Saturday, June 27, 2009

(162) The Bitter IT Guy

162    Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 6) has been moved to

The IT Guy: (Silver Age)
Parody/Comey, one writer/actor/editor: Adam Bergeron, green screens. Picard's Enterprise from the viewpoint of tech support.

1) Log: Day 3 Aboard the Enterprise (2:38) 20 Aug 2017. Ever wonder what life is like for the IT guy aboard Star Trek TNG's USS Enterprise? The IT Guy's Log series shows you just how frustrating computers and users of the future can be.
2) Log: Holodeck 3 (3:39) 18 Oct 2017. Life for the IT Guy aboard Star Trek TNG's USS Enterprise. This time Holodeck 3 is broken and he'll have to go through user's personal programs. They probably should have been running in incognito mode.
3) Trouble With Users (2:08) 29 Jul 2018. There are a slew of computer related issues, but maybe it's actually trouble with users. Either way these are like nothing he has ever seen.
4) Blast From the Past (2:41) 13 Feb 2019. A group of computer users from the 21st century have been unfrozen, brought on board and have NO idea how to use the advanced technology.
5) I Made The Crew Disappear (3:29) 30 Jul 2019. The ship's IT Guy has had it with this annoying users and finally has his wish fulfilled, for all of them to just disappear!

IT Guy's Log: Mixtape Vol. 1 (13:49) 12 Aug 2019. The IT Guy's Log series shows you life for the IT Guy aboard Star Trek TNG's USS Enterprise. Mixtape vol. 1 brings all 5 of the first IT Guy's log videos in one awesome package! Just sit back, relax and enjoy all the problems the Enterprise D brings.


Writer/Actor/Editor: Adam Bergeron
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