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(10) Star Trek: The Romulan Wars

10 Their home base is Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Best release to date: Season 2 Episode 1, "A Day on the Line."  Link below.

Eight episodes ready for viewing.
Listing of Episodes at Starbase Studios' website:
Their You Tube home is here:
Page at Starbase Studios website:

With thanks to eMBee: Total time of film released as of October 17, 2013 (trailers, teasers, blooper reels, cast interviews not counted):  Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (3:24:01)

"Unto the Breach"
Preview: (0:56)
You Tube: (28:14)
With Portuguese subtitles:
Starbase Studios:

"The Outpost"
Preview: (0:56)
You Tube: (19:35)
Starbase Studios:

Review of the first two episodes:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Romulan Wars

"The Wings of Icarus",  Complete as of 12:30 am Tuesday Sept. 7 2010!
You Tube:
Trailer: (1:05)
You Tube: (43:16)
Starbase Studios:

A Review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Romulan Wars: ‘The Wings of Icarus’

"Let the End Try the Man" or "To Try the Man"  Complete as of Feb. 22, 2011

You Tube: (45:50)
Starbase Studios:

A review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Romulan Wars: ‘Let the End Try the Man’

"The Wounded"
On You Tube: (41:35)
Starbase Studios:
A review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: The Romulan Wars: ‘The Wounded’

In one comment somebody said that their Second Season, Episode 1 will be entitled, "The Atlas" written by Andrew J. Lucas.  Four more episodes are being planned for the second season.
Season 2 teaser: (1:05)
Season 2 opening sequence:

I've watched the first five episodes.  They were not released in order, but as 1, 2, 5,3,4.  I think the strongest was 5.  Strangely, I do't think 3 and 4 were nearly as good as 5.  This is not a formal review, but if you only want to sample one of these, try 5.

The show is based on the TOS Season 1 episode that introduced the Romulans, "Balance of Terror."  It follows Earth spaceship Captain Stiles, who is mentioned in "Balance of Terror" as being the ancestor of the TOS helmsman by the same last name.  The actor who plays Captain Stiles in Romulan Wars is a heck of a lot better looking (his picture tops this webpage) than the actor in TOS.  Captain Stiles commands the USS Yorktown.  This show takes some cues from Enterprise, which is set in the same time period, but also offers it's own touches.  I liked the acting of the core group.  Really enjoyed the show.  They seem a little unpolished, but not in a way that was out of character, more in a way that sold the characters.

Opening credits for Season 2: (0:59)
 Season 2 Preview: (1:55)

SEASON 2 EPISODE 1: "A Day on the Line" FINAL VERSION (25:30)  BEST EPISODE AS OF THE TIME IT WAS RELEASED! (August 29, 2013)  Watch with Portuguese Subtitles: (25:30) or (25:30) or download here

Clip from "Banshee" released September 2, 2014. (2:33)
Preview for Banshee: released later on Sept. 2, 2014: (0:29)

Trailer for the next film, "One of Many" On You Tube: (0:36) or Facebook: (0:36)

Teaser: (0:44)
Preview: (1:27)

One of Many
Part 1 of 2: (15:01)

Season 2, Episode 2, "The Needs of the Many" An older version was removed and replace on November 27, 2014, (33:16)  With Portuguese subtitles: (29:23) and (29:23)  OR,!FBNSSBIY!Zb0J7WH4ofp2I3md8XPB6B4ixm5vc-X5UKSRlczDJas
New version uploaded 4/6/2016:
Starbase Studios:

Released March 21, 2014, Rom Wars Preview 2: (0:32)
Released 8/22/2014, Romulan Wars sneak peak (2:16)
Released 11/8/2014 Romaulan Wars Preview: (0:36)
Released 11/22/2014 (0:36)

Bloopers uncensored: 2007 through 2013: (12:34)
Original teasers and trailers: (before any episodes were released): (0:58) (1:06) (2:01)
Deleted Scene from Ep. 1: (0:46)

February 23, 2015: Sneak Peak: (1:00)
April 6, 2015, posted, then withdrawn.  Corrected version released April 11, 2015, then withdrawn :    Season 2 Episode 3, "Arius" Starbase Studios: (23:52).  You Tube (posted 4/14/2016) (22:50).

