Saturday, June 27, 2009

(25) Star Trek: Aurora

Tim Vining's home base is Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A fully animated show set just after TOS which follows a non-starfleet merchant ship.  Golden Age.
Star Trek: Aurora

1 Episode completed, a second in the works.

Rating:  5 of a possible 5.  One of the best Star Trek Fan Films ever made.
Full, final film: (55:28)
or directly at Vimeo: (55:28)
or on You Tube: (55:29)

Spanish Subtitles available at:
A Magazine article:
Facebook Page:

This page discusses it in French and offers French subtitles.

A Review of the Completed film: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Aurora
Another Review: (Also covers the first few parts of Episode 2).

A discussion in a Florida General Circulation newspaper, the Tampa Bay Examiner:
Another discussion of this (now series) dated May 30, 2014:

Here is an article in Issue 14 of Trekkie Central Magazine:

This film is also available on You Tube with Portuguese subtitles:

For the final full version with Portuguese subtitles, see (55:29)

Catalan website and subtitles are available.  
For website click this link:
Click CC to get the subtitles:
Part 1 w/Catalan subtitles:
Part 3 w/ Catalan subtitles:
Part 4 w/ Catalan subtitles:
Part 5a w/Catalan subtitles:
Part 5b w/Catalan subtitles:

Here is a very enthusiastic thread at the Trek BBS with reactions from people who have viewed this show and LOVE it:

Here is a Trekspeak interview with Tim Vine, the creator: (43:32)

Episode 2 "Mudd In Your I"

October 7, 2016: Completed film (all 5 parts): (38:13) or  Also on Facebook here:

FEB 26, 2013... teaser trailer for another episode, "Thine Own Self"  (3:42) or   (3:42)

September, 2013, Part 1, August 17, 2014, Part 2.  See both parts 1 & 2 of second episode, "Mudd In Your I"
Parts 1 & 2: (17:00) or (16:59) or

Mentioned here:
Discussed here:

July 10, 2015: Comedy Short, 2D animation, Star Trek: Aurora, "Do You Mind (Meld)?" or (1:05).

Series ended due to fan film guidelines

Non-Trek original Magic/adventure series, "Quest of the Key," website: or


  1. a very interesting take on trek.

  2. NOT SO FINAL FRONTIER by AURORA PICTURE SHOW. Episode Two was exhibited by a local microcinema art group along with a batch of Star Trek-themed video clips including an episode from the live-action Starship Exeter with an in-person appearance by three of their production staff and one by a grade-schooler with stop-action special effects. ST Aurora in animation was so much better than ST Exeter because the things that you can do with CGI are really only bounded by your imagination and your computing power. The scene at the end of Episode 3 is so amazing, but the only way to do it is CGI.
    Great plotting, great visuals, a non-Starfleet character and a tough female captain like Cassidy Yates from DS9. JJ Abrams could take a few hints from this.

  3. I agree with Anonymous above. This really is the very best fan trek there is, and better than much office trek.

  4. Episode 2 is cute, really cute! You seldom see any good humour in Star Trek or fan films and this was very good!

  5. Aurora was the first Star Trek fan film I was able to watch without cringing... not that I'd seen a ton of fan films prior to that, but I'd viewed what I understood to be a couple of the more high profile ones, such as NV and Of Gods and Men. While I admired the dedication that went into making those live action productions, I still couldn't help finding them difficult to sit through. More than just being non-cringeworthy, however, Aurora was a legitimately good story with a fascinating protagonist and it may or may not have even gotten me a little choked up by the end of it. The second installment, Mudd in Your I, was genuinely laugh out loud funny, and I'm not the sort of person who is easily amused.

    The only real reason I'm kind of bummed about the fan film guidelines is that it supposedly puts the kibosh on any new Aurora episodes. I'd argue that Tim Vining could theoretically keep making Aurora without invoking the ire of CBS and Paramount; a one man operation that doesn't rely on taking money from fans is probably not the sort of thing they were worried about when coming up with the guidelines. Then again, that's easy for me to say when it's not my neck on the line. Well, whether it's Trek related or not, I'll be very interested in seeing whatever Vining comes up with next.