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Jan 13, 2021, New ReleaseTilt-a-whirl from Constar Completed. Lost in the depths of the unknown, Minard struggles against his destiny. (15:35) 11 Jan 2021. For more about Constar Completed see

Jan 12, 2021, New ReleaseStarship Pudnutter from Battleship Lau Lee-Pauppe Productions.  
First Place/ Voyage of Doom Harper and Mullens embark for adventure! (10:50) 11 Jan 2021.
Second Look/ Klingon Krush Harper and Mullens versus the Klingon Empire. (08:47) 11 Jan 2021.
Third Man/ Blueprint for Disaster Harper and Mullens run afoul of powerful opponent. (10:25) 11 Jan 2021.
Fourth Wall/ Green Temptation Harper and Mullens and the Orion temptresses. (10:41) 11 Jan 2021.
Fifth Dimension/ Distrusted The crew is suspicious of each other. (08:10) 11 Jan 2021.
Sixth Sense/ Inferno Harper and Mullens are in trouble. 11min 48) 11 Jan 2021. 
For more about Starship Pudnutter see

Jan 11, 2021
, New ReleaseStar Trek 'Switch About' Stunt Doubles the latest in MrBonk85's series, Star Trek Stunt Doubles. Transporters! Perhaps McCoy had the right idea after all? (03:34) 10 Jan 2021. For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see

Jan 10, 2021, New ReleaseSinking in the Swamp from Constar Completed.  Minard puts his career on the line in the name of his friendship with Captain Allen of the Antyllus. (26:00) 08 Jan 2021. For more about Constar Completed see

Jan 09, 2021, New ReleaseSearching for the Goddard from Starship Saladin. Another short episode showing the aftermath of the ambush of the Goddard - Saldin to the rescue! (1:42) 09 Jan 2021. For more about Starship Saladin see

Jan 08, 2021, New ReleaseThe Commodore... Kidnapped! from Starship Saladin. Short episode in conjunction with Starship Eagle. (1:38) 08 Jan 2021. For more about Starship Saladin see

Jan 07, 2021
, New ReleaseOrigins from Star Trek Phase II. Producer, James Cawley has stumbled upon a DVD of the only existing workprint of this unfinished film from 2009 and graciously decided to share it online. It is missing the VFX shots and final sound mix which led to it's abandonment.
"In the beginning there was James T.Kirk, still a cadet on a Starfleet Academy at that time. This is how all of his future adventures have actually started: back in his early days at the Academy." 
Part 1 "VTS 01 1" (27:21) uploaded 04 Jan 2021
Part 2 "VTS 01 1" (22:43) uploaded 04 Jan 2021

Jan 05, 2021
, New ReleaseThe Heist from Starship Eagle. Set between their episodes "Into the Mirror" and "The Bismark" (which would make this their 2nd episode chronologically) we find out what happened to the Eagle's first officer, Michelle Tyler in between. (05:02) 05 Jan 2021. For more about Starship Eagle see

Jan 04, 2021, New ReleaseEndless Winter from Constar Completed.  Back in the 23rd century, when Minard was still an engineer, there was a pandemic, the psy 2000 virus, and someone in Starfleet was covering it up. Guest starring Cpt Claus Elberg, in charge of Utopia Planitia after "the Eagle incident". (09:38) 04 Jan 2021. For more about Constar Completed see

Jan 03, 2021
, New ReleaseStar Trek The Deadly Years Stunt Doubles the latest in MrBonk85's series, Star Trek Stunt Doubles. A remake of the introduction to the classic TOS episode. The maker of this one-man show seems to be aiming more for action drama than his usual parody. (03:26) 31 Dec 2020. For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see

Jan 02, 2021
, New ReleaseAir And Darkness from Avalon Universe.  Commander Beck, Captain Ramirez, and the crew of the USS Excalibur must battle Rogue Klingons to discover the secrets of an ancient alien artifact. (20:20) 01 Jan 2021. For more about Avalon Universe see

Jan 01, 2021
, New ReleasePhilanthropy from Lost Frontier, the first release in three years from this long-running audio drama series, started by Darker Projects in 2007! The Enterprise-F travels to Feringinar at the behest of Grand Nagus Rom, to meet with a new special committee. It is shaded in secrecy. As the Enterprise arrives in the system, they detect numerous trade starships of various classes in the system. It seems that the Ferengi are doing extremely well since the Fall. What exactly is going on? (54:53) 31 Dec 2020. For more about Lost Frontier and dozens more Star Trek fan-made audio dramas see

Dec 31, 2020, New ReleasePart 2 of Pacific 201. Released on New Year's Eve, 2020, the concluding part of this production unravels the repercussions of this multilayered storyline. (20:24) 31 Dec 2020. For more about Pacific 201 see

Dec 30, 2020, New ReleaseGreek Star Trek from Jim Stamos.  Kirk and Spock share their adventures in the Aegean! A fun satire! (13:06) 27 Dec 2020. For more about Greek Star Trek see

