Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Headline News (Last Month Only)

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October 18, 2017, MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Star Trek Continues, (Professional actors and writers, live action, sets, costumes, CGI, Golden Age) "To Boldly Go: Part 1,"  For all prior releases from Star Trek Continues, as well as reviews of those releases, see

October 16, 2017, New Release from The Bitter IT Guy, (Live action, comedy, Silver Age, green screens, costumes) "IT Guy's Log: Holodeck 3,"  For more short comedies and parodies, including a former release from The Bitter IT Guy, see

October 14, 2017, MAJOR NEW RELEASE from George Kayaian's films set aboard the Starship Antyllus, Episode 10, Part 1, or  For links to all of George Kayaian's prior Star Trek Fan Films, including both his 3-Part Multiverse Crisis and his previous Starship Antyllus releases, see

October 10, 2017, MAJOR NEW RELEASE from Outpost, a Star Trek Fan Audio Production, Season 7 Episode 14, or Episode 75, "Eight Bells," Listen or Download here:  For links to all prior episodes from Outpost, as well as over 4 dozen other Star Trek Fan Audio Productions, see

September 22, 2017, REVIEWS of Vance Major Films released from 9/10-17/2017:

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

This website claims to track all changes made to Star Trek Reviewed: change log

I created my own similar tracking page: change log.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

For Headlines more than one-month-old see Monthly Headlines From Star Trek Reviewed.  Love Star Trek Reviewed?   Help others find it by linking to it from your own web pages and Facebook page.  Your link will also raise the profile of STR on search engines.  Visit Star Trek Reviewed on Facebook:

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