Saturday, June 27, 2009

(142) Starship Parasol(German with some English subtitles)

142   The long list of Star Trek Fan Films listed as existing which I can't find, link to, or offer a way to see have been moved to

Starship Parasol:
       Web photo comic series
Part 1 "A Question of Time"
Part 2 "A Question of Time" (3:42)
Live Action Video:

Released 7/4/2017, (German Language, Adult Fans, Silver Age, costumes, green screens,)
Ep. 2., "Strange Behavior,"   English subtitles were printed below the film as of 7/4/2017 but did not appear as the film played.

 A Star Trek Production - Der Besucher(The Visitor)  --

Early Star Trek video by the filmmaker, posted March 1, 2018, Die Kubianer, A Star Trek Fan Production,

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  1. I'm John Whiting, and I played Dr. Henglaar on Hidden Frontier. I made the comment about having worked on Mr. Genovese's "Red Shirt Insurance" fan film and not receiving a copy of it.

    I don't know who sent you the obscene comments claiming that you were attacking the film, but I've got a pretty good guess. If it's the same person (and it very much sounds like it), he also frequently attacks Hidden Frontier and has been stalking us for nearly fifteen years now.