Saturday, June 27, 2009

(30) Starship Mojave

Starship Mojave has won an award.  It casts small children as Star Fleet Officers. I have not watched it.  They appear to have abandon their website in favor of a home on You Tube.  In an e-mail, they stated that future episodes, if any, would be animated.

Live action version of Truth and Consequences, Posted as a single video: (29:26). "Unavailable" as of Oct 5, 2015 (and I don't know how long before that.)

Released February 2, 2014. Star Trek Mojave, Animated 001, Truth and Consequences.   Flat action animation.  View it here: (28:42).

Released September 28, 2015, Animated 002,  "Twenty Four Hours;"  revised upload released September 29, 2015,  (prior link removed and replaced with new upload at a new location)  (28:47).

Released October 27, 2016,  Animated, "V1 -- Suspicion" (6:54)

Released December 29, 2016, Animated 003, "Feeder."

Released June 1, 2017, Animated 005, "Subterfuge,"

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