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Headline News (Last Month Only)

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December 19, 2014. from Star Trek: Starfinder, Gorn of A Different Color, Part 2, listen here: .   This is Part 3 of the 4 part crossover with audio series, Gates of Sto'vo'kor.  For all previous episodes of Star Trek: Starfinder as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

December 18, 2014.  New Win.  Another award for Star Trek Outpost.  Now, Edward Winterrose, who plays the role Captain Montaine Buchanan has won Best Actor in A Fan/Adaption Ensemble Role from the Audio Verse Awards.   See .

December 15, 2014,  MAJOR NEW AUDIO RELEASE from multiple award-winning audio series Star Trek: Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 64 Part 2, which is Episode 9 Part 2 of Season 6, "Echos, Part 1". Listen or download here: (40:35).  For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

December 11, 2014.  Starship Farragut introduces Trek: Isolation in a prequel, "Change in Command."  Intro to the Prequel: (1:12).  Watch it here: (4:45).  For everything Starship Farragut has to offer, see

December 6, 2014.   New Release by Project Potemkin, (Adult Fans, Golden Age, Professional Actors, sets, costumes, CGI, location shoots), Season 3 Episode B (Film 22), "Unspoken."  View it here: (4:54) or here: .  For everything Project Potemkin has to offer, go to

December 5, 2014.  Two MAJOR NEW AUDIO RELEASES:

ONE from multiple award-winning audio series Star Trek: Outpost, Silver Age, Episode 64 Part 1, which is Episode 9 Part 1 of Season 6, "Echos, Part 1". Listen or download here: (54:37).

A Second from Star Trek: Starfinder, Gorn of A Different Color, Part 1, listen here: (59:04). This is Part 2 of the 4 part crossover with audio series, Gates of Sto'vo'kor.

For all previous episodes of Star Trek Outpost and  Star Trek: Starfinder as well listening information on four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

December 1, 2014.  MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek: New Voyages (also Phase II)(made by entertainment professionals, sets, costumes, location shoots, TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS of CGI, multiple sound versions) has released "Mind Sifter" Their first full length episode with their new "Captain Kirk."  Now available with subtitles in American and UK English and Spanish.  It will not be available for download for around the middle of December, but you can view it right now, with with modern VFX special effects, with stereo sound, (1:05:26), and subtitles: (1:05:26)  OR

view it with 5.1 Surround Sound, here: (1:06:57) with subtitles: (1:06:57)

You can also see it with 1960s-style special effects, here: (1:05:13)  with subtitles: (1:05:13) with German subtitles: (1:05:13)

For this episode with English subtitles (and more subtitles to come) see .

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For everything Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II has to offer, see
Reviews: Video Review with spoilers: (5:53) ;

November 30, 2014.  Hidden Frontier, a completed long-running Silver Age adult fan series with costumes and green screens, is remastering their series.  They have just released a remaster version of the first episode of their first year (which is not as good as subsequent years).  Here: Part 1: (14:55), December 1, 2014, Part 2: (18:15). December 4, 2014, Part 3:   The webpage for the Hidden Frontier series is here: .  The upgraded version will only be available on You Tube, and it is my plan to place each link on the Hidden Frontier page.  However, I will give the releases Headlines only at the end of the upgrade of each of the seven seasons.  They are re-releases, and therefore do not generally qualify for a Headline.
November 29, 2014.  Major New Audio Release from Starship Excelsior, Episode 2 of Season 4, "Guards, GET THEM!"  Listen or download here: (87:26 or 1:17:26)  For all prior releases from Starship Excelsior as well as four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

November 28, 2014.  Recently Released, Parody, Star Trek TOST The Original Space Thang (Unscripted Mego with Barbie and Ken.).  Proves that there are still folks producing low quality Star Trek Fan Films.  Watch it here: (7:42).  For more short comedy or parody fan films see

November 27, 2014.  Re-released with a new edit and upgraded video and CGI, Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, Season 2 Episode 2, "The Needs of the Many." (33:16).  For previous releases from Star Trek: The Romulan Wars, see

November 26, 2014.  Newly Announced Star Trek Fan Film Awards.  If you are a fan filmmaker or have a favorite fan filmmaking group, Treklanta (formerly TrekTrax Atlanta) is planning its First Annual Star Trek Fan Film Awards.  Submission requirements here: .  Ongoing additional information will be posted here:

November 25, 2014.  Major New Release from Star Trek: Eternal Night (Adult Australian fans, Audio with CGI pictures) Season 2 Episode 4 (of 10 in Season 2)  "Omega" (18:21).  For all prior releases of Star Trek Eternal Night, see

November 21, 2014.  Today's Theme is releases after a long time.  TWO MAJOR NEW RELEASES
Major New Release after TEN YEARS, Star Trek Roddenberry (Adult fans from Nottingham, UK, Green Screens, location shoots, costumes) has released their third and final segment.  All three segments are as follows:
Part 1 of 3:   (5:21) (2004)
Part 2 of 3 :  (7:28)  (2004)
Part 3 of 3: (8:52).(2014)   For more from Donald Leverett,  see

Major New Release after a year's hiatus, the long-running Klingon-themed Audio series, Gates of Stov'or'kor is back, with Episode 1 of Season 3, Part 1 of 4 (all are in the can and will be released over the next three months),  For the 34 prior episodes of Gates of Stov'or'kor, as well as four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see


November 19, 2014.  Major New Release from audio drama Starfleet Renegades, their first in six years, Episode 3, "Eulogies."  Listen here: (40:53).  for information on prior episodes, as well as four dozen other Star Trek Audio shows, see

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  4. thank you for your kind words. i would not be able to build my fan-film archive without your work. thanks to your site i have now collected more than 150GB of fan-film material totaling 142 hours in more than 340 episodes.

    considering that an average tv show season is about 14 hours, that means i have collected (and seen) 10 seasons worth of fan films, and i have not even seen everything that's on your site.

    so, yes, thank you for allowing me to find all that great material through your site!

    to another great year!

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  5. Just released less than two weeks ago: Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio (A Star Trek Themed Opera):

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    there is also a link a version with partial subtitles:

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