June 16, 2015, "The Atlas",  View it here: (12:47).

"The Tunnel at the End of the Light", preview (July 18, 2015): (0:31)
Preview (January 7, 2016):
Preview (January 18, 2015): called 2nd Preview: (2:05)
Preview (July 25, 2016): (2:05)
4/27/2017 The end is coming to The Romulan Wars
4/29/2017 Teaser
5/1/2017 Teaser

Part 1 Released , The final episode, "Tunnel at the End of the Light,"
Part 1 Released, 5/30/2017:
Part 2 Released, 7/28/2017:

Trailer for new Episode, released October 16, 2018, "The Banshee," (1:07)

The Romulan Wars Returns, (1:00)
The Romulan Wars Preview, (0:32)

CGI collection by Executive Producer Lee Gartrell for other, unidentified Star Trek Fan Films set to copyrighted professional Star Trek music, (5:22)


  1. did you get a chance to review this?

  2. No, I post my reviews as soon as I do them. The truth is that I have been very busy just posting what is available. Romulan Wars offers a well-organized, well-run website, where you can find the episodes once you find the website without my help. My first priority here is simply to FIND fan films and then to make them available through links. You can see at a glance this is a live action adult film with costumes and some CGI. Many other fan films are posted in a disorganized way, so I review those first because I have to watch them just to make sure I have them posted in the right order, and I have all parts of each episode. My next review priority is to look at episodes I have been told are likely to be Quick Pick Treasures, rating a 5 on my 5 point scale on which JJA Trek spent $150 million, and barely rated a 4 even with an extra point for being a lot of fun... in other words, it was really a 3. The films I rate as a 5 are a lot better than the most recent professional Star Trek movie. The idea is to convince people who watch Quick Picks that Fan Films are worth their time, and therefore to build audiences for ALL Star Trek Fan Films.

    Romulan Wars falls in the in-between class. I've heard good things about it from some people who have seen it. I've gotten "Thank you" e-mails from people who only knew it existed through my website. Having listed it here, people can find and watch it without further help from me. No one has told me either that it's terrible and belongs in my "Not recommended even for Trekkies" grouping, or that it's the best thing they've ever seen, and I should have people who can barely stand Trek watch it. It's probably a good solid effort.

    Given a choice between going through listings of possible fan films I haven't even listed yet, that don't even have links (and I've got as many as 100 in that hopper) and reviewing a film that is likely to get more than a 2 but less than a 5, I feel it's more important that I at least LIST the other films.

    This policy is having results. I am being contacted by filmmakers who have already finished fan films they had not previously posted on the web just because they didn't think anyone would find them. One had a fan film, but hadn't given his project a name! We worked on a name together, and he is now finishing and posting his film project!

    I look forward to the opportunity to just relax and watch what I expect will be a good set of films like Romulan Wars. They told me that you can watch episode 5 before 3 and 4 without harm, but I do like watching stuff in order, so I may wait. Frankly, when I started this project I was starved for Trek, now I'm drowning in it. But what I WANT is to make it available.

    Please feel free to review it yourself. Unless the review is vulgar or uses offensive language, I will post it. However, my criteria are clearly set out in my Ratings system. Your review will not influence mine.

  3. Let me correct my own comment... I didn't start this project because I was starved for Trek. I started it because I loved Star Trek: Intrepid, and enjoyed it a lot, while JJA Trek gave me a headache and made me sad. I enjoy MANY of the fan films more than what I call "Trek Wars." My reasons are set out in my review of ST:XI, and my essays at the bottom of this website, including "Why Star Trek Reviewed."

  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I think your site provides a valuable service. Tehre's a lot here that I wouldn't have known about if not for your site.

  5. Act 1 of the next episode has been released on the Romulan Wars Facebook page.

  6. I have now watched this series, and I am not doing reviews at this time, but I think it's worth watching. Most of it would be rated 3 or above.