(EC)     Star Trek New Era, (Golden Age Movie Era, the second 5 years mission.  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  Planned series, live action, sets.  But trying to get funded by others out of the gate.) Website: .  Intro thread at Trek BBS: (March 21, 2016).  Hasn't been on the Trek BBS since April 13, 2016.

Messaged them from their website on June 21, 2016, asking for an update since March 2016.  Received no reply, moved to long-term hold 12/25/2016, leaving an additional message at that time.

(ED)   Star Trek: Blood of a Warrior, from Gordo's World, out of Boise, Idaho.  3D Animated Klingon based series.  Set about 15 years after DS9, Silver age.  The captain of the Klingon ship is a joined Trill.

On 7/30/ 2015  I contacted them on Facebook, here:
I asked if they were still working on it.  They mentioned a lot of work they were doing.  The showrunner's Facebook page is here:

People involved include Gordon Crawford, Jason Chase, and Steve Talley.  They are seeking help as of late July 2015, including voice talent.

On June 22, 2016, I left a PM on Gordon Crawford's Facebook page asking for an update.  He responded on June 30, 2016, that, due to a recent major injury, he was working on it full time.  There had been changes to cast and crew over the last year.

On December 25, 2016, both Facebook pages were not visible to me and there did not appear to be a way to contact him at his website.  I moved this to Long Term Hold or Abandon.

(EE)   Genesis (formerly Unity) (Animated, Mixed era,  Home time is 2412, Silver Age.  Machinima.  German and English.) Facebook page:  Set in 2412, one film, 90 minutes.  Executive Producter Christian Aschenbrenner.  Voiceover artists include Alec Peters (Axanar), Michael L. King (Valient), and John Broughton (Farragut).    Shooting is planned to start in March 2016 for a September 2016 release date.

The Facebook page noted on June 9, 2016 that translations of the scripts were in progress, which seemed to indicate that work was indeed being done on this film.

On 12/25/2016, I pmed the writer, who said he had switched to non-Trek sci fi films.  This project was put here.

(EF)     Star Trek: Guardian, from a post by Daniel Brongers on Facebook:

He is in the Netherlands.

Greetings everyone,
First, I wanna wish EVERYONE a very happy New Year. I am going to resume my script for Star Trek: Guardian this week. Hopefully I am finished within a few days. I am planning to shoot my first episode later this year. Plans are to have at least 4 seasons, with 3 episodes per season. I am very excited for this and can't wait to begin production. I already have big plans for season one! Here is a rundown on what is happening: Summary:
Star Trek: Guardian follows the exploits of the USS Guardian, an Akira Class Federation starship and it takes place in the same continuity as Hidden Frontier, Odyssey, The Helena Chronicles, Federation One and Intrepid, shortly after the events of the HF episode 'Countermeasures'. Elements from other fan produced shows are also present, such as Star Trek: Dark Armada and Star Trek: Osiris. Characters:
Captain James Ratner
Commander Christopher McLaren
Lieutenant Brian Young
Doctor Lucy Anderson
Lieutenant Junior Grade Marissa Zadi
Lieutenant Commander V'Lok
Lieutenant Daria Zax
Admiral John Roth
The music for my show will be provided by my friend and highly talented composer, Justin R. Durban. CGI/FX:
I have hired Tobias Richter for the CGI work. He has a great eye for detail, just what I needed to make my show a great succes. Costumes:
Since my show takes place in the same continuity as HF and Intrepid, I thought it would be best to have the same uniforms as they have worn during their respective series. Continuity errors may pop up otherwise, and I don't want that. Website:
Official Star Trek: Guardian website is currently in a work-in-progress.
Cameos/Special appearance:
While not necessary in regards to the story, I thought it would be cool to have a cameo or perhaps even a special appearance from the respective fan series to appear in my show (in the pilot or any other episodes in the near future). Again, it is not necessary, but it would be awesome nonetheless.
Well, that is about it. If you have any questions, just let me know...
Kind regards,
— with Tobias Richter and 15 others.

A post dated 5/12/2015 said that he had been too busy to work on this.  It did give more details about the planned episodes.
Season 1, episode 1: Maiden Voyage
The newly commissioned USS Guardian, under the command of the recently promoted Captain Ratner, has been ordered to investigate the disappearance of a Federation Colony on the planet, Euphoria...
Season 1, episode 2: Silence Before the Storm
The crew discovers a rare entity within an ion storm that will bring the crew on the brink of insanity.
Season 1, episode 3: Fortune Favors the Bold
The Guardian deals with a Tholian weapon of mass destruction.

I messaged Daniel Brongers on 6/15/2016 asking if he had been too busy to work on this project.  As of 6/21/2016, I had not gotten a response.

On 12.24.2016, Brongers had posted but not seen the message, so I posted the message on his Facebook page.


