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(27) Star Trek Continues


"Star Trek Continues" or   Official Facebook page of Star Trek Continues:
Clickable episode listing:

Full-length episodes are numbered below in green.

Star Trek Continues in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish:
Cast announced:  includes James Doohan's son or grandson as Scotty, and Vic Mignogna as Kirk.
Here is an interview with their "Captain Kirk" Vic Mignogna
Discussions of the series: , ,

Teaser Reel for first 6 or 7 episodes:

Cast Interview: (12:25)
Newspaper article Feb. 16, 2014:
Newspaper article Feb. 18, 2014:
Bought out Farragut Films' share in the studios. see
Web series by Wired about the obsessiveness involved in making this particular Star Trek Fan Film:
Won the second annual Geekie Awards for best Web series:  8/17/2014, article about the win:

Their first short film, a change in the ending of "The Turnabout Intruder" is here: (4:41), here: (4:41), and with subtitles in English and Spanish (4:31)
here: (4:41)
 with narration in Russian, (4:41)
Their second short film is entitled, "You've Got the Con" and can be viewed here: (3:28) or with subtitles in English and Spanish here: (3:18)  with narration in Russian, (3:28)
Their third short film is entitled, "Happy Birthday, Scotty,"  You can view it here: (2:42). with subtitles in English and Spanish here: (2:42)   with narration in Russian, (2:42)

An outtake from the shoot of their first episode:

Their first episode is entitled, "Pilgrim of Eternity,"  was first be shown on 5/24 at the Phoenix Comicon.    It was then posted on the internet later that day.  Watch it here:  (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) (51.18) , here: (51:17) or here:  (51:17)
with Portuguese subtitles, here: (51:18) or here: (51:18).  Subtitles in Greek are here: .  Subtitles in Czech are here: with narration in Russian, (51:17)

(3)  and
(4) .
(8) (In German)
(17)  STC seems to think this is about them, so I added it here: (0:55)
(18) WebVee Guide

Reactions (mini-reviews): also   I watched this and found it to be enjoyable.  It is significantly better than the short films that were released prior to it.

Their second episode is entitled, "Lolani".  It was filmed in late 2013 was released February 8, 2014.  View it here:  (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) (50:46), here: (50:46) or here: (50:47).  With Portuguese subtitles, here: (50:46)  Subtitles in Greek are here:   with narration in Russian, (50:46)

Q&A Session after first public showing at Dallas Comic Con: (28:26)

Reviews:  ; SciFiPulse
Article:  If blocked in your area, (I'm told you cannot see it outside the USA) try this:

Third episode  "Fairest of Them All"  View it here:  (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) (40:37), here: (40:26) or here: (40:37).  Released June 15, 2014.  with narration in Russian, (40:26)
Comparison of beginning with end of "Mirror Mirror" (2:09)

AWARDED BEST NEW MEDIA DRAMA at the Burbank Film Festival:

Won two awards at The Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards 2015:
Best Actor or Actress, Vic Mignogna as "Capt. James T. Kirk" Star Trek Continues, The Fairest of Them All.
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, Fairest of Them All, Star Trek Continues

When in the works was discussed here:


Interview on LA Talk Radio, Sunday, August 10th show can be listened to or downloaded here:

Wired video interview and article by "Obsessed" about Star Trek Continues: (June 27, 2014)

Article about their fundraiser in early 2015 here:

Mash-up combining the Farragut sets (now owned by Star Trek Continue's Vic  Mignogna) and scenes from TOS: (2:21)

Explains what a "Martini Shot" is here: (2:06)

In March, 2015, Star Trek Continues won awards for both "Loloni" and "Fairest of Them All."

May 25, 2015, they posted a discussion, "Our Star Trek: The 50 Year Mission, .

Forth Episode, "The White Iris" released 3am Eastern Daylight Time on 5/30/2015.  Vimeo: (47:54)  You Tube: (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles)  (47:55).  Here is a version with narration in Russian: (47:54)   Suspended on 6/1/2015 on claims of copyright violation, You Tube: (47:54)


On April 17, 2016 the 2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards were presented at Treklanta in Atlanta, Georgia and Star Trek Continues received the award for ...

Best Original Music and
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form (31 minutes or more)
... both for “The White Iris”
Best Guest Actor or Actress for Colin Baker as “Amphidamas”
Best Supporting Actor or Actress for Michele Specht as “Dr. Elise McKennah”
Best Lead Actor or Actress for Todd Haberkorn as “Mr. Spock”

General series review:!st-why-star-trek-continues/c1lwo

Fifth Episode, is expected to be shown on 9/25/2015 at Salt Lake Comic Con.  It will be released on line on 9/26/2015.

Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," Watch it (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) on You Tube: (42:45) or Vimeo:
(5/28/2016)For Russian speakers: (42:45)

On March 5, 2016, Star Trek Continues began a Fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.

Sixth Episode, "Come Not Between the Dragons." Watch it (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) (42:21) or (42:21).
(6/27/2016) For Russian Speakers:

Seventh Episode, "Embrace the Winds," Released September 3, 2016:  Watch it (with the option of  Catalan, Croatian, English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) (43:56) or  (3/29/2017) For Russian Speakers:


Eighth Episode, "Still Treads The Shadow," Released April 2, 2017, Watch it (with the option of  Catalan, English, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish subtitles) or
Russian Language:

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing and text

Ninth Episode," 'What Ships Are For,' on You Tube, or on Vimeo, (49:13).  For Russian speakers,

A Review:

Vic Mignogna has appeared as Kirk before!

He created his own fan films as a child.  For links to Vic's Vintage Voyages, see: (G)

Here's Vic as Kirk in a video from his college days: (0:27)

Shortly after the Treklanta presentation, the 20th Annual Webby Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for online content, were announced and Star Trek Continues was the recipient of the 2016 award for People's Voice award for Drama: Long Form or Series! Star Trek Reviewed sends it's congratulations on this well earned honor.

May 19, 2017 Star Trek Online Interviews Kipleigh Brown, who has a continuing role as Lieutenant j.g. (formerly Yeoman) Barbara Smith, as reported on MMOExaminer.

August 22, 2017, Vic Mignogna interviews with CBNNEWs, a Christian network about his Christian faith and his relationship with Star Trek.

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