Saturday, June 27, 2009

(56) Star Trek: Deception (USA).


United States production.  A jumpy stop action animation.  Golden Age series, set on the Enterprise A, released in six episodes. Star Trek Deception. by Dan Monty.  He does all of the voices.  Set between TOS and the Movies. Mixes music from all Trek eras. His You Tube channel is here:

Episode 1: (12:17) "Sins of Yesterday."  Introduces the NCC-1701A Enterprise. 
Episode 2: (9:08) "Always a Captain"
Episode 3: (9:04) "Parasites"
Episode 4: (9:46) "The Time Shift"
Episode 5: (10:07) "The Rise of Khan"
Episode 6: (7:37) "The Fall of Khan" (FINAL)

May be somehow associated with the Short Film by the same name under (AC).

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