Dec 29, 2020, New ReleaseToo Long A Sacrifice from Constar Completed. After Minard's death, Cpt Mitchell of the Armitage contacts the Romulan, Nero, and the future of the Quadlithium hangs in the balance. In the after credits, years later, the destruction of Romulus is felt in in Willowbrook Arkansas. (09:47) 29 Dec 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Dec 28, 2020
, New ReleaseExcelsior Biographies: Alcar Dovan from Starship Excelsior. Excelsior's 2020 Boxing Day Special is the story of Alcar Dovan prior to his assignment to the Excelsior. As with most of our episodes on the Feast of Stephen, it's not a full episode, just the third installment of our eight-year-old "Excelsior Biographies" miniseries. (25:48) 26 Dec 2020. For more about Starship Excelsior see

Dec 27, 2020
, New ReleaseLegacy a vignette from Avalon Universe. Ensign Allison Theelan reports for duty on her first day aboard a very special ship. Story to be continued soon in "Air And Darkness: A Star Trek Fan Production" (04:15) 25 Dec 2020. For more about Avalon Universe see

Dec 26, 2020
, Recent ReleaseThe Tombstone from Starship Webster. With only part of their landing party materializing safely on an unexplored planet, Commander Robert Hawkins and Lieutenant Solandra St. James must survive one surprise after another until their destiny is determined. (11:37) 25 Dec 2020. For more about Starship Webster see

Dec 25, 2020New Release, Awakening from Artifactsofmars. The brilliant but misguided director of a research center, Canton Zoom, studies the Pyramids of Earth while archaeologist, Candy Mondo, investigates the artifacts and relics on the Epic planet. Seeing Zoom interacting with a being claiming to be the Egyptian god Anubis, she  asks for a starship to investigate as a freighter arrives carrying a load of robotic mummies. The USS Columbia is sent to meet with Mondo, unaware that aliens with their own agenda are plotting to attack through their avatar claiming to be Anubis.
Trailer: (1:45) 25 Dec 2020.
Part 1: (14:43) 25 Dec 2020.
Part 2: (14:29) 25 Dec 2020. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

Dec 24, 2020, Recent Release25: Zero Sum Bias from Star Trek Logical Thinking by C.H.Danhauser. Spock corrects the biasses of two of the more unique members of the Animated Series Enterprise. (02:38) 24 Dec 2020. For more about Star Trek Logical Thinking see

Dec 23, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek Skit_2 from Joe. Part parody, part Christian message of hope in a short Star Trek fan film from "Joe". (06:42) 22 Dec 2020. For more about Star Trek Skit_2 see

Dec 22, 2020, New ReleaseGawds and Monsters from Constar Completed. The fate of the Space Station B-5 comes to its fateful conclusion...  (06:10) 22 Dec 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Dec 21, 2020
, New ReleaseMask from The Federation Files. a follow up to "Voices from the Past". While on an adventure after trespassing onto a Native American reservation, two teens discover a cave and decide to steal a small mummy and death mask they found. Little do they know, their every move is being watched. Their curiosity gets the best of them and the more they discover about the artifact, the deeper in trouble they go. Brown and Oakley from S.T.A.R. Investigations team up with the kids to help them out of their sticky situation and help them get the Mask back to its rightful owner. Watch on Indieboom: (23:35) 22 Dec 2020. For more about The Federation Files see

Dec 20, 2020, Recent ReleaseThe Early Frontier from The Silent Frontier. This production is the first extensive series, set in an all-deaf alternative universe with most of the same attributes of canon Star Trek, most notably Klingons, where the actors 'speak' their dialogue in American Sign Language. This series has been completed and the producers say that it is to be followed soon by their next production, "The Silent Frontier"
Part One (mm:ss) dd mmm 2020. 
Part Two (04:00) 30 Sep 2020.
Part Three (03:41) 30 Sep 2020.
Part Four (07:10) 30 Sep 2020.
Part Five (10:37) 01 Oct 2020.
For more about The Early Frontier see

Dec 19, 2020
, Recent ReleaseA Christmas Wish from Dafter Things a Megablox stop motion animation. George the Redshirt is being sent on a secret mission... on Christmas Day... alone... (03:23) 18 Dec 2020. For more about Dafter Things see
PS: This was what happened at the Christmas party the year before...(03:12)

Dec 18, 2020, Recent ReleaseThe Improvised Generation Onscreen from Impro Theatre Company. Live streaming at weekly at 2pm Saturdays, Pacific time. 
Episode 1.5 (59:40) 11 Nov 2020.
Episode 1.6 (57:08) 14 Nov 2020.
Episode 1.7 (01:11:11) 21 Nov 2020.
For more about The Improvised Generation Onscreen see

Dec 17, 2020, New ReleaseTimes are Changing from Jens Dombek and friends at Spock oclock. Admiral James T. Kirk reflects on his early days with Mr. Spock on board the USS Enterprise. HINT: The T stands for Troll. Boost up the volume to hear the amazing score by Adam Mullen! (05:42) 14 Dec 2020. For more about Spock oclock see

Dec 16, 2020, New Release, un fan français Rémi Baudin Films a créé une série de courts métrages en solo qui suivent l'histoire de "Who Mourns for Adonais", le deuxième épisode de la saison de la série Star Trek Original.
A French fan has created a one-man series of short films that follow the storyline of "Who Mourns for Adonais?", the Star Trek Original Series second season episode [No subtitles].
Star Trek - Les faiblesses d'Apollon - Episode 11/12 (02:14) 11 Dec 2020.
For more about Rémi Baudin Films see

