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(20) Star Trek New Voyages (known at times as Star Trek Phase II)

Star Trek: New Voyages, known for part of its production run as Star Trek: Phase II, is two parts continuation of The Original Series and one part Galaxy Quest. Anyone who likes The Original Series, but thinks the later series took themselves too seriously, will love Star Trek: Phase II. You will not find better production values anywhere in the Trek fan film universe... and you are not likely to find better production values in the future. From eMBee: Total of completed films (not blooper reels, interviews, trailers, teasers... films only) as of October 17, 2013: Star Trek: Phase II    (7:21:29) +added by me...(Kitumba, 1:05:25) = (8:26:54)

After the release of the fan film guidelines, this production was shut down.  The set is being used for a paid tour.  Here is a commercial for the set tour:

Produced by Cawley Entertainment Company (CEC) and Retro Film Studios LLC. the home base for this production is currently in 'Upstate New York' at Ticonderoga, NY where their Star Trek Film studio was moved to from it's smaller, original location in Port Henry, NY.

Their website at has been shown as 'under construction' since May 2, 2016 but there is an excellent English language website created by German fans at

You can follow this production on IMDBWikipediaFacebookGoogle+ and Bing Video Search. The main video download channels for their work are...
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II-International -
Many of the downloads on the international channel have subtitles and they have a playlist of the episodes in viewing or chronological order (ie not the order of release) and host the episodes on Vimeo.
James Cawley -
Robert Mauro -
Gordon W. Watts on GoDaddy and HostGator
J. Alec West, 'The Undiscovered Mirror', of special interest because of the various formats available
Digital New Age had the videos available between Dec 2009 - Sep 2016 but this channel is now inactive but can be seen on the Internet Archive.

There does not appear to be any official Torrent download website since December 2016 when went dark.

In December, 2015, they released a 16:9 wide-Screen MKV format file in return for a small donation: (24:08)
Up to May 2016 you could donate to the film production and running expenses of the studio on their website.

(All pictures are the copyright property of Cawley Entertainment Company/Reto Films Studio)

They have hosted a number of mini conventions around their studios called "Trekconderoga".

Trekconderoga 2015
, Sep 4-6 Website (archive)
Press Republican, Plattsburgh newspaper articles Aug 3 and Sep 17
Subspace Radio, Internet radio discussion Aug 18
WAMC, Radio coverage Aug 7
Seven Days, Vermont newspaper articles Sep 1 and Sep 9

Trekconderoga 2016, Aug 12-14 Website (archive)

Trekconderoga 2017, Aug 25-27 Website

Jan 16 - "Come What May" released.

Jul 30 - CBS notice New Voyages!

Sep 12 - Fan Film Follies podcast interview with James Cawley

Apr 3 - Field of Dreams video features James Cawley describing his TOS set
Oct 2 - A special by Ben Farda & Tony Falvo (19:48) from 4:35 it gives some enlightening commentary about decisions made in making some of the shows.

Oct 31 - Amusing fundraising video by Pony Horton (6:00)
Dec 12 - A video interview with the 'new' Phase II Kirk, Brian Gross (3:47)

Dec. 16 - A web article on Geek Exchange

Feb 3 - A mention in the Prime Directives blog at Voices From Krypton
May 23 - Podcast interview on TrekFM with cast and crew
Jun 7 - The new sets and new Kirk are discussed on CNET
Jun 15 - The 7th Matrix article discussing the series
Jul 4 - BoingBoing on the 2014 sets, including the until-now-missing engineering section.
Jul 29 - Interview with James Cawley and crew on the SciFi Dinner Podcast
Aug 30 - The Chinese on Phase II, they get a bit confused and seem a little out of date

Oct 11 - "A ‘Star Trek’ Dream, Spread From Upstate New York" NY Times article
Oct 16 - A.V. Club article
Nov 19 - Interesting article on Slate in the format of a cartoon!

Jan 18 - CNN report: Star Trek: Upstate New York
Feb 3 - Aurora Sentinel article, an interview with Andy Grieb

Jan 5 - Interview on Cracked with John Lim about playing Sulu

In the Tampa Examiner (Florida, USA): (dead link)

Episode 0 - Come What May
Subtitles: US English, UK English, German, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; Portuguese (Brazilian); Czech

Watch it here:

Released on Jan 16, 2004, it was withdrawn from the official Phase II website but is once again available on the Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II-International website. This original pilot is not as technically proficient as their other episodes. It has a convoluted plot which, in many ways, doesn't quite work. Still, this episode would be the pride of many of the other fan film groups.

Rating: 2.5 or 3. This show introduces us to the new cast for TOS, but the story is convoluted, and not only because there are two sets of entirely unknown aliens who have undefined special powers but also because the main characters, particularly Kirk, act strangely. Kirk trusts an alien woman who has proven herself untrustworthy, and seems to know which of two aliens caused a problem without any evidence.    The writer seems to want to grab the Q and the Borg and bring them, together, back into TOS.  The sets are excellent, the acting is good, particularly considering how weak the script is. The editing is excellent, and the show holds our interest.  The use of images from the TOS shows and movies recast with the new actors helps us in the transition, which, years later, was also made by Paramount.
Also in Portuguese Here:

Jan 16, 2004 - Article on The Logbook
May 27, 2012 - Mention of 'Come What May' on Trekspeak interview with Larry Nemecek (32:58)
K - 17/05/17

Episode 1 - In Harm's Way
Subtitles: US English, UK English, German, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; Portuguese (Brazilian); Czech

Watch it here:

This show is better written than "Come What May," and instead suffers from, if anything, a little too much realism. In fact, the repeated, similar problems the crew encounters, in which it takes a few tries to get it right, feels more like real life than like TV.  Maybe just a little too much like real life.  This show is also the beginning of Phase II/New Voyages signature, the use of aged original TOS actors in their films.  The time jumping was hard to follow, but it was in keeping with the Star Trek pre-JJA use of timelines, even if it would have given Captain Janeway a headache.  It was confusing, but coherent, the opposite of "Come What May." One of the elements of fan films which is commendable is how many, including this one, build on elements from past shows and movies, although the use of Doomsday Machine Wars seems to be a fan film theme which has been done a number of times by various groups. Given our current worry about nuclear proliferation, that is, perhaps, appropriate as well. I rate this episode a strong 3.5.

The show had a strong 'fun' factor, showing us the space shuttle in a typical one-car garage in a modest suburban home, and bringing us back to where TOS started, with a shot of the injured Pike waiting for his journey to the planet where his life will go on, if only as an illusion.  It is more amateurish than Phase II/New Voyages' later show but shows significant growth, too. Much of the plot seems to turn around trying to allow William Windom his return performance.   The idea that the attack of the Doomsday Machines would cause the Klingon alliance to happen earlier is certainly believable.  However, the show has the feeling of trying to just do too much. You feel their anxiety that this could be their last show, and they are trying to squeeze too much into it.  As time goes on, the confidence of the Phase II team grows, and their product improves with their confidence.

In Harm's Way was released on October 8, 2004.  On October 8, 2010, the original director offered the a recut, and upgrade to 720 p, now only available through him.
Other people's comments on it:
Nov 8 2004 - Review on The Logbook
Jul 24 2009 - Review by Randy Hall in Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Phase II: In Harm’s Way

Episode 2 - To Serve All My Days
Subtitles: US English, UK English, German, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, SpanishBrazilian (Portuguese)Czech Mexican (Spanish)

Watch it here:
Rating: This is either a 4.5 or what I’ll call a 5i.  I for Imaginary Story.  There’s no such thing, of course, in the Trek Canon, (they are all equally imaginary) but I’m an old Superman fan, and when the folk at DC had a really great story to tell that would destroy their timeline, they told it anyway.... but told it as a “what if...”  Story, a story that didn’t happen in their canon, but could have.  If Star Trek had such a construct, this would clearly be a 5, but events happen in this story which would absolutely undermine the Trek canon, and Trek has no such construct, so I’m taking off half a point.  Or, if you, too, are an old Superman fan, and you are comfortable with that construct, you can just consider this a 5 for an “imaginary story.”

Save for the problem set out above, this is the first of the Great Phase II episodes.  The story is well written, well directed, well shot, well acted, the sound, sets, and special effects are better than TOS without disrupting our chain of thought.  It is entertaining and well edited. I got so engrossed in the story that at times I was momentarily startled that the actor was a Phase II actor, not the original TOS actor... that it wasn’t a particularly good TOS episode I had somehow missed.  Like the best of TNG, there are two stories which interact, one about people whose economy depend on war trying to foment it, an obvious swipe at Dick Cheney’s background as a war industry mogul a warrior with no real combat experience, as he did everything in his power (and he had a lot of power) to distort a real story (the attack by Al Quida out of Afghanistan, here represented by the Klingon attack on a small vessel) into an attack fueled by the much more powerful nation of Iraq, which in fact, was an enemy of Al Quida, not an ally of it. This is totally appropriate to Star Trek’s heritage, as a powerful political commentary, not quiet commentary, either.  One only wishes this could have been run on real TV, instead of being part of Phase II’s 30 million downloads.  (current estimates put this at over 100 million, but the 30 million was estimated a few years ago).

The Chekov story is also engrossing.  What would we do if our lives were suddenly cut short, and would be handle it with grace and dignity?  We see the stages of grief, well shown and well acted, as Chekov and his friend, Ambassador Rayna deal with issues of life and death as two good friends facing it together.

Aug 1 2014 - Released on YouTube by (59:50) with an alternative ending.
Dec 31 2013 - Director's Cut released by Jack Marshall on YouTube on (1:00:28)

Other people's comments on it:
Nov 23 2006 - Review on The Logbook
Aug 21 2009 - Review by Randy Hall in Fan Film Friday on SciFi Pulse. 404 Error on 18 Oct 2017, entry substituted
Review by Trek writer, Dave Galanter on his Facebook page, Sam and Dave Blog Classic Trek. 404 Error on 18 Oct 2017

Episode 3 - World Enough And Time

Watch it here:
A truly great film.  The writing, acting, directing, editing, and CGI are all there, and there is something particularly touching about this Trek remake of The Tempest, referenced heavily in the Episode.  It's hard to sort out if it's the scientific consistency, absent in more recent Trek, the slower pace, which permits you to enjoy and bond with the characters, the original cast member, the touching daughter, the framing of it into the late TOS movie era... Of course, TOS never had the quality of CGI that this show has, but the charm of the show, as in TOS, turns on the human cost of scientific and survival issues in space.

Download Mirror:
Also offers subtitles in American English, UK English, German, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.  (At one point I thought there were Greek subtitles but I didn't see them in Dec. 2013)   There appear to be links to websites for Hebrew and Japanese speakers, but I did not see evidence of subtitles.
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|632p10|2951875437|New_Voyages___World_Enough_and_Time___legendado_ptbr.avi|676879|R~EFC7472A1E582C7E5AFEB69AD99738A9|0|0
Czech:  4x03 - World Enough and Time (Na světě mít času dost)

Extended version with deleted scenes released December 2010:

Other people's comments:
Fan Film Friday: Star Trek Phase II: World Enough and Time
The Logbook

Episode 4/5 - Blood And Fire

Watch it here:
I have now watched both parts, and I may be the only fan of this series who waited for the final, good download of Part II to watch either part.  I am not prepared to post a final review, but it was worth the wait.  This series has its weaknesses, but it also has some strengths that blow away TOS.  Among them was it's treatment of the overly discussed love scene between Peter Kirk and his gay intended, featured in the picture here.  This was a love scene, not a sex scene, and it was far better done than any love scene in TOS between any two characters.  I don't consider myself a big fan of either love scenes or gay story lines, but this was a human story line.   Although Cawley seemed to be overdoing Kirk's peculiarities, there turned out to be reasons he was doing it.  I've read a lot of complaints about this double-length story, but for the most part, it's a wonderful watching experience.  I haven't done the full analysis, and don't yet know it it will be rated a 4, a 4.5, or a 5, but it's clearly excellent and worth your time.

