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(214) Fan Mash-ups and Recuts.


Attention:  Any fan of Mash-ups and Recuts who wishes to create "Star Trek Reviewed -- Mash-ups and Recuts" I would be delighted to turn this page into an index for your website, rather than have this disorganized page here.

This is a listing, not yet in any particular order, of fan recuts I have found.  In some cases, it's a You Tube channel with many, in some cases it's just one recut.  Some are carefully constructed original stories, others are little more than re-edits for what the cutter thinks is humor or other effect.

A discussion: (Not only Trek): Mash It Up

Planned RE-cut of Star Trek V: Star Trek: Beyond the Barrier

Planned original story using "A Final Unity" game,

There are already websites devoted to these.  Here are two:

50th Anniversary Special "Explorers."

This fan tries to fill in some of what we didn't get from Enterprise. "The Romulan-Earth War Movie." (10:20)

NX-01 Destroys Borg Cube (0:58)
The Borg, a recut:

The Prime Star Trek Universe reacts to the JJA Trek Universe:

40 Years of Star Trek is a tribute doing recuts: (4:09)

TOS Movie era recut, "Star Trek: The Wrath of Sulu" (7:04)

Star Trek: Another Way, fan trailer looks at another outcome for the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture,

Star Trek - The Search for the Undiscovered Country FAN MADE

All identified Ferengi Rules of Aquisition (6:26)

What's in Spock's Scanner (3 videos)
Part 1  (4:18)
Part 2 (6:54)
Part 3 (11:31)
Posted by:

9 11 Lessons from Star Trek:  : (7:15)

The TOS bridge crew watches Miley Cyrus's performance at the music awards in 2013. (1:31)

Star Trek: The Lost Episode (this one is Kirk v. The Borg). (5:29)

More Lost Episodes: (9:18)

New Voyages Beyond (a recut of Star Trek New Voyages (aka Phase II) in the style of JJ Abrams running & explosions: (1:34),

Recut tries to tell the story of the JJAbram's prequel comic, Star Trek: Countdown, (5:42).

Call me Maybe Star Trek, Parody (3:13).  clips from TNG and ST: First Contact

Recut 386 The Wrath of Data
Part 1:
Part 2:

Star Trek: Redshirts (3:47)
Jonathan Coulton - Redshirt (3:57) (a tribute to the Redshirts that died in TOS.)

Star Trek (Recovery of the U.S.S. Johnson) Fan Film (13:37)

A pilot/proof of concept, "Demon World," for a proposed series, TAS Continues.  The producer is looking for animators interested in working on a non-recut series.  This pilot episode combines artwork from TAS and voices from a 1990s video game, (11:39).

Star Wreaked (another TAS recut)

TAS Parody Mash-ups, "Kirk Squad,"
Episode 1:  Kirk's Hangover, 8, 2018)
Episode 2: Lock Out, 12, 2018)
Episode 3: Dave, 23, 2018)
Episode 4: Clear as Mudd, 27, 2018)
Episode 5: Pain in the Bem, 2, 2018)

This isn't even a real recut, its new fake sound on the Kirk v. Gorn fight:
(Benny Hill Style) (0:47)
(New Sound) (3:15)

Star Trek: Into the Abyss (proposed opening based on a 1990s game) (6:43)

Star Drek Spoof 1992 (5:06)

King of Kings/Borg.  The devil is replaced with a Star Trek villain.

Common/People - A William Shatner, Kirk and Spock mashup (5:02)

Star Trek Legends (HQ) (An almost religious tribute to Trek) (8:00)

Star Trek Meets Monty Python (1;39)

Starfleet Strong.  Commercial for Starfleet. (2:32)

Trailer for a game, Star Trek: Theurgy, (6:12)

Teal'C and Worf fight for honor
SNL-Star Trek Spoof (Not SNL, a remix inspired by an SNL skit): (2:33)

This You Tube channel has a collection of Star Trek Death Matches: (also one Pro Parody)

Voyager recuts.
Voyager Mash-ups and recuts: SazzyAgain

dayjoborchestra does a lot of these with fake voices added , one example:
DJO-Star Trek- I'm a Big Chocolate Slut

Remixes and recuts, mostly of TOS, but mixes it with other Trek and non-Trek images, too:   A few shorts by one producer.
  A remix  Captain Kirk's first command (0:57)
  A combination of empty shots of the enterprise and a remix.  (3:24)
  more than a dozen others at his home page: .  They do not seem to tell stories.

Multiple Recuts, many eras,

Lesbian implication from use of TOS stills:  Yeoman Rand and the Temporal Rift (3:44)
More recuts involving sexual stories:

Brokeback Trek: (2:18)

TNG Recut: 146 Retribution (6:13).  You Tube Channel: has at least 153 TNG recuts.

