Saturday, June 27, 2009

(47) Star Wreck (American)

47 Parody by Adult fans.  Two films.  No standard costumes, low level special effects, green screens.  The filmmaker has told me this was his first attempt at special effects.  He urges the viewer to watch the films in order, and is particularly proud of his parody of the Arena fight scene.

Some people will find these films funny, even though I did not.  There are people who actually watch Saturday Night Live, and it's better than most of their skits.  It combines bathroom jokes, ridicule for tough guy movies where the tough guy shoots everyone, and makes fun of Star Trek conventions, particularly ones that are arrogant.  The second film is a take-off on Arena.  This is not a formal review, but it would probably get a 1.  The filmmaker has been kind enough to contact me and approve the use of the pictures on the right.

Star Wreck (American, not the Finnish Film).  Live action parody.  Adult fans.  No costumes.  Green screens.
You Tube home:
Film without "Parts"... just Star Wreak  (9:56).  Looks like a shorter, earlier version of the version in parts.

Same film, longer, later version:
Part 1: (6:52)
Part 2: (3:00)
Part 3: (2:28)
Part 4: (4:15)

A second episode:
 "Star Wreck II"
Part 1: (7:10)
Part 2 (9:27)

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