Saturday, June 27, 2009

(111) Star Traks Mechinima

(111)  Comedy/Parody
Star Traks Nexus website (which is mostly prose):
Star Traks Mechinima website:
Veoh Home:
You Tube Channel:
Inept Star Fleet crew aboard the Silverado
These films are listed in TWO places:
Star Traks Mechinima, Complete on Veoh:
Part 1(2:53)
Part 2(7:03)
Part 3(7:42)
Part 4(6:17)
Part 5(6:44)
Part 6(4:05)
Part 7(4:13)
Part 8(7:16)

and also Complete on You Tube:
Star Traks Mechinima:
Part 1 (13:31)
Part 2 (9:04)
Part 3 (14:54)
Part 4 (12:50)

Star Traks Mechinima IClone Test  (4:19)

Spin offs:
These are prose stories rather than films.
However, this film, "Star Traks: Silverado - Haven Revealed," introduces one of the prose stories: (3:30)

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