Star Trek- The Next Generation, Full House Intro, (recut to into music from Full House) (1:26)

Star Trek: The Promised End  Channel:

Part 1: (9:27)
Part 2: (9:43)
Part 3: (5:51)
Part 4: (5:44)
This appears to be the same poster: (5:00 of 36:00)

This recut of DS 9 only includes information about the crew's life. (19:34)
This one is a music video recut called, "Star Trek South Park" (3:44)

This re-edit is by  It has the popular name, "The Lost Episode."
Channel that posted (but did not create) it: . It's clearly from more than one TOS and TAS episode.  This poster has other mash-ups on his channel as well.
Part 1 of 8: (9:56)
Part 2 of 8: (9:56)
Part 3 of 8: (9:55)
Part 4 of 8: (9:56)
Part 5 of 8: (9:55)
Part 6 of 8: (9:56)
Part 7 of 8: (9:55)
Part 8 of 8: (9:24)

There seem to be a whole set of these by different You Tube Accounts, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Sitcom.  One is already in the Parody/Comedy group.
Here are some of the You Tube Accounts: Married with Children, (14:14)  This is largely a recut of a single episode.  The plot is barely changed, but the tone is adjusted and condensed.  Not a bad job. (already placed one) (has a series of 7 'mashups.') did Star Trek: The Sitcom (3:55)

Greenlandmedia also does recuts with his own sound: List:

Recuts with voiceovers by dayjoborchestra (search for Star Trek)

Star Trek II: The Space Seeds of Khan's Farts (3:45)

Franzlola seems to do mash-ups... in French.

Mash-ups from the maker of Star Trek v. Batman:
Star Trek II: The Space Seeds of Khan's Farts: (3:46)
Longest Star Trek Fall ever: (1:32)

Dark Falcon (Mash up of Star Trek Voyager, Falcon Crest, Prisoner of Cell Block H, other 80s TV shows. (14:43)

Dark Man Productions

Alternative ending to a Voyager episode, Future's End: (2:59)

Mash-up creates a trailer for JJA Trek I: Star Trek: New Frontiers (3:37)

Some of these are intended to be funny, but often there is little but farts and sexual references.  Here's an example of one of those:

This fan does many TNG recuts: , some have some original CGI, e.g., Riker: (1:47)

Star Trek Funny (4:50)

Here's an entire series with two seasons, "Star Hood Trek"
You Tube Home:
Season 1: 8 episodes, 2 to 6 minutes each.
Season 2: 9 episodes, 2.5 to 10 minutes.

Star Trek by FaN MaDE (recuts JJA Trek)

Deep Space 9 Parody: (7:09)

Star Trek TNG & South Park: (1:08)  Poster seems to have many other remixes, vis:
This mixes Star Trek TNG soundtrack with South Park video.  (1:34)

Star Trek TNG watches Star Wars IV (The original film) (3:00)

Star Trek Parody (based on the episode "Rascals" with no knowledge of Trek) (3:12)

Star Trek Meets Monty Python

If remixes had "Really really bad stuff" some would qualify... like this one:
Star Trek: The Retarded Generation  (3:01)

German language remix
Voyager Parody: (0:50)

The following link at the Trek BBS links to a series of films it identifies as mash-ups:
At least some of these boarder on the obscene.

Yesterday's Enterprise (Fan Made) (A Mash-up/recut of TOS and TNG)
Part 1 (9:52)
Part 2 (9:52)
Part 3 (1:23)

Over 200 TNG recuts from Major Grin:

Star Trek: Tribulation (1:12:38)

This Recut of TNG footage, "Captain Picard sings 'Let it Snow'" is the hottest Star Trek Fan Film on the web as of December 2013. (2:11)  Also here:. (2:10)
TOS: ST Parody 2 (2:26)
Star Trekkin (with TOS mash-up) (3:45)

Recut to TNG and TNG movie footage, "Make it So" a parody of "Let It Go" from Disney. (3:39)

Promotional trailer for game:  Star Trek: Theurgy: (6:11)

Star Trek XI Alternate Ending: The Prime Timeline is Restored (1:55)

War Treks of the Stars ... Star Trek v. Star Wars v. The Police. (7:15)  More information and downloads:

Star Trek Wars - Battle - (2:52)

Star Trek Voyager Parody - (3:18)

The Worf of Starfleet  (parody of the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street) (2:14).

