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Headline News (Last Month Only)

July 10, 2020
, New ReleaseThe Quintain from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek. On his website, Curt has pointed out that, "This year, 2020, is the 100th Anniversary of the birth of James Doohan, the talented actor behind the role of STAR TREK's Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on televison and in the movies." To commemorate this he has created a brand new animated episode which features Scotty in the lead role. On the way to pick up Captain Kirk and Science Officer Spock from a peace conference, U.S.S. Enterprise chief engineer Montgomery Scott in temporary command of the ship faces mounting difficulty on his way to the rendezvous - in the form of a menacing alien ship. or from his website at (23:16) 10 Jly 2020. For more about Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek see

July 8, 2020New ReleaseShocker from Artifactsofmars. The USS Yorktown arrives at planet Tau seti E for a routine  mission to the colonies but is met by the governor warning of lunar phenomena and electrical shocks harming the colonists.  He wants the visit kept quiet, but Cpt Roger Murray refuses, citing that his crew must operate openly. A crew dispatched to the surface finds a probe and traces it back to a geologist named Fred Granger, a womanizer more interested in pleasure than the shape of the planet. Science teams on the planet and its moon learn that a dangerous electrical potential is building between the two and an electrical shock victim is brought aboard, having been attacked by an electrical creature. The captain of the Yorktown faces a potential disaster which may destroy the colonies if he cannot find a way to stop it, and the data supplied by the uncooperative geologist is of no help. Will they survive? 
Trailer: (1:36) 8 Jly 2020.
Part 1: (15:11) 9 Jly 2020
Part 2: (15:34) 9 Jly 2020. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

July 5, 2020
, New ReleaseA Treasure For The Ages from Starship Intrepid. Eklund's World. Years ago, Daniel Hunter sought its fabled treasure. At a cost. Now he has a chance to revisit that world and its mysteries. But will the price of the past be Hunter's own future? (17:40) 05 July 2020. For more about Starship Intrepid see

July 4, 2020
, New ReleaseKlingon Honor, episode 304 of  Star Trek: Valkyrie. The Valkyrie's mission continues after an extended hiatus. (18:15) 4 Jul 2020. For more on Star Trek: Valkyrie and dozens more Star Trek audio dramas see

July 3, 2020, New ReleaseI Am Spock from Star Trek Fan Productions International. A Vulcan Soliloquy. After learning that his estranged father Sarek is among the Federation Ambassadors coming onboard the Enterprise, Spock reflects on his life and place in the universe. (02:24) 03 Jly 2020. For more about Star Trek Fan Productions International see

July 1, 2020, Recent Release, Season 4, Episode 1 of Star Trek Millennials from jrlee0220.
Lord of the Rings The captain has a new taste of power. (2:30) 31 Mar 2020. For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies see

June 30, 2020, Recent ReleaseFaith from No Budget Productions. After finally having enough, Minard rediscovers what it takes to keep going. (10:35) 07 Dec 2019. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

June 29, 2020, New ReleaseCaptain Jellico from NerdDad5000. This is a series of short roughly 1 minute videos revolving around the idea that Captain Jellico, either consciously or subconciously, constantly tells lame 'Dad jokes'. Ths link is to a playlist that is up to date as at 12 Jul 2020 For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies see

June 28, 2020FindSoka Trek from Jollyboy. An animation in Japanese with English subtitles (^ ^).
Episode 25 Jellysen's ship This episode is about the mysterious Jellysen and his ship. A mystery snack comes to Iroha space! (07:28) 25 Jan 2016.
Episode 26 Doughnut Hole I Katayaki and their crew go to the doughnut hole! Go! (06:09) 15 Feb 2016.
Episode 27 Doughnut Hole II Katayaki and their crew meet Global snacks!  (06:53) 14 Mar 2016.
Episode 28 Prophet Who is the prophet of the Doughnut Hole Snacks? (05:43) 17 Apr 2016.
Episode 29 Messenger A ship of Jellysen’s race appears from the doughnut hole. (05:39) 14 May 2016.
For more on Soka Trek see

June 27, 2020FindMark Lenard In a University Mall Star Trek Skit Youtube user VTActor007 put this video-tape memory online on June 1, 2020, of a skit done with Mark Lenard, saying, "He thought I did a great Shatner :) this was 1991 I think so long ago I can't remember" (05:08) 1991. For more about this see

June 26, 2020, Recent ReleaseFaith from No Budget Productions. After finally having enough, Minard rediscovers what it takes to keep going. (10:35) 07 Dec 2019. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

July 25, 2020
, New Release, from The USS New York: Lost In Space, a Golden Age animation parody series, Week Six, "Kandoria" - City In A Bottle. The crew responds to a distress call from the Bottle City of Kandoria, but they're not the only ones! Captain Armor of the Unified Confederation of Planets is also on the job with Dax Headroom! (8:57) 20 Jun 2020.
For more from The USS New York: Lost In Space see

July 24, 2020, New Release, Agents of Destiny (A) from the USS Eagle by Michael Stütelberg. Billed as 'the last mission of the crew of the USS Eagle', Commander Elberg starts to piece together what happened to his old ship, the USS Eagle. Part 1 of a multi-part episode. (12:51) 26 Jun 2020. For more about the USS Eagle see

June 23, 2020, New ReleaseTrek Life, a series of short videos by Starfleet Quartermaster, focusing on two Starfleet Officers who share a unique but loving relationship.
01 The Dream I keep dreaming a mysterious woman in a red dress.... (01:43) 25 Apr 2020. 
02 The Woods The adventure continues as our captain investigates Something in the Woods... (01:43) 29 Apr 2020. 
03 Trouble The New adventures of a Starfleet Officer assigned to the 21st century Alpha Quadrant (02:24) 06 May 2020. 
04 The Beam Down Mack and Eva Ernst beam down for the first time to begin life as the Starfleet Quartermaster and Adjutant. (01:14) 07 May 2020. 

June 22, 2020New Release, the new season of KPF In Space adventures by James D Patalon on Plotagon,  has arrived! It appears to be a reboot of the production with Captain Darren and his new crew on their first mission. Episode 51 Up, Up And Away We Go (10:22) 21 June 2020.
For more KPF In Space see For more Plotagon fan animations, see

June 21, 2020, Recent Release, from Quantum Designs AZ. At Star Trek Reviewed we don't normally headline videos of computer generated ships without actors or re-makes or mash-ups of existing professional work. This source has a little of both with new CGI ship scenes added to classic scenes from Trek movies. A couple of examples of his work are...
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (sneak attack remake) (7:55) 04 Sep 2019.
Stealing The Enterprise (remake) (2:40) 05 May 2020.
For more of his work, see his YouTube channel at xxxx and for more filmmakers who create CGI sequences without visible humans see

June 20, 2020, New ReleaseComedians in Space w/ Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Tiffany Haddish, Ken Jeong from brianmonarch. #deepfake video clips of various celebrity's faces superimposed over the actors in TOS scenes. These are very controversial: could you tell that they are all not acted by real people? (02:01) 08 Jun 2020. For more STR BLOG TITLE see

June 19
, 2020, New Release, from The USS New York: Lost In Space, a Golden Age animation parody series, Week Five The Copa or Pregnant In Space. What's it like having a baby when your lost in space? Can the crew of the USS New York relocate the Copa people and save them from the Vidoc Frogmen? Leonard Nimoy voices a time-travelling Spock again in this episode! We send our support to The Copacabana in NYC as it prepares to relocate due to Covid. (08:26) 06 Jun 2020.
For more from The USS New York: Lost In Space see

June 18, 2020, Recent ReleaseDeadline from No Budget Productions. The long awaited confrontation between Minard and Ruiz. (07:33) 07 Dec 2019. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