Dec 15, 2020FindStar Drek originally made in 1975, it was uploaded by Robert Kaynes Jr. on Dec 7, 2020. "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably vomit. Either way, you'll see the emotional story of the first voyage of the starship Win-a-prize. Led by Captain Woodrow N Cork, the crew of the Win-a-prize ventures into dangerous space. With an anibriated engineer, Mr. Scotch, miraculously, they survive this adventure. Starring Mark Schneider, Doug Max, Jay Brachman, Bob Kaynes, Peter Zaret, Carole Schneider and Amy Horowit." (12:40) 1975. For more about Star Drek see

Dec 14, 2020, New Release1000 Dirty Tricks from Constar Completed. Sanders investigations into Minard and the network uncovers more details and comes to its conclusion. In the after credits Starfleet Command gets a chilling message. (23:13) 14 Dec 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Dec 13, 2020
, New ReleaseElektrický hrad - The Electric Castle from FSFilm. Temporal gymnastics is rarely without consequence. Especially when the Guardian of Forever is involved. What if you can't save the future -- at least not the one you know? The crew of USS Greenwich are about to find out that he who can't progress anymore, must go back. (12:18) 15 Dec 2020. For more about FSFilm see the old Blog page or the new website page

Dec 12, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek Radio Theatre by Live Long and Podcast has completed their first season with a movie! This Canadian podcast has fun reenacting their favorite shows as a live stream event on Youtube on a weekly basis. With occasional artistic reinterpretations of the original, some may not sound exactly as you remember them but everything is done with the utmost fan appreciation. 
24 The Jem'Hadar (01:14:55) 05 Dec 2020.
25 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (02:12:35) 12 Dec 2020.
For more about Star Trek Radio Theatre see

Dec 11, 2020, Recent ReleaseThe Improvised Generation Onscreen from Impro Theatre Company. Live streaming at weekly at 2pm Saturdays, Pacific time. 
At Virtual Trek Con Livestreamed on Twitch for Virtual Trek Con. Ensign Robert O'Reilly has been sent to the Sandari homeworld for forced shore leave, due to his high anxiety, while the Sandari's application for membership in the Federation is under consideration. The Sandari's insistence on balance proves to be more imperfect than it first appears. (01:03:30) 19 Oct 2020.
Episode 1.2 (01:04:33) 17 Oct 2020.
Episode 1.3 (01:00:21) 24 Oct 2020.
Episode 1.4 (59:02) 31 Oct 2020.
For more about The Improvised Generation Onscreen see

Dec 10, 2020
FindStarkeum from Les Minikeums, a French television program for young people broadcast on France 3 from 1993 to 2002. During this time many of their sketches were parodies of Star Trek entitled "Starkeum". Great for young francophone Trekkies or anyone who wants to practise their French.
Starkeum 1 - Les Minikeums (12:42)
Starkeum 2 - Les Minikeums (13:48)
Star Keum - Les grands anciens (03:03)
Star Keum - ET (03:23)
Star Keum : La Cosmomobilokeum (01:25)
Les Minikeums - Star Keum (07:00)
Star Keum présente : Les Zinzins de l'Espace (00:26)
Star Keum - Détente dans l'espace (01:48)    
Starkeum - Brigade CosmiKeum (04:53)    
Star Keum - Les glops (06:33)    
Starkeum - La danse des Grands Espaces (00:40)    
Starkeum - Trou Noir (01:57)  
For more about Starkeum and Les Minikeums see

Dec 09, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek - PTHS 2017 from morningbuZZ morningbuZZ. The faculty and staff of Pemberton Township High School, NJ go where no one, no school, has gone before! (03:44) 08 Dec 2020. For more about Star Trek - PTHS 2017 see

Dec 08, 2020, New ReleaseHard Pill to Swallow from Constar Completed. Sanders investigates the mystery of Minard's network and finds more than he bargained for. In the after credits, Lt White takes on something he never expected. (17:19) 09 Dec 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Dec 07, 2020, New Release, un fan français Rémi Baudin Films a créé une série de courts métrages en solo qui suivent l'histoire de "Who Mourns for Adonais", le deuxième épisode de la saison de la série Star Trek Original.
A French fan has created a one-man series of short films that follow the storyline of "Who Mourns for Adonais?", the Star Trek Original Series second season episode.
Star Trek - La leçon d'histoire - Episode 9/X (01:12) 13 Nov 2020.
Star Trek - Première foudre - Episode 10/X (02:29) 06 Dec 2020.
For more about Rémi Baudin Films see

Dec 06, 2020, New ReleasePeace And Goodwill from Star Trek Fan Productions International. In this special Holiday-themed film, Admiral Nogura's friends at Starfleet must rally together to help him overcome the Christmas blues. (11:39) 06 Dec 2020. For more about Star Trek Fan Productions International see

Dec 05, 2020, Find from Bantam Bellatorum.
Enterprise Review Reporter Carson Devereux reviews the starship Enterprise with Mr. Scott through a variety of Michael Donovan custom sets and Donny Versiga virtual interiors. (07:12) 07 Nov 2019. 
Star Trek: A Mirror For Futility A remake of the Star Trek audio drama released by Peter Pan Records in 1975, the Enterprise finds itself caught between two gigantic warships on a collission course for Earth. (15:40) 26 Feb 2020. 
For more about Bantam Bellatorum see

