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(68) Starship Melbourne, Project Defiant, and other releases from Vance Major Owen

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Starship Melbourne is a Vance Major production.  See below the red line for other Star Trek Fan Films by Vance Major Owen.

Vance Major Owen lives in Junction City, Kansas.

6/4/2018, there is a fundraiser for "The Lexington Adventures."  One of the films they have produced is listed below. Fundraiser:

Vance Major Owen's own playlist with the order of films:

His google page:

Starship Melbourne, produced by ShadowStorm Studios at Starