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February 20, 2019Olde Fan Film Find Produced by Stan Papulkas for MTV/Roger's Media in Toronto, Canada, M Trek or "The Wrath of Shan" is a parody of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan from shortly after it was released in 1982. (13:07). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

February 19, 2019Find from The Russ Abbott TV Show - English comedy show, 1986-1981, Star Trek: The Sketch (4:23). For more Professional Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 18, 2019Major New Release from Starship Mojave, Animated Golden Age by adult fans, Episode 9, Cygnus X-1, (17:22).  For links to all of Starship Mojave's prior releases still available for viewing, see

February 17, 2019New Release from Potemkin Pictures set aboard the Starship DeimosDiplomatic Relations (8:46). Captain Gabriel and the Deimos have been assigned to assist in negotiating a peace treaty with the Corsairean forces, but some of her senior officers have concerns about the arrangements. For other adventures involving Starship Deimos, see  For all Star Trek Fan Film offerings from Potemkin Pictures, see

February 16, 2019New Release & Find from The Bitter IT Guy. FindTrouble With Users (2:08). 29 Jul 2018. There are a slew of computer related issues, but maybe it's actually trouble with users. Either way these are like nothing he has ever seen.
New ReleaseBlast From the Past (2:41). 13 Feb 2019. A group of computer users from the 21st century have been unfrozen, brought on board and have NO idea how to use the advanced technology.
For IT Guy's previous Star Trek Fan Films, see

February 15, 2019New Release from Random Nerd of Doom, Franchise crossover, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, Lost in Space, Marvel Universe (Wolverine), and Canadian musician Les Emerson in a Mego Fan Film titled Random Sci Fi Stuff Stop Motion (1:37). For more Franchise Crossover Fan Films, see

February 14, 2019New Release uploaded to Youtube by Alain Paré on Feb 5. 100 Limite Star Trek Doublage is a professional comedy skit from "100 limite" a French-Canadian TV show broadcast between 1988 and 1992 using new dialog over Star Trek The Original Series footage in French. If you want to hear French with a Scottish accent, listen to Scotty here! (1:08) For more Star Trek fan films see the French language page,

February 13, 2019,  New Release from Jake Davis, (live action, single actress, costumes, special effects, by adult fans) Star Trek Opener (5:03). For more Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

February 12, 2019New Release from comte dylantagnan, a Plotagon Animation,
A Star Wars Fan And A Trekkie ... EXCHANGE THE WRONG REFERENCES (2:38).  For more Plotagon Animations, see  For more tales about Trekkers, Trekkies, and General Fandom, see

February 11, 2019Major New Release, An educational video for the sales force for a medical device company.  SCIMED Star Trek Spoof & Final Game tells the benefits salespeople can use to contrast their medical device product with others on the market. Sounds pretty dry but they had some fun making this! (35:50). For more Professional Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 10, 2019New Release from Sides Studios, a parody by Dylan Sides, Red Shirt ttps:// (4:12).  For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see  

February 9, 2019,  Major New Release and Find, from Elias SikavitsasStar School
FindEpisode 2, The Law of Syllogism (3:41) This episode is arguably NOT a Star Trek fan film.  However, it is part of this series as it follows and illustrates mathematical and logical thinking.
Major New ReleaseEpisode 3, The Congruency of Triangles, with costumes and rudimentary special effects (11:33). For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

February 8, 2019New Release,  Parody Animation in French, A LA CONQUÊTE DE L'ESPACE AVEC SPACE FOX (dessin animé), (2:40).  For more French Language Star Trek Fan Films, see

February 7, 2019New ReleaseAd using DISCO cast and music from RENT, (1:00). For more professional parody, tributes, commercials, foreign imitators, and educational videos, see

February 6, 2019,  New Release from Dreadnought Dominion, (Adult fans, costumes, sets, CGI, subtitled, use of sign language), Technical Difficulties (5:05).  For all of Dreadnought Dominion's prior releases, see

February 5, 2019,  New Release, a collection of Star Trek references from Married ... with Children (7:34).  For other Professional Parody, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

February 4, 2019, Major New Release, from Avalon Universe a Star Trek alternate universe based on the original series but with subtle differences to give the makers, Victoria Fox & Josh Irwin, creative freedom. "Avalon LOST" A simple shuttle mission changes the course of two Captains' lives. For more releases in this series, see Avalon Universe at

February 3, 2019,  New Release from Caution: May Contain Nuts, professional Canadian Comedy troop, Space Trek: Laugh Track: (2:27). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

February 2, 2019Major New Release, "Temporal Anomaly" a one-shot film from Power543 Films, produced by Samuel Cockings, an adult from Northampton, UK. The film is both golden and silver age, includes costumes, (one of which was used on-screen for Voyager), CGI & green screens. They have a custom arrangement with CBS which allows for its release with its longer run time. This project was started in 2013 and created long before the fan film guidelines, to allow its release they got a separate arrangement with CBS.
Part 1: (26:46)
Part 2: (24:19).
For more about Temporal Anomaly and its history, see its permanent home on Star Trek Reviewed at

February 1, 2019New Release from Joe Hallmark, a well-produced video performed by kids, Star Trek Skit (4:15).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

January 31, 2019New Release from Caitlin Burt with her nephews as her special guests having fun on a spaceship, bossing around the galaxy. Commanders of Star Trek. Comedy/Parody (2:42). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

