Saturday, June 27, 2009

(122) Star Trek: Bohemia (Czech only)

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This extensive drama by adult fans uses Costumes, Green screens, props to tell a series of stories.  Available in Czech only.   12 Episodes.

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(Silver Age, adult fans, costumes, props, partial sets and green screens):

Episode 1
Trailer: Star Trek Bohemia 1x01 Trailer: (1:58)
Episode: Star Trek Bohemia 1x01   (1:19:01)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x01  (10:57)

Episode 2:
Trailer:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x02 Trailer:  (0:56)
Episode: Star Trek Bohemia 1x02  (40:03)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x02  (6:12)

Episode 3:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x03   (46:11)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x03   (11:27)

Episode 4:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x04   (1:03:02)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x04   (11:49)

Episode 5:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x05   (37:19)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x05  (8:55) 

Episode 6:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x06   (39:34)
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x06 (4:21)

Episode 7:   Star Trek Bohemia 1x07    (41:21)

Episode 8  (not available in USA):
Downloadable here:
Bloopers:  Star Trek Bohemia 1x08  (4:56)

Episode 9:  (not available in the USA): .
Downloadable here:

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

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