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October 15, 2019, New Release, from MrBonk85's comedy series, Star Trek Stunt Doubles.

Episode 24. Vanity Will Prevail Stunt Doubles The captain gets himself into another impossible situation! Will this be the end for him? Nah! He's the hero! (4:11) 15 October 2019. For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see and our new database page at

October 11, 2019, New ReleaseThe Morgellons Plague, Part 2 from ArtifactsofmarsThe Essex is ordered, despite the quarantine, to investigate a distress call from the civilian science ship  which is near the edge of the solar system. Meanwhile the Earth searches for the plaque,  while battling alien creatures brought from Venus. Special guest star Spock, and introducing the Nebula girls, the bluegrass group of the future. (15:55) 02 Oct 2019. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

October 10, 2019, Recent ReleaseStar Trek Mego Ambassador Contest from Bryce Culver. Mego retro cloth video parody skit. (1:30) 14 Sep 2019. For more Mego Star Trek Fan Films see

October 09, 2019, Recent ReleaseStar Trek Lego (German) Brick movie trilogy, with music sound track and German subtitles from Unimatrix 14113.
Der Anfang vom Ende (The Beginning of the End). Stardate 96596.0, The USS Explorer has been equipped with a new warp engine and has encountered an enemy species. The USS Adventure follows the distress signal of the USS Explorer and gets into a devastating fight. (4:14). 7 Aug 2019. For more Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films see

October 08, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trip Star Trek fan film of indeterminate age uploaded by Eric Keller. "We always hear about the best. This is about the worst." An adventure of the USS Derelict NCC 170. (8:20) 26 Sep 2019. For the latest info on Star Trip see

October 07, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek: The Lost Episode from Viral Duck Films. Political commentary as an animation. (2:07) 9 Sep 2019. For more Short Films (Not listed elsewhere) see

October 06, 2019, Major New ReleaseThe Human Adventure Golden Age Short Film from Star Trek Fan Productions. Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when Kirk asked for command of the Enterprise at the start of Star Trek, The Motion Picture? Written and produced by David Cheng and directed by Mark G.H. Lum, this impressive fan film which premiered at Las Vegas on August 1 and in LA on Sep 21, is now available online with enhanced audio: (15:20) 06 Oct 2019. For more about The Human Adventure see

October 05, 2019, Recent ReleaseSTAR TREK App-Enabled Tribble Demo Video from Science Division. An 'In-Universe' video introducing a new product, see their Facebook page, for more information.  (1:55). 24 Jul 2019 For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

October 04, 2019Find New releaseStar Trek Lego (remastérisé) from MGD Productions. Lego Brick Movie in French. "Shot between 2011 and 2013"
Le retour du Vengeur (The Return of The Avenger) (Re)vivez les aventures passionnantes de l'équipage de l'entreprise ! Nouveaux personnages, haut en couleur, viennent rythmer une mission qui ne se passent pas comme prévue... (27:45) 2012. For more Star Trek Lego (Remastérisé) see

October 03, 2019New Release, more from Star Trek Kids Drama by Aisha Akbar...
Cyber-bullying Stop! Being cyber-bullied can hurt our feelings and lose our happiness 😥. This video shows you how cyber-bullying is about and how we can stop it. Remember, we want to be safe and secure online. (4:26) 3 Oct 2019
For more Star Trek Kids see

October 02, 2019, New ReleaseThe Morgellons Plague from Artifactsofmars. The Starship Essex makes a port of call to the Earth, only to be quarantined when a plague breaks out, and a civilian science ship complicates matters by accidentally bringing hungry alien creatures back from the planet Venus. Today's guest star, commander Spock from the Enterprise. Also introduced are the Nebula girls, the bluegrass group of the future.
Trailer (3:00) 02 Oct 2019.
Part 1 (15:54) 02 Oct 2019. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

October 01, 2019FindRaumschiff Eberswalde Staffel 1 (Season 1). Billed as the first German Star Trek- Hörspiel (radio play or audio drama) podcast from 07 May 2009. Robert Thomas, a graduate of the Starfleet Academy - born in 2409, is transferred to the Starship Eberswalde. A routine job ends in disaster but welds Thomas and his Vulcan roommate T'Val together. In search of answers, the two are stranded on a mysterious planet. In Baham, time obeys other laws than the rest of the universe, the planet was once the center of the Temporal Cold War, but Thomas and T'Val's presence does not go unnoticed for long. Unknowingly they affect the timeline but only Captain Data from the Enterprise notices the change. To correct the story, Data has to find Thomas and T'Val in the alternative reality ... For more Raumschiff Eberswalde (Audio Drama) see

