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(31) Project Potemkin

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Project Potemkin  Live Action, Golden Age Fan Film. Adult fans working with college students, sets, costumes, make-up, CGI.  (The time of the STV, The Undiscovered Country) the website went up in December 2009.  As if July 2014, seventeen films have been released in final form, and one in rough form.  They are listed here in order of release.  My personal favorite so far is "Miscommunication."

New Website Introduced June 2015:
Their Website Home Page: , this series page,  previously,
Their You Tube channel:
Their Vimeo Account:
Their Download Page: previously,
Mirror Download Page:
Their Facebook Page:
Music from their episodes:
Potemkin theme music by Andrew Morgan Smith.  Episode scoring by Tony Lunn.

To submit ideas, scripts, or other writing to Potemkin Pictures, fill out this form:

Mirror download website:

Recommended short sample: Command Decision, S-02G, released July, 2014.

Interview:  Blog Talk Radio, September, 2014.

Overview review:
Project Potemkin Part 1:
Project Potemkin Part 2:

This summary trailer of the first ten episodes of the first season was released October 6, 2013 after those episodes were released (2:09).  It can also be viewed here: (2:08)  From eMBee, total time in episodes and shorts as of October 17, 2013: Project: Potemkin  (1:24:57)

SO1-A (Film 1)  "The Old Guys" First short film released Nov. 14, 2010: (later subtitled in English, Russian, "Старики" and Spanish) (6:05)  or on Vimeo: or with Portuguese subtitles: (6:05) or (6:05)   for download: (offers both direct view and torrent versions)

S01-B (Film 2)  "Care for a Lift?" Second short film released January 4, 2011. Both shorts are based on camera and other tests.  Fan Film viewers who want to sample this group for quality should skip to their full-length episode, The Void, below.  The name of the second short is It can be viewed here: (Later subtitled in English, Russian,"Уход за лифтом?" and Spanish): (4:55) and here: (4:55).
Or, watch it with Portuguese Subtitles here: or here (4:55)
or downloaded here:

A Review of : Both  "The Old Guys" and "Care for a Lift?"  from

S01-1 (Film(3)   "The Void" .   Their first full-length film. Drama. You can watch it here: (Later subtitled in English, Russian, "Пустота" and Spanish) (31:11)
The Void with Portuguese Subtitles: (31:10) or (31:10)

Fan Film Friday: Project: Potemkin: ‘The Void’

 The Potemkin Project comes to life

Here are the opening credits:
Here is a full-length trailer: (1:35) released August 17, 2011.

S01-C(Film 4) Doctors Orders. Released December 23, 2011, a short film. Mostly drama. You can view it here: (Later subtitled in English, Russian,"Врачебные Предписания" and Spanish)  (5:22).
With Portuguese Subtitles: (5:22) or here: (5:22)
A Review: Fan Film Friday: Project: Potemkin: ‘Doctor’s Orders’ and ‘Delivery’

S01- D(Film 5)  "Delivery."  Released Feb. 24, 2012, Drama/Horror. watch it on Vimeo (5:19)  or on You Tube: (Later subtitled in English, Russian,  "Доставка"  and Spanish) (5:19).
Portuguese subtitles: on Vimeo: (5:19) or on You Tube:
A Review:  Fan Film Friday: Project: Potemkin: ‘Doctor’s Orders’ and ‘Delivery’

S01- E(Film 6)  "Miscommunication" Released July 26, 2012, Action/Drama Watch it on Vimeo: (8:00)  or on You Tube: (Later subtitled in English, Russian, "Непонимание" and Spanish) (8:01).    Or with Portuguese subtitles: (8:01) or;(8:01) I enjoyed this a lot.  This series keeps getting better and better!

S01-F (Film 7)  "The Engineer's New Clothes" Released August 12, 2012, Comedy.  watch it on Vimeo here: (4:26) or on You Tube (with English and Russian"Инженер Новое платье" and Spanish subtitles) here:  (4:27).  With Portuguese Subtitles: or (4:26)

S01-G (Film 8) Archway. You can watch it on Vimeo,  (6:46) or You Tube, with English, Spanish,"Arco"  or Russian"Арка" subtitles (added July 24, 2014)  (6:47). (Released March 15, 2013.)  With Portuguese subtitles: (6:47) (May 19, 2013)

S01-H (Film 9) The Devil in the Details  You can watch it on Vimeo:  (7:40)  or You Tube, (with English, Spanish, "El Diablo Está en los Detalles" and Russian "Дьявол в деталях" Subtitles)  (7:41).  (Released March 29, 2013.)  With Portuguese subtitles: (7:41) (May 19, 2013)  Hmmm... interesting, and worth your time, but I am left to wonder if there is something in that Georgia water demanding productions there mix Star Trek and the Wizard of Oz!

