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(178) Temporal Anomaly

178   Star Trek: Voyager (Season 6) has been moved to

Temporal Anomaly, has been underway since 2013.  Released, 1/31/2019!

Temporal Anomaly, Part 1: (26:46)
Temporal Anomaly, Part 2: (24:19)

Prior Notes from Blog 210:

      Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly.
Facebook page:
Kickstarted campaign is here:
First trailer: (0:59)
Released Oct. 9, 2014, second teaser: (2:31)
Released April 13, 2015, Trailer 1: (2:02)
The filmmaker is Samuel Cockings, an adult from Northampton, UK.  The film is both golden and silver age, includes costumes, (one of which was used on-screen for Voyager) CGI, green screens. It will run 40-60 minutes.  As of August 2013, most of the principle photography was completed, and 58 of 350 draft green screed edits (do not write asking me what that means, I am quoting them, and I am not a filmmaker... I haven't a clue!).  They say it's progressing smoothly, and judging from the progress... I agree!  This listing was originally added February 19, 2013.   A note on Facebook on October 29, 2013, commented that they were still working hard.  A note on Nov. 13 explained that the film is fully 60 minutes long now.  The funds from the fundraiser ran out and the filmmaker has had to put in more of his own money than he had available, making it necessary for him to take on work to earn the extra money.   He is also a student facing exams.  For this reason, I will move this to Temporary Hold status until January 2014, when I hope to find he is back at work on it.

Mentioned work was being done in late April 2014.  I posted on July 2, 2014, asking for another update.  On July 5, 2014, This was their response:  All of the re-shots have been filmed. All of the dubbing has been recorded, all of the kickstarter rewards have been fully signed. All of the interviews have been got and with the improvements in CGI space scenes i have made over the last year, leaps and bounds people say when i show them, i am going to re-make all of the space CGI for the film. After i finish all of my paid film makeing work i need to finish for the end of July and after my holiday i will be able to start editing full time middle of August. There will be another teaser out in around 2 weeks however .  Clear if slow progress still continues.  Maybe even not-so-slow progress.

On May 18, 2015 they mentioned on their Facebook page that they would be getting a new computer for editing.  On July 25, 2015, I asked how post-production was going.  On Septemeber 27, 2015, I was given the following report on Facebook:
As the film stands, i have a new PC which will help things along however in that move many links and things broke and i have been spending time here and their to bring it all back to proper condition and i am pleased to say its ll working again so status.

Main edit done
Green screen work done
extra VFX done
Color Correction done
Color Grading - not done
Space VFX - partially done but i am going to re-do
SFX - partially done
Music - Not done but we may now have some original music
Release date - Still 2015! (and better than i could have made it last year!)

Received comment on Facebook indicating that work was continuing.

Posted a question on June 21, 2016, asking about progress since March 2016.  They responded in October saying they were doing Trekyards and that was slowing this down.  On 12/25/2016 I asked if they had put this on hold, as it appeared, for more than 6 months, with the thought of moving this listing to long term hold.  January 2017 showed multiple postings recording progress in CGI.

Sent a PM asking for status update on 6/12/2017.  Proposed moving this to 'slow progress.'  He agreed, he's doing Trekyards and working on a few other films, and wants to keep the quality up for this one.

Posting in Nov. 2017 showed work was continuing.
Posting 2/8/2018 declared it was 98% complete, and would be sent out for critical review soon.

Trailer released February, 2018.

Planned release 3/31/2018 was haulted by CBS which is demanding massive rediting.  Will be edited into 3 15-minute segments.

Teaser: (2:51)  (9/16/2018).  Comment claims it will be released this year.  Asked Dec. 2 2018 if that means this month.

Discussion, film is coming in at about 55 minutes.  Shows how green screens permit upgrade to original 'sets.'  Posted January 2, 2018, (5:00)

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