September 30, 2019FindGeriatric Star Trek, Star Trek VII The Really Last Voyage, Classic satire by Jim Carrey appearing in "In Living Color". Can be found here... (5:30)
In Living Color's : (5:25) For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

September 29, 2019, Recent ReleaseStar Trek Adventures Season 2 Ep. 1 Brick/Lego kid trek from Trek animator 12. (5:47) 26 Aug 2019 For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

September 28, 2019FindGhosts of Conscience, Part 4 from Doug Graham. A Golden Age, Star Trek Fan Film animated using Plotagon. (0:54) 17 Aug 2016. For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 27, 2019, New ReleaseClay Days: A Lost Episode Claymation of indeterminate age uploaded by Eric Keller. "This is a lost episode where the crew visits a planet that has a high amount of Helium in it. An evil computer is messing with the animals and turning them into monsters. Sorry about the very low quality of the film. Try to make out what they are saying. It's cute!" (8:35) 26 Sep 2019. For the latest info on Clay Days: A Lost Episode see

September 26, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek Das Abenteuer (Star Trek The Adventure) from Sebastian Schmidt. A short audio drama set on board Voyager. (14:40) 28 September 2019. For more details of Star Trek Das Abenteuer see

September 25, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek in Eberswalde: Der Fan-Film from Raumschiff Eberswalde. The new captain of the Enterprise is on his way to begin his duty, after greeting his new crew and giving them their first task to find out whats going on aboard the ship and the turbulences in the shuttle on his way there, finds himself at an old bureau in the past. A phone call from Q tells him he has to make a contract with the NBC bosses for a series about the adventures of a starship called Enterprise. after which Q brings the captain back to the future. (2:21) 22 September 2019. For the latest from Raumschiff Eberswalde see

September 24, 2019, New ReleaseSun Microsystems StarTrek Spoof uploaded by Robert Garner. Video spoof produced for Sun Microsystems employees in 1988 right after it achieved $1 billion in revenue. After competitors Apollo, DEC, and IBM star ships mutually destroy each other, there's a scene with Sun's actual VPs portrayed as captured aliens in business suits. (17:16) 27 Sep 2019. For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

September 23, 2019Find BBC Blue Peter - Star Trek Item (1997) uploaded by Edutainment Edutainment. British children's show, Blue Peter made a Star Trek homage in 1997 when Star Trek The Exhibition came to England. (7:24) 3 Sep 2019. For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

September 22, 2019, New ReleaseNajlepszy lekarz from Dem3000, the latest episode in Star Trek Przerobiony, the long-running Polish comedy recut of TAS. (2:35) 3 Sep 2019. For more Polish language films, see Blog 219: Non English Star Trek Fan Films at

September 21, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek Awake From Slumber Stunt Doubles from MrBonk85. Godfrey becomes an important member of the crew! (6:09) 21 Sep 2019. For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see and our new database page at

September 20, 2019Find/New releaseStar Trek Lego (remastérisé) from MGD Productions. Lego Brick Movie in French. "Shot between 2011 and 2013, this trilogy finally arrives on YouTube after going a long way through to a remastered version. Dialogue and history remains the same, hence the more ... simplistic aspect we will say of the plot ;)"
Trilogie STAR TREK LEGO - Bande Annonce  (2:35) 25 Sep 2019
1 Spectral Distress  (Re) live the exciting adventures of the crew of the Enterprise! Unlike the following two episodes, this story is independent and does not impact on the same characters as in the sequels. (8:02) 2011. For more Star Trek Lego (Remastérisé) see

September 19, 2019, New ReleaseOne Minute Trek from Nathaniel McGill with the help of his daughters, Katelynn & Olivia. Two little girls save daddy from the planet below! (1:08) 24 Aug 2019. For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

September 18, 2019, New ReleaseClassic Schwartz Episode II: Star Schwartz from XRP the Standard Productions. A parody that uses an animated Star Trek skit to explain XRP, a cryptocurrency. (4:38) 26 Aug 2019. For more Blog Professional Television's Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, and Foreign Imitators. see