Parts 1 and 2 combined: You Tube with subtitles: (1:32:18)

Other people's comments:
The Logbook

Download Mirror:
Also offers subtitles in German, Italian, and Danish.
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|557p3|1208381367|Phase_2___Blood_And_Fire_Part_1___legendado_ptbr.avi|237737|R~B32AE02382ECAF43D089AE782A359578|0|0


The sound is final as of  May 1, 2010, here is a place to download this fan film: . 

This thread discusses issues at this and other download sites:

Download Mirror, now fully operational:
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|389p12|2735602186|Phase_2___Blood_and_Fire_Part_2___legendado_ptbr.avi|459731|R~25B46DB477D3F2A5F486EE03AF257831|0|0
Subtitles for both Parts 1 and 2:
4x04-4x05 - Blood and Fire (Krev a oheň)

March 5, 2010 Phase II  has released the final cut and sound of Blood and Fire Part II on You Tube.  I have not read about problems viewing it here, although the quality of You Tube is always limited.
BAF_PT2_ACT 4-FINAL- 3/4/10

March 12, 2011.  Phase II has gotten the download on this to work.  Download here:

or here: which also offers subtitles in German, Italian, and Danish.
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|389p12|2735602186|Phase_2___Blood_and_Fire_Part_2___legendado_ptbr.avi|459731|R~25B46DB477D3F2A5F486EE03AF257831|0|0

A review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek Phase II: Blood and Fire

And here's a review of Part II:    The Logbook

Episode 6 - Enemy Starfleet

A teaser is available. (3:09)

Watch it here:

The full episode can be seen on You Tube as of April 16, 2011: (58:06)

This mirror has this episode ready for download:  for more mirror download websites, see:

Another mirror which also offers subtitles in American, English, German, and Danish.
Here is a download with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese:!download|436p3|166521921|Phase_2___Enemy_Starfleet___legendado_ptbr.avi|702035|R~EB7417322D63AF8A0C7918456DBF4662|0|0
Czech subtitles:
4x06 - Enemy Starfleet (Flotila nepřítel)
This release is discussed here:

Here are reviews:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Phase II: ‘Enemy: Starfleet!’ The Logbook: Star Trek: Phase II – Enemy: Starfleet! The Logbook
A thread:
Another Review:

Episode 7 - The Child

Whole episode on You Tube: (52:38)

Watch it here:

"Teaser" (Actually, opening of the episode): (6:14)
Act 1  (9:18)
Act 2 (10:59)
Act 3 (12:30)
Act 4: (13:31)

Download Mirror: (Available April 5, 2012, First Contact Day).  Also offers subtitles in English(US), English(UK), Italian, German, and Catalan.

Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|621p1|1185531896|Phase_2_-_The_Child_-_legendado_ptbr.avi|562313|R~23A17091127083ED183783C8D0AB4B4C|0|0
Czech subtitles:
4x07 - The Child (Dítě)

A discussion:

A Review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Phase II: ‘The Child’

An article with a thread of reviews:
Trek BBS Discussion:

With German Subtitles
Teaser : (6:12)
Act 1: (9:18)

Episode 8 - Kitumba

Watch it here:
Full Release: (1:05:25), (1:05:26)  or here:
with subtitles in Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, English (US) or English (UK) (1:05:33)
Also with Brazilian Portuguese: (1:05:33) or download or move to your own cloud server here:!AEt1XJCB!GZ2yMEy1VD2GHUKQxKIJFyQ3BJBL9qjWnTrMKvX1XHI
Czech subtitles:  4x08 - Kitumba (Kitumba) (1:05:52)