June 17, 2020New ReleaseThe Nazca Prophecy from Artifactsofmars. Strange Geoglyphs resembling the Nazca lines in Peru are found on Gliese 832 c, and the starship Kongo is ordered there on a science mission to investigate them and a primitive civilization that is known to be living there. Transporting down to the surface, the teams soon find that others have been there as well, and recently. Although the anthropology team tries to avoid contact with the primitive people there, a member is hit by a giant poisonous creature and is rescued by them. Meanwhile, the Kongo leaves orbit to investigate a huge asteroid on a collision course with the planet. Made primarily of volcanic glass, the object is long & fragile, and the crew must find a way to tow it to a safe orbit. They appear to be fulfilling an ancient prophecy about saving the planet from 'the sky sword', unless they are destroyed by an alien ship from an empire of reptile-like marauders first. 
Trailer: (1:25) 17 Jun 2020.
Part 1: (14:42) 17 Jun 2020
Part 2: (15:04) 17 Jun 2020. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

June 16, 2020, New ReleaseThe Lindberg Trek from Critter Kingsford. Live action, movie era fan film. No information about this fun and only half serious fan film but it looks like a club or a family production with adults and kids. (05:56) 15 Jun 2020. For more from Critter Kingsford see

June 15, 2020, New ReleaseFantastic Daily from No Budget Productions. Guest-starring George Beau Kayaian, of Starship Antyllus, as Cpt Holt Allen. Ensign Chericho realizes something abt his career, with the help from a new friend. (05:15) 22 May 2020. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

June 14, 2020, Recent ReleaseLola reads Fun with Kirk and Spock! from LacyLola - Canadian cosplayer Laura Gordon. Not sure how to classify this, perhaps a family friendly story time that every Trekkie family will love, reading "Fun with Kirk and Spock", a parody by Rob Pearlman.. (12:32) 21 Mar 2020. For more from LacyLola see

June 13, 2020, New ReleaseLook Forward to the Day from Star Trek Fan Productions International. Three old friends, Kirk (Mike Longo in California), Spock (Jens Dombek in Germany) and McCoy (Frank Jenks in Missouri), share a little companionship, "playing the waiting game wondering when life might begin to resemble normalcy again". or with German subtitles (04:37) 13 Jun 2020. For more from Star Trek Fan Productions International see

June 12, 2020, New Release, from The USS New York: Lost In Space, a Golden Age animation parody series, Week Four: New York on the Edge of Forever. Detective Steel is tracing the spread of Tribbles through the ship, while Spock is traveling through time. Jerry Stiller, Fred Willard, Leonard Nimoy, Bob Einstein, Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, and Baby Yoda guest star! Featuring NYC comedian Erik Lazenski as Lt. Francs! (13:01) 23 May 2020.
For more from The USS New York: Lost In Space see

June 11, 2020
, New ReleaseDangerous Pawns from Starship Antyllus. Captain Allen learns something important in the investigation of Natalie's Accident. His friend, Captain Minard may help discover the truth... but will they survive in the meantime? (39:31) 12 June 2020. For more from Starship Antyllus see

June 10, 2020, Recent ReleaseA Closer Look from No Budget Productions. In an epic turn of events, Yung and Minard face off over the Network and a new destiny is forged between them. (04:48) 07 Dec 2019. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

June 9, 2020, New ReleaseKPF In Space by James D Patalon on Plotagon...
Episode 50 Marooned "The KPF In Space Enterprise is Marooned on a planet. Brand new KPF In Space episodes to continue on June 21, 2020. Until then, hope you have a happy summer vacation." During this summer break, the producer has a new YouTube channel with reruns going. (07:22) 31 May 2020. For more KPF In Space see For more Plotagon fan animations, see

June 08, 2020, Recent ReleaseStar Trek: Spin Off! (Part 1 and 2) from Raven Slone. An irreverent look by a teen production at Kirk's command style in Star Trek (2009). (4:08) 18 Jan 2020. For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

June 07, 2020, New ReleaseMuch Afraid from No Budget Productions. Erick Minard's final journey in the 23rd century begins.... (41:17) 09 May 2020. For more works from Vance Major Owen see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

June 06, 2020, New ReleaseRaumschiff Starlight from City Starlights. The Starlight spaceship journeys through this wonderland galaxy and tries to sweeten the dreary everyday life of children during the Corana crisis with little things to do that encourage participation and creativity.
The Shuttle Kids has started (29:34) 16 May 2020.
For more about Raumschiff Starlight see