Dec 04, 2020, New ReleaseAwakening from Artifactsofmars. The star ship Wasp is tasked with finding out why a planet is warming rapidly and, upon arriving they discover cleverly disguised cooling towers from nuclear reactors to be most of the cause. They also discover a possible threat to the Federation from alien warships, trapped inter-dimensionally, which may soon be released and that the planet Barnard’s B is very much alive, despite what they had thought. To prevent a catastrophic invasion of the federation, the crew must find the controls of the reactors and shut them down, before the alien fleet is released and menaces the Earth.
Trailer: (1:20) 3 Dec 2020.
Part 1: (14:46) 2 Dec 2020.
Part 2: (14:51) 2 Dec 2020. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

Dec 03, 2020, New Release#5 2021 or Bust from Star Covid. The thrusters of the USS Nightmare have been stolen by the stuffed toys! (04:47) 03 Dec 2020. For more about Star Covid see

Dec 02, 2020, New ReleaseSomething in the Way from Constar Completed. Lt Chestnut unveils the mystery of the man in green and the end of days; After Credits: Dr Connor tells Minard that the Dominion are trying to create a wormhole as an invasion beachhead. (09:44) 02 Dec 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Dec 01, 2020, Recent ReleaseThe Improvised Generation Onscreen from Impro Theatre Company. On Oct 9, 2020 they made an announcement on their Youtube channel that they would be continuing as "The Improvised Generation: Onscreen". As of Saturday October 10th they would live stream at weekly at 2pm Saturdays, Pacific time, "through to early December. Go to to follow (free, access to live show) and subscribe ($5 a month, access to VODs and live show, plus other shows). LLAP!" 
Pilot (52:16) 10 Oct 2020.
Episode 1.1, "110%" After an invigorating visit to the caverns of Parsec 3, Lt. Janie Bootes works on her Proton Project, an ambitious and risky plan to increase the USS McGinley's power. After making some headway on the project with Lt. Huuurgh, the ship suffers damage due to unforeseen proton explosions. Captain Thompson and Commander Deadman consider how to handle Bootes’ project, while Dr. Scott engages Chu’lak in a shipwide game of pursuit, all before Bootes' proton project causes her to phase away forever. (51:37) 10 Oct 2020.
For more about The Improvised Generation Onscreen see

Nov 30, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek Radio Theatre from Live Long and Podcast. This Canadian podcast has fun reenacting their favorite shows as a live stream event on Youtube on a weekly basis. With occasional artistic reinterpretations of the original, some may not sound exactly as you remember them but everything is done with the utmost fan appreciation. 
23 Second Chances (55:50) 28 Nov 2020.
For more about Star Trek Radio Theatre see

Nov 29, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek Explorers (S1E7) from Rafantastic Films. Last episode of season 1! (01:35) 23 Nov 2020. For more about Rafantastic Films see

Nov 28, 2020, New ReleaseSoka Trek from Jollyboy, an animation in Japanese with English subtitles (^ ^). S06 02 (64) Senbei Discovery 02: Hop Senbay Discovery heads to the Carrington Empire, but first decides to test a new hop engine. (03:33) 27 Nov 2020.

Nov 27, 2020, New ReleaseStar Trek: Imperative Of The Forsaken from Bantam Bellatorum. The course of Star Trek is about to forever change in this Thanksgiving holiday release. Spock makes an ill-fated command decision that will haunt him for the rest of his days, and set him on the path to purging all emotion. Or will it? The producer notes, "You should watch "To Boldly Go" Parts I and II of Star Trek Continues at before viewing this episode, or you will be lacking critical context." (24:13sec) 27 Nov 2020. For more about Bantam Bellatorum see

Nov 26, 2020, New Releasei-Warp Prime from Constar Completed. After friends fall out, Minard and the crew of the B-5 find a clue to the mystery of what happened to the Lexington. In the after credits scene, watch the USS Destiny as it goes up against the most feared race in the galaxy, the Borg. (10:38) 26 Nov 2020. For more about Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Nov 25, 2020, New ReleaseThe Heat of the Moment from Constar Completed. Captain Lobato comes to Minard about a message from the future. In the after credits, Minard gets cornered by Sanders on his past actions. (11:20) 25 Nov 2020. For more works from Constar Completed see For an ongoing viewing list of films in the Minard fictional universe see

Nov 24, 2020
, New ReleaseCrystal Clear from Starship Antyllus. Captain Allen must follow strict orders to help an Ambassador convince his people to make a treaty with the Federation to mine it's crystals. But the crystals may hold the key to the mysterious past of the planet, making them invaluable-- and to some-- not for sale at any price! Will everyone involved come out alive? (27:36) 24 Nov 2020. For more about Starship Antyllus see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

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I created my own similar tracking page: changelog.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

(1) Quick Picks

Quick Picks
Don't want to waste time reading reviews? Just want to know which fan films to watch first? I've already found these Quick Pick Treasures:

The most viewed Star Trek  Fan Film is set at the time of Enterprise.  Try Star Trek Horizon  The film has been viewed over 13.5  million times as of December 2020!

