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April 18, 2019, New Release , Starfleet Geeks from Geeking Poetic Podcast. The adventures of two young ensigns and their commanding officer, who work at Starfleet Base and have to deal with the ongoing absurd situations that Capt. Kirk and the Enterprise routinely get themselves into. Check out this pilot episode to get introduced to the characters.
Pilot Episode/Intro. (6:48).
Episode 2 (8:33)
For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

April 17, 2019, Updated FindVoyages of the USS Angeles was a Star Trek fan series made in 1999 and 2000 that ran for one season with five episodes. It was made by members of the Los Angeles based Star Trek Club, USS Angeles. The story and some characters eventually turned into the long-running Hidden Frontier series of shows. For more information, see the new Star Trek Reviewed feature page on this production, here

Voyages of the USS Angeles was resurrected in 2011 as an audio drama which unfortunately only lasted one episode. For the details of that second season, see

April 16, 2019, FindStar Trek - Ressurection of the Enterprise released in Feb 2008 by Barry Chapman. Everybody loves a good 'happily ever after'! 15 years after her destruction the hulk of the Enterprise is discovered by the crew of the Enterprise-B. (9:49). For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

April 15, 2019, New Release , Designer Baby from Caution: May Contain Nuts. What if you could skip the parenting phase and select the perfect child that was all grown up? No assembly required. (1:34) For prior releases from Caution: May Contain Nuts and other professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators and Educational Videos, see

April 15, 2019, Headline News Release. David W. Hill, executive producer of Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. posted on their Facebook page on Monday, "It is with great sorrow that I must announce that Star Trek: Henglaar, M.D. has been canceled. I must also announce that the website will cease to exist as of May 15." This deadline has been extended slightly and offers have been made to Hidden Frontier Productions to maintain an archive site and the continued availability of the films and audio dramas online.

To mark the dimming of the running lights of the flagship website of this iconic family of Star Trek fan productions, we at Star Trek Reviewed are updating our old blog pages to our new database-driven site. What better way to start this off with than with Star Trek: Henglaar M.D., an audio drama series that follows an irascible Tellarite doctor, played by John Whiting, who appeared in the first episode of the first season of Hidden Frontier! The series follows Henglaar and his team of young recruits aboard the hospital ship USS Cole as they tackle medical mysteries in the Beta Quadrant and beyond.

For the home of Star Trek: Henglaar M.D. on Star Trek Reviewed see

April 14, 2019Find, Patrick Stewart in Boat of Love The Next Generation, a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live (8:35). For more professional Star Trek Comedies, Parodies, and Tributes. see

April 13, 2019FindStuffed Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation Spoof  from the Adam & Joe show. Deanna Toy is kidnapped by the Borg, but Jean-pork pigard does not want her back, a comedy clip from a popular British TV show that ran from 1996 to 2001. (4:34). For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

April 12, 2019, New Release, "Three Long Days" from Improvised Star Trek. On March 23, 2019, they performed live on the Cards Against Humanity Comedy Stage at C2E2 in Chicago, IL. This is online on Youtube as an audio recording with a slideshow of the performance: sort of halfway between an audio drama and a film! Improving their project management strategies causes the crew of the Sisyphus more problems than they can count on their many limbs. (47:04). For more Improvised Star Trek see

April 11, 2019FindStar Wrek Zone. "Odd Generation." from Cinellusion Films. Claymation comedy crosses TOS and TNG. (17:47) Originally released for sale as a VHS video June 23, 1997. For it's permanent home on Star Trek Reviewed see

April 10, 2019, Major New ReleaseDanny Lavery has uploaded copies of these classic German language Star Trek fan films...

BORG WAR II The Romulan Factor (1:13:42) released 1996. Directed by Christian Luck and featuring the voice of Rolf Schult as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Rolf was the voice actor who dubbed over Patrick Stewart in the German release of TNG Seasons 1-4 and the four TNG movies in Germany.
BORG WAR III Atlantis (1:56:15) released 15 August 1998. Directed by Rene von Bodisco and featuring Willi Wiegand as Captain Sovat. Willi was a well known Leonard Nimoy lookalike in Germany who appeared on German TV and events as Mr Spock - including the 2003 documentary Trekkies 2 and the aborted TOS/TNG crossover movie "Star Trek: Das Vermachtnis" (Star Trek: The Legacy).

