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August 20, 2018New ReleaseSter Terk (Golden Age Xtranormal animated short film) (0:47).  For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies, see

August 19, 2018New Releases, from Art Room, two parodies,
(1) Star Blecch Into Dumbness (Animation using photos of the heads of the JJ Trek Actors.  Parody of Star Trek Into Darkness.). (3:34).
(2) Old Spock's Off Their Spockers (3:04)
For more Star Trek Parodies and Comedies, see

August 18, 2018New Release from The Romulan War.
Episode 1:  Sleep is Hard to Find
Part 1: (4:46)
Part 2: (4:49)
Indegogo Crowd Funding:
For more Short Films Not Listed Elsewhere, see

August 17, 2018New Release From Dafter Things, "Klingon Encounter," (3:17).  For more Mego Star Trek Fan Films, see

August 16, 2018New Release from SHDU Studios, Lego Star Trek, Season 1, Episode 3: There Can Be No War Without Peace: (4:58).  For more from SHDU Studios and other Kid Trek/Teen Trek projects, see

August 15, 2018New ReleasesTrek Tales by Melz227
(1)  The Vulcans are Running the Ship: (0:58)
(2)  Spock Needs Help at the Store: (1:01)
(3)  Miss Robbie, the stowaway: (2:24)
For more Star Trek Parody and Comedy see

August 14, 2018Major New Release, a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover film, A Galactic parody (13:31).  This is primarily a Star Wars fan film but the people discuss Star Trek expressly, so Star Trek is real within the universe of this film.  For more Franchise Crossover Films, see

August 13, 2018Major New Releases from James D. Patalon, new episodes for his Animated Star Trek Series,
Episode 11:  Operation, Invade! (2018): (16:43).
Episode 12:  Cyborg (2018) (12:16)
Episode 13: Carol (13:31)
For links to all of James A. Patalon's Star Trek Fan Films, see

August 12, 2018,  Major New Release, Audio Drama from The Romulan War,
Sleep Is Hard to Find, Part 1: (4:22)
Sleep Is Hard to Find, Part 2: (4:41)
The Romulan War is a proposed fan film running a fundraiser as of 4/25/2018 Trailer released:, Website:  Trailed released May 28, 2018, (0:59).
For more than four dozen Star Trek Fan Audio dramas, see

August 11, 2018Major New ReleaseMurder In Space, a mixed time parody produced as a stage show as part of a charitable fundraiser, (58:38).  For more filmed or videotaped Star Trek For Live Stage Performance, see

August 10, 2018New Release, from Amused Studios,  Fruit Trek (3:33).  For more Star Trek Comedies and Parodies, see

August 9, 2018Major New Release from Star Trek Diplomacy (A Silver Age Czech Langauge Star Trek Fan Film Series) "Patriotka," (13:56).  For earlier episodes of Star Trek Diplomacy, see  For a collection of Czech Language Star Trek Fan Films see

August 8, 2018New Release from MrBonk85, Star Trek Stunt Doubles,  "The Meeting,"
Part 1: (5:13)
Part 2: (5:24)
For all of MrBonk85's Star Trek Fan Films, see

August 7, 2018New Release, fans sing all the intro songs for Star Trek, (1:50).  For more Fan-Mad title sequences for Pro Trek, see

August 6, 2018New Release, A Star Trek/South Park Crossover, Star Trek/South Park SW Park-Star Trek Klingons Attack, (2:37).  For more Franchise Crossover films, see

August 5, 2018Major New Release from Star Trek Outpost, and outstanding Audio drama set in the Silver Age, Episode 77, which is Episode 1 of Season 8, "Where Angels Fear to Tread," Listen or download here: (57:38). for all of Star Trek Outpost's prior releases as well as over four dozen other Fan-made audio dramas, see

August 4, 2018New Release, A short animation, OPen - 11_(Minions Star Trek)_ver.2018, (8:43)  Animation uses Minion forms for Star Trek crew members but not anything else from Minions.  No story.  Some partial sounds and footage borrowed from professional Star Trek.  For more Short films not listed elsewhere, see