For Golden Age Fan Film Star Trek,

The two most praised groups of all the Star Trek Fan Film producers, are Star Trek New Voyages aka Star Trek: Phase II and  Star Trek Continues.

Star Trek New Voyages aka Star Trek: Phase II   Although each of their episodes has much to recommend it, you might start with "World Enough and Time" which is their third episode.  Go to  (Blog 20) Star Trek Phase II or Star Trek New Voyages   for discussions and reviews, or directly to these websites, and download and watch their films:  Rating: 5.  Also, the best fan film I have seen. In one additional note, this Fan Film Group has such enthusiastic followers that it has a Fan Film about New Voyages/Phase II's Fan Films!

If you are very shy about taking on a full-length film, you could also start with their excellent short vignette, "Center Seat." It's here: Or, watch them both!

Also recreating TOS, Star Trek Continues, the second episode entitled, "Lolani".  It was filmed in late 2013 was released February 8, 2014.  View it here: (50:46) or here: (50:47).  With Portuguese subtitles, here: (50:46).  For their other offerings see

From The Federation Files, the second of their live-action films has won two awards at a film festival, Walking Bear Running Wolf, (28:20). 

The Federation Files' fifth film, The Equinox Effect, won first prize in the IndeBOOM! contest on January 8, 2020.  You can find various releases of it on it's Star Trek Reviewed page or go directly to the form entered, here: (25:22)

For more Live-Action films from the Federation Files, see

For an entire set of series of shorter films, check out the many productions from Potemkin Pictures.  Start with a film set aboard the Starship Tristen, "Sepulchre,"   For another good film involving the crew of the Starship Tristan, try "Deception,"

T'Noshi infiltrates a renegade Vulcan cell, (5:12).

  For all of Potemkin Pictures prior releases, including all those set aboard the Starship Tristen, see

Starship Exeter (Two Episodes,) See Blog 21 Starship Exeter, or click on and watch, "The Savage Empire."  Rating: 5.  Then watch one of the greatest Star Trek Fan Films of all time, "The Tressaurian Intersection."

Also try: "Of Gods and Men" See Blog 24 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, or click on
Star Trek: Of Gods and Men  Rating: 5

The first episode of Starship Farragut, Blog 22 Starship Farragut, "The Captaincy" Rating: 5  Many more episodes follow.

For a very original but well-done take on Trek, follow the Merchant Ship, Aurora, and her two-woman crew as they make cargo runs and face the challenges of space without the help of a massive ship, weapons, or Starfleet.  Star Trek: AuroraBlog 25 Star Trek: Aurora.  Two episodes, beautiful 3D animation, well written, well-edited, good voice acting, Rating: 5

Ever wonder what Star Trek would look like if the guys who produced the Yogi Bear cartoon made a Star Trek movie?  Wonder no more: Check out the 2-hour animated film, "The Paradise Makers,"  Yep, they retired together and got bored, and this is what they did.

For an excellent series, with only very minor technical issues, The Multiverse Crisis,  The second film as of 2/25/2018, Completely remasted from the original film, Incident at Beta 9  Much technically improved!

For Silver Age Fan Film Star Trek, "Star Trek: Intrepid." See Blog 109 Star Trek: Intrepid

OR click on:

Star Trek: Intrepid
but watch the episodes in this order:
Heavy Lies the Crown
Transitions and Lamentations
Confessions by Firelight
Where There's a Sea
Turning Point
A Stone Unturned

Speak Czech? Or, if not, willing to handle subtitles? If so, I can recommend three fine films:
"Patriotka," (13:56). (Also with Portuguese subtitles, here: (13:56)  Rating: 5.  In full compliance with the Guidelines and Star Trek canon.  For more Star Trek Fan Films from the same film group, see
"Star Trek: The Metrensky Incident". Rating: 5. See Blog 85, Star Trek: The Metrensky Incident for both download instructions and instructions on how to run the film with the subtitled language of your choice.  Easy subtitles on YouTube, (55:22)
"Elektricky hrad" aka "The Electric Castle," (12:18).  For more from FSFilm, see

Also excellent: Audio Drama "Outpost" (formerly Star Trek: Outpost.)  You'll find links to that and dozens of other audio dramas here:

Set after Enterprise but before TNG, Prelude to Axanar was created as a fake documentary about the subject of what was to be a full-length film.  Due to a CBS lawsuit, it now seems highly unlikely the full-length film will ever be made, but Prelude to Axanar is still worth viewing.  Find it at

Like Comedies?  I recommend "Stalled Trek: Amutt Time".   A friend of mine who is a comedy lover says this is the best of all Trek comedies/parodies.  For more information on this original series parody, see

[proposed section]Other Quick Picks:  The following films are all very good, rated 4 or 4.5, but lack a single element that would move them up to a 5.  That element might be poor quality sound or picture at places that doesn't interfere with viewing enjoyment, or a great, well-told story with no 'message'.
For example,

Star Trek Deception.  (Adult fans, live action, sets, costumes, green screens, CGI, Silver Age, Cheshire, Northwich, UK) (8:30)  Exceptional short film. For more Star Trek Fan Films from this team see

Eleven choice recent Fan Films by Syfy (All fit the Guidelines released by CBS):

 [This section is proposed, not yet developed!]

