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June 24, 2018New Release,  "Fight" a star Trek animation clip by 14-year-old Yotam Noy in 1997 for a class in school using Autodesk Animator.  No sound. (2:38).  For more selection Star Trek School and Church Projects, see

June 23, 2018,  New ReleaseSilent Acknowledgment (4:18).    This film centers on the deaf communications officer and discusses deaf society.  For all of Dreadnought Dominion's prior Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

June 22, 2018New ReleaseDan and Larry Space Adventures Star Trek (1:48).  A mixture of original and TOS footage.  For more Star Trek comedies and parodies,

June 21, 2018New Release, Intro music and some video for Star Trek: Temporal Investigations (1:05).  For more Trailers not associated with a film, see

June 20, 2018New ReleaseArianna's Enterprise, Adult cast with a pre-teen girl captain (costume and special effects on a TNG bridge set, mixed with shots from TNG's episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise."  Part re-cut, enough original materials to go under "short films.") (6:06).  For more Short Films not listed elsewhere, see

June 19, 2018New Release from Aaron Vanderkley, "The Fall of Starbase One," (live action, Australian adult fans, stone age, sets, costumes, props), (14:27).  For Aaron Vanderkley's prior Star Trek Fan Productions, see

June 18, 2018 New Release from BrickMaster, (Lego Stop Action animation),  Star Trek The Original Series, Season 2, New Release,  Episode 3: (0:58).  For more Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films, see

June 17, 2018,  Find,  Star Trek 1980 by Craig Dovidio and Rhawnhurst Neighborhood,  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

June 16, 2018Find, Dr. Who/Star Trek Crossover Films.
Dr. Who "QUANTUM BREACH" Trailer (Star Trek Crossover)  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

June 15, 2018New Releases and Finds.  From from BrickMaster, (Lego Stop Action animation),  Star Trek The Original Series
Season 1, Finds:
Episode 1: Deep Space Explorer Guys: (1:00)
Episode 2: No Respect for Mr.Spock: (1:00)
Episode 3: Where No Man Has Been Before: (1:00)
Episode 4: Enterprise KABOOM: (0:54)
Episode 5: I'm a doctor not a ... (1:00)
Episode 6: New Enterprise (1:00)
Season 2, New Releases:
Episode 1: (1:00)
Episode 2: (1:00)
For more Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films, see

June 14, 2018New Release, a commercial (In Portugese) for Trekker Con 2018 in San Paulo, Brazil. Brazil, Propaganda:
"Comunicado de Emergência," (2:30), also at  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see  For more Portuguese Language Star Trek Fan films, see

June 13, 2018New ReleaseFrom Kenneth Saville,  Star Trick: The Home Movie.  (Newly posted and converted from VHS 1985 Parody of TOS.  Teen fans, clips from professional Trek, no costumes except a few shirt insignias, basic, bridge set, location shooting), (30:44).   For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

June 12, 2018New Release, from He's Passed, Augie's Great Municipal Band, (5:44).  For earlier films from He's Passed and more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

June 11, 2018New Release from Michael Bergeron, a film made when he was in high school, Star Trek: The Skipped Generation, (8:46).  For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek, see

June 10, 2018New Release from MrBonk85, Star Trek The Changeling Stunt Doubles (3:48).  For all of MrBonk85's prior Star Trek releases, see

June 9, 2018New Release, From Ghetto Star Trek, Star Trek: The Ghetto Situation 2, (5:43). Combined Video for Ghetto Star Trek: (12:12).  For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see

June 8, 2018New ReleaseMego Star Trek: Episode 1 - Mego Kirk v. Mego Gorn For this, and other Mego Star Trek Fan Films see

June 7, 2018New Release from Spaced Out Saga, Episode 8, FTL's On-Line! (6:06). For all of Spaced Out Saga's prior releases, see

June 6, 2018Major New Release and Major Find from the Actors Coalition Network Los Angeles. (youngish adult fans, costumes, rudimentary sets, location shoots, green screens, CGI)
Major New ReleaseRed Squad Defiant, The Battle to Exist (Silver Age, put together as a true fan film), (1:59:11).
Find, a compilation of two videotaped live stage performances,  filmed before a studio audience in 2016.  Star Trek Battle Bridge  It uses Golden Age costumes but has characters from both the Golden Age and the Silver Age.
For the permanent home of Star Trek works from the Actors Coalition Network Los Angeles, see

June 5, 2018New ReleaseWrath of the Chili Dogs (final project for RTV 200 at Palm Beach Community College in Winter, 1993). (2:55).  Posted on May 30, 2018.  For more school and church projects see

June 4, 2018New Release From Jake Traxxler, "Elite Fleet: Distress Call," (3:58).  For more fan film shorts, see

June 3, 2018, Major New Release from Dreadnought Dominion, a film which jumps between the reality of a shoot and the story being shot, (Golden Age, Adult fans, sets, costumes, props, CGI. This film also includes a deaf character who signs.) "Reality Check," (9:57).  For all of Dreadnought Dominion's prior Star Trek Fan Film releases, see

June 2, 2018Major New Release from A Call to Unity, A Fan-made Star Trek Audio Drama, (16:23).  I-tune link:  For links to the prior release as well as over four dozen other Star Trek Audio Drama series, see

June 1, 2018
New Releases from Starfleet Studios, Quick Trek (Live Action, Adult fans, Silver Age, costumes, special effects),
Episode 2, "Mudd's Men," (2:23).
Episode 3, "Fat Chakotay," (2:49)
Episode 4, "Half Breed," (1:51)
Episode 5, "Joy and Gratitude," (2:15)
For prior releases from Starfleet Studios, see

May 31, 2018New, The Orlando Sentinel reported May 29, 2018, that Opera Orlando was doing a Mozart Opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio,” reimagined as an episode of TOS, "Star Trek: Abduction."  Tickets available for May 31 and June 2. Ad: (0:30)  This article, pictures, and any videos made of this opera will be listed at Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance, along with other notes and videotapes of live Star Trek.

May 30, 2018New Release (Golden Age, Animation) Annoying Orange - The Wrath of Korn    For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Advertisements, and Educational Videos see

May 29, 2018New ReleaseStar Trek The Handicaptain, (Silver Age, Mego (hands visible moving the action figures), parody, green screens, sets, voice cast.) or  For its permanent home, see

May 28, 2018New ReleaseMrBonk85 (one person plays all parts, green screens, costumes, parody, Golden Age) has released, Star Trek Tomorrow Is Yesterday Stunt Doubles (2:33).  For all of MrBonk85's prior Star Trek Fan Films, see

May 27, 2018New ReleaseFuturama, Season 4, Episode 12,  (1)The Forbidden Planet, (2) Star Trek Wars,  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Advertisements, and Educational Videos see

May 26, 2018, New Release from Potemkin Pictures (Adult fans, some professional actors, sets, costumes, props, location shoots, CGI), a film involving the Starship Deimos, "The Deimos Factor,"  For prior releases from Potemkin Pictures, including those set concerning the Starship Deimos, see

May 25, 2018Major New Release from Excalibur Logs, An illustrated Audio Drama, rereleased now with a live voice cast (prior release had electronic voices) "The Haunting," (1:07:44). For the prior releases from Excaliber Logs and more than four dozen other Audio dramas, see

May 24, 2018New ReleaseThat Guy... Brian (CGI Only, Late Stone Age)  And straight on 'till morning... Star Trek Discovery, His YouTube Channel:  For more CGI only films with ships, see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

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