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(15) Star Trek: Horizon

15   Star Trek: Horizon
Film released February 25, 2016: (1:42:35).  (Subtitles in Spanish, German, English, and Italian).

(Stone Age, live action, professional actors, costumes, greens screens) English-language film.

(1)Part 1:
Part 2:

News Coverage:

Fan page on Facebook:

Discussion prior to release:
Star Trek: Horizon, Stone Age fan film.  Adult fans, Jackson Michigan.  Set during the Romulan War.  Stand alone film, expected to run roughly two hours.  Website:  Facebook:
and filmmaker page: .
Trek BBS Thread .  Added November 28 2013.  Photography had begun as of that date, with green screens, location shots, adult professional actors and CGI artists, costumes, and props.  Here is a video about building the captain's chair: (9:05)
Opening six minutes of this film:  (Post May 3, 2014, German subtitles added 9/1/2014) (6:28)
Trailer and Video Tutorial: (4:04)
2/13/2015 Clip: (2:14)

First Teaser: (Released March 16, 2014) (1:10)
Kickstarter film: (3:22)
April 2014 Kickstarter film: (5:48)
Article about Kickstarter:
Kickstarter Campaign (April-May 2014) :

News articles prior to film's release:
net radio:

Official trailer released Oct 16, 2014: (2:51)
Official trailer #2 released October 6, 2015: (2:54). (subtitles in English, German, and Spanish.)

Discussion (Posted Oct. 16, 2014):

Perks for ongoing fundraiser:

The Facebook page has ongoing releases of tidbits as of July 25, 2015.  It looks like they are in post-production.  A comment by the filmmaker said he hoped to finish this calendar year.

In April of 2016 a sequel, "Federation Rising," was announced.  However, CBS contacted them and advised them to not make the film, so they will not.

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