I have only begun going through the comedies and parodies, and do not expect to develop a system to rate them.  However,  I can strongly recommend the animated film, Stone Trek. Episode One, The Deadly Ears.

For a time there was an animated suite at Go!Animate which made it easy to create Star Trek Fan Films.  Most were not made with great finesse, but three of the best filmmakers called themselves RoTV,, Solarbaby,, and the still ongoing production which includes a recent live action film, The Federation Files by Glen Wolfe,  Here is a Table of Contents for Go!Animate Star Trek Fan Films:

But, be Warned: I haven't watched most of the Star Trek fan films listed on this website.

I've sorted out websites that have films from ones that don't, and found films on You-Tube, Vimeo, and other video-hosting websites that have no websites of their own. I'm optimistic that much of what I've found but haven't watched yet is very good! However, know that I have removed a few films I have glanced at for sexual content. I have created a separate "Adults Only" website for Fan Films with explicit sex and violence.  Links to that website, rather than links to those fan films, are in the appropriate places in this website.  I'm trying to put links to every fan film which does not have that kind of problem which I can find below, organized in a useful way...   I have put aside plans to review most films until a later time.  If  I do more reviews, I want to inform you about what's good to watch... what's good to skip.... and enough about why I think so so that if your taste differs from mine, you can watch what will make you happy. Where I've found easy to access reviews or review threads on the fan films, I've included them.  Randy Hall of SciFiPulse did many reviews of Star Trek Fan Films, but sadly they have been taken down.

(2) Table of Contents

Table of Contents *marks tentative placements and pages still 'under construction'

Blog 0 Headline News
Blog 1 Quick Picks
Blog 2 Table of Contents
Blog 3 Rating System
Blog 4 Overview of Fan Films
Blog 5 Guide to Fan Film Series, Production Groups, and Significant Individual Fan Film Blogs.

Pre-Stone Age Fan Films
Blog 6 Duet
Blog 7 Steam Trek
Blog 8 Stone Trek
Blog 9 Ronnie Redshirt
NWS 501 First Contact: The Iron Horse

Stone Age Fan Films
Blog 10 Star Trek: The Romulan War
Blog 11 Starfleet Academy (German)
Blog 12 Star Trek: Enterprise, The New Generation
Blog 13 Star Trek Avalon (Russian Language)
Blog 14 Axanar, Prelude to Axanar
Blog 15 Star Trek: Horizon
Blog 16 Aaron Vanderkley' Anthology Sereis, "Star Trek: These Are The Voyages"
Blog 17
Blog 18

Golden Age Fan Films
NB:  All Historic Star Trek Fan Films from the 1960s and 1970s are "Golden Age"  Here is a guide to the earliest Star Trek Fan Films I've found: Blog 204
Blog 20 Star Trek New Voyages(known at times at Star Trek Phase II)
Blog 21 Starship Exeter
Blog 22 Starship Farragut
Blog 23 Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek.
Blog 24 Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and Star Trek: Renegades
Blog 25 Star Trek: Aurora
Blog 26 Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Blog 27 Star Trek Continues
Blog 28 Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (a.k.a. Turkish Star Trek)
Blog 29 Star Trek: Frontier
Blog 30 Starship Mojave
Blog 31 Project Potemkin
Blog 32 Potemkin Pictures: Starship Tristan, Starship Deimos, Battlecruiser Kupok, et al
Blog 33 Star Trek: The Mego Picture
Blog 34 The Multiverse Crisis and Star Trek: Antyllus
Blog 35 Calvertfilms Presents
Blog 36 Star Ship: Eagle
Blog 37 Star Trek: The Machinima Series
Blog 38 Bastards of Kirk
Blog 39 The Search for Spock's Body Parts
Blog 40 Star Trek: Secret Voyage
Blog 41 Star Trek: Alpha Strike
Blog 42 Starship Valiant
Blog 43 Star Trek Shadowplay
Blog 44 Nature's Hunger
Blog 45 James D. Patalon's Animated Star Trek
Blog 46 Star Trek: Return to Triskelion
Blog 47 Star Wreak (American)
Blog 48 Starfleet Journeyman
Blog 49 The Doomsday Machine
Blog 50 Stalled Trek: Amutt Time
Blog 51 Star Trek - Mystery at Starbase M-3
Blog 52 Star Trek: Valiant
Blog 53. Red Shirts, The Series.
Blog 54 PEZ Trek Theater
Blog 55 Star Trek: Excalibur
Blog 56 Star Trek: Deception (USA)
Blog 57 The Red Shirt Diaries
Blog 58 Dreadnought Dominion
Blog 59 Starship Saladin
Blog 60 Red Shirt (Wayward Son)
Blog 61 Starship Grissom
Blog 62 Ever Trek formerly Elokomin Chronicles
Blog 63 Star Trek Comedy Parody Series, The Away Mission
Blog 64 BroBraGar Studios, Comedy and Parody based on TOS
Blog 65 Star Trek: The Night Shift
Blog 66 Starship Republic
Blog 67 Star Trek CATastrophe
Blog 68 Vance Major Owen's Productions, including Starship Melbourne, Project Defiant, and others
Blog 69 Star Trek: Gemini
Blog 70 Star Trek: The Paradise Makers
Blog 71 Star Trix
Blog 72 Star Trek: The Lost Tales and Star Trek: Antares (German Language)
Blog 73 Bob Crikey's Mego Fan Films
Cool Age(German)279 STR
Blog 74 MrBonk83's Star Trek Short Spoofs.
Blog 75 Star Trek: The Toy Movies and other work from dyna74
Blog 76 Second Life Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 77 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
Blog 78 Star Plunge, A Star Trek Parody
Blog 79 The Burnett and Castelli Family
NWS 490 Aaron Brownlee's Star Trek
NWS 494 Star Trek: Peacekeeper
NWS 499 Couillon Quest
NWS 502 Couillon Quest TASSO
NWS 500 Avalon Universe's Ghost Ship and Other Films
NWS 505 Spoof Trek
NWS 28 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studio's Live Action Federation Files Films
NWS 29 Glen Wolfe's aka Starfleet Studios' Go!Animate Animated Series, The Federation Files
NWS 518 Dafter Thing's Star Trek Mego Films
NWS 573 Greater Earth Media, Let Old Wrinkles Come

