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(80) Dark Armada and Batavia


Information on Star Trek: Batavia, below, follows the completed series, Dark Armada

Dark Armada, formerly Star Trek: Dark Armada.  Completed series.
Available in both Dutch and English with assorted subtitles.
The home base is the Netherlands.
Facebook page:
You Tube home:
Seven episodes are available for viewing.
This is the page to start to download:

These are The Voyages
Worst Nightmare. (Dutch, English, German, Spanish).  For Portuguese, see Worst Nightmare with Portuguese Subtitles (13:00)
Choices, Part I in HD: (15:47)
(Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish) Choices Part 1 with Portuguese Subtitles (15:46)
Choices, Part II (Dutch, English, German, Portuguese) Choices Part II with Portuguese Subtitles (14:34)

Choices Part II is also available:
on You-Tube, vis: Star Trek Dark Armada: "Choices, Part Two" part 1/2(8:19)
Star Trek Dark Armada: "Choices, Part Two" part 2/2(6:14)
Reposted 10/11/2014 (14:29)

and on Vimeo: Choices Part II(14:33) (No subtitles)
English subtitles:
German subtitles:
Dutch subtitles:
Earlier episodes also offer Spanish subtitles on Vimeo.

And here is a review of the entire "Choices" series:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Dark Armada: ‘Choices’ Trilogy

Written by Randy Hall on February 19, 2010 – 12:00 pm - 

Here is a short prepared for a science fiction convention. The film was shot and completed in just a few hours for the "Elf Fantasy Fair", and does not pretend to be up to the rest of this series in quality. (4:17)

January 2013, and they release a short film made up of outtakes from other films, "It's Dark, Get Over It," (4:54)   Available with Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles.

This Trailer announces a new release, "Nightfall" planned for April 28, 2013 at 8pm, UTC+2... which is 6 pm GMT, 2pm Eastern US, 1pm Central US, Noon Rocky Mountain Time, and 11 am Western Time US. (1:29)
Here it is, "Nightfall"  (29:40)  This was intended to be the pilot episode, and explains the series title.  I hope to re-watch the rest of the series, now in context.

I watch the English version, but it is available with subtitles in Dutch, and with 'instant' captioning from Google.

Short film, released April 1, 2014, "Almost Time"  (2:56)

In production:  New episode, "Out of Time".   Photo:
Trailer: (2:05)

December 10, 2016, their final episode, "Out of Time."

NEW SERIES:  Star Trek Batavia (announced January 23, 2016)

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