Saturday, June 27, 2009

(185) Transolar Galactica


Transolar Galactica: Parody Series.

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Transolar Galactica, The Original Series
Episode 1:  Second Star: (5:05) or
Episode 2:  Beam Them Aboard: (3:32) or
Episode 3:  The Will To Live: (4:58) or
Episode 4:  The Invasion: (6:40) or
Episode 5:  Peace Negotiations: or or
Episode 6:  Release the COBRAs: (5:40) or
Episode 7:  Edge of the Universe: (6:57) or
Episode 8:  Ominous: or
Episode 9:  Slow Day: or
Episode 10:  Everything That Ever Mattered: or

Transolar Galactica, The Origin Series
Episode 1:  Return of Icarus:
Episode 2:  Kidnapping at Blue Horizon:
Episode 3:  Sibling Rivalry:
Episode 4:  Fall of the Dark One:
Episode 5:  Sins of the Father:

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