Go!Animate -- Easy Animations for TOS and TNG
Go!Animate's top Table of Contents entries are still here, plus it has it's own Table of Contents which gives EVERY Go!Animate Star Trek filmmaker a listing and a webpage.  Go!Animate will also have both it's own Index and be part of the general Index at the end of this website.  This new organization takes the form of an independent blog, Star Trek Reviewed - Go!Animate.  Fully updated as of November 26, 2011.

Go!Animate Table of Contents
Go!Animate Overview
Go!Animate Index

Select Choices from the Star Trek Reviewed-Go!Animate Table of Contents
Lord Sorcery
NCC 1701
MattyG Productions
Spock Prime Plague
Glen Wolfe aka Starfleet Studios

Silver Age Fan Films

Blog 80 Dark Armada
Blog 81 Star Trek: New Homelands
Blog 82 Star Trek: Osiris
Blog 83 Renegades
Blog 84 Borg War (American, 2006) NWS 413
Blog 85 Star Trek: Metrensky Incident
Blog 86 Star Trek: Encarta
Blog 87 Digital Ghost and other Fedcon Films
Blog 88 Dark Frontier
Blog 89 Star Trek: A New Beginning.
Blog 90 Star Trek: Unity
Blog 91 Star Trek: Requirius
Blog 92 Chains of Betrayal
Blog 93 Star Trek: Euderion
Blog 94 Star Trek: Time Warp
Blog 95 Starship Prometheus, Raven: Voyager Continues and other productions from Starfleet Studios
Blog 96 Star Track
Blog 97 Star Track: The Metric System
Blog 98 Starship Seneca
Blog 99 Commander Rob
Blog 100 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Website
Blog 101 Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Fan Film Series
Blog 102 Star Trek: Odyssey
Blog 103 Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
Blog 104 Star Trek: Federation One
Blog 105 Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles
Blog 108 Hidden Frontier - Intrepid Crossover Films
Blog 109 Star Trek: Intrepid
Blog 110 Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation and other work by Ryan K. Johnson
Blog 111 Star Trak
Blog 112 Star Spoof Voyager Cartoon
Blog 113 Star Wreck (Finnish)
Blog 114 Aah Productions's Star Trek XII and Star Trek XIII
Blog 115 Star Trek the Quasi Mechinima
Blog 116 Star Trek: Red Squad
Blog 117 Fem Trekz, later Star Trek: Earhart
Blog 118 Cerberus Film' Star Trek Online Mechinima Productions
Blog 119 Star Trek: Survivor
Blog 120 Mariner
Blog 121 Star Trek Expulsion
Blog 122 Star Trek: Bohemia
Blog 123 Star Trek Andore
Blog 124 Star Trekz Empire
Blog 125 Retail Star Trek
Blog 126 TNG Mechinima Fan Episodes
Blog 127 Star Trek - The Next Animation
Blog 128 Star Trek: Reliant
Blog 129 Star Wreak 2pi (as in a circle)
Blog 130 Improvised Star Trek
Blog 131 Trekzone: Star Trek: Eternal Night
Blog 133 Chance Encounter
Blog 134 USS Atlantis
Blog 135 Star Trek - DIStant COusins
Blog 136 Star Trek Galaxies
Blog 137 Star Trek:Cataja (German and English language versions.)
Blog 138 Star Trek: Omega (German with English subtitles)
Blog 139 USS K'Ehleyr(German)
Blog 140 Starship Explorer Formerly Star Trek Explorer (German)
Blog 141 Star Trek: Diplomacy (Czech with some English Subtitles)
Blog 142 Starship Parasol(German with some English subtitles)
Blog 143 Star Trash
Blog 144 Quark's Space Station
Blog 145 Star Trek Lego -- Paradox (Czech with English Subtitles)
Blog 146 Star Wretch, The Next Regurgitation
Blog 147 Corto Phase II (fan film proyect Star Trek Into Lightness)(Spanish)
Blog 148 fourteen59
Blog 149 Star Trek Phase 3 (Some German, some English)
Blog 150 Cerbasi Trek
Blog 151 TheJackSack TNT Mego Animations
Blog 152 Star Trek Online: The Abridged Series.
Blog 153 Adam Furgang's Star Trek The Handicaptain and other works
Blog 154 Actors Coalition Network Lost Angeles' Star Trek Releases
Blog 155 Animations by Chad Troftgruben
Blog 156 Star Trek But Garo
Blog 157 Star Trek Deception (UK)
Blog 158 Star Trek: The O'Brians
Blog 159 ICS's STO Machinima (mostly Klingon)
Blog 160 TaVork's Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 161 BloodWolf's Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 162 IT Guy or Bitter IT Guy (The)
NWS 511 Star Drag - And Yet Another Generation
NWS 523 Borg War (1994-8, German)