For old format TV or HDTV versions with subtitles go to .  (As of January 2, 2014, subtitles were available in English and German ONLY.)
Torrent download website:


Discussed here:

Teaser (3:57)
with German subtitles: (3:57)

Teaser and play list with first two acts:

Another Teaser: (3:48)  Also here: (3:46)
Trailer: (1:49)
Act 1, without color correction: (13:04)
Act 2, without color correction:  (7:55)

First Half Preview: (26:42)

Kirk changes actors!
Here's the demo tape:
Interview: (3:46)

Euro News article on Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II, posted October 3, 2014: (3:42)

Comic Book ("Star Trek Phase II: Conspiracy"), in three parts.  Part 1 released Nov. 2 2014, download or view here:

UPDATE dated 11/16/2014 on both The Holiest Thing and Mind Sifter:

Episode 9 - Mind Sifter

This episode was re-shot entirely with a new script in June 2014.

Watch it here:

Here is a short clip: (2:42)
Teaser released December 1, 2014, same day as the episode: (3:33)
First Released December 1, 2014, Modern VFX effects with Stereo: (1:17:51), (1:05:26),  and subtitles: (1:05:26)  or (Dec. 30, 2014)(English, German, and Spanish subtitles:) February 9, 2015, Portuguese subtitles: (1:07:31) (1:07:31)  OR
Released December 2, 2014, Modern VFX effects with 5.1 Surround Sound: (1:17:51) (1:06:57) with subtitles: (1:06:57)
Released December 2, 2014, 1960s-style VFX effects, (1:17:36), (1:05:13), with subtitles: (1:05:13) with German subtitles: (1:05:13)

Downloads in standard TV (SDTV) 480 (640x480), High Definition HDTV 720 (960x720) and High Definition (1080x1440) all 4:3 ratio.  Has subtitles in French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Japanese.

For this episode with English subtitles (and more subtitles to come) see

With director's commentary released March 8, 2015: (1:17:51)
With VFX commentary by Pony Horton released March 8, 2015: (1:17:48)
With post-production commentary released March 9, 2015: (1:17:48)
With subtitles in US English, UK English, Spanish, and German. Released March 12, 2015. (1:17:19)

With subtitles in  Catalian, Danish, Dutch, UK English, US English, French, German, and Italian, modern VFX and 5.1 surround sound, released March 25, 2015, (1:17:51)
Won an award at The Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards 2015:
Best Supporting Actor or Actress, Clay Sayre as "Kor" Mind Sifter from Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

Video Review with spoilers: (5:53)

Theater showing:

UPDATE issued Sept. 11, 2015:

Episode 10 - The Holiest Thing

Watch it here:

Released 1/15/2016: (1:07:14) or .  In stereo, for headphones, (1:03:53) for loudspeakers, (1:03:53). With commentary: (1:03:53).
Director's Cut: (57:06)
Another Director's Cut location: (57:07)
Downloads with mulitple languages: including American and British English, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Interview of Brian Gross, the new Kirk:
By Rick Chambers.  Filmed in June of 2013.  Stars Brian Gross in the role of Captain Kirk.  Trailer with German subtitles released Nov. 2, 2013:  (1:14).
Earlier Trailers: (1:05) and (1:00)
Release planned February 14, 2014, but delayed due to power outages.  No new released date announced to the best of my knowledge.

Trailer released Dec 15 2014: (1:59)
Trailer with German subtitles released Dec. 25 2014: (2:00)
Trailer released 12/18/2015 (2:03)

Article about Rick Chambers:
Article released 8/27/2014 about the state of unreleased episodes and a view of "The Holiest Thing."

James Cawley has made it clear that, the podcast notwithstanding, he interprets the June, 2016 Star Trek Fan Film guidelines to prohibit completion of the films he has already shot, let alone the ones he still intends to shoot.

Episode 11 - Torment of Destiny
Somebody else released this version of this film: (40:00), but they require you sign up for it.

