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(58) Dreadnought Dominion

Dreadnought Dominion   Websites:

Locations: Charlotte, NC, Columbus, Oh,  Shooting at Starbase Studios, Harrison, Arkansas.

This seems to be part of the "Star Trek: Outlaws" website.  Also there: Excaliber Logs.  I will be investigating the relationship with that series, and the Star Trek: Outlaws series itself.

Facebook Pages: and
Adult fans, Golden Age, Live action drama, Farragut sets, (now sold to Star Trek Continues, unclear what will happen here) costumes, set at the same time as the third year of TOS.  Website:  FilkFerret Productions in association with Farragut Films.  Working out of Charlotte, NC.  As of May 2014, they were working on post-production.  (No need to check until May 2015).
Opening Credits (released July 23, 2014) (1:30)
Web Radio show on this group:

April 8, 2015, released Outer Limits themed Promo: (1:40)
Released October 2, 2015, Producer's cut of "Anchor's Away" and "Haunted" (36:03).  October 6, 2015, released  Producer's cut with commentary: (36:09)
Earlier versions:
Season 1 Episode 1 (or Episode 101)  "Haunted"  Released April 12, 2015. View it here: (22:33) or here: (22:35).(Vimeo link dead 4/12/2019)

Season 1 Episode 2 (or Episode 102) "Anchors Aweigh" on  You Tube: (15:25) or Vimeo: (15:27).
A review: .

Ongoing Fundraiser started September 15, 2015:

Romulan Encounter (Short film) Released December 19, 2015: (1:03)

Dreadnought Dominion  A flashback about making episodes 1 and 2; released 8/18/2016: (3:32)

On 11/04/2016, a crossover film with Starship Valient was released, "Chain of Command," (7:38).
A Review:

Excalibur Logs:
Who Haunts This Ship
A series by some members of this same group, a narrated story using electronic voices and a form of flat animation:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Command and Conquer
MEANWHILE, in the Mirror Universe, the Dreadnaught Dominion gets a new captain:

Reality Check (9:57) (Released May 31, 2018)  This film jumps between the reality of a shoot and the story being shot.  This film also includes a deaf character who signs.

Silent Acknowledgment (4:18).  This film centers on the deaf communications officer and discusses deaf society.

Non-Trek films by the same production group:
What Lies Beyond -- Ep. 1, The Long Harvest

Time's Echo (Crossover with Vance Major Owen's The Constar Chronicles): (4:59).

Wanna Rock.  Long cast, crew, and sets Intro set to music. (2:59)

Technical Difficulties (5:05)

Next production: Redemption at Red Medusa, 2019 trailer: (1:20)

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