June 05, 2020Major FindStar Terk II from BBC Radio 4. A BBC comedy radio show, each episode began with a parody of Star Trek's original series, which would then go on to be interrupted by a series of sketches. All available for free from
Season 2
s02.01 To Boldy Start The Series (28:55) 04 Feb 1989
s02.02 To Bald-ly Go (27:27) 11 Feb 1989
s02.03 Two Balled Well Go (28:34) 18 Feb 1989
s02.04 Frankly my Dear (28:38) 25 Feb  1989
s02.05 To Coldly Go (28:19) 04 Mar 1989
s02.06 To Boldly Mow (28:38) 11 Mar 1989
For more on Star Terk II see

June 04, 2020, New Release, the latest in MrBonk85's series, Star Trek Stunt DoublesThe Time Has Come Stunt Doubles Has Spock met his match? (05:39) 26 May 2020.
When The Bow breaks Stunt Doubles Not everybody was happy with the way Spock was portrayed in the pilot episode. (02:49) 02 Jun 2020.
For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see

June 03, 2020, New ReleaseYesterday Is Waiting from Chronicle. "The season finale. Hopefully we'll be able to finish the tale in Season Two. But that depends on tangible show of interest." The truth about what happened with USS Chronicle emerges, and the reason for murders, plagues, sabotage that destroyed hundreds of lives. It proves a harrowing tale, one some of our heroes have trouble grasping at first. What happened. Why. How have those involved reacted. Yesterday really has been waiting. For the present to catch up. In this episode, it does. (18:32) 29 May 2020. For more about Chronicle see

June 02, 2020, New Release, "That Which We Are" from Chronicle. The fate of USS Skyview stands revealed, and a major clue that may reveal all or close to it lies in a nearby system.  Love blooms.  A friendship may be broken.  Some of our heroes go into harm's way. (17:57) 21 May 2020. For more about Chronicle see

June 01, 2020, New ReleaseShakedown from Starship Excelsior. The latest episode, a vignette by Michael Blais, is a prequel set four years before the Excelsior's first mission to Valandria in "There You Are". (17:58) 01 Jun 2020. For more from Starship Excelsior see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

This website claims to track all changes made to Star Trek Reviewed: changelog

I created my own similar tracking page: changelog.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

(1) Quick Picks

Quick Picks
Don't want to waste time reading reviews? Just want to know which fan films to watch first? I've already found these Quick Pick Treasures:

The most viewed Star Trek  Fan Film is set at the time of Enterprise.  Try Star Trek Horizon  The film has been viewed over 10  million times as of February, 2019!

For Golden Age Fan Film Star Trek,

The two most praised groups of all the Star Trek Fan Film producers, are Star Trek New Voyages aka Star Trek: Phase II and  Star Trek Continues.

Star Trek New Voyages aka Star Trek: Phase II   Although each of their episodes has much to recommend it, you might start with "World Enough and Time" which is their third episode.  Go to  (Blog 20) Star Trek Phase II or Star Trek New Voyages   for discussions and reviews, or directly to these websites, and download and watch their films:  Rating: 5.  Also, the best fan film I have seen. In one additional note, this Fan Film Group has such enthusiastic followers that it has a Fan Film about New Voyages/Phase II's Fan Films!

If you are very shy about taking on a full-length film, you could also start with their excellent short vignette, "Center Seat." It's here: Or, watch them both!

Also recreating TOS, Star Trek Continues, the second episode entitled, "Lolani".  It was filmed in late 2013 was released February 8, 2014.  View it here: (50:46) or here: (50:47).  With Portuguese subtitles, here: (50:46).  For their other offerings see

From The Federation Files, the second of their live-action films has won two awards at a film festival, Walking Bear Running Wolf, (28:20). 

The Federation Files' fifth film, The Equinox Effect, won first prize in the IndeBOOM! contest on January 8, 2020.  You can find various releases of it on it's Star Trek Reviewed page or go directly to the form entered, here: (25:22)

For more Live-Action films from the Federation Files, see

For an entire set of series of shorter films, check out the many productions from Potemkin Pictures.  Start with a film set aboard the Starship Tristen, "Sepulchre,"   For another good film involving the crew of the Starship Tristan, try "Deception,"

T'Noshi infiltrates a renegade Vulcan cell, (5:12).

