Saturday, June 27, 2009

(32) Vic's Vintage Voyages

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Vic Mignogna is a professional voice actor who provided voice talent for many professional animations.  But when he was a youngster, he was a Star Trek actor in his own Fan Films.

His Channel:

Vic's Vintage Voyages (1973-1975) (all appear to be silent, 8mm film, with sound added later.  Vic has been kind enough to confirm that Vic is Kirk.).
First 3 are solo:
1:   (0:42)
2:  (0:59)
3:   (2:40)
Now we get a crew:
4:   (3:16)
5:   (3:04)

For other Historic Star Trek Fan Films, see

In addition, the adult Mr. Mignoga has inserted himself as Kirk in a short:
Khaaaaannnnn!   (1:37)

I am told he is also the voice in Star Trek: The New Generation: Crossroads. For more on that film, go to Blog 12

Last, and perhaps most excitingly, he stars as James T. Kirk in a new series, "Star Trek Continues" sharing sets with Farragut Films.  Star Trek Continues is listed here: and Farragut Films is here:

So, sometime people who do childhood fan films do go on and do other things!  Mr. Mignoga is an accomplished voiceover artist, and has many other professional acting credits.

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