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(180) Star Trek: Trailer Trek

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Star Trek: Trailer Trek: An Unauthorized Parody
Completed in 1998, it won the "Golden Reel Award" for special effects at an annual film festival at Northern Illinois University.  It was shown on a local TV station in DeKalb, Ill. in 2001.  Since then, it has been remastered and put on You Tube.
It identifies itself as being in the 23rd century, which would make it Stone Age or Golden Age, but the uniforms of some are  TNG, others are TOS movie era.  Ships also mix TOS and TNG era.  There is one uniform that looks like TOS.  It seems to be a remake of The Doomsday Machine using a mobile home trailer instead of a cone.  The Shuttle Craft looks like a US Shuttle from the 1970-2000s period.  Then we get a Voyager class ship and another ship introduced to provide sexual and racial stereotypes.

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Brian J. Daley identified himself as the guy who did Trailer Trek and was kind enough to send a comment, which read in part: Here are a couple of little fun facts about the film: 1. In 1995, I gutted my trailer home to build my own special effects studio in it for a year. That same Trailer in the movie is the one I gutted.
2. The film started out as a Christmas present for my brother-in-law (Werner Haberstock) and grew out of control into a three year project.

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  1. Projects do have a way of growing out of control and taking on a life of their own don't they.. The time and commitment to make this shows through. Truly a labor of love. Bravo!

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