  For all of Potemkin Pictures prior releases, including all those set aboard the Starship Tristen, see

Starship Exeter (Two Episodes,) See Blog 21 Starship Exeter, or click on and watch, "The Savage Empire."  Rating: 5.  Then watch one of the greatest Star Trek Fan Films of all time, "The Tressaurian Intersection."

Also try: "Of Gods and Men" See Blog 24 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, or click on
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men  Rating: 5

The first Episode of Starship Farragut, Blog 22 Starship Farragut, "The Captaincy" Rating: 5  Many more episodes follow.

For a very original but well-done take on Trek, follow the Merchant Ship, Aurora and her two-woman crew as they make cargo runs and face the challenges of space without the help of a massive ship, weapons, or Starfleet.  Star Trek: AuroraBlog 25 Star Trek: Aurora.  Two episodes, beautiful 3D animation, well written, well edited, good voice acting, Rating: 5

Ever wonder what Star Trek would look like if the guys who produced the Yogi Bear cartoon made a Star Trek movie?  Wonder no more: Check out the 2-hour animated film, "The Paradise Makers,"  Yep, they retired together and got bored, and this is what they did.

For an excellent series, with only very minor technical issues, The Multiverse Crisis,  The second film as of 2/25/2018, Completely remasted from the original film, Incident at Beta 9  Much technically improved!

For Silver Age Fan Film Star Trek, "Star Trek: Intrepid." See Blog 109 Star Trek: Intrepid

OR click on:

Star Trek: Intrepid
but watch the episodes in this order:
Heavy Lies the Crown
Transitions and Lamentations
Confessions by Firelight
Where There's a Sea
Turning Point
A Stone Unturned

Speak Czech? Or, if not, willing to handle subtitles? If so, I can recommend two fine films:
"Patriotka," (13:56). (Also with Portuguese subtitles, here: (13:56)  Rating: 5.  In full compliance with the Guidelines and Star Trek canon.  For more Star Trek Fan Films from the same film group, see
"Star Trek: The Metrensky Incident". Rating: 5. See Blog 85, Star Trek: The Metrensky Incident for both download instructions and instructions on how to run the film with the subtitled language of your choice.

Also excellent: Audio Drama "Outpost" (formerly Star Trek: Outpost.)  You'll find links to that and dozens of other audio dramas here:

Set after Enterprise but before TNG, Prelude to Axanar was created as a fake documentary about the subject of what was to be a full-length film.  Due to a CBS lawsuit, it now seems highly unlikely the full-length film will ever be made, but Prelude to Axanar is still worth viewing.  Find it at

Like Comedies?  I recommend "Stalled Trek: Amutt Time".   A friend of mine who is a comedy lover says this is the best of all Trek comedies/parodies.  For more information on this original series parody, see

[proposed section]Other Quick Picks:  The following films are all very good, rated 4 or 4.5, but lack a single element that would move them up to a 5.  That element might be poor quality sound or picture at places that doesn't interfere with viewing enjoyment, or a great, well-told story with no 'message'.
For example,

Star Trek Deception.  (Adult fans, live action, sets, costumes, green screens, CGI, Silver Age, Cheshire, Northwich, UK) (8:30)  Exceptional short film. For more Star Trek Fan Films from this team see

Eleven choice recent Fan Films by Syfy (All fit the Guidelines released by CBS):

 [This section is proposed, not yet developed!]

I have only begun going through the comedies and parodies, and do not expect to develop a system to rate them.  However,  I can strongly recommend the animated film, Stone Trek. Episode One, The Deadly Ears.

For a time there was an animated suite at Go!Animate which made it easy to create Star Trek Fan Films.  Most were not made with great finesse, but three of the best filmmakers called themselves RoTV,, Solarbaby,, and the still ongoing production which includes a recent live action film, The Federation Files by Glen Wolfe,  Here is a Table of Contents for Go!Animate Star Trek Fan Films:

But, be Warned: I haven't watched most of the Star Trek fan films listed on this website.