September 17, 2019FindStar Trek; The Wrath of Farrakhan, classic satire by Jim Carrey appearing in "In Living Color". Can be found here... (4:58) 18 Jan 2008 (5:04) 25 Sep 2009 High quality DVD rip (5:00) 5 Mar 2010. For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

September 16, 2019FindStar Trek Meet The Batman, Corto en Stop-Motion from ESPACIO GEEK. Stop motion of action figures by Spanish-speaking filmmaker. (2:31) 25 Jul 2019. For more Francise Crossover Films see

September 15, 2019, New ReleaseA Star Trek way to make an announcement from Quarnz. I believe congratulations are in order. (1:02) 26 Aug 2019. For more Blog 207 Short Films (not listed elsewhere) see

September 14, 2019, New ReleaseJoaquin Parodies: Star Trek from Need All Exchange. Captain's Log Star Date 08.23.2019, Kraken Lounge - Historic Downtown Brownsville, Texas, Earth. The crew of the Flonkeprise receive transmission from The Feecus. I suspect this is a promotional video for a music lounge. (3:42) 21 Aug 2019. For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies see

September 13, 2019, New ReleaseStar Trek Adventures The Movie Brick/Lego kid trek from Trek animator 12.
Part 1 (9:30) 23 Aug 2019.
Part 2 (3:41) 23 Aug 2019. For more Kid Trek/Teen Trek see

September 12, 2019FindGhosts of Conscience, Part 3 from Doug Graham. A Golden Age, Star Trek Fan Film animated using Plotagon. (2:15) 16 Aug 2016. For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

September 11, 2019, New ReleaseStarship Chimera Part Three. A stop motion, action figure fan film from Starship Chimera 82405. The exciting concluding third act of Chimera takes the crew of the Chimera and the classic TNG crews to the planet of Misfit Toys, where the evil Overlords at last arrive, and rip the planet to pieces! Q finally stands up to them as an unexpected ship arrives to help also before they are off to the most legendary space realm of all, the Q Continuum itself! It is nothing like the boring tiny cornfield from the Voyager episode but a cosmic maelstrom. After a short reunion with his twin, Paris, Locarno and Dax are sent to find the destiny device itself their very idol, James Kirk! The crew mayhem goes boldly where no one dared before, with go motion fun for all fans! (53:08) 30 August 2019. From the previous parts of Starship Chimera see

September 10, 2019FindClear Mind from Spock oclock, Jens Dombek, a German fan who bears an amazing resemblance to Lonard Nimoy as Spock! This is a monologue: To Spock, Logic and the power of his mind are all important. (0:59) 01 February 2019. For more from Spock oclock see

September 09, 2019, New ReleaseStar Track Pickerd (Parody Of Star Trek Picard) from LPS Jazz Kitty. Having a little fun at the expense of the new trailer. (05:37) 21 Aug 2019. For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies see

September 08, 2019, New Release, from MrBonk85's series, USS MGTOW, a series based around the idea of "Men Going Their Own Way"
Star Trek Wink Of An Eye Stunt Doubles Loosely based on the Original Series episode. (5:40) 10 Sep 2019. For more of MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs see

September 07, 2019, Recent ReleasePicard meets online girl episode 10 of Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub by GeoMFilms. Picard finally meets the girl that he saw on an online dating site, he gets the girls permission for a date, he just wants to meet her. As a back up though Wesley is told to be ready to help the captain by speaking highly of Picard but that will be hard for Wesley because he hates him. What will happen? Will Picard find true happiness and love? (7:12) 19 Jul 2019. For more Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub see

September 06, 2019, New ReleaseEine Andere Identität (Another Identity) from Starship Parasol by Spencer Videoclip Channel. A Star Trek/The Orville crossover as Captain Spencer meets his counterpart on the night shift of the Orville. German with English translation in the description. (03:10) 07 September 2019. For more on Starship Parasol see

