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October 16, 2018, New Release, from Caution, May Contain Nuts on October 1, 2018, Space Trek: Jedi Training, (1:36). For a listing of all the Star Trek parody episodes in "May Contain Nuts", see Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos here

October 15, 2018, New Release, from Trek Or Treat, "Trek Or Treat 3: Beyond Forever" ( For the other two releases in this trilogy, see Trek Or Treat at

October 14, 2018, New Release from MrBonk85, Star Trek Stunt Doubles Amok Time (3:16).  For all of MrBonk85's Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release, from The Jackye Show,  Mego, but using non-Trek little girl dolls rather than Trek action figures. Star Trek Episode 2, (0:16).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

October 13, 2018, New ReleaseFrom Dafter Things, Mego, "Red Shirt," (4:39).  For more Mego Star Trek Fan Films, see

New Release from Star Trek Deception (UK), Episode 2, (15:00).  (Subtitles in English and Spanish).  For Star Trek Deception's prior release and more information about Star Trek Deception, see

October 12, 2018, New Release Sep 28, Star Trek: The Arion Awaits (1:00). Produced by Monster Manor Workshop in conjunction with Crusade Films. A fan film adventure through uncharted reaches of space on a mission to find a way home. For more trailers not associated with a released film, see

October 11, 2018, New Release Star Trek: Dissonance Intro (1:07) On Sep 25, the Credits/Introduction for a new weekly RPG show hosted by Gamers Ledge using the Star Trek Adventures pen and paper role playing game system was released. Follow their YouTube channel at for the game episodes. For more about the game see For more Star Trek games, comics, prose and selected other creative Fan Trek, see

October 10, 2018New Release, from Star Trek The Ultimate Follies by Adam Furgang.  Mego, (hands visible moving the action figures, Silver Age parody.  Green screens, sets.  Voice cast.), Star Trek:  Enter the Brown Fist (25:24).  For prior works from Star Trek The Ultimate Follies by Adam Furgang, see 

October 9, 2018, New Release from Touch The Sky Images LLC on 22 Sep 2018 the Pre-Stone Age launch trailer for First Contact: The Iron Horse (1:00) The Iron Horse APC voyages through an American frontier of post-war collapse, introducing the alien Vulcan species to populations in the field, along with the building blocks of recovery. For more trailers not associated with a released film, see

New Release, It Sucks to be an Extra on Star Trek a short animation from Extra Credit Productions on 26 Sep 2018 (2:10) For more Short Fan Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

Release/Find Although this was released on Youtube on Sep 24, it is titled REM 1983 - Star Trek Spoof (R.E.M. mention) and appears to be a short excerpt from a 1983 film. Any ideas as to the film it was cut from? (00:17) For more Incomplete, abandoned (or long term hold) film projects with significant production see

October 8, 2018, Find, To celebrate the premiere of the newest Doctor, we are sharing some Dr. Who/Star Trek Crossover Films previously unlisted.
Displaced In Time, Fan trailer teaser (VOY), (1:51).
Doctor Into Darkness, Mock credits, (2:39).
The Bane of Khan - Fan Trailer Teaser by n2kmaster, (1:14)
For more Franchise Crossover films, see

October 7, 2018, Major Find, Corto Phase II, three Spanish language parodies, made between 2012-14 in  Buenos Aires and Mar del plata, Argentina for UNIFANS 2 and 3. For more fan films in Spanish see and

October 6, 2018, Two New Releases,
New Release, from Star Trek Nature's Hunger, Special Release (posted May 18, 2018, released September 22, 2018), "The Discovery," (2:47).  For all other Star Trek Fan Films from Star Trek Nature's Hunger, see

New Release from I.C.S.'s Machinima, Klingon Spoof Song, (0:42).  For more short films not listed elsewhere, see

October 5, 2018, Two New Releases,
New ReleaseFranky Uptown inserts himself into an edited Star Trek episode, Star Trek No Truth Beauty (2:46).  For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

New Release (from Brent B. Productions)A spoof, Star Trek sketch (Mr. Spoke onder invloed) (2:17).   For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

October 3, 2018, New Release on Sep 27 from Level'em up, Star Trek Saratoga 2 Official Teaser 2 (2:23). For more information about this production see For more Trailers Not Associated With A Released Film, see

October 2, 2018Two New Releases and a Major New Release
One, New Release from Vercon Shorts, Star Trek Enterprises v. Borg, (1:56).  For more Filmmakers who Make CGI Sequences without visible humans (or aliens) see

A second, New Release from Dafter Things, A Golden Age Mego stop-action animation, "The Admiral's Daughter," (3:48).  For more Mego Animated Star Trek Fan Films, see