For more on the Borg War (1994-8) trilogy, see
This should not be mistaken for the seminal Star Trek machinima movie Borg War (2006), for more on which see

April 9, 2019FindCaptain Kirk vs USS Enterprise Computer from BlobVanDam. Find out why Captain Kirk speaks.... in.... his.... infamous.... style.... in this excellent animation parody set aboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. (2:58). For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see

April 8, 2019, New Release , Star Trek: Time Travel from The FunEditor4. The first GoAnimate video ever made on his GoAnimate channel. Made back on May 5, 2012, this video served as the first time the Star Trek Quogs theme was used. The three parts of this mini series were re-released on April 6.
Part 1 (3:48).
Part 2 (4:59).
Part 3 (2:11).
For more films from FunEditor4, both Go!Animate and other animations, see

April 7, 2019, New Release , Animated Star Trek PSA "Ptolemy Wept"  from C.H.Danhauser. A short vignettes similar to NBC's Public Service Announcements in the style of Filmation's 1973-75 Animated STAR TREK series. To join his series covering the released episodes, this is a PSA for the latest of his two fan-made episodes, "Ptolemy Wept" with the message to stay in school and study hard. (00:58). For more Star Trek Public Service Announcements see

April 6, 2019Findfrom Sarai Trek. Live action films starring Sarai Duenas, the daughter of Abe Duenas, who was 4 years old when she started doing these in 2014. They are mostly episode recaps in her own words but are all cute at warp facter nine!
1a Star Trek The Menagerie episode recap: The Menagerie episode recap from a 4 year old. (01:55) 06 May 2014
1b Star Trek Pizza Monster episode recapSarai's second Star Trek episode recap. This time she takes on the pizza monster episode. (02:26) 13 May 2014 
1c Star Trek Shore Leave epsiode recapSarai recaps another Star Trek TOS episode. Shore Leave. (02:49) 20 May 2014
1d Star Trek Continues episode recap "Molani" (Lolani): Star Trek Continues Lolani episode recap. (04:29) 27 May 2014
2 Mirror Mirror recap: A unique recap of one of Star Treks favorite episodes, Mirror Mirror. (04:22) 04 June 2014
3 Interview with a tiny Trekkie: (02:24) 06 June 2014
4 Sarai's question to Captain Kirk after first watching Lolani: This was shot right after she saw Lolani for the first time and Sarai wonders whats next after the Lolani episode. (00:10) 18 June 2014
5 Spock and Me: Sarai meets Spock for the first time and this is her reaction that day after reflecting on her experience. (01:41) 27 June 2014
6 Star Trek Continues Epsiode 3 Recap, Fairest of Them All: Sarai's season 2 episode 1 recap. This time she recaps the Star Trek Continues Fairest of Them All Episode. (04:29) 26 August 2014
7 This side of Paradise recap: Sarai recaps one of the most iconic episodes of the series. This Side of Paradise. Please leave a comment and share. (05:19) 27 January 2015
7b A Special Sponsor Announcement: Sarai Trek is pleased to announce our first official sponsor. (00:10) 16 February 2015
8 Recap Star Trek Amok Time: Sarai recaps Amok Time, one of the original series faves. (05:34) 16 February 2015
9 Recap,The Trouble With Tribbles: Sarai recaps another fan favorite. The Trouble With Tribbles, and this time she wants to thank for their generous support of her show. (06:10) 26 February 2015
10 Who Mourns for Adonais: Sarai recaps probably her favorite episode to feature Scotty and what make s him tick. Sarai has always admired his swagger and in this episode keeping it real almost gets him killed. We hope you will enjoy her take on what makes this episode memorable. (05:24) 20 March 2015
11 Pilgrim of Eternity: Sarai has been at it nearly one year recapping her favorite TOS and STC episodes. This time she recaps a new classic. Pilgrim of Eternity. visit for more Sarai Trek content (this is not live as at 04/07/2019) (06:01sec) 30 March 2015
12 Journey to Babel: (06:02) 15 May 2015
13 Space Seed: Sarai has been wanting to recap this episode for a while, She loves episodes that feature Captain Kirk fighting his way out of a problem with his patented moves. (06:21) 25 June 2015
14 Star Trek TAS Yesteryear: Cartoon Sarai recaps her first TAS Star Trek episode. Yesteryear. (05:22) 12 February 2016
15a The Paradise Syndrome: (05:03) 19 April 2016
15b The City on the Edge of Forever recap: Sarai recaps arguably Star Treks TOS greatest episode. (04:57) 31 August 2016
16 The White Iris: Sarai recaps the Star Trek Continues episode she starred in. (05:23) 13 February 2017
17 Divided we Stand: This time around Sarai recaps Star Trek Continues Divided we Stand episode 5 (05:33) 08 June 2018 
For the permanent home of Sarai Trek on Star Trek Reviewed see