September 05, 2019, New Release, more Bermuda's Triangle from Artifactsofmars. Trailer: (1:57) 06 Sep 2019.
Part 1: A Federation ambassador disappears in an area of space nicknamed "Bermuda's Triangle" after the controversial area on Earth. Attempting to find the ambassador and others who are lost there,  the starship Republic is captured by the same anomaly, only to find one solar system and no other stars and an ore freighter whose crew has vanished mysteriously.  They continue to explore the planets in the hope of finding a clue of how get out of the strange void. (15:36) 07 Sep 2019
Part 2: The Republic follows a Zeta Reticuli  saucer in the hope of finding out if they are responsible for disappearances, including the entire crew of the ambassador's shuttle. Meanwhile, Lonny takes a team by shuttle to planet 5 to investigate a transponder signal, which is from the Ambassador's shuttle. As the void begins to clear, the Republic closes in on planet 6, toward an inevitable showdown with the Zetas. (15:26) 07 Sep 2019. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

September 04, 2019, FindShatner Of The Mount (and sequels!) from Jonathan Lane at Fan Film Factor shows how Captain Kirk climbing the mountain can sometimes get funnier and funnier. 04 September 2019. For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy see

September 03, 2019, New ReleaseStarship Chimera Part Two. A stop motion, action figure fan film from Starship Chimera 82405. Transported by Q to the mysterious Planet of Misfit Toys, the Chimera commanders discover a mystical being called Eon and some android clones who hold the key to the Preserver planets. Then in space, the Enterprise E and the Titan A must do battle at the anomaly field when a rogue Klingon ship with an old grudge appears, but they still must rescue the Chimera. The strange new plot continues with the parody fan film taking the crews out of their element, to worlds beyond imagination. (51:11) 30 August 2019. For more on Starship Chimera see

September 02, 2019FindStar Trek: The Beer Years (Parody 1998) from honest person. Was this ever finished? Will we ever see trailers 2 & 3? We may never know. Normally we don't headline trailers but it is over 20 years old and, how could you pass on a tagline like, "To boldly drink where no man has drunk before!"
Trailer 1 (2:11).
Trailer 4 (1:13).
For more Trailers Not Associated with A Released Film. see

September 01, 2019New Release more from Star Trek Kids Drama by Aisha Akbar...
Sins of the twins Part 1 Tatelyn's sleep disturbance is put to the test when she wants Pisceria and Piscara to come outside and chat with her for a while. Surely the next morning, Pisceria starts discovering why Tatelyn disturbed her and Piscara, rescheduling her duties for next week. (3:21) 1 Sep 2019
Sins of the twins Part 2 After discussing a disturbing sequence, it's now up to Pisceria and Captain Chaos to sort out about Tatelyn's sleep disturbance. Let's just say, it's one of these days which happen like this. (4:36) 3 Sep 2019
For more Star Trek Kids see

August 31, 2019FindGhosts of Conscience, Part 2 from Doug Graham. A Golden Age, Star Trek Fan Film animated using Plotagon. (1:47) 16 Aug 2016. For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

August 30, 2019, New ReleaseThe Naked Whenever LIVE at GenreThon 2019 the final performance from Improvised Star Trek after a ten year run! Something funky is afoot when the clothes on the USS Sisyphus go missing. The video includes cast warmups, the full episode begins at 15:00. Recorded August 24, 2019 at the OtherWorld Theatre in Chicago, IL. Winner of "Best of the Fest" for GenreThon 2019. (59:17) released 1 Sep 2019. For more Improvised Star Trek see

August 29, 2019, Recent ReleaseWoke Trek from TommyPolitical parody, created with Wondershare Filmora, in opposition to a perceived extreme feminism. (3:16). For more Short Films (not listed elsewhere) see

August 28, 2019, New ReleaseStarship Chimera Part One. A stop motion, action figure fan film from Starship Chimera 82405. Thirteen years in the making, this ambitious fan film is a love letter to trekkies everywhere and to the era of Next Gen to DS9 and Voyager. Cards and Kat outdid themselves with this go motion space opera parody set in the Star Trek universe, albeit not the official one. In the year 2388, the galaxy is threatened when an evil force more powerful and more evil than Q, threatens to rip the fabric of space time apart, hurling the newly minted Starship Chimera into a chance meeting with destiny itself! With the Enterprise E under Picard and La Forge, and the Titan A under Riker, they race to the anomaly field, with the stars coming apart! They race to rescue the Chimera also. (51:20) 30 August 2019. For more on Starship Chimera see