(EH)   Star Trek: Triton: Live Action, Silver Age, out of Ottawa, Canada.  This project was significantly reworked and revised from a Golden Age animated project. See for more information (as of December 22, 2012).  They have facebook page,
Video releases:  Jason's Workbench: (5:24)  As of December, 2013, were looking for people to write subsequent episodes as they work to produce their first.  The idea is a series of mini-episodes which have some continuity between them.  See
Wrote on their timeline as of July 2, 2014 asking for an update.  Feb. 9, 2014 was last post about progress.

In January of 2015, they noted that this was going slow.  However, they appeared to be working on it, two people constructing sets, and had another working on costumes.  They also asked for help with constrution materials and volunteers.  On July 27, 2015, Only one post afterward, showing some work on props.  Moving to slow progress.

No posts after July 2015.  I left a PM on June 21, 2016.   If I don't hear from them by mid-July, this gets moved to long term hold.  On 12/29/2016 both their facebook page and Videos were down. Moved to long term hold or abandon.


(EJ)       Star Trek: Sirius
April 21, 2015, Steve Neill has decided to come back to this after his wife died and he cleared many other projects.  I do not yet know how quickly he will now progress, so I I have moved it to "slow progess" from "long term hold."   Sounds like the final film is likely to run roughly 20 minutes.  Posted, 4/21/15: (2:15)
Below is from before this project was put on long term hold.

I saw no futher postings as of 6/21/2016, so I left a note on his You Tube channel asking if he had worked on this in the last 3 months.  No response as of 12/29/2016.  I posted again asking for an update and giving as a place to write to.  No response on his channel as of Feb. 1, 2017, moved to long term hold.

  Mostly humorous, Golden Age.  One man, one dog, one ship.  Here is his You Tube Channel:
Trailer:  (2:16)
Posted at Trek BBS new projects thread.
News Releases
on March 19, 2012: (4:02)
on March 21, 2012 (9:16)
on March 23, 2012 (5:45)

This film was on hold in July of 2012 both due to other projects and due to his wife having cancer.  He hopes to return to it and has promised to notify me when he does.

(EK)     Star Trek: Violator, a drama about the courtmarshal of Captain Lance Violator.  Posted on Facebook unders a Star Trek Projects.  Set in The Silver Age. Charles Williamson reported having an outline and a script as of 9/12/2015. He is working out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I left him a PM on his personal Facebook page asking for an update on this project on 6/22/2016.  He was still working on his first draft, so I moved this to 'slow progress.'

Wrote to him again asking for an update at that address on 12/29/2016.  He was ill and trying to get treatment from the VA.  Moved to long term hold Feb. 1, 2017

(EL)       Star Trek: Captain Pike
Kickstarter (Listed May 4, 2015)
Facebook Page: .
Russian language Kickstarter Trailer: (3:29)
Trailer (July 8, 2015): (0:30)
Teaser 2: (0:39)
Trailer: (0:58)
Indiegogo Film: (1:02)
Scene from film, about 35 minutes into the film: (1:25)

June 15, 2016, post shows this is still active.
A December 8 post showed it was still active.
Left a message on Dec 24, 2016, asking for an update.

The following was posted on April 24, 2017:

I got a message from someone from the Captain Pike team they are trying to work things out with CBS and Parmount which is why it's on hold and why you haven't seen anything from them in awhile. but they are not abanding the project.

6/11/2017 asked for update.  7/22/2017.  No response to me or a few others.  Moved to Long Term Hold

January 2018 posting that it was killed by order of CBS.


(EN)    USS Yolandi, announced December 2017 for a planned release in summer 2020.  From Shinzon Studios. "Captain Yolandi Visser and her crew aboard the USS Yolandi must investigate an abandoned Romulan ship' while the Romulans plan a secret weapon that will kidnap the captain."
YouTube channel:
Trailer #2, (1:12)
Official Production Date Trailer, (1:12)
Title Sequence: (1:16)
Press Conference (6/30/2018) (starts after minute 11) (not available as of Dec. 2, 2018).

Nothing after this as of December 2018.  Note was responded to that this has been abandon in favor of a non-fan-film work which CBS cannot shut down.

(EO)   Star Trek: Echos of Eternity.  Facebook Page:  A joint effort of several different Fan Film groups to make a time travel story involving all of their crews.  As of the summer of 2015, several groups had filmed and submitted their part of the film.

12/28/2016 Kenneth Thompson said they were working on shortening scripts in light of the new guidelines.  It would take a long time but they are actively working on it.  On 1/23/2018, he acknowledged this would be on hold for a long time.  Moved to long term hold.

(EP)     Westwind.  YouTube home:  Animated film. Westwind is set 10 years before TNG.  It is set aboard the USS Westwind with Captain Karen Stone.

The writer/producer/animator ect. is G. Edwyn Jones and lives in Utah.  He is retired after a  career in the US Navy.

Opening credits posted 4/20/2018:

The channel was closed and the video removed as of December 2, 2018.  Moved to abandon projects.

(EQ)      Star Trek; Falcon.  Teaser: Posted 2/19/2017
2/18/2017 Announcement: (9:53)

6/12/2017.  Asked for updates under the video listed first above.  They are putting it aside until they finish another film.  Moving to Short Term Hold.  Still nothing in December 2018, moving to long term hold.

