Saturday, June 27, 2009

(36) Star Ship: Eagle, formerly Star Trek: Eagle

Golden Age.  Set in 2269.  Production is out of Dassel, Minnesota

Website introduced September 2014:
Primary Website:
You Tube home: Spam 1138's Channel
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This is their third release, but it's a prequel, so I am placing it here in the order of this page:  "Star Trek: Good Byes," (2:42)

Episode 1: Into the Mirror.
This is the original release.  It has been re-edited and re-released, and the reviews say... skip this, go to the re-edit!

This appears to be a teen production, but they are using sets and uniforms.  Highly produced for a teen production.

The following film is the 're-edit' of Episode One, Into the Mirror.  I have not watched it yet, but it's gotten positive reviews as being much better than the original release: (12:23)

Portuguese Subtitles:
On You Tube:
Into the Mirror part 1 legendado ptbr:
Into the Mirror part 2 legendado ptbr:
As a single film, on Vimeo: (12:26)

Here is a review:
Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Eagle: ‘Into The Mirror’

"The Bismark," the second episode, was released t Oct. 12, 2011.
Part 1 of 3: (6:40)
Part 2 of 3: (3:41)
Part 3 of 3: (6:47)

This episode is so much better than the first one it's hard to believe the same people did it.  It was also nice to see a crossover with George Kayaian (of The Multiverse Crisis) making a guest appearance as an Admiral.  I love fan film crossovers!  I see a credit to Romulan Wars as well.  Thanks to all for an enjoyable episode!

And here is a re-edit of The Bismark:  (22:34)

And as of Oct. 29, 2011 it's available to the Trek fan in Brazil and Portugal!  Here it is with Portuguese subtitles:
On You Tube:
Part 1: (6:40)
Part 2: (3:41)
Part 3: (6:47)
And, as a single film on Vimeo: (17:03)

A Review: Fan Film Fridays: Star Trek: Eagle: ‘The Bismark’

And a mini-preview of Episode 3!!! (0:09)
A bigger preview of Episode 3 (release Dec. 8, 2012) (0:58)

And now, March 2013, a 3rd episode entitled, "Past Regrets" (their third release was a short film at the top of this page).  (37:32).  The episode itself is over around 25:30, but has credits and a blooper reel attached.  It forms a crossover with Starship Saladin, which has not yet released its own film and includes old friends like the Orions and the Gorn.  Lots of action.

"Past Regrets" with Portuguese subtitles: (26:17)

Mini-episode, "The Calling" (4:30)

An interview on Trekspeak: (14:18)

A comic book with an earlier adventure of this captain (before he was a captain):

Star Ship Eagle: "Patterns of Destruction"  Ep. 4 Trailer:


Other Films by Michael Stutelberg,

"Galactic Geography," (Sets, costumes, teen fans, CGI, Star Trek/Star Wars crossover film),


  1. The set is great!

  2. Wish the sound on Part 2 didn't cut out 5 mins into the episode.

  3. part two of the first episode has been re-uploaded, fixing the sound issue:

    the re-edit also improves the aspect ratio, although at the cost of cutting something from the top or bottom, which would not have been necessary as correcting the aspect-ratio would have been possible without cutting, but that's minor. some backgrounds have been replaced. some contrast improvements, and CGI graphics got higher resolution. some extra shots have been added too.

    i seem to like the original backgrounds better though. in particular i prefer the original shot of engineering from TOS over the CGI in the new version and the star-fleet building vs the golden-gate bridge when the captain and his officer are talking.

    i also understood some voices better than in the re-edit.
    however, i watched the re-edit first, and the original afterwards. so it may just be the second watching that made the difference here. i had to watch both side-by-side to figure out all the details above.

    greetings, eMBee.