Recuts in McDonald's commercial (appears to be fan-made) (1:56)  More recuts from the same poster, Brook Oliver, some off-color:

Franchise Crossover Mash-Ups
Star Wars/Star Trek/ Dr. Who + (4:43)

Silent, "Star Trek Spoof." (1:09)

Parts of one TNG episode with comedy soundtrack added: (3:54)

Star Trek- Starfleet Academy recut of games: (2:01:15)

Recuts to Fit Christmas Songs
Let it Go from Frozen (Make it So)
Wonderful Deep Space 9
Let it Snow (Make it So) (2:11)
Merry Klingon Christmas

Captain Kirk reacts to President Donald J. Trump:

Star Trek/Dr. Who Mash Up

Star Trek Intro using Hawaii 5-0 music.

Star Trek Inferno (Romulan Empire Video) Trailer for a movie.

Star Trek: Attack of the Klingons, a video made up primarily of recuts from movies to make a new story.  From Hike Animation,
This combines footage from Star Trek films with original CGI.  Star Trek: Attack of the Klingons . (12:11)

Mash-up crossover films,
(1) WTG - The Crossover Battle (StarGate v Star Wars v Star Trek)
(2) Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser + Star Trek
(3)  Star Trek Meets Lost In Space: (16:00)

Voyager Mash-up with Tesla launch (doesn't really make sense since the car is electric),

Star Trek TNG Running on Windows Vista  The poster's channel has other recuts,

Star Trek Dicovery[sic] USS Dicovery NCC 1031 Trailer Season 1

JJ Trek Mash-up
1) from Emma Skyler
2) Solo: A Star Trek Story:

Star Trek: Starring Guy.  Guy inserts himself into TOS footage for an original (very short) story.

Sulu: A Star Trek Story (recut has stationary photos of head imposed mostly on Star Wars footage.)

Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness redone in the style of Infinity War

TAS Mash-up: Star Trips With Joe Rogan:
Episode 1:  The Planet,
Episode 2:  It's a Ship! (5:55)
Episode 3:  Quite a Monster! (5:55)
Episode 4:  The Meeting (5:42)
Episode 5:  Christmas Special (7:09)

Commander Shinzon's channel has many recuts:

Star Trek Voyager Fan Trailer: (0:59)

Fan edit of The Cage (8:26)

JJAbrams movies mashed up to look like an Alien/Predator plot, (2:37)

Nick Acosta:
TOS mashed up with JJA, some individuals are moved onto the other's ships, Live Long and Star Trek, (6:59)
TNG mashed up with Pokemon, (1:08)

Phil Hamilton
Lost In Space/Star Trek Mash-up, "Star Trek: Lost In Space," (16:00)

Star Wars/JJTrek Trailer made as a mash-up, (3:17)

Sulu: A Star Trek Story.  Mash-up to make Sulu into a more Star Wars-like character. (1:02)

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek (2:36)

Emilio Larronde's  The Man Trap: A Star Trek Story, (1:17)

TOS Recuts:  The Observers - Season 1 Episode 1, Man in the Middle. (6:26)

"Leave It To V;Ger" (0:39)

New Parody TNG Edit 345 Mr. Homm Manservice (2:21)

When The Bowel Breaks (0:38)

A recut of Star Trek Into Darkness, transferred to Black and White as a silent film.
Star Trek Silent Movie, (1:41)

Star Trek: Grimlock Edition.  Offensive recut of TAS.
Remastered, Ultimate Edition (Aug 20, 2015) (9:46) (2) Funny Voice Over (Nov 30, 2015) (6:47) (3) (Oct 20, 2018) (4:56)

Starblazers Mash-up includes footage from JJA Trek 2009, (1:20)

Star Trek 2399: (1:51) (trailer for imaginary TV series). For others from the same filmmaker, see

Trek Wars (2:21).  More Mash-ups and recuts by the same filmmaker:

Bedank2309(reassimilated) (5:00)  Recut mixed with commentary.

The Final Battle - Kirk v. Picard (4:54)

Kirk & Spock Have Better Ideas for Short Treks! (1:32)

The trouble with tribbles feat. Vader.  Star Trek/Star wars bad crossover, (1:10)

Blade Star Trek (3:49).  Clips from Total Recall, TNG, and Thor Ragnarok

Star Wars v. Star Trek, Trailer Battle for the Galaxy (2019), (3:15)

Star Trek Into Pengwings, from AlpacaHawk, (12:58)

Star Trek - Hawaii 5-0 Style (uses 21st century music for Hawaii 5-0)

The Empire v. The Uss Enterprise: (5:47)

Picard meets Godzilla, (3:16)

Star Trek Legacy, Fan Trailer redone Mash-up, (3:19)

Endgame, fanmade trailer for Voyager, (2:31)

Recut:  Polish Language Spock i Spack - Star Trek Przerobiony (2:22)

See also Star Trek TNG Comedy Redub from GeoMFilms at


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