Bronze Age Fan Films
Blog 170 Star Trek: Beyond
Blog 171 Star Trek Girl Trek and other videos by Stephen Mandel Joseph

Post-Bronze Age Fan Films
Blog 175 Galaxy Trek
Blog 176 Treknologic

Fan Films that do not work with time classifications

NWS 496 Corto Phase II
NWS 498 Trek or Treat
NWS 510 Star W'rek
NWS 513 Temporal Anomaly
Blog 178 Temporal Anomaly
Blog 179 Tiberius Maximus's BAMN Trek
Blog 180 Star Trek: Trailer Trek
Blog 181 Star Trek X Generation Worst Fan Film
Blog 182 Stellar Trek
Blog 183 Sleeping Lion Productions
Blog 184 Toy Movies
Blog 185 Transolar Galactica
Blog 186 Star Trek: The Mirror Frontier
Blog 187 The Math of Khan and other films from Austen Clement
Blog 188, Meez2, A Nerd's Fantasy and other films
Blog 189 Karlbolo, A Star Trek Variety Show
Blog 190 Star Heck
Blog 191 Star Wrek Zone, "The Odd Generation."
Blog 192 Spaced Out Saga
Blog 193 Critter Kingsford Productions
Blog 194 2nd Grade Productions

Fan Films with Content not Suitable for Children (or sensitive adults).  Links are to Star Trek Restricted.
LIFE LIFE IN SPACE SPACE (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5 (D))
Star Trip: The ...What? Generation. Blog 5 (F).  ,
Another Star Trek Parody (Star Trek Restricted, Blog 5(H))
Star Trek: The Ultimate Follies Blog 11
17 Pablo Cruz Marquez

Assorted Other Fan Films

Blog 197 Xtra Normal Star Trek Animations
Blog 198 Mego Star Trek Fan Films.
Blog 200 Minecraft Machinima based Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 201 Kid Trek/Teen Trek
Blog 202: Trailers not associated with a released film.*
Blog 203: Filmmakers Who Create CGI Sequences Without Visible Humans
Blog 204 Historic Star Trek Fan Films (of the 1960s and 1970s)
Blog 205 Select Star Trek Fan Film School and Church Projects.
Blog 206 Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 207 Short Films (not listed elsewhere).
Blog 208 Star Trek Parodies and Comedies
Blog 209 Really, Really Bad Stuff
Blog 210 Websites and Fan Film Makers working on films but which have no completed episodes (some may have shorts).
Blog 211 Incomplete, Abandon Film Projects with Significant Production
Blog 212 Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Performance
Blog 213 Films (and Audio) Listed as Existing Which I Can't Find, Link to, or Offer a Way to See
Blog 214 Fan Mash-ups and Recuts*
Blog 215 Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 216 Websites and Shorts Proposing Professional Series or Movies.
Blog 217 Trekkers, Trekkies and General Fandom
Blog 218 Professional Television's Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitators.

Fan Films in Languages other than English
Blog 219 Non English Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 220 German Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 221 Spanish Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 222 Italian Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 223 French Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 224 Portuguese Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 225 Finnish Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 226 Catalan Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 227 Czech Language Star Trek Fan Films
Blog 228 Russian Language Star Trek Fan Films

Professional Authorized Star Trek
Star Trek on Television
Star Trek (TOS)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)
Enterprise or Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)

Star Trek Movies from Paramount
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn
The Search for Spock
The Voyage Home
The Final Frontier
The Undiscovered Country
First Contact
Star Trek
Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Reviewed Website Essays and Items:
Blog 233 How To Move Films To The New Website
Blog 234 Guidance for Fan Filmmakers
Blog 235 How to Contact Star Trek Reviewed.
Blog 236 Banners for Star Trek Reviewed
Blog 237 Recent Upgrades for Star Trek Reviewed.
Blog 238 Real Science, Space Law and Ethics!
Blog 239 Learning About Fan Films.
Blog 240 Annual Star Trek Reviewed Mission Statements
Blog 241 What is Star Trek and why are some people so enthusiastic about it?
Blog 242 Plans for this website
Blog 243 Things that have been found but not sorted

Other Star Trek Materials and Matters
Blog 244 Non-Star Trek films listed as Trek films on some websites.
Blog 245 Francise Crossover Films.
Blog 246 Star Trek Games, Comics, and Prose
Blog 247 Star Trek Audio Drama
Blog 248 Guides to Other Star Trek Materials.
Blog 249 Websites with Broad Star Trek Discussion or News of Theatrical Trek.
Blog 250 Index to Star Trek Fan Series, Groups, Websites in Alphabetical Order.