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Location is Austin, Texas 78749
The show NBC probably wished they were buying when they bought TOS. Two complete episodes ready for viewing.

Captain John Quincy Garrovick serves on the Exeter, a starship the same class as the Enterprise in TOS. His crew are fresh recruits out of the academy. His bridge crew includes an Andorian, Lt. B'Fuselek, security officer Cutty, and his science officer and No. 1, Jo Harris.

This show is shot in a real set that closely resembles TOS set, and the actors can act. The story is more about facing meaningless hostiles than a typical TOS episode. This may be the show NBC thought they were getting when they purchased TOS, except that, like the original pilot, the second in command is a woman... but not a very young one, an Englishwoman, Jo Harris. And unlike the original pilot, Jo Harris is a science officer, and isn't chafing or uncertain about her position. And her captain is even less uncertain of her than she is. It's a little clue that this show wasn't really made in the mid 1960s. Compare this to "Stories of the Century" with Matt Clark, Railroad Detective, a 1950s cowboy detective show with a very competent female detective. Like the old comic says, the female detective "gets no respect." The level of comfort of the white and black actors with one another is a second clue.

Aside from the role of blacks and women, it really does have the feel of a 1950s cowboy show. Good guys, bad guys. 1960s NBC would have run Eugene Roddenbury over trying to get this show instead if it had been available.

A Review of this series: The Tampa Bay Examiner

First episode:
"The Savage Empire" Score: 5

Posted as one video, October 13, 2015: (34:56)

This older posting is no longer available:
Part 1 (3:51)
Part 2 (7:23)
Part 3 (9:34)
Part 4 (9:44)
Part 5  (4:29)

The Andorians have dropped out of communication when the Lexington, another starship, headed there, the only source of medicine to cure their crew. The Exeter is sent to investigate.

The Andorians, we learn, live underground to avoid disturbing nature on the surface of their planet. A rebel element has allied with the Klingons.

There are sets for the surface, as well as park scenes. The quality of production is similar to TOS. Fighting also includes all the elements. Parts of halls collapse, phasers, fistfights... right down to the ribbing jokes aimed at the Andorian crew member, which might have been slightly overdone.

A good show, well worth your time. On a scale of 1 to 5, this show scores a 5. Good quality fun. The exploration of ideas is sci fi, not social, but they explore how a civilization of insect like creatures might see their world.

This is available in with Portuguese subtitles on Your Tube:

Starship Exeter Savage Empire

Other Reviews:
The second, and only other episode was finished May 1, 2014.  It would be a 5+ if I was still rating and there was such a rating, easily among the best Star Trek Fan Films of all time,

"The Tressaurian Intersection"

The releases:
Teaser:   Released July 1, 2005
Act 1:      Released October 25, 2005
Act 2:      Released February 24, 2006
Act 3:      Released September 14, 2007
Act 4:      Released May 1, 2014

The entire episode (with Czech, Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese subtitles) is here:  (51:46)

"Easter Egg" Status Report from Commander Cutty: (0:28)

Article looking forward to the release:
Comments posted after the release:
(3)   Trek BBS Review Thread:
(1) ;

The hostile reptilian aliens, the Tressaurians, have attacked before... a ship on which our Captain John Quincy Garrovick served as a cadet. They've killed HIS old captain. Our old friends, the Tholians, have created some kind of device the less intelligent reptilian Tressaurians have stolen. Clearly, written by anti-reptile bigots... seriously, though, there's no message here, just action. People sneer at each other, they fight, they win and lose. It's a nice sci-fi story, dangerous devices, fun and Trek-like.

Here's another review which was written before it was complete:  The Logbook
 completed May 1, 2014
Part 1   (5:08)
Part 2  (10:28)
Part 3   (11:09)
Part 4   (12:33)

Trailer for the conclusion released  April 1, 2014: (1:02)

Audio Review starts at 15:10, gets history wrong, though: (48:45)

Maurice Molyneaux posted the following release from Exeter's chief honcho, Jimm Johnson on April 1, 2014:
Thanks, Maurice for posting this for me.
As we near the completion of The Tressaurian Intersection, I wanted to post an update on where we are and what's yet to be done. Scott & Maurice are on track to have a final cut of the last act of the film ready today or tomorrow. I have asked that the project files be sent to me at that time for final inspection and any small tweaks that I might feel are needed.
I hope to finish my "final pass" within a week of receiving the project files from Scott, but will make a point of being done by April 15 at the absolute latest. When I'm satisfied with everything on the video side, the project will go to Ralph Miller for final sound. Ralph informs us that he has most of the work done already, so this shouldn't take long.
We are setting the official release date for May 1, 2014. That date is solid.
Many supporters and fans have sent donations in anticipation of Joel Sarchet's "Behind the Scenes" documentary of the filming of The Tressaurian Intersection. Joel is currently finalizing that project, and an email account will be set up soon for the purpose of collecting current mailing and contact information from donors so that we can fulfill our promise to deliver that film. We expect the "Behind the Scenes" film to be ready for distribution during the summer of this year.
Everyone involved in this project has worked long and hard on it. The final push to get it done could not have succeeded with out the continued efforts of Dennis Bailey, Michael Struck, Ralph Miller, and David Weiberg. However, the tremendous final effort to truly bring The Tressaurian Intersection to a grand conclusion is due to the tireless striving and dedication of Scott Cummins and Maurice Molyneaux.
Thanks everyone!
Trek On!
And, Live Long & Prosper!
Jimm Johnson

