Saturday, June 27, 2009

(135) Star Trek - DIStant COusins


This movie appears to be pretty complete, even though it was called, 'Part 1' when released.  Given the time that has passed, I have decided to give it its own page, at least until I find a reason to not do so.

Star Trek - DIStant COusins, the movie.  (Mechinima, Silver Age, Star Trek Online, drama) Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, although the Facebook page is in Slovenian.  After the opening, it becomes very slow placed. Although animations of humans appear on the screen, the only voice is the voiceover.  We do not care about the characters, so even the battles, when they come, are boring.  They are clearly fighting the Borg, but I also see other Federation enemies who would be unlikely to join the Borg in an attack.  Perhaps this is clear to the people who play Star Trek Online, but it was not clear to me.  What's more, most of the shooting is by Starfleet, with great effectiveness and little of the enemy firing on them.  In spite of what the filmmaker said, below, this appears to have some sort of conclusion. Movie: (1:17:50) . Facebook page: Posted January 19, 2014.    Story starts at Wolf 359.  You Tube Home: . The creator said the following in a You Tube PM:


This is a movie that is beginning of a story, for next sequels and a promotion of Star Trek and STO. 

I am from Macedonia, Skopje. The movie was made from all the fleet members who are mainly from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. it was fleet effort to film it and produce it.

I am happy for providing you more info if needed


Trailer for Part 2: Delta Rising: released August 26, 2014

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