Episode 11 - Bread And Savagery

Filmed in June of 2012.  Never released, and never to be released.  Here is an article about the writer:
Article about recasting Kirk.
"Intercepted broadcast" from the Roman planet: (0:33)
Exerpt posted December 9, 2012  (4:38).

EPISODE 13    Never released and never to be released.  "Torment of Destiny" Shot July, 2015.  Follow-up to "For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky".  by Rick Chambers. Rivkah Raven Woods as Natria, the High Priestess of Yonada.  Clay Sayre as President Ro'kail, Rebecca Larken as To'Rya, and special guest star Richard Hatch as Orthros.

Appears to be the same trailer:
Trailer: (1:51)(Dec. 29, 2015)
Trailer: 6, 2016)

************ Issues have arise about the following episode.  More information as it becomes available.

Star Trek New Voyages has ceased filming and are using their sets for a paid, officially approved CBS Tour.

Episode 12 - Troublesome Minds
Never shot and never to be shot.
By Dave Galanter.  Yet to be filmed.  May be replaced by another project.
Scripts in the works:
On March 2, 2013 James Cawley posted on Facebook that he had the next four scripts, all by known Star Trek professional authors.  No update on their filming times was posted.

"Mudd in your Eye" by Howard Weinstein
"The Tribble Troubles" by David Gerrold (title will probably change!)
"Jo-anna" by Dorothy C. Fontana
"Troublesome Minds" by Dave Galanter"

Episode 13 - Torment of Destiny
Never released.
See trailer, teasers here:


Vignette 1 - Center Seat

Rating: 5  In sharp contrast to ' vignettes' I've seen at other websites, this one tells a short and interesting story with a seat-of-your-pants moment as well as introducing a character. It's well written, well directed, well acted. The cgi work is very good, the always welcome excellent Phase II sets are as welcome and excellent as always, it's entertaining, well edited, and consistent with physics. Time: 5 minutes, 46 seconds.

Download website:
offers subtitles in American, English, German, French, Portuguese.
Brazilian Portuguese:
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles: Star Trek New_Voyages: Center Seat
Catalan subtitles here:
and here:
Producer's Cut: (5:36)

Other reviews:

Fan Film Friday: More ‘Star Trek’ Vignettes

The Logbook

Vignette 2 - Special Featurette 
Watch it here:
(Phase II does not consider this a Vignette.) (1:16) is a response to JJA Trek.

You can watch an interview of James Cawley on Star Trek XI here: and another interview here:

In addition to producing new episodes of TOS, which cannot be done for profit, James Cawley has acquired rights to produce new episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century which would mean the production company would have a means to make some money. However, that project will be outside the scope of this website.  If you wish to see this effort continue, you can contribute to it.  Information on how is here:

Here is an article about this group:

Vignette 3 - No Win Scenario 

Watch it here:
At 8 minutes, 59 seconds, this is longer than some productions full episodes.  It maintains the Phase II mark of exceptional quality in special effects, editing... you name it.   Filmed in 2005, "No Win Scenario" can be watched or downloaded here:
In Torrent:
all other forms: (the second offers subtitles in English, American English, and German).
On You Tube with or without English subtitles (click "CC" for the subtitles) (8:59)
With Portuguese Subtitles on You Tube: (9:00)
and on Vimeo: (9:00)
Download with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:!download|722p5|1838246152|Star_Trek_New_Voyages_Phase_2___No_Win_Scenario_legendado_ptbr.avi|96260|R~D359DA81327CCB95381406F2D4B02325|0|0
Catalan subtitles:
Reviews:  Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Phase II: ‘No Win Scenario’ ;   Tampa Bay Examiner: Star Trek Phase II Celebrates 7 Year Anniversary With New Release ; Trekland  The Logbook

Episode 4 - Going Boldly

Watch it here:
Revised re-released version:  Dec. 22, 2013: (9:14)
Watch the earlier release here: (9:04) or in HD here: (9:04)  or, with Portugese subtitles, here: (9:14)
A memorial service introduces a new actor for Phase II's Captain Kirk.  Includes shots of Alec Peters as Garth.
Subtitles available: American English, UK English, German, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

YOU TUBE shorts released without official status.
Here is a scene cut from Blood and Fire but released on You Tube:
BAF DELETED SCENE, about The USS Kobayashi Maru(2:52)
Some people like it better than JJA's version.