August 27, 2019, New ReleaseNexum Mundi from Axanar. This movie was created by over 30 students from all over Gwinnett County. The script was written by Vince Barnett, and several video teachers supervised the production. Over 30 students participated from many different schools. We couldn’t have done it without Alec Peters and his amazing set at Ares Studios! (7:30) 28 Aug 2019. For more about Axanar see

August 26, 2019FindBoldly Going Nowhere from EDJT. What happens when a starship looses power? Nothing good. Witty, well made fan film made by a couple of teens with a surprise ending. (5:04) October 16, 2013. For more Kid Trek or Teen Trek see

August 25, 2019, New ReleaseEpisode 10. Ruse from Starship Mojave. Commander Cook has noticed that the captain hasn't been himself recently, has he? (29:28) 28 August 2019 . For more Starship Mojave see

August 24, 2019FindA VERY young Seth MacFarlane on Adult Swim uploaded by Luke Johnson 23 May 2012. Although the title says it was for Adult Swim, MacFalane was working for Fox with Family Guy by 1999, long before Adult Swim began in 2001. A comment has suggested this was made for Space Ghost Coast to Coast which ran between 1994-99. (1:16). For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos see

August 23, 2019, New ReleaseHangout Gang, Season 1: Ep. 02 "Space Trek" from Adamation Hangout made with Plotagon. In this Episode the Gang Boldy Goes on a "space Trek" to visit a newly discovered planet. (11:20) 17 Aug 2019. For other Plotagon animations, see

August 22, 2019, Recent ReleaseBroth (БУЛОН)a Star Trek fan production from Сач Bullshit. A short parody from two young Ukrainian musicians in Russian with no translation or subtitles - If anyone can give us more information on this we would be very grateful. Captain Broth takes on board an unusual guest from another planet. The unexpected begins. (5:55) 30 June 2019. For more about Broth: a Star Trek fan production see

August 21, 2019, New ReleaseIT Guy's Log: Mixtape Vol. 1 from writer/actor/editor Adam Bergeron. The IT Guy's Log series shows you life for the IT Guy aboard Star Trek TNG's USS Enterprise. Mixtape vol. 1 brings all 5 of the first IT Guy's log videos in one awesome package! Just sit back, relax and enjoy all the problems the Enterprise D brings. (13:49) 12 Aug 2019. For more from The Bitter IT Guy see

August 20, 2019FindGhosts of Conscience, Part 1 from Doug Graham. A Golden Age, Star Trek Fan Film animated using Plotagon. (0:47) 16 Aug 2016. For more Plotagon Star Trek Fan Films, see

August 19, 2019Recent Release, more Cartoon Man Animations (Spanish with English subtitles) from Cartoon Man...
07 Cartoon Anastasia  The captain thinks he is William Tell! (0:21) 11 July 2019 .
08 Cartoon About Dogs Cinema night on the holodeck. (0:47) 11 July 2019.
09 Cartoon bunny Is the captain going to have dinner or be dinner? (0:30) 12 July 2019. For more Cartoon Man Animations see

August 18, 2019, Recent ReleaseStar Wars Real? episode 9 of Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub by GeoMFilms. In this episode we find out if Star Wars exists in the Star Trek Universe, Data gets mad that the planet he is visiting isn't making him their new leader and deals with a local woman who has a crush on him. Back on the Enterprise, Worf is stressing out because Captain Picard keeps asking him to help him meet the girl from an online dating site. (7:24) 10 Jul 2019. For more Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub see

August 17, 2019 New ReleaseCaptain on the (Holo)Deck from USS Atlas, a Live Action Role Play group in Niederdieten, Germany that is branching out into creating their own films. In their first test episode, Captain David Parsons, Commanding Officer of the USS Atlas NCC-80307, is spending some time on the holodeck. (2:55) 16 August 2019. For more from  USS Atlas see

August 16, 2019, Recent ReleaseGG1 Star Trek - Starring You! Gary Griffin has some fun inserting himself into an Original Series episode. (2:51) 10 June 2019. For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy see

August 15, 2019, New Release, Duty Now from Ronnie Redshirt. A futurist society asks Ronnie to be the guest speaker at one of their meetings. (7.18) 12 Aug 2019. For more of Ronnie Redshirt see