(ER)    The Adventures of the USS Hannibal, Facebook:

7/7/2015  Yet another posting, yet another You Tube Channel, (12:59)  Channel:

512A (3:17). Posted Nov. 2014.  Appears to be a reimagining of this project  from 2008:  The Adventures of the USS Hannibal.  You Tube Channel: (6:00) and (2:14)  Longer film Opens with a flashback 5 years to the Daystrom going wild and killing hundreds of people.  The voiceover by Capt. of the USS Hannibal.  His ship is damaged, and the USS Copernicus is missing.  They are going through a refit, then have to escort the USS Pathagarus, and have to investigate who attacked their crewmen.  Their mission is to guard Federation trade routes.

I left a message on their Facebook page seeking an update on status as of 6/21/2016.  There was clear work in July.  I left another message asking for an update on 12/28/2016.  No response as of Feb. 1, 2017.  Still nothing as of Dec. 2, 2018.  Moving to long term hold.


(ET)       Star Trek Windjammer .  Out of Denver, Colorado.  Golden Age,
As of March 3, 2016, they had switched from their earlier plans to making an animated series.  On June 15, 2016, I left a message for them asking about progress.  They expect to release a test animation video within a few weeks.

After the guidelines, that didn't happen.  I left a message trying to find out if they were continuing or not as of 12/29/2016.

*****On 1/15/2017 they informed me that they had decided to move forward without any crowd funding.  They intend a series of episodes with an ending.   They are writing all the scripts in advance and will do all of the audio first.  Then they will be animating over however long it takes to make all of the animations.

Former Plans:  live action, adult fans.  A small merchant vessel run by trouble-prone Captain Quinn, (played by Troy Fluhr) who would be on his own if he wasn't under the watchful eye of what is, in effect, a parole officer (played by Guy Davis) to whom he has been assigned.  He is also assigned a cargo master played by Ian Kisluk and an Engineer played by Lily Rutledge-Ellison.

Set being built April 2014.  Comments about cast June 2014.

 Early stages of development as of April 16, 2013, according to a PM from Guy Davis.  First posted on Facebook  Nov. 2012.  Updated with promises of pictures of sets August 9, 2013.

In July 2014, I asked if this was on hold, and I was told it would be on short-term hold for fundraising.  They came to some arrangement, but do not expect to shoot until well into 2015, even if all goes well.

Postings in May 2015 that they are working on a comic book prequel.  Responding to my questions at the end of July2015, the same artist works on the USS Tammerlane comic who will draw their comic.  They Plan to do six web comics as prequels to what they hope will be a live action film.

(EU) Put aside for new job until at least 2020.   Moved to long term hold.    Star Trek: The Early Adventures, "Spaceship,", one-shot movie about Robert April and George Kirk, Stone Age.  Script by and based on the book named,   here:  Star Trek: The Final Frontier      To Contact PM : ,  currently hopes to use Starbase Studio sets in Oklahoma.  (Listed June 19, 2015)

Facebook Page: (Down January 17, 2018)

Thomas Seidel has sent me the following in a PM and given me permission to include it here:

"Here I will send you further details of our Filmprojekt
I will shoot it to 90% in the Starbase Studios.  (Oklahoma City/2700 S. May Ave.)
My little Produktionteam from Germany from 3to5 Peoples Only are comng from 67468 Frankenstein-Kaiserlsautern (Haupstrasse 48&70/Germany)

He goes on to discuss other possible filming locations and persons he hopes will appear, as well as a Kickstarter.

He was still posting progress reports in May of 2016.  I left a message asking for an update as of 12/25/2016.

On 1/13/2017 in PMs, Thomas Seidel informed that the script has been in final for over a year and production has begun.  They hope to release the film in 2018.

In a post dated June 2, 2017 they relate that production will begin in Fall, 2017.

Left a PM for seidel asking for status on January 17, 2018.  He responded the next day, saying that they were revising the script in accordance with the guidelines and had 90% of the casting completed.

Left PM 12/1/2018.







  1. Here is another 2015 animated Trek vs Wars project...

  2. Thank you for your comment. Had you checked the index, which you will find here, or looked through the listings above, you would have discovered that when you posted about Star Trek v. Star Wars Federation Force (the actual name of the project) was already listed with a link to their Facebook page. Another way to find a listing on Star Trek Reviewed is to use the internal search engine near the top on the left hand side of any page you load. If you do find a Star Trek Fan Film I have not listed, I will be happy to add it.

  3. God bless you, Barb. I just read -- well, skimmed -- this whole page, and nearly lost my mind. Can't imagine how hard it is to actually keep track of all these.

  4. It's easier than it looks. The listing is in 3 parts. Part 1: (A)-(Z) and (1)-(9) are film groups that are new or obviously active. Part 2: (AA)-(AZ) are groups that are slow or on short term hold. Part 3: (BA) and all that follow are groups that appear to be on long term hold or abandon.