Saturday, June 27, 2009

154 Actors Coalition Network Los Angeles

154   Star Trek: The Original Series (Season Three) has been moved to

Two films, both live action.

The first is a compilation of two live stage performance groups filmed before a studio audience in 2016.  Star Trek Battle Bridge  It uses Golden Age costumes but has characters from both the Golden Age and the Silver Age.  Posted January 25, 2016.  Alone, it would be under videotaped live stage performances.  Hence, this was placed in accordance with the second film, below.

The second, Red Squad Defiant, The Battle to Exist is a true fan film.  It is set in the Silver Age, in the year 2378. It has rudimentary sets, location shoots, costumes, CGI, props.  It is about primarily original characters and Ambassador Spock. (1:59:11). (Posted May 31, 2018)

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