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December 18, 2018, New ReleaseStar Trek: Artesia. A fan film created with a Star Trek costuming group that highlights how a real-life science project ( would mesh in a Star Trek situation. (Silver Age, green screens costumes). (2:04).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

New Release from TaVork, Klingon:Romulan:Ferengi Battle! (7:56).  For all of TaVork's previous Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

December 17, 2018, New Release and Finds from trekkertos which we have not yet included in Star Trek Review's list of Professional Star Trek parodies, comedies, tributes, etc.
New Release, Punt and Dennis Star Trek Sketch 2018 (7:03), posted December 11
Find, The Paul Hogan Show, "Star Trot" (3:49)
Find,  SM:TV, a British Saturday Morning TV show for kids, Cat Deeley, Boy George, Ant and Dec - Star Trek Sketch (9:12)
For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

New Release from YellowTripMars, A parody, Captain Picard (1:10).  For more Star Trek Fan Comedys and Parodies, see

December 15, 2018, New Release, another Christmas-themed film from  Dafter Things, (Mego, sets, voices) "The Officer's Christmas Party," (3:48). For more Mego-based Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 14, 2018, The award for the first Christmas film of the season goes to a New Release from MrBonk85! (live action, green screens, costumes, make-up.  Comedy/Parody. One person plays all the parts.) Star Trek TOS Christmas Stunt Doubles, (4:47).  For all of Mr.Bonk85's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 13, 2018, New Release, the second episode of the new British-made Audio Drama series, USS Defender, is now online at (40:30)
For more information about this production see
For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

December 12, 2018, New Release and Find, both in Polish.  These are the first ever Star Trek Fan Films STR has found which are originally in Polish, not merely subtitled in Polish.
New Release:  Star Trek z Bronksu || Prezes YT: (2:18) 1 Dec 2018
Find:  Star Trek Przerobiony These are TAS recuts with original sound in Polish by Dem3000
Pudełko - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:10) 14 Mar 2014
Planeta Mikołaja - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:24) 31 Mar 2014
Dyskoteka - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:37) 7 Apr 2014
Niespodzianka - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:11) 28 May 2014
Interwencja - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:01) 17 Jun 2014
Granie Online - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:18) 21 Jul 2014
Dziewczyny - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:45) 24 Sep 2014
Walka z Nudą - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:01) 15 Nov 2014
Spocko Święta - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:18) 22 Dec 2014
Otwarcie Parasola - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:16) 4 Oct 2015
Była Kapitana - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:56) 6 Dec 2015
Wakacje - Star Trek Przerobiony (1:59) 15 Mar 2016
Nowy Rok - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:17) 4 Jul 2016
Statek widmo - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:47) 2 Oct 2016
Wjazd policji - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:22) 21 Nov 2016
Największa trucizna - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:31) 6 Feb 2017
Kulturystyka - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:15) 28 Mar 2017
Koci proces - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:57) 30 May 2017
Fajni koledzy - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:38) 31 Jul 2017
Star Trek Przerobiony - teaser odcinka "Supermoce" (0:41) 12 Sep 2017
Supermoce - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:23) 26 Sep 2017
Nowy Star Trek Przerobiony nadchodzi (0:32) 20 Nov 2017
Na morza dnie - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:47) 28 Nov 2017
Walka w klatkach - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:08) 24 Apr 2018
Fan na statku - Star Trek Przerobiony (3:56) 26 Jun 2018

December 11, 2018, Find and some New Releases from TaVork (David Maddox) who once worked at Paramount's Great America Theme Park. 
Find, a silent film shot in Super 8mm pre-1999 titled Kragos the Dishonored (12:05) (posted October 30, 2013)
New Releases:  They all look like they are made from similar film footage, shot at Paramount's Great America Theme Park...
(1) Ta'Vork & K'Vek, mostly live action with some Star Wars footage. Romulan ambassador Ta'Vork makes a serious error in his dealings with the Nausicaans and Commander K'Vek is having none of it this time. (2:35) December 1, 2018.
(2)  Nej & Ruffles, a Bajoran discovers the awful truth about what happened to her beloved pet Ruffles after the Cardassian occupation. (2:43) (December 2, 2018).
(3) We're the Aliens, a group short using friends at Paramount\s Great America Theme Park (0:10) (December 2, 2018).
(4) Wonder T'Gras, a female Klingon as Wonder Woman? Well, sort of... (0:56)(December 3, 2018)
(5) Qel'Mis on a Ledge Dishonored Klingon Warrior Qel'Mis is stuck up on a ledge again... (7:21) (December 10, 2018).
For the permanent home of TaVork's Postings, see

December 10, 2018Major FindStar Trek Anniversary Edition: The Klingon Rebellion(A Fan Fiction Parody Film).(Rudimentary costumes and sets, CGI, location shooting, Silver Age.)  The person who takes command of the Enterprise in Picard's absence is Bob Dole.  Aside from that, this is the crossover film with returned Voyager, DS9 and TNG so many of us wished for.  (posted April 22, 2012)  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

