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(93) Star Trek: Euderion

Star Trek Euderion (Silver Age)

There are apparently two groups.  Euderion Infinity is not the same group as Euderion, but they were one group at one time.

Live action. German. Berlin.  This appears to be a Star Trek fan club effort.

Episode 1 "After the War Is Before the War" available for English subtitles, French subtitles to be released in January 2010.
Facebook page:
Photos from Facebook:
Watch with English subtitles: (40:12)
Spanish Subtitles available at:
Portuguese Subtitles posted on

I have not yet watched it, but the introduction clearly places it after the Dominion War, Silver Age.

A review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Euderion: ‘After the War Is Before the War’

They have also released a parody, "The Injured Red Shirt" which asks the question, what happens to Red Shirts when they AREN'T dead?  Episode 1:  (with English subtitles)

Also in Portuguese:  Star Trek Euderion-Red Shirt Vignette
This is an episode.

They have released  a second episode, but it is based on Stargate not Star Trek.  It is "Stargate - Euderion Chronicles"
Released  2 January 2014
"Schatten der Vergangenheit" (Vignette) (Ger) (15:40).  I quote their description: Ein neues Crewmitglied, Lieutenant Elias Reynolds, soll sich auf der USS Euderion melden. Auf dem Flug zu seinen neuen Posten reflektiert er über die letzten Tage des Dominion krieges und dem Tod eines guten Freundes.  Vignette 4 der Star Trek Euderion Adventures ist eine No-Budget Green Screen Verfilmung des Euderion Fanfilm-Clubs in Berlin. 

A discussion:  Star Trek Euderion  
5th Short Flim:

Der Preis des Kommandos (They say it's 10 minutes.  This is blocked by my anti-virus software as of 5/13/2014)

The Price of Command, with English subtitles (Released March 2, 2015):

They also appear to be creating an animated either series or episode, "Star Trek Kehleyr"
In fact, they have a whole series of trailers, including one called, "Star Base Roddenbury"

They have, as of this writing, a total of 30 uploads on their You Tube channel:

Released with English subtitles on 2/25/2015, "The Price of The Command (9:52).

Sept. 21, 2016, Crossover film, Euderion vs. Aliens, (19:09).

This was re-released with English subtitles on December 5, 2016.

Euderion Infinity: "Auf Asklepios Spurin" (In English: "On Asklepios Trails")(Star Trek Fan Film) In German with English subtitles:  In German only: (Released 12/24/2016)

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