Article about the upcoming release:
Among the people involved with Starship Exeter are Dennis Bailey, who wrote two episodes of TNG, the amazing "Tin Man" and the episode (not the movie) "First Contact."

There also appears to be a comedy, "Night Shift" which is both a parody of this series and has the same actor play Captain John Quincy Garrovick, vis: Starship Exeter "Night Shift" parody
It is available with Portuguese subtitles:

Night Shift (3:41)  with Portuguese subtitles (3:40) and (3:40) and (3:40)

Here's  a humorous commentary on the delay in release: (1:50)

Here are two behind-the-scenes videos which appeared on the Net in July 2010, 5 years to the month after the teaser for the incomplete episode was released:
Stan Ginsel Interview from "Starship Exeter, behind the scenes Makes some nasty comments about other TOS timed series... Phase II, are you listening... do you care?
Starship Exeter, behind the bridge special feature
Added September, 2010:
Starship Exeter, behind the bridge special feature Part II.

There are also these:
Fake Part IV trailer
Act III is not impossible trailer

The Atlantis Invaders was supposed to be the never-filmed third episode of this series.  Here is a video about that plan: (0:31)

Review in Hebrew:

A new Fan film, Starship Ajax, out of Oklahoma City, Ok (listed here: (A))  had acquired the Exeter bridge set .  After some time, the set people and the film people have split into two groups, and the set is being made available to anyone who wishes to create a new Star Trek TOS-era fan film.  It is called Starbase Studios.  Here is their website: .  You, too, can create a Star Trek Fan Film using the Exeter (and additional) TOS-era sets!

Work began in earnest in 2010.  Their sets are complete and work on films has already been done.  Yorktown, for example, has used this Studio.  They still need help, both in person and financial.  Make them an offer!

This was their message in Dec. 2010:
We are looking for volunteers to assist in restoration work on the Exeter bridge set and construction of additional set pieces to complete it. As well we are also needing volunteers to do carpentry work in new set construction for the corridors and briefing room and other needed sets for the Ajax production. Electrical knowledge is also desired since we need to rewire the bridge for the display and switch lighting.

Much Thanks to anyone even remotely interested. Based off recommendations I get we may set up a monthly work weekend at the hanger in restoration and additional set building. Suggested dates would be welcome.

More information here:

Facebook Page:

Facebook Fan Club:

Bits available on You Tube :
TTI "Next Voyage" (1:50)
Savageable Empire Teaser (2:19)
Salvageable Empire Act 1 (3:01)
Exeter Action Figures (0:27)
Exeter "micro" figures:
Exeter Comic Book:

Special effects video:
Black Hole kit: (1:03)

April, 2015 article mentions this series:


  1. They really need to finish this episode up, so we can see future episodes of the Exeter and its crew. It's been too long and they really need to speed things up.

  2. I agree the story should be finished. Heard they might have had filming or post-production problems with the final act? Whatever the issues are? It would be a great day in story telling if the final act gets released!

  3. The DefenestratorJuly 7, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Yeah, I check at least once a month to see if they've finished it, or even updated the web site! I like it but I'm inclined to believe that it's a wash. Prove me wrong, Exeter Studios!

  4. One thing I can tell you is that there had been a time when a certain hard drive had died? All I know is, we're ALL waiting for Act Last to come out. It'll be worth it.

  5. It appears the ending will not be seen. Not only is iTunes no longer carrying the podcast feed but it appears the website is no longer in existence.

  6. They periodically fail to renew the website. The people involved in this have been clear that they do not consider it a priority, but do intend to finish it some day. That said, I invite Star Trek Fan Film Fans to look at the other Fan Films on this website and on it's related websites. There are over 500 completed films (I last counted almost two years ago, and many have been added since. I have been told recently that the number is over 1000, but that was somebody else's count, not mine). In short, there are plenty of complete, ready-to-watch films here. That said, Never say never. Yorktown was shot and then abandon in the 1980s... but is expected to be released next year. There is always hope!

  7. Wow, just saw this, but the pic with the Andorian was taken about 100 feet from where I work! big question is why would they have been filming here?!? Cool, but weird.

  8. The final came out on May 4th and despite its sad ending, it was a really cool episode. It also has some nice homages to both Balance Of Terror and TWOK.