April 5, 2019, New ReleaseKid Courageous from Sarai Trek. An off-shoot of Sarai Trek. Liva action, costumes, props and cgi featuring short skits starring Sarai Duenas. The Rageous Maneuver: Captain Rageous is faced with a quick decision she must make. (01:24) 05 April 2019

April 4, 2019FindSarai Trek Animono from Sarai Trek. Animation based on Star Trek dolls and action figures, an offshoot of Sarai Trek.
Episode 1: Kirk and Spock are beamed down on a planet of dolls! (00:40) 11 March 2018
Kirk-Fu lesson number 1: Today, the captain would like to share some Kirk-Fu moves. (00:25) 16 March 2018
What if Barbie was cast in Space Seed?: What are you talking about and why are you wearing PJ's? (00:35) 28 March 2018
For the permanent home of Sarai Trek Animono on Star Trek Reviewed see

April 3, 2019, New Release,  Star Poop from Ryan Allder. An animated Star Trek parody which Ryan did "at the age of 15 so hopefully you like lame humor!" (3:04). For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

April 2, 2019, New Release ,  Space Race from The United Spot. Animated political satire. (2:32). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

April 1, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek Lore (2019)

From TangoHotel42 comes a new series of dramatised plot summaries of Star Trek books, starting with the "A Time To..." series, the nine-novel series set during the year leading up to Star Trek Nemesis.
A Time to be Born, (45:07)
A  Time to Die, (51:05)

These are closest to audio books, for more Star Trek Audio Dramas and audio books, see

April 31, 2019, New Release from Dafter Things, Mego, "Mission To Go T'Cha." The crew of the Enterprise - Ever professional whatever day it is. (3:03) For more from Dafter Things, see
March 31, 2019, New Release ,  Star Trek Discovery Fan Film from Phil's pick n mix videosPossibly the first DISCO fan film. (1:08). For more fan films not listed elsewhere, see
March 30, 2019FindLive Long and Paws-Per from Think Geek. Moments of Star Trek recreated with dogs. (2:25). For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

March 29, 2019, New Release , Starship Enterprise: A Star Trek Fan Production from Ad Astra Productions. Kids and teens have created an impressive feature film with costumes, props, sets and cgi. Episode 1: The Cure - The Enterprise encounters the long lost starship, the USS Spectrum... But what ever became of its crew? (18:08). For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

March 28, 2019Finds, Star Trek parodies by Mad TV, uploaded by various people...
Dog with the Captain's log (watch between 1:40 - 10:20) probably aired in 2013
Star Blecch (3:41) 7 Aug 2016
Star Blecch Into Dumbness (3:11) 10 Aug 2016
Off Their Spockers (2:41) 10 Aug 2016
For more professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

March 27, 2019, New Release from Star Trek: The O'Brians[Episode 25] The Enterprise enters a region of the galaxy populated by monster space sharks. (2:20). For all of the previously released episodes of Star Trek: The O'Brians, see

