Saturday, June 27, 2009

198 Mego Star Trek Fan Films


1.  Mego Star Trek: Episode 1 - Mego Kirk v. Mego Gorn

2.  From Dafter Things,
"Klingon Encounter," (3:17)
"Passing the Time," (2:43)
"The Admiral's Daughter," (3:48)
"Red Shirt," (4:39)
"The Officer's Christmas Party," (3:48)

3.   The JackSack, see

4.  Star Trek: Enterprise The New Generation, see

5.  Commander Rob, see

6.  Star Trek: The Handicaptain, see

7.  Freddy's Star Trek(Action figures, ship shots from the TNG TV show, voices lifted from the TNG TV show, original story), Done in college,  Released March 23, 2008.

8.  A short silent film of TOS mego puppets dancing.

9.  I Am Beautiful.  Stop Action Worf Video: (0:40)

10.  Star Trek The Rescue  (4:35) (Low production, one night in 1992)  Poster: .  Toys are moved around, some in stop motion, some visibly by hand, and voices and sound are added to tell a story.

11.  Spaceship Away!!!  The story is narration with an occasional imitation of a character's voice, acted out with dolls.  Nice mix of drama and comedy. .  Listed here: .

12.  J2productions, a new Fan Filmmaker, offers "Star Trek The Figure Series" Mego stop action with sets and 'action figures.' (10:15).  The film tells a story with neither dialogue nor true animation.

13.  From Ra'Kaan a Mego film with some actual animal (a cat?  I'm not sure) from 1992, "Star Trek The Rescue,"  Much of this film is dark and hard to see.  It does tell a story.

14.    Star Trek: The Next Generation Stop Action Animation.  Created in 1996 as an attempt to get a job in advertising, this is a Mego Animation. (14:53)

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