I've sorted out websites that have films from ones that don't, and found films on You-Tube, Vimeo, and other video-hosting websites that have no websites of their own. I'm optimistic that much of what I've found but haven't watched yet is very good! However, know that I have removed a few films I have glanced at for sexual content. I have created a separate "Adults Only" website for Fan Films with explicit sex and violence.  Links to that website, rather than links to those fan films, are in the appropriate places in this website.  I'm trying to put links to every fan film which does not have that kind of problem which I can find below, organized in a useful way...   I have put aside plans to review most films until a later time.  If  I do more reviews, I want to inform you about what's good to watch... what's good to skip.... and enough about why I think so so that if your taste differs from mine, you can watch what will make you happy. Where I've found easy to access reviews or review threads on the fan films, I've included them.  Randy Hall of SciFiPulse did many reviews of Star Trek Fan Films, but sadly they have been taken down.

(2) Table of Contents

Table of Contents *marks tentative placements and pages still 'under construction'

Blog 0 Headline News
Blog 1 Quick Picks
Blog 2 Table of Contents
Blog 3 Rating System
Blog 4 Overview of Fan Films
Blog 5 Guide to Fan Film Series, Production Groups, and Significant Individual Fan Film Blogs.

Pre-Stone Age Fan Films
Blog 6 Duet
Blog 7 Steam Trek
Blog 8 Stone Trek
Blog 9 Ronnie Redshirt
NWS 501 First Contact: The Iron Horse

Stone Age Fan Films
Blog 10 Star Trek: The Romulan War
Blog 11 Starfleet Academy (German)
Blog 12 Star Trek: Enterprise, The New Generation
Blog 13 Star Trek Avalon (Russian Language)
Blog 14 Axanar, Prelude to Axanar
Blog 15 Star Trek: Horizon
Blog 16 Aaron Vanderkley' Anthology Sereis, "Star Trek: These Are The Voyages"
Blog 17
Blog 18

Golden Age Fan Films
NB:  All Historic Star Trek Fan Films from the 1960s and 1970s are "Golden Age"  Here is a guide to the earliest Star Trek Fan Films I've found: Blog 204
Blog 20 Star Trek New Voyages(known at times at Star Trek Phase II)
Blog 21 Starship Exeter
Blog 22 Starship Farragut
Blog 23 Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.
Blog 24 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and Star Trek: Renegades
Blog 25 Star Trek: Aurora
Blog 26 Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Blog 27 Star Trek Continues
Blog 28 Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (a.k.a. Turkish Star Trek)
Blog 29 Star Trek: Frontier
Blog 30 Starship Mojave
Blog 31 Project Potemkin
Blog 32 Potemkin Pictures: Starship Tristan, Starship Deimos, Battlecruiser Kupok, et al
Blog 33 Star Trek: The Mego Picture
Blog 34 The Multiverse Crisis and Star Trek: Antyllus
Blog 35 Calvertfilms Presents
Blog 36 Star Ship: Eagle
Blog 37 Star Trek: The Machinima Series
Blog 38 Bastards of Kirk
Blog 39 The Search for Spock's Body Parts
Blog 40 Star Trek: Secret Voyage
Blog 41 Star Trek: Alpha Strike
Blog 42 Starship Valiant
Blog 43 Star Trek Shadowplay
Blog 44 Nature's Hunger
Blog 45 James D. Patalon's Animated Star Trek
Blog 46 Star Trek: Return to Triskelion
Blog 47 Star Wreak (American)
Blog 48 Starfleet Journeyman
Blog 49 The Doomsday Machine
Blog 50 Stalled Trek: Amutt Time
Blog 51 Star Trek - Mystery at Starbase M-3
Blog 52 Star Trek: Valiant
Blog 53. Red Shirts, The Series.
Blog 54 PEZ Trek Theater
Blog 55 Star Trek: Excalibur
Blog 56 Star Trek: Deception (USA)
Blog 57 The Red Shirt Diaries
Blog 58 Dreadnought Dominion
Blog 59 Starship Saladin
Blog 60 Red Shirt (Wayward Son)
Blog 61 Starship Grissom
Blog 62 Ever Trek formerly Elokomin Chronicles
Blog 63 Star Trek Comedy Parody Series, The Away Mission
Blog 64 BroBraGar Studios, Comedy and Parody based on TOS
Blog 65 Star Trek: The Night Shift
Blog 66 Starship Republic
Blog 67 Star Trek CATastrophe
Blog 68 Vance Major Owen's Productions, including Starship Melbourne, Project Defiant, and others
Blog 69 Star Trek: Gemini
Blog 70 Star Trek: The Paradise Makers
Blog 71 Star Trix
Blog 72 Star Trek: The Lost Tales and Star Trek: Antares (German Language)
Blog 73 Bob Crikey's Mego Fan Films
Cool Age(German)279 STR
Blog 74 MrBonk83's Star Trek Short Spoofs.
Blog 75 Star Trek: The Toy Movies and other work from dyna74
Blog 76 Space Happy, A Star Trek Fan-Made Film
Blog 77 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
Blog 78 Star Plunge, A Star Trek Parody
Blog 79 The Burnett and Castelli Family
NWS 490 Aaron Brownlee's Star Trek
NWS 494 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
NWS 499 Couillon Quest
NWS 502 Couillon Quest TASSO
NWS 500 Avalon Universe's Ghost Ship and Other Films
NWS 505 Spoof Trek
NWS 28 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studio's Live Action Federation Files Films
NWS 29 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studios' Go!Animate Animated Series, The Federation Files
NWS 518 Dafter Thing's Star Trek Mego Films
NWS 573 Greater Earth Media, Let Old Wrinkles Come