August 14, 2019New Release more from Star Trek Kids Drama by Aisha Akbar...
Introduction to new friends More friends have signed up, Missy Mint and Elly Crusher. (8:11) 3 Aug 2019
Q strikes back! Part 1 Oh no!!! Q is back to take over the universe!!! After a recent fright on a ride, Tatelyn argues with Q when she notices that Q is telling tales about Sarek but is it Q who transformed Tatelyn, Taylor and Sputnik on a ride? (3:48) 11 Aug 2019
Q strikes back! Part 2. After an argument in Taylor's ready room, Missy Mint tries to get Q to apologise to Tatelyn but didn't work. So Taylor and Tatelyn make it through Q's detention cell and are finally apologised by Q for pranking Tatelyn. (4:15) 19 Aug 2019
For more Star Trek Kids see

August 13, 2019FindStar Trek Wars from David Cooke. A run in between Darth Vader and Captain Picard & the crew of the Enterprise has been done many times but this animated parody puts a slightly different spin to it. Made with Anime Studio Debut 9.5 for the animation and Sony Acid Music Studio 10 for the SFX and score. (5:29). For more Franchise Crossover Films, see

August 12, 2019New ReleaseRomulan Devils on Mars from Artifactsofmars. Three Romulan super soldiers are found in suspension on the planet Mars, and a crippled starship is diverted to Mars to transport them after repairs are completed. When enemy agents release them remotely,  they begin to terrorize the population. As tensions heat up with the Romulans, the starship Hornet dispatches soldiers to the surface in an effort to stop them. It may be too late for the galaxy however, if the alien plot is not uncovered in time.
Trailer: (2:05) 01 Aug 2019.
Part 1: (14:18) 02 Aug 2019.
Part 2: (15:26) 02 Aug 2019. For more Second Life Star Trek Fan Films see

August 11, 2019, New ReleaseCan't Wait To Be Captain. In Kyna Byrd's cover version of Just Can't Wait To Be King from the Disney movie, The Lion King, Kirk (Kyna) and Bones (Oliver Byrd) sing a duet written by her in her college days. Recording by Tyler Ericson. (3:05) 11 Aug 2019. For more from Kyna Byrd see

August 10, 2019, Recent ReleaseCan I date your mom? episode 8 of Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub by GeoMFilms. Captain Picard wants to date a woman from an online dating app, but he realizes that in order to date her he must first get the permission of her son. In the mean time Data is trying to take control of a planet and gives a speech to the locals on why they should appoint him as their new leader while the crew has a dance off to some lil wayne music and the 'teach me how to doudie' music. (5:07) 05 Jun 2019. For more Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub see

August 08, 2019FindSettle In from Capohanf1. Third episode of the author's Golden Age Audio Book series which centers around intelligent feline aliens in Starfleet, Subtitled "D'Sefet's Cat House". (20:38) 31 Jan 2019. 05 Jul 2019, Release of a PROMO for the continuation of this audio book series, for which the author has 20 + episodes written and, as time permits, will make into new audio books.: This work can be read as prose fan fiction on the website or on For more Star Trek: Federation Instalation Nine see

August 06, 2019Recent ReleaseCartoon Man Animations from Cartoon Man...
04: Cartoon vector free Beaming up! (00:26) 09 July 2019
05: Cartoon download Hat tip to 'Inside Out' (00:13) 09 July 2019
06: Cartoon animation When pets get free! (00:15) 09 July 2019. For more Cartoon Man Animations see

August 04, 2019,  Episode 5.8 of The Improvised Generation - The Lost Episodes, “Mara & Chu’lak” A shore leave visit to Chu’lak’s home planet Vulcan leads to family drama for the newlyweds. (1:3:20) 05 August 2019. For more from The Improvised Generation see

August 03, 2019, New ReleaseEd Wood Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before from FredFlix. What if the infamous director of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" brought  his questionable talent to Gene Roddenberry's iconic creation? (2:38) Jul 25, 2019. For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy see

August 02, 2019I Made The Crew Disappear from PThe Bitter IT Guy. The ship's IT Guy has had it with this annoying users and finally has his wish fulfilled, for all of them to just disappear! (3:29). 30 Jul 2019. For more from The Bitter IT Guy see

August 01, 2019, New ReleaseStar Wars vs. Star Trek Lego Part 2 from Unimatrix 14113 with German subtitles. The U.S.S. Adventure flies after a shuttle and severely damages it so that it has to make an emergency landing on a planet. (2:13) 19 Jul 2019. For more Lego Based Star Trek Fan Films see

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