Major New Release, from Starship Tristan on Sep. 27 last week, "Distant Echoes Part Two" ( The captain of the U.S.S. Tristan is still trapped and being interrogated by an alien entity which has taken the form of her long dead brother... For more releases in this series, see Starship Tristan at

October 1, 2018, New Release Star Truc (Star Stuff) (4:06) French language audio track - from the dubbed Star Trek TV show? - mimed as a comedy by a single actor playing all the characters. From Michel Escaillas on 28 Sep 2018.  For more information on this French fan film and many others, see (N) on the Star Trek for French speakers page, at

This would be a good time to point out this Major Find, from Lyons, France, posted October 13, 2013, Star Trek: Le Retour des Moltens (now with English subtitles) (1:11:06).  For more information, see (M) on the Star Trek Reviewed French Language Star Trek Fan Film page at

September 30, 2018, New Release Porg Trek Episode 01 (1:28) When Classic Star Trek Collides with Modern Star Wars! A comedy animation released 24 Sep 2018 by Beagle is Sleeping. For more Franchise Crossover Films see where this is listed as entry AV.

September 29, 2018, Major Find Star Trek: Peacekeeper
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 1: 08 May 2013 (3:23)
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 2: 08 May 2013 (2:52)
Star trek: Peacekeeper part 3: 23 Feb 2014 (2:21)
Star Trek: Peacekeeper part 4: 01 Mar 2018 (4:04)
Four cartoons released between 2013 and 2018 are a classic Star Trek story drawn in the style of the 2009 movie, animated in Flash and Anime Studio. edited with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. For more information, see the full entry

September 28, 2018, New Release on the Plotagon animation platform
From Jon7741, The Pepparonian Stowaway (3:11)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 27, 2018New Release on the Plotagon animation platform
From The Bard of Plotagon, Too #SciFi for you! (A Doctor Who/Red Dwarf/Star Trek/Agents of Shield(Marvel Universe/Torchwood mashup) (4:57)
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

September 26, 2018, New Release from The Romulan War (Audio Drama), Episode 3, "They Want Us Dead:" (4:26).  For more information about the series see and for more than 4 dozen other Audio Dramas, see

September 25, 2018, Major New Release from James D. Patalon for his animated Star Trek series using Plotagon,
Episode 20:  Mr. Lincoln (2018) (13:47)
Episode 21:  The Maiden Voyage (2018) (11:23)
Episode 22:  The Dark (2018) (13:19)
For all of James D. Patalon's prior Star Trek Fan Films, see
For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 24, 2018, Two New Releases from two filmmakers, 
New Release,   From Elias SikavitsasStar School Episode 1, Dimensional Analysis. (2:31).  (Possibly part of a school or church project or partially by adults.   For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

New Release, from The Jackye Show,  Mego, but using non-Trek little girl dolls rather than Trek action figures.  Star Trek Episode 1, (0:45).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

September 23, 2018,  Two New Releases From  I.C.S.'s Machinima.
(1)  Klingon History pt. 1 Symbol, (4:38)
(2)  Another Piece of the Action, (3:59)
For more Short Films not listed elsewhere, see

September 22, 2018Major New Release from Potemkin Pictures, about the crew of the Starship Tristan, "Distant Echos" Part 1, (10:49).  For more films from Potemkin Pictures, including those concerning the crew of the Starship Tristan, see

September  21, 2018New ReleaseCaptain Kluck's Inspiration (3:56).   For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see

September 20, 2018New Release from Gran Gala De Ingenieros, live-action Parody/Comedy  "Andalusian Trek - Gala de Ingenieros 2018" (Spanish Language) (4:03).  For more Star Trek Parody or Comedy, see  For more Star Trek for Spanish speakers, see

September 19, 2018New Release from Edward LaBarbera, Star Trek Xavier (Title Sequence), (1:15).  For more Trailers not associated with a released film, see

September 18, 2018New Release from Vance Major Owen, A very short film:  Family: A Star Trek Fan Production, (1:15).  For more films from Vance Major Owen see

September 17, 2018New Release, from walsallmatt, a trailer, Star Trek Revelations, (EvE Online and Star Trek mash-up Fan Trailer), (2:25).  For more Trailers Not Associated With A Released Film, see

September 16, 2018Major New Release from Starship Excelsior, "E.U.L.A." (49:33), (49:35).  For more of Starship Excelsior, and many other audio dramas, see

September 15, 2018Major New Release from James D. Patalon for his animated Star Trek series using Plotagon,
Episode 16:  Into the Unknown, (16:55).
Episode 17:  Rest and Relaxation (2018), (11:18)
Episode 18:  War of the Androids, (10:14)
Episode 19: Wild Couger (2018) (15:13)
For all of James D. Patalon's prior Star Trek Fan Films, see  For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

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