December 9, 2018, Find, The Prime Directive,  Warp 11 was initially spawned as an idea for a weekly Internet TV show they were doing back in '99 called The Prime Directive. The show was a half an hour long and the band was created to fill about 4 minutes of the show each week. They also did things like Trek news, Trek haiku, Trek commercials and the intros to fake Trek TV shows.Some of the Skits include:

1. The Adventures of Captain Wesley Crusher (4:42) 19 Dec 2015
2. New Cadets on the Block (16:07) 08 Jan 2016
3. The Children of Captain Kirk (2:54) 05 Feb 2016
4. Pon Farr Crab! 0:3517 Feb 2016
5. Daimon Noc - Ferengi Dentist (4:53) 04 March 2016
for The Prime Directive's permanent home, see

December 8, 2018, Recent Release, A franchise crossover mash-up,  Rocky Jones v. Star Trek The creator points out that Star Trek is a lot like the earlier, forgotten TV series, Rocky Jones.  (4:45).  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

December 7, 2018, New ReleaseCoxtoonsThe Next Frontier, animation parody using the sound track from a gaming podcast, (verbal references to sexual content) (4:10).  For more Star Trek Fan-made Comedy and Parody, see

December 6, 2018, New Release Liamliam has just released a new Lego animation series, Star Trek Season 1 Episode 1, New Arrivals (1:00).

This seems a good opportunity to upload the backlog of Lego animated short films that we have in our "Finds" holding tank!
Find, Lego Star Trek: The Original Series from bigjakestudios
Episode 1 (8:15) 13 Jan 2013
Episode 2: (10:55) 2 Jun 2014
Episode 3 (11:18) 12 Mar 2015
Find, Lego Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles from Lucky Horseshoe  Films, (7:16) 4 May 2014
Find, Lego Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer from AKPstudios (2:37) 15 May 2013
Find, Lego Star Trek Into Brickness Trailer from Toscano Bricks (1:53) 16 Mar 2013

For more Lego or Block Animation Star Trek Fan Films, see

December 5, 2018, New Release, Stop Action French Language short film, The Final Frontier (Star Trek) (1:38).  For more Star Trek Fan Films available to French speakers, see

December 4, 2018,  Recent and New Releases, ads for a Star Trek game, "Star Trek Fleet Command" which has a Facebook page,  The ads include:
1)   Showdown Reveal Trailer: (1:38)
2)   Klingon Propaganda Trailer: (0:55)
3)   Federation Propaganda Trailer, (0:58)
4)   Romulan Propaganda Trailer, (0:55)
5)   Joyride Launch Trailer, (0:52)
6)   Game Play, (1:00)
7)   Game Play, German, (0:30)
8)   Prime 2561 Trek Feature Gameplay (multilingual) (0:30)
9)   Game Play, French, (0:30)
10) Game Play, Russian, (0:30)
11) Game Play, Brazilian Portuguese, (0:30)
For more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodys, Tributes, Commercials, etc.  see

December 3, 2018, New Release Arrakna has released a fan-made trailer, Picard - Star Trek Trailer (2019) CONCEPT ,which has sparked the interest of fans who are eagerly awaiting the new Star Trek series which is going to star Patrick Stewart in a return to his role as Jean Luc Picard. Filming is expected to start in April 2019.

The promo text for this fan trailer describes the plot as, "An incapacitated Captain Picard is called upon to help humanity fight it's greatest threat yet.". (2:20) Arrakna adds, "I began making this before Patrick Stewart announced his reprisal of the role, naturally I am thrilled!"  The trailer comes after a fan poster that Arrakna put together, inspired by the marketing for Logan according to an article on For more Fan Title Sequences for Pro Trek Shows see Blog 199

December 2, 2018, New ReleaseLogical Leo's Star Trek Star Wars Crossover! project for Mr. Dotson's 6th-period class by Jebediah, a crossover with live footage. (1:58). For more School and Church projects, see

December 1, 2018, NewRelease from Tingles4ThorstenStar Trek Starfleet Field Day - (1:31).  For more filmmakers who create CGI sequences without visible characters, see

November 30, 2018, New Release, from Bulldog TVRonnie Redshirt Episode #5, "The Best of Both Shows," (6:29). For Ronnie Redshirt's prior episodes, see

November 29, 2018,  New Release, A Star Explorers Christmas a seasonal special for the Star Explorer series. (1:28). For other films that are sometimes listed as Star Trek fan films see Blog 244

November 28, 2018,  Recent Release, Stargazers a fan fiction audiobook from Steve Shives, a spin-off from his vidcast, Trek, Actually. Jean Luc Picard's friends come to terms with his death. For this and about 5 dozen other audio dramas, see

November 27, 2018,  Two Finds and a New Release from tonyfamous, all parody shorts:
Kooties in Star Trek: The Reverse Vulcan Greeting (1:07) (May 15, 2009)
Kooties in Star Trek: The Vulcan Death Grip (0:31) January 29, 2010.
New Release:
Star Trekked. Star Trek Cartoon Parody (0:20).  
For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 26, 2018New Release from The O'Brians, [Episode 1] That's My Girl? Presented as a long lost episode in Black and White, modeled after 1950s family sit-coms. (4:44)... but go to the end to see it's still a Star Trek Fan Film. For all prior Star Trek Fan Films from Dave's Think Tank, see

