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(228) Russian Language Star Trek Fan Films

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The FIRST original Russian-language Star Trek fan film, Star Trek Avalon, from Джульетта Капулетти is now available for viewing:

Wonderful News started September, 2010 as I have made contact with a group creating Russian Subtitles for Star Trek, including both Pro Trek and fan films! The first Fan Film they have done is Of Gods and Men.  Here is the information you need to get OGAM with Russian subtitles:
Torrent (registration required):
HTTP (registration required):  
It is under Star Trek Movies, Звёздный Путь - Фильмы, Фильм 11 - Звездный Путь Людей и Богов

Project Potemkin:Теперь с русскими субтитрами [cc]
Complete listing:

Season 1, Episode
A.   "Старики"
B.   "Уход за лифтом?"
1.    "Пустота"
C.   "Врачебные Предписания"
D.   "Доставка"
E.   "Непонимание" 
F.   "The Engineers New Clothes" "Инженер Новое платье" (4:26)
G.  "Archway." "Арка"  (6:47).
H.  "Devil in the Details" "Дьявол в деталях" (7:40)
2.  "The Night the Stars Fell From the Sky." "Ночь Падающих Звезд с Неба" (54:46)

Season 2, Episode:
A.  "Duty Bound" "ОБЯЗАННОСТИ" (8:32)
B.  "Darkness" "темнота" (5:33)
C.  "Second Contact" "Во-вторых Контакты" (8:03)
D.  "Ashes" "Пепел" (4:56)
E.  "Beach Towel" "Пляжное полотенце" (5:55).
F.  "Shovel of Kahless" "Лопата Кейлес" (7:55)
G.  "Командное Решение" (6:15)

In Star Trek: A New Beginning one Starfleet crew speaks Russian very briefly in their opening episode.  See:

Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda (Turkish Star Trek) Turkish with Russian subtitles: (1:12:17)

If you are a Trek fan who is a native speaker of Russian, there are still many worthwhile fan films which need Russian language subtitles.  If you are part of a Russian-speaking Trek group, consider a dub.

Star Trek Continues
Episode 1, "Pilgrim of Eternity," (51.18) or
Episode 2, "Lolani". (50:46) or
Episode 3, "Fairest of Them All" (40:37) or
Episode 4, "The White Iris"  (47:55) or Vimeo:
Episode 5, "Divided We Stand," (42:45) or Vimeo:
Episode 6, "Come Not Between The Dragons," or
Episode 7, "Embracing The Winds," or
Episode 8, "Still Treads The Shadow," or

Other Subtitles:
Episode 5,  "Divided We Stand," (42:45)
Episode 6,  "Come Not Between the Dragons."
Episode 7,  "Embrace the Winds,"
Episode 8,  "Still Trends The Shadow,"
Episode 9,  "What Ships Are For,"
Episode 10, Part 1:
 E10 Поход туда... (Часть 1)
Год 75-ый
Episode 11, Part 2:

Short  1, Turnabout Intruder, new ending, with narration in Russian, (4:41)
Short  2, You've Got the Con, with narration in Russian, (3:28)
Short 3, Happy Birthday Scotty, with narration in Russian, (2:42)
Eps. 1, Pilgrim of Eternity, with narration in Russian, (51:17)
Eps. 2,  Lolani, with narration in Russian, (50:46)
Eps. 3,  The Fairest of Them All, with narration in Russian, (40:26)
Eps. 4,  The White Iris, with narration in Russian: (47:54)
Eps. 5,  Divided We Stand, with narration in Russian: (42:45)
Eps. 6,  Come Not Between the Dragons, with narration in Russian: (42:21)

Captain Pike: Kickstarter Video: (3:29)

Prelude to Axanar, Voiceover in Russian: (21:09)
Short scene from the main movie, Axanar: (4:10)
Prelude to Axanar on You Tube: (21:09)  Includes subtitles

Starship Farragut
Энергостанция  Power Source (32:02)
Звездолёт «Фаррагут» - Потребности большинства  The Needs of the Many

Enterprise, The New Generation:
Article in Russian about German Language stop action animation, Enterprise, the New Generation,
Russian Language version of:
 "Der Anfang vom Ende"  or "The Beginning of the End".

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