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(96) Star Track

This large Comedy/Parody group has produced over 20 episodes.  The basic show is a spoof on TNG, but with an action/adventure element. It is allied with another independent group, which is producing Star Track: The Metric System,  another series set in the Star Track universe. Star Track: Idomo is clearly spoofing the crew of The Next Generation, and based on that,  I am placing it here.  Produced in Montreal, Canada, The thing that struck me about the episodes I watched to place this blog was that this show is so distinctively Canadian... there is an admixture of French, and a general sense that the producers well understand the difficulties of sleeping in the same bed as an elephant.  Because drunkenness on the job is treated as amusing, and other issues, I would rate this PG-13 or above.

NEW SERIES; DAMN KLINGONS... bottom of this page!

This is their You Tube home:
This is their Vimeo home:
These are their Facebook homes:

These first episodes are posted with a warning that they are not well done.  They are entitled simply, "Star Track"  at the website.  All episodes are characterized as "Star Track, the Next Hesitation" at the You Tube home.  The last few episodes (I have not watched the early shows) are distinctive for many reasons, not the least of which is the coherent story lines, sometimes more coherent than some of the dramas.  These are comedies which also tell a real story.  Star Track exists in a universe as distinct from the Star Trek universe as the mirror universe... or our own.  It therefore cannot be judged for consistency with anything but itself.

Two reviews of the series: Tubefilter News 2007   Tubefilter News 2008

Episode 1: Star Track (And the very first Star Track) (6:48)

Episode 2: Hesitations (8:00)

Episode 3:  The Romulan Incident (6:15)

Episode 4:  The Wrath of Vaurek (8:27)

Episode 5   The Rising Son (8:26)

Episode 6   ???? (Either does not exist or was withdrawn)

Episode 7   The Final Frontier (19:39)

Episode 8   Master and Commander
Remastered: (13:56)
Not Remastered: (14:28)

Episode 9   Sacred Soil (17:00)

Episode 10   Make It So, Ho Ho Part 1 (1st Annual Christmas Special) Seems to work!

Episode 11   Make It So, Ho Ho Part 2 (23:52)

Episode 12   Make It So, Ho Ho Part 3 (22:52)

Episode 13   Datalore (25:58)

The episodes below are, in the opinion of the creators, more typical of their work  They are entitled, "Star Track, The Next Hesitation."

Episode 14   The Pilot (13:15)

Episode 15   Make It Snow, Ho Ho (2nd Annual Christmas Special) (11:37)

Episode 16   Anomaly (22:26)

Episode 17   Revenge of the Clones, Part 1 (25:17)

Episode 18   Revenge of the Clones, Part 2 (20:04)

Episode 19   The Search for Tremblay (17:25)

Episode 20    Forks and Arrows (3rd Annual Christmas Special) (29:07)

The following Espisodes are do not appear to be numbered.   I have no idea why Star Track and Star Trek Unity of southern England both gave up numbering their episodes.  Something  in the tea?

Star Track: Misfortune (Star Track: Idomo, Episode 1 or Star Track Episode 21)
A Review: Tubefilter News :

Star Track: Forth Annual Christmas Special (not numbered) (13:21)

Star Track: The Animated Adventures Episode 1 (5th Annual Christmas Special?) (12:06)
A Review:
Release of Christmas themed animated show in May, 2010:

Star Track: Conductivity (Star Track: Idomo, Episode 2, Star Track Episode 22) (1:00:49)

Star Track: Misconceptions (6th Annual Christmas Special, Star Track: Idomo Episode 3, and Star Track Episode 23) (18:02)
Review of their 6th Annual Christmas Special:  Fan Film Friday: Holiday Special

Star Track: Decorum (7th Annual Christmas Special)(Episode 24.  I'm betting it's Star Track: Idomo Episode 4, but I wouldn't want to but my life on it... (18:50)

You Tube includes the following "Star Track: The Next Hesitation.  A Day In The Life Of" Videos.  I don't know their proper order.
Data (9:32)
Smock (4:13)
Bland (8:09)
Outtakes (4:15)

Star Track: The Academy Years (Animation) is also produced by the Star Track: Idomo team.
Star Track: The Academy Years-Teaser Trailer (Star Trek Cartoon) Produced by: Golden Media  has  released a new 6 part cartoon based on the new JJA Trek.

Star Track: The Academy Years.  This is almost a strait adventure show, rather than a comedy.
Here It is as a single video: (31:52)

You Tube directly:
Part 6

This is their You Tube playlist for Star Track: The Academy Years (But it is in 6 parts, not 7 parts):

8th Annual Christmas Special, the animated  Star Track The Academy Years: The Initial Christmas Incident.  Can the cadets of the Idomo save Santa from the Klingons? (9:37).

Released March 14, 2012, Star Track wants us to see how they are getting better and better CGI.  To that end, they have released this reel: (2:32)

They used to host:  Star Track: The Metric System which is at Blog 97, an independently produced comedy/parody series set in the Star Track universe.

On April 11, 2012 they released a trailer for their "25th and Final Episode" ... (1:18)
On May 29, 2012 they released a 'Theatrical Trailer" (???) (1:50)

Star Trek: Recession has been released as of June 16, 2012.  It is available after being briefly blocked from viewing.  
Here is the link: You Tube: (40:38) Vimeo: (40:37)

Farewell, Star Track!  May the Forks be With You!

Episode 1 : Damn Christmas (3:11)

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