S01-2 (Film 10)  "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky"
Here's a teaser of their Exeter-Quality special effects for this 54 minute films: (0:24)   Cool, huh?
Another teaser:    (1:52)
And the full film (released January 13, 2014) (with English, Spanish "La Noche de las Estrellas Cayeron del Cielo", and Russian "Ночь Падающих Звезд с Неба" subtitles) (54:47) or (54:46)
With Portuguese Subtitles: (54:46) or (54:46)

Reviews and Comments:
An early review from Eric L. Watts, who saw a pre-release screening: "EARLY REVIEW: Much like "The Dark Knight," each time you think the story has reached its denouement and the end credits are about to roll, it keeps on going, revealing unsuspected repercussions and a breathtaking resolution. Kudos to Jeffrey Green for an outstanding performance as Capt. Grigory and to David Eversole for a story worthy of the Star Trek franchise. A fine effort by all involved, light years ahead of all its previous episodes, and deserving of all the praise it's sure to earn when the final cut is released."

A newspaper review:


S02-A (Film 11) "Duty Bound"  "ОБЯЗАННОСТИ" (released February 18, 2014)  Watch it  with English, Spanish or Russian subtitles here: (8:32) or here: (8:33) . "Cadeia de Comando" With Portuguese subtitles: (8:32).

Released March 7, 2014, S02-B (Film 12)   "Darkness."  Watch it with English, Spanish "Oscuridad"  or Russian "темнота"  subtitles here: (5:33)  or on Vimeo here: (5:34)   With Portuguese subtitles, here: (5:33).
Article discussing this release:

Released May 11, 2014, S02-C (Film 13) "Second Contact."  Watch it on with English, Spanish "Segundo Contacto" or Russian subtitles "Во-вторых Контакты" here: (8:02), (Теперь с русскими субтитрами [cc])  Vimeo here: with warning from my anti-virus software.
With Portuguese subtitles: (8:02)

Released March 23, 2014.  S02-D (Film 14) "Ashes."  Watch it on You Tube (with English, Russian, "Пепел" and Spanish "Cenizas" subtitles) here: [cc] (4:56)   or on Vimeo here: (4:56). With Portuguese subtitles: (4:55)

Released May 28, 2014, S02-E (Film 15) "Beach Towel" Watch it on You Tube here: (English with English, Russian,"Пляжное полотенце" and Spanish  "Toalla de Playa" subtitles) (5:55) or on Vimeo: (5:55) With Portuguese subtitles: (5:56)

Released June 23, 2014, S02-F (Film 16) "Shovel of Kahless" Watch it on  it on Vimeo here: or (with English, Russian, "Лопата Кейлес" and Spanish "La Pala de Kahless" subtitles) on You Tube here: (7:55) With Portuguese subtitles here: (7:55)

Released July 14, 2014, S02-G (Film 17) "Command Decision"  on Vimeo: (6:13) You Tube: (with English, Russian, "Командное Решение" and Spanish subtitles) (6:14) .  With Portuguese subtitles: (6:14)  Mentioned here:

General discussion of the Potemkin series:

Released on September 21, 2014, S02-H (Film 18) "Just Once"
 View it here with English or Spanish subtitles: (7:40) or here: (7:39).  With Portuguese subtitles, here: (7:39)  or here: . Please note:  I asked, and this is a complete episode, there is no plans to follow up the story.  Please note, this is a complete story, there are no plans for a follow-up episode.

Released October 10, 2014, S02-I (Film 19)  "Red Sky at Night." View it here with English or Spanish subtitles: (8:04) or .  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:04)
Here is some artwork that was developed for Red Sky at Night:
More on Red Sky at Night: and

Project Potemkin temporarily released, then withdrew a rough cut of a live action fan film made at Trek Trax Atlanta over the weekend of April 20-21, 2013. S02-J(Film 20)  "Closing Time."   On August 26, 2014 "Closing Time" was re-released in final form.  You can view it here: (5:28)  or here: (5:28) (subtitles will be added to You Tube, not Vimeo) With Portuguese subtitles: (5:28) .  People participated not only from Project Potemkin (Georgia USA) but also from Starship Reliant (Newfoundland, Canada), Starship Farragut (Washington, D.C. region and Georgia) and the Audio drama, Starship Valkyrie, with makeup provided by a member of Phase II/New Voyages. (Upstate New York) .
Discussed here:

9/7/2014: Here's an online chat with the people who make this series: (1:44:09)