March 26, 2019, New ReleaseCCC Episode 0 Part 1 from CommodoreCrusher9000TM Pictures. A starship is maintaining its course for a bound Earth somewhere in another galaxy. The Commodore Brothers and Sisters had to leave Earth 1 despite a huge problem going on with an autocratic leader wreaking havoc on their home world. As soon as they plot their escape, they encounter him in space. (4:48). For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

March 25, 2019Finds New Release , Racist Picard from GeoMFilms. We don't normally feature redubs but this series is getting to be quite a substantial body of work and the redubbed voiceovers have created coherent comedy plots.

1. Geordi Tube 03min 28sec — 08 December 2018
In this episode Captain Picard gets sick, Worf loses a Pet, and Geordi tries to get rich off of youtube.

2. Just Broke Up 03min 38sec — 14 December 2018
Captain Picard tries to ask out Dr Crusher, La Forge is having dating issues, and Wesley Crusher gets in trouble for playing video games on the bridge. Plus the crew talk about listening to Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West

3. Adventure Ship 04min 31sec — 22 January 2019
Captain Picard receives a message from the delta quadrant (Captain Janeway of Voyager), Geordi has girl problems, and the Enterprise confronts an 'Adventure Ship'. What will Picard find on the ship?

4. Rikers Family 04min 34sec — 08 February 2019
the crew plays street fighter IV William Riker takes the crew to go meet his aunt and uncle. In the meantime Captain Picard tries to get to know Troi a little more.

5. Wedding Vows 03min 51sec — 04 March 2019
Worf ask the captain for a pay increase and Geordi wants to practice his wedding vows in front of the crew and see what they think of what he's put together so far.

6. Racist Picard 06min 17sec — 22 March 2019
Captain Picard gets accused of being racist. The Captain tries to figure out if everyone thinks that of him. Geordi also continues to stress about the wedding, and Riker is given a chance to negotiate with a new alien species. How will Riker do?

For more on this production see

March 24, 2019FindMaklar Anyone? Uploaded by Phil Guzzo on 24 Oct 2012. Some fans of a familiar show discover that one of their gang is not what they seem! A fun shoot. Winner Audience Award at the Seattle Sci Fi Film fest and number of other genre specific film fests! (9:48). For links to more Star Trek Fan-Made Parodies and Comedies, see

March 23, 2019Find. Some poetic culture for you today... in Klingon! You might have heard of Hamlet in 'the original Klingon,' as performed by Commedia Beauregard, but this documentary shows Hamlet's soliloquy from 4:05. (23:04). For more Short Films (Not listed elsewhere) see

Find. For a different take on Star Trek Klingon Hamlet taH pagh taHbe' (To be or not to be), see this Still Picture Production performed by Brian Rivera and directed by Amir Sharafeh. (3:24). For more Short Films (Not listed elsewhere), see

FindToday Is A Good Day To Die, a Klingon recites a poem, and is not happy about it! By expressomax (4:17). For more assorted short films, see

March 22, 2019, New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, Star Trek Logical Thinking #22, Hasty Generalization, (2:53).  For links to all of Curt Danhauser's earlier Star Trek Fan Films, see

March 21, 2019, New ReleaseEpisode 2 from A Call To Unity. While meditating, T'Lan experiences a vision telling her to seek an ancient Vulcan artifact. The new Chancellor of the Klingon Empire plots to expand the Empire's borders into Romulan space. (17:09). For more STR BLOG TITLE see

March 20, 2019, New Release , Space Trek: Attack of the Red Shirts from Caution: May Contain NutsSpace can be hard to navigate when your crew members start to turn on you. (2:04). For more Professional Star Trek Parody, Tributes, Commercials, and instructional videos see

March 19, 2019On Plotagon we have two finds and a new release from Melz227...
7 Aug 2018 Trek Tales: Miss Robbie, the stowaway (2:23)
7 Aug 2018 Trek Tales: The Vulcans are running the ship (0:58)
17 Mar 2019 Cmdr Spock Hears a Joke (1:04).