January 30, 2019New Release from Bloodwolf, "Crash," (6:26).  For all of Bloodwolf's previous Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

January 29, 2019Find, long-running YouTube channel FBE, used high quality action figures to create LOST Parody #9 - Star Trek: The LOST Generation (4:20), part of their series which is a parody of the popular TV series of the time. Playlist of the series here For more Franchise Crossover Films, see Probably the best known professional use of Star Trek action figures would have to be Robot Chicken which can be found here

Find, in many cases action figures are used for risque parodies, such as Star Trek: Data's Bad Day (1:12).(July 23, 2009). For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see Star Trek: The Mego Picture is even more ribald and can be found here,

January 28, 2019Find: Some action figure films can be quite artistic, such as Fourteen59, a stream of consciousness film using action figures of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner as Picard and Data (15:01) Released Nov 29, 2016.  for its permanent home, see

Find, most are just done for fun, such as Trilithium Quest from Freddy's Star Trek, action figures with ship shots from the TNG TV show and voices lifted from the TNG TV show, to make an original story. Done in college, released March 23, 2008. (8:42) For more assorted short films, see

January 27, 2019FindCrier In The Emptiness, Mego movie based on the soundtrack from one of the Peter Pan Records by a media and film student at Eastern Michigan University released Sep 1, 2012. Done the old school way by taking a couple of thousand pictures then using Windows Paint to make mouths and Windows Movie Maker to put it together, picture by picture... (13:09) 
A film using the same record with the original comic book can be seen here (12:02).
Dyna74's "Toy Movies" also use read-along-books as the audio track combined with action figures
For more assorted short films, see

January 26, 2019,  Olde Fan Film Find which has just surfaced on Vimeo from Kevin Carney, titled simply, Star Trek (10:16). No props, sets or costumes, just teenagers role-playing. For this and other Historic Fan Films see

January 25, 2019New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star TrekStar Trek Logical Thinking #20, Appeal to  Emotion (2:28).  For links to all of Curt Danhauser's Star Trek Fan Films, see

January 24, 2019Find, from SCTV (Canadian TV Show), Star Trek skit, "Check Please (1:11), (1:10), or (1:18). For this and more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodies, Tributes, Commercials and Instructional Videos, see

Find, from Saturday Night Live, Dec 20, 1986 - Star Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise For this and more Professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodies, Tributes, Commercials and Instructional Videos, see .

January 23, 2019FindStar Trek 2409 Audio drama based in the Star Trek Online universe with two episodes completed...
Hail The adventures of the U.S.S. Wisconsin and her inexperienced crew as they tackle the forefront of an Earth-Klingon War, and the reemergence of the Borg. (05:56) 17 May 2012
Sickbay The away team from the ill fated U.S.S. Sterling fight their way to sickbay to confer with the EMH. (05:13) 29 May 2012
For more information about this production see For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

January 22, 2019Recent Release: Our apologies for missing a special festive gift from the cast and crew of the British-made Audio Drama series, USS DefenderComing Out For Christmas (09:43) In this minisode, Bolton, Peers and Reeaht meet in the Ship’s Lounge for a discussion. What will the topic of today’s chat be?
For more information about this production see For links to dozens of other audio dramas, see

January 21, 2019Major FindStar Drag - And yet another Generation. Two early German fan films (in English) from 1994 & 1995 have been posted on Youtube by TotallyASMR on 17 Jan 2019, copied from VHS cassettes.

01 Hollow Time Warp (40:23). This was produced by "Qapla Productions", members of the Trekdinner Munich, entirely on the grounds of Neubiberg Military Academy and included a cameo with Robert Amper reprising his character from Raumschiff Highlander, Captain R Norad. It was shown at the FedCon II Convention at the Arabella Hotel München, April 1-3 1994.

02 Above Purple (Subtitled in German) (58:03) This too was produced by "Qapla Productions", members of the Trekdinner Munich. It was shown at the FedCon III Convention at the Sheraton Hotel München, Jun 30-Jul 2 1995.

For the permanent home of these productions on Star Trek Reviewed, see For more fan films in German, see

January 20, 2019Major Find, from MEEZ2, films on his Youtube channel from 2006 - 2008

Golden Age:
Star Trek: The Ecology Syndrome (3 scenes only) (10:17) (Sep. 25, 2006). Based on a prior breaking of the prime directive by Kirk.
Star Trek at Universal Studios (10:21)(April 21, 2007).  This was a fixed script run through by many fans with Shatner & Nimoy.

Silver Age:
Star Trek v. Star Wars (A Nerd's Fantasy) (11:16) (Sep. 26, 2006)
Another Nerd's Fantasy (The Rebels are the Alpha Quadrant fighting Star Wars' Empire)
Part 1 (8:35)(June 24, 2008)
Part 2 (7:36)(June 1, 2008)
Part 3 (7:00)(June 24, 2008)
For the permanent home of MEEZ2 on Star Trek Reviewed, see

January 19, 2019New Release, from SpacialKatana: Star Trek: The Taranko Incident, appears to be opening for a film, in which Klingons attack a planet.  The filmmaker says this is a standalone film, not part of a film to come.  No visible living things except the women of the USS Booty in the credits. (3:23). For more Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

January 18, 2019New Release from Scragnogs Den.  The 'action' here is hearing what is happening over the com from other ships in the bridge, in which all the people have already died, as they fight the Borg.  Stardate 44002.3 - Fan Art, (1:54).    For other short films not listed elsewhere, see

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