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(170) Star Trek: Beyond/Star Trek: Minotaur

170  This is the Fan Film series.  For the Professional Movie, aka Star Trek 13, see

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Season 6) has been moved to

Shot in Connecticut, the Writer/Producer is from Texas.
Set 160 years after Voyager returns.
Live Action.

Four seasons are available. The series has been completed. Two shows were lost in post-production and will not be reshot, but the creator/director/writer has told me via e-mail that he is working on recreating them for viewing. He also says that the first three episodes are not as good as the rest of this series. I will review the series when I can.

Available to view online, by download, or by DVD.

To view online, click here: or

eMBee has been kind enough to find and then share with us the following torrent links:  (WARNING: advertisements are not suitable for children)

pages with descriptions and episode index on piratebay:
DVD 1:
DVD 2:
DVD 3:
DVD 4:
DVD 5:

The follow don't seem to work with either .sx or .se
torrent download links:
DVD 1:
DVD 2:
DVD 3:
DVD 4:
DVD 5:

magnet links (for those who can't access thepiratebay or who prefer magnet links)

Follow-up series.
Star Trek Minotaur (Bronze Age, Adult/Pro, Live Action, Drama)  Their home base is East Texas.  They posted a script on March 5, 2015 here:  They plan to  will be a series that is set 150 years after Voyager, with a ship lost in a 'different dimension' (alternate Universe?).  Their You Tube home is here:
Here is their Facebook page:

In spite of apparent activity this summer, the series announced it might feature an alien captain in July 2014, proving that, contrary to prior claims, they had not started shooting.  It was, therefore. moved here.  Since the production group overlaps with that for Star Trek: Beyond, if it is moved from slow progress/short term hold to long term hold/abandon, it will be moved to the same page as Star Trek Beyond.

They do not permit viewing of their (so far, limited to trailer) releases to the general public.  You must give them your e-mail address to be permitted to view their releases.  Here are the instructions which I received by e-mail:  SPECIAL NOTE: After 6pm on July 3, 2014, the Q Storm Productions blog at  will be cut off to people who have not subscribed for access via  Subscriptions to the studio blog is FREE and only requires you to send in your email. The studio blog grants members exclusive viewing of the new series trailer, news updates, bonus "behind the scenes" production stills, and much, much more! The series FB page will only present promotional news and photos.

If you sent them your e-mail address, in theory you should be able to see the trailer, which was released here: (2:47) on July 4, 2014.  The trailer is about half titles, and includes some dark scenes which, aside from game-quality CGI of a Borg cube, remind me more of a horror show than Star Trek.  Neither female appeared to be a Borg as we understand Borg on Star Trek.

They released their 'unoffical credits' in June, 2012, now the project a hopes to release its pilot in early 2013, with more episodes in the spring and summer of 2013.  That didn't happen and they are talking 2014.
Production Update (Jan 24 2013)  (5:08)  Comments on Feb. 1-2, 2013 show the story includes the Borg.  Production update 10-16-2013 shows they have still not started shooting, and are still months away from starting to shoot.
Magazine article about Star Trek: Minotaur:

Gabriel Charles Koerner, who said he has worked on DSC, claims that this event below regarding the sale of the startrekbeyond domaine name was not related to the above fan film, but that the domain was owned by a person named Michael Chang-Gemault.
On June 19, 2015, the production traded the name, Star Trek: Beyond for a chance to pitch a TV show to Paramount called Star Trek Unchartered.

In March 2016, they released a new set of DVDs to finance their proposed new project, Star Trek: Minotaur.

ST:Minotaur is discussed here:


  1. btw: if anyone is interested, the original website can be seen on

    it doesn't have any torrent links but only a search: which is no longer working because isohunt is down. i am guessing that this search would have found the same torrents, but i can't confirm it.

    greetings, eMBee.

  2. a few select episodes of star trek beyond have been posted on facebook on the star trek minotaur page:

    they are in higher resolution than the DVDs and worth taking a look. (now i need to figure out how to download videos from facebook)

  3. the series sound great but the links don't work

  4. Thank you for that! Links go bad, and with thousands of links, I miss many of them! I'll try to get links that work!

  5. For all, the entire STB collection is posted at STBEYOND on Facebook.

    Admiral Quintana [via subspace]

  6. The Pirate Bay has moved from to Changing that fixes the links -- or at least the ones I tried.

  7. P.S. The guy who traded Beyond for Uncharted was actually ANOTHER guy, Michael Chang Gummelt -- no relation to this iteration of Beyond as far as I'm aware. Just a name that gets used a lot! :)