Released November 12, 2014, S03-A (Film 21), "Holding Pattern."  View it here: (With English, Russian "Проведение шаблон", and Spanish  "Hora de Cierre" subtitles) (12:13) or here:  With Portugese Subtitles: (12:14)

In November of 2014, Randy Landers announced plans to move to another city, and to close the Project Potemkin series.  Here is a news article about this announcement:  Season 3 and most of Season 4 are in the can, so we will continue to see releases from Project Potemkin for some time to come.
S03-B  Released December 6, 2014, S03-B (Film 22), "Unspoken."  View it here: (4:54) with Portugese Subtitles: (4:54)

S03-C  Released March 27, 2015, Season 3 Episode C (Film 23) "The Chair."  View it here: (6:15) or here: (6:15).  With Portugese Subtitles: (6:14)

S03-D (Film 24) We Few... (January 2015) Season 3 Episode D (Film 24),  View it here: (11:01) or here: with Portugese Subtitles: (11:01)

Warped Space Sci-Fi Interviews Randy Landers and the cast of Project Potemkin: (51;59)
Article about the interview published later (October 8, 2015)

S03-E(Film 25)  Third Watch, (July 8, 2015) You Tube: (7:06). Vimeo: (7:07)    With Portuguese subtitles: (7:06)

S03-F (Film 26)  Frazer's Angels  (March 15, 2015)   View it here: (8:07) or here: (8:08).  With Portugese Subtitles: (8:07)

S03-G (Film 27) Do No Harm, (August 9, 2015), View it here: (12:44)  or  With Portuguese Subtitles: (12:44)

S03-H (Film 28)  Battlecruiser Kupok: Battle of Alawanir,  (Sept 13, 2015) View it here:  You Tube: (13:22), Vimeo: (13:22).  With Portuguese subtitles: (13:22)

S03-I (Film 29), Ladies Night Out,  View it here:  You Tube: (8:17).  Vimeo: (8:18)  With Portuguese subtitles: (8:17)

S03-1(Film 30)(that's a 'one' not an 'i') The Last Child (20:53) or (20:54). With Portuguese subtitles (20:54)

Previously released:  (Act 1 a scene: )   (Late March 2016)

S04-A   (Film 31) The Talinar Incident (April 2016) (8:11) or (8:12). With Portuguese subtitles: (8:11)

S04-B (Film 32) The Hunt (May 2016) (10:31) or (10:32).
With Portuguese subtitles:

S04-C  (Film 33) All In A Day's Work (July 18, 2016) (8:27) or (8:27). Portuguese subtitles: (8:27).

S04-D (Film 34) Inquiry (May 31, 2016). (5:39) or (5:39).
With Portuguese subtitles: (5:39)

S04-E (Film 35) Destinies (Finale) (September 21, 2016) (7:35) or (7:38).   With Portuguese subtitles: (7:37).

A discussion:

S04-F  (Film 36) Room Service (October 24, 2016) (7:37) or (7:38)(PG14+)

Interview with Randy Landers post Guidelines Release:

Updated March 2016.

Additional Information Here: includes:  Other production notes:
* Series will be emphasizing science fiction concepts, much as the first season of Star Trek did.
* Volunteers sought for every stage of development.
* Fred Dixon has joined the team as a series consultant.

Discussions of this series: Trekspeak posted Feb. 24, 2012, (16:01)
Local TV show visits the sets (5:45)
This is what they broadcast: (0:49)

The following was posted on the Trek BBS about Potemkin (some grammar has been corrected):
Set following the Classic Star Trek movies, this new fan film series is set in 2296 aboard the starship Potemkin an up-graded Constitution III -class (such as the U.S.S. Enterprise-A NCC-1701-A). It's on a five-year mission of exploration in deep space where its crew will encounter strange new worlds while seeking out new lifeforms and new civilizations. Our episodes will focus on science fiction as well as action-adventure.

Randy Landers is completing Project Potemkin.  He has moved to Birmingham, Alabama and will start new series out of Birmingham.

The Potemkin Pictures website is new, and here:
Starship Deimos:
Starship Tristan:
Battlecruiser Kupok:
Starship Endeavour:

The following information needed to update the above as of 5/13/2015

English Versions at YouTube:
English Versions at Vimeo:
Portuguese (BR) Subtitled Versions:
English Subtitles Available for:
Russian Subtitles Available for:

Spanish Subtitles Available for:

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  1. To the notes for S2-J "Closing Time" you may want to add that Star Trek: Valkyrie short 3 "Starbase 44" is based on the same event. it adds some additional scenes that follow up to what happens at the bar. if you watched this, you should listen to the other.

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