Kirk promotes Chekov(2:10)

For reasons I'm not sure of, this Japanese poster has posted Phase II on the web, with no Japanese subtitles and lower quality postings.  I don't recommend it, but I guess if everything else is down:

The following thread offers a 20 minute films of 'behind the scenes' footage.  Like so much at Phase II, the quality of it is evident.  I don't generally include this type of 'extra' in these pages, but I enjoyed it so much I had to make an exception:
More: (4:26)

This is a guide for submitting scripts:

Here are some locations of Phase II in other languages:

Downloadable episodes:

French subtitles for

Phase II Fan Website in Catalan:

Brazilian Portuguese
All offerings:
WEaT: .  Others here:


Hebrew Reviews:


Star Trek Phase II Brazil:

If you do not speak English as your first language and would like to offer to provide Phase II with a translation into your language of their script for subtitling, this thread discusses that topic:

James Cawley's Video page on Facebook:
James Cawley's day job (Elvis) :

Fan Films of Phase II  Phase II's own passionate fans have produced fan films of this fan film... (there is the potential here for an infinite regression...)

Gravity Arch Media and Pony Horton (Live Action, Sets, costumes, CGI, ... ) presents a comedy, "1701 Pennsylvania Avenue",

Watch it here: (11:02).  To see this film with Portuguese subtitles go here: .  (Oh, and hey, that actually was funny... )
Reviews: Fan Film Friday - Star Trek: ’1701 Pennsylvania Av.'Trekland
Trailer for this video (released after the video): (0:54)

Released Dec. 24, 2012, "Cookin with Gas."   Pony Horton and some voice talent give us a Christmas Feast of CGI .  The Enterprise takes one more trip before her refit. (6:30).

Music Video:  Everything I do, I do for DeSalle (4:47)

Star Trek: Pursuit (Teaser Trailer) a film about Uhura with Phase II's Uhura... (1:40)
Discussed here:
Phase II is discussed here:

If you enjoy Phase II as much as I do, consider donating.  They can't charge for their work, but we can pay them as if we were going to a movie.  To Donate, look at these two pages: .  You can also donate what you can via PayPal to:

Cawley Entertainment:

Non-Trek projects

 In addition, Buck Rogers will be produced by CEC / RFS. Buck Rogers Begins webseries is licensed to CEC and RFS by the Dille Family Trust, owners of the Buck Rogers trademark. This series will be produced and distributed on a for-profit basis at least initially on the web out of Port Henry, New York. Buck Rogers is beyond the scope of this blog, but will have it's own website. Buck Rogers Begins

Finally, this group is undertaking a fan film, Back to the Wild Wild West, vis: The first shoot on this Fan Film series is set for late 2011 and early 2012.  It will either be "The Night of the Golden Spikes" or "The Night of the Bloody Terror."  Here is a short preview showing the opening credits: (1:05)

The following project was shot in part but then shelved for multiple reasons:
NEVER released and never to be released.

Film about shooting "Origins"
Part 1:
Part 2: (20:21)
Part 3:


Significant changes are being made in this project. It may be abandon, or they may start remaking it from scratch.
Hot from the filming (June 4, 2010!) (3:14)
Rough cut teaser (July 15, 2010) (3:30)
Title is subject to change.  Thread seems to call this "The Protracted Man."?? or
Sneak peaks and clips: (3:14) (0:09) (0:09) (1:54) includes a shot of Alec Peters as Garth.
Trailer (1:40)



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  2. where did the cheney guy go he was in the first new voyages, and did abunch of really funny movies. roswell 1847 and cheneys tomorrow never comes also recon 7 down he dead?