August 3, 2018Major Find, from Austen Clement of West Valley High School, West Virginia,
1.  Star Trek: West Valley (Student Government Video) Nov. 2, 2011)
2.  Star Trek: The Math of Khan, August 27, 2012).   "Feel the Wrath of my Math."  It is hard to understand why an entire High School Math department would cooperate with a StarTrek parody in which Math is the bad guy, but in West Valley, West Virginia, apparently, not impossible.  For more about Star Trek films by Austen Clement of West Valley High School, see

August 2, 2018Find, Animation, Khan Redux  Also From Adam Brody, Khan! A scene from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan: and I'm Captain Kirk:  For more Comedy and Parody Star Trek Fan Films see

August 1, 2018New Release from James A. Patalon, another episode in his animated Star Trek series.
Episode 10:  1672 (15:32)
For links to all of James A. Patalon's Star Trek Fan Films, see

July 31, 2018Major FindStar Trek: The Toy Movies and other work from dyna74
The Toy Movies have a professional narration.
(1)  Star Trek: The Motion Picture Toy Movie
(2)  Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Toy Movie:
(3)  Star Trek: The Search for Spock (The Toy Movie):
(4)  Star Trek: The Voyage Home: The Toy Movie:
A film from the same filmmaker, using clips from the Star Trek Tour filmed in California and Taiwan: Adventures of the USS Infinity 3: Special Edition,
For more about dyna74 and their films, see

July 30, 2018New Releases from James A. Patalon, three more episodes in his animated Star Trek series.
Episode 7:  Monsters On My Ship (15:52)
Episode 8:  Disturbed (15:45)
Episode 9:  No Place To Be (19:54)
For links to all of James A. Patalon's Star Trek Fan Films, see

July 29, 2018Major New Release from Outpost, A Star Trek Fan (Audio) Production, Episode 76A, which is Episode 16 of Season 7, "Expecting the Unexpected," (released 7/27/2018) listen or download here: (20:00).  For links to all episodes of Outpost as well as more than four dozen other Star Trek Fan Audio Productions, see

July 28, 2018Major New Release from Starship Eagle, a sequel to the TOS episode, "Patterns of Force," (CGI, costumes, sets, location shooting, teen and adult fans) Eagle IV Patterns of Destruction, (1:01:25).  This ends with about 12 mintues of bloopers.  To watch all of Starship Eagle's prior releases, see

July 27, 2018New Release from Dreadnought Dominion and Vance Major Owen's The Constar Chronicles, Time's Echo (4:59).  For Vance Major Owen's other Star Trek Fan Films, see  For all releases from Dreadnought Dominion, see

July 26, 2018New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, Star Trek Logical Thinking #15, "Complex Questions(False Dilemma)," (1:53).  For links to all of Curt Danhauser's Star Trek Fan Films, see

July 25, 2018FindAdvertisement for Star Trek Into Darkness
from ESPN,
from Adult Swim:
For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Comedies, Advertisements, and Educational Videos see

July 24, 2018,  Find, German-Language Star Trek from Der Junior Trekkie
Ein neues Leben
Starfleet Away Team in Aktion (1:40).
Into the Dark  For more German Language Star Trek Fan Films see

July 23, 2018New Releases from James A. Patalon, his animated Star Trek series.
Episode 5: The Laughing Space Phantoms (13:42)
Episode 6:  The Little People In The Self Check Out Machine (11:49)
For links to all of James A. Patalon's Star Trek Fans, see

July 22, 2018New Releases from James A. Patalon, his animated Star Trek series (these are less about politics than the first two), A new Federation President is introduced in Episode 3:  Without (15:41)
and Episode 4: The Best Medicine (14:55).  For links to all of James A. Patalon's Star Trek Fans, see

July 21, 2018New ReleaseFamily Guy excerpt, Star Trek Convention w/Frakes, Stewart, (off-color humor; PG.) (4:12).  For more Professional Star Trek Parodies, Tributes, Commercials, Foreign Imitators, and Educational Videos, see

July 20, 2018New Release from Vance Major Owen, Stormfront, Part 2 (Released 7/20/2018) (14:14).  For links to all of Vance Major Owen's Star Trek Fan Film work, see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

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