Saturday, June 27, 2009

(49) The Doomsday Machine

49  The Doomsday Machine posted by forestmedic to You Tube in May, 2009.  (Live Action, adult fans, CGI, appears to have at least a bridge set.)  Shot in "Mirror AB" which I have asked for confirmation is in Alberta, Canada, near Buffalo Lake and south of Edmonton.

This fan remake was shot in three days 2001, and completed on a Mac G4 over the next year.  Except for a few adjustments for a smaller cast and lack of resources, this the original episode reshot, line-by-line, scene by scene.  The last part includes some bloopers and behind-the-scenes stuff.

Part 1 (9:41)
Part 2 (9:31)
Part 3 (10:02)
Part 4 (9:53)
Part 5 (9:52)

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