November 25, 2018, New Release from Beagle is SleepingPorg Trek Episode 02, in his crossover series in which Star Wars' creatures, the Porgs, run all the ships in Star Trek. (4:58). Released November 17, 2018.  For other Franchise Crossover films, see

November 24, 2018New Release, from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #19,
"Argument from Incredulity," (2:46). For all Star Trek Fan Films produced by Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, see

November 23, 2018New Release from Hinge, A short excerpt from an earlier film which appears to be selling an animation studio advertising agency, hingedigital,
Original sales pitch,, (1.42) short Trek-only part, Piso Mojado, (0:35).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

November 22, 2018New ReleaseFan Boys 2009 - Star Wars Fans V. Star Trek Fans HD: (4:46).  For more films about Trekkies, Trekkers, and General Fandom, see

November 21, 2018,  New Release Officer Bob meets Star Trek by Robert Cunniff (1:00) Nov 15 2018. Live action comedy. For other Star Trek Comedy and Parody, see

November 20, 2018, New Release The Three Stooges: Stooge Trek comedy from James D. Patalon, a Plotagon animation, (4:42).  For all of James D. Patalon's Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 19, 2018, Major New Release, Dark Omega from Outpost, a Star Trek Audiodrama, Episode 78A, which is Episode 3 of Season 8, (17:42) (released Nov 18, 2018) The Battle of Wolf 359 has begun…beam aboard a ship valiantly trying to defend the Federation during this turning point in Federation history. Recorded at Starfest 2015, Denver, Colorado. For all of the previous episodes of Outpost as well as about 5 dozen other audio dramas, see

November 18, 2018Major New Release from David Whitney's Starfleet StudiosStarship Prometheus, Episode 1, "Raven:" (31:18).  For all previous Star Trek Fan Films from Starfleet Studios, see

November 17, 2018Recent Release The Starfleet Crew Member No One Likes, live action comedy from Josh Cossaboom, (2:01).  For more Star Trek Fan-made Comedy and Parody, see

November 16, 2018New Release STAR TREK Strieper Mission 66 from Jurgen van Hoof.  Dutch Golden Age Star Trek comedy / parody released to celebrate a Dutch carnival that goes back to 1930! Captain Cork and his crew go back in history on a search for their Burgemeester and end up at the first Striepersgat. (23:17).  For more Star Trek Fan Films in languages other than English, see

November 15, 2018New Release from Starship Parasol, Eine Warnung (A Warning) (3:03).  For prior releases from Starship Parasol, see  For more German-language Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 14, 2018Multiple Find and New ReleaseSpoof Trek.  Based on TOS, the first and 10th film in the series are live action, the others are animated.

(1) The Second Cousin Twice Removed, live action, Golden Age, low production values, (6:56) (Made in 1992 & posted July 31, 2008)
(2) SpoofTREK Animated, the same characters and settings as the first episode but done as a flash animation. (12:20) (October 13, 2010.)
(3) SpoofTREK 3D Reveal, test trailer of 3D animation. (0:24)(May 24, 2015).
(4) Movie Night, 3D Animated characters watch the live show from 1992. (1:53) (February 4, 2016)
(5) Matrix Jump, the Holodeck is not turned on. (0:46) (February 5, 2016)
(6) Flight of the IMPALER (2:17) (February 5, 2016)
(7) Remote Uncontrolled, (0:53) (July 14, 2016)
(8) Multiverse Trailer, Mad Max crossover. (2:34) (October 24, 2016)
(9) Ice Planet Attack, (0:53) (January 2, 2018)
(10) Cameo (live action, green screens) (1:33) (July 23, 2017)

New Release:
(11) DeLightsabor, A new 3D animation. (1:23) (November 12, 2018)

For Spoof Trek's permanent home on Star Trek Reviewed, see

November 13, 2018New Release, in Japanese, Animation based on DS9: Neo DS9 (1:30).  For more non-English Language Star Trek Fan films, see

November 12, 2018Recent Releases, The Shining Starship, a belated Halloween audiobook-style mashup of what would happen if Beverly Crusher encountered Jack from the Shining, as Jack Crusher. From Omega Ordained (32:17) For more Star Trek fan-made audiobooks and audio drama see

November 11, 2018, Recent Releases, Two German Language shorts,
Love Trek, a cute short film about teen aged Trekkie love. (6:25).  For more films about Trekkers, Trekkies, and general fandom, see

Kubert (Folge 7) An animated parody: how to handle people who insist on beaming up without the valid certification. (1:58).  For more Comedy and Parody, see

For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films, see

November 10, 2018, Major New Release, the first episode of a new British-made Audio Drama series, USS Defender,  Listen here: (33:22).
For more information about this production see
For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

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