Go!Animate -- Easy Animations for TOS and TNG
Go!Animate's top Table of Contents entries are still here, plus it has it's own Table of Contents which gives EVERY Go!Animate Star Trek filmmaker a listing and a webpage.  Go!Animate will also have both it's own Index and be part of the general Index at the end of this website.  This new organization takes the form of an independent blog, Star Trek Reviewed - Go!Animate.  Fully updated as of November 26, 2011.

Go!Animate Table of Contents
Go!Animate Overview
Go!Animate Index

Select Choices from the Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate Table of Contents
Lord Sorcery
NCC 1701
MattyG Productions
Spock Prime Plague
Glen Wolfe aka Starfleet Studios

Silver Age Fan Films

Blog 80 Dark Armada
Blog 81 Star Trek: New Homelands
Blog 82 Star Trek: Osiris
Blog 83 Renegades
Blog 84 Borg War (American, 2006) NWS 413
Blog 85 Star Trek: Metrensky Incident
Blog 86 Star Trek: Encarta
Blog 87 Digital Ghost and other Fedcon Films
Blog 88 Dark Frontier
Blog 89 Star Trek: A New Beginning.
Blog 90 Star Trek: Unity
Blog 91 Star Trek: Requirius
Blog 92 Chains of Betrayal
Blog 93 Star Trek: Euderion
Blog 94 Star Trek: Time Warp
Blog 95 Starship Prometheus, Raven: Voyager Continues and other productions from Starfleet Studios
Blog 96 Star Track
Blog 97 Star Track: The Metric System
Blog 98 Starship Seneca
Blog 99 Commander Rob
Blog 100 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Website
Blog 101 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Fan Film Series
Blog 102 Star Trek: Odyssey
Blog 103 Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
Blog 104 Star Trek: Federation One
Blog 105 Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles
Blog 108 Hidden Frontier - Intrepid Crossover Films
Blog 109 Star Trek: Intrepid
Blog 110 Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation and other work by Ryan K. Johnson
Blog 111 Star Trak
Blog 112 Star Spoof Voyager Cartoon
Blog 113 Star Wreck (Finnish)
Blog 114 Aah Productions's Star Trek XII and Star Trek XIII
Blog 115 Star Trek the Quasi Mechinima
Blog 116 Star Trek: Red Squad
Blog 117 Fem Trekz, later Star Trek: Earhart
Blog 118 Cerberus Film' Star Trek Online Mechinima Productions
Blog 119 Star Trek: Survivor
Blog 120 Mariner
Blog 121 Star Trek Expulsion
Blog 122 Star Trek: Bohemia
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Bronze Age Fan Films
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Post-Bronze Age Fan Films
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Fan Films that do not work with time classifications