New Release also from GeneratedPlotagon, a short Plotagon animation which is only a Star Trek Fan Film because for some reason he calls a very un-Spock-like character (except in appearance) Mr. Spock, Cailou Calls Mr. Spock from Star Trek Vid Viking Hitch/Grounded (1:32).  For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films see

March 18, 2019Major FindPacific Opera Project's Abduction from the Seraglio This modern appropriation of Mozart's classic opera has an English Star Trek libretto created by artistic director Josh Shaw

Performed at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood in March 2015...
29 Dec 2014 Commercial (2:41)
11 Mar 2015 Finale (8:51)
26 Mar 2015 highlights (30:02)
29 Dec 2014 Full opera (2:06:22)

Performed at the The Ford Amphitheatre, September 3, 2016...
11 Oct 2016 Full opera (2:12:43)

For more filmed or videotaped Star Trek for Live Performance (including a surprising amount of opera!) see

March 17, 2019, Major Find from The Improvised Generation, first episode of season 5 of this long-running improv performance group, "A Captain's Challenge". Captain Georgia Thompson is tested in more ways than one, when an Ambassador demands perfection from the crew of the McGinley while performing a mission. (53:14). For more on The Improvised Generation, see this new listing,

March 16, 2019, New Release , Shipwreck from People Are Turning To Mold. This TNG animation, which doesn't have much of a plot and was mainly a trial of clay animation, was released Mar 10. It was made using a stop motion app from Minecraft of clay sculptures of Cpt Picard and Q. (31secs). For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

March 15, 2019, New Release Stardumb Trek from Pablo Cruz Marquez. Parody animation. (3:43). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

March 14, 2019Olde Fan Film FindStar Trek outtakes from Bruchorama. Although the title says these are outtakes, it appears to be a full 8mm home movie from a star trek fan film made in 1976 in Minneapolis, MN. (8:53). For this and other Historic Fan Films that we will be featuring over the next few days see

March 13, 2019Multiple Finds, from FunEditor4...

Star Trek: Trek/007 Crossover, (4:16)
Star Trek: The Alien Intellect, (25:28)
Star Trek: Death or Labor, (13:47)
Star Trek: The Strange Encounter, (11:13)
Star Trek: Galaxy Spector, (6:49)
Star Trek: Farturrection, (16:36)
Star Trek: To Dance With The Devil, (12:54)
Star Trek: Royal or Crazy, (19:50)
Star Trek ENT "In A Mirror, Darkly," Commander Archer and Fleet Admiral Gardner, (0:54)
Wrath of Khan Short, (0:25)
Superman Pesters Picard While Flying, (0:19).

YouTube Channel: For the permanent home of FunEditor4's work, see

March 12, 2019, New Release from  MrBoissi, his first attempt at stop motion, a fight between Star Wars' Darth Vader and TOS's Dr. McCoy action figures. "Toy Wars" at (0:46).  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

March 11, 2019, New Release , The Fighting Fourth from The Romulan War. Paul Mayweather, an Earth Cargo Service captain, organizes a small fleet of "Q-ships" to fight back against the Romulans' attacks on the shipping lanes. The story of the "Fighting Fourth" is told by crewman Evander Littlejohn (played by Chewe Nkole), a ship's engineer who helped design the Q-ships. (5:09). For more releases in this series, see The Romulan War at

New Release, "Part 7 Cosmic Visitors" from Wonder Tales, (puppet show, lecture on climate change), (4:07). This is one part of a larger work which is strung together as a Playlist here For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

March 10, 2019, New Release from Caution: May Contain Nuts, a professional Canadian comedy group,  Space Trek: Intruder Intrigue VR (2:30). For prior releases from Caution: May Contain Nuts and other professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators and Educational Videos, see

March 9, 2019, New Release , City Of Refuge Anniversary Party Star Trek Skit uploaded by Brenda Craig. Shaky audience video of live action comedy skit, year unknown. "The source VHS tapes have been in storage for a long time and did not survive well." (13:36). For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy, see

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