Saturday, June 27, 2009

(42) Starship Valiant


  Starship Valiant ( Golden Age, Adult Fans. Starbase Studios sets.  Costumes, CGI, props. Set at the same time as TOS year 3.).  From Red Chair Media, out of Oklahoma City.  Website:  Facebook page: .  You Tube home:  Director Bradly Foster.  Others involved in this developing film or film series include (this is not a full list):  Michael L. King, Shirley Amauric, Jim Bray, Chris Borthick, Brandy Henritz, Craig Frey, Tammy Hemminger Davenport, Scott Johnson, Richard Wells, more.

Released so far: (Links below).  I recommend watching the Special Addition, skip the original release.
Episode 1: Legacy
Episode 1: Legacy, the Special Edition (an expanded version)

Fundraiser started January, 2015:

Trailer released June 20, 2014: (0:52)
Episode 1: Legacy  (first film is shorter than their planned usual episodes) released July 5, 2014: On  You Tube: (with English  and Latin Spanish (Argentine) subtitles) (19:47), (with Portuguese subtitles:)  (19:47).  On The Daily Motion, written by Michael L. King, Directed by Brady Foster and edited by Ben Richardson with special effects by Craig William Frey. The story also stars Doneco Wellington Guy, Shirley Amauric, April Chamberlain, Kelly Wyskiel, Jana Foster and Captain Gary Foster. Created and featuring Michael L. King, 

Funding film released January 2015: (3:58)

Special Edition page at the Starship Valiant Website:

Episode 1: Legacy, the Special Edition (an expanded version) (23:39)

NOTE BENE:  This, to the best of my knowledge, is the first Live Action Adult Star Trek Fan Film about an African-American Captain.  A nice Star Trek celebration the same week the Civil Rights Act of 1964 turns 50.  There is an older short (under 10 minutes) film featuring a fan playing Uhura, and there were African-Americans who created animations at Go!Animate when they had the Star Trek characters.

Updates Posted October 31, 2013:   (2:15)   (9:36)
Nov. 23, 2013 posted record of first day of shooting: (1:24)

Here is a podcast interview about the first showing of their first film:
Continuing Mission interview:
Posting by an actor who plays a part in this series: (7:22)
An interview which includes additional footage not included in Episode 1, (1:34:46).

The Making of Legacy, (11:07)

Starbase Studios plans to use the Ajax sets for this film or film series.  Here is their home page:

History: started as Pegasus: "Desperation" early on before shooting began.

Indian Country Today Media Network was kind enough to help with the hunt for an American Indian actor to join the show:

Poster released for "The Ties that Bind" 4-2016

An interview about the coming shoot:

A short July 4, 2016, release which mentions the upcoming production by the Melbourne group: Penpals, A Star Trek Fan Production, (1:10)

On Sept. 27, 2016, a short response was released, PenPals2, a Star Trek Fan Production,  from Starship Melbourne, (1:23)

On 11/04/2016, a crossover film with Dreadnought Dominion was released, "Chain of Command," (7:38).
A Review:

Trailer for "Crosses to Bear"

On 12/10/2016, they released a major film,  "Crosses to Bear," On You Tube, On The Daily Motion:

Part 1 of a multi-part film, released 6/22/2017, "The Ties That Bind," on You Tube:, The Daily Motion:

Command and Conquer
MEANWHILE, in the Mirror Universe, the Dreadnaught Dominion gets a new captain, crossover with Starship Valiant:


  1. Barb, we just want to thank you for listing our show and film and to let you know that we appreciate everything that you do. - Michael L. King.