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Fan Films with Content not Suitable for Children (or sensitive adults).  Links are to Star Trek Restricted.
LIFE LIFE IN SPACE SPACE (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5 (D))
Star Trip: The ...What? Generation. Blog 5 (F).  ,
Another Star Trek Parody (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5(H))
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(3) Rating System


Rating System

NOTE: except for Quick Pick Treasures I no longer rate films because it's simply more than I can do while keeping up this listing.  I encourage you to write a review of any fan film you watch, and tell me.  Put it in a blog or elsewhere on the web and I will link to it as long as it is about the film, not the actors or people you are angry at, it is suitable for reading by children (unless the film is in Star Trek Restricted), and is in reasonably readable language.

I use a 6 point rating system. From best to worse, the rating system is:
5 - Excellent, wonderful -- as good as the best Star Trek made by anyone. It does well on all these: 1)Well written, 2) well acted, 3)enjoyable use of sets, background, CGI or other special effects, 4)entertaining, 5)well directed, 6)well edited, 7) it makes a point of some kind or explores an idea of political, scientific or social scientific interest... whether I agree or not, and 8) it provides a low level of suspension of disbelief beyond that required to watch and enjoy TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY. A 5 has all of these traits.
4 - Very Good, Entertaining, has 6 or 7 of the 8 points.
3 - Good to OK. It is a matter of taste. It has 4 or 5 points of 8.  If you like Star Trek, it's probably worth a try.
2 - Not so good to watch. It has something going for it, but it only hits on 2 or 3 of the points, or is weak technically (see below). I recommend watching NovaScienceNow on PBS instead. Neil DeGrasse Tyson will give you The Cosmic Perspective. If it makes you feel better, he opened the show on August 18, 2009 wearing an TOS Starfleet captain's uniform...
1 - Hard to watch. It may have something good about it. Either it has just one or zero of the eight points, or it may just be technically so weak that it's hard to follow. but you'd be much better entertained by reruns of most made for television classroom lecture shows. Can I recommend "The Western Tradition," ( introduction to physics ( or a nice course in Algebra ( or Statistics(
"Really, Really Bad Stuff" or 0 - ... this stuff is worse than hard to watch.  It's aggressively bad, and it has no redeeming qualities.  These films are not given their own webpages, but are listed here: .  They do offer us one redeeming quality... they make us appreciate the serious but failed efforts that may be rated a 1 or a 2.

EXTRA CREDIT for just plain fun!
LOSE ONE POINT if the quality of the sound and video make watching it difficult, TWO POINTS if it's so bad it makes it hard to follow.
LOSE ONE POINT for including non-Star Trek science fiction or serious literary sources (e.g., it treats Hamlet as history, not a play) in the stories, TWO POINTS if the non-Star Trek materials are from fantasy or other non-reality based and non-Science Fiction sources (it includes magic, vampires, aliens who defy the laws of physics like Superman or Star Wars).

For a better understanding of the thinking behind this rating system, read these Blogs:

(240)Why Star Trek Reviewed? (and later essays called the Annual Mission Statements)


(241) What is Star Trek and why are some people so enthusiastic about it?

Or read my review of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie,

All rated fan films represent significant work. All rated fan films beat out watching meaningless trailers, teasers, credits for films that don't exist. Fan films websites listed under Blog 210 have no product. But these websites can issue a single full episode and can get any rating. This website is for viewers who want to watch fan films, not people who want to create them. Videos listed in Blog 209 are bad enough that my assertion that anything rated is better than just watching trailers and looking at banners is violated. The purpose of the ratings are to help the viewer not to degrade the creators, all of whom have clearly worked hard and lovingly.

FOR CREATORS OF FAN FILMS: I am trying to include the physical location of all fan film productions so that people who would like to be involved can contact a fan film in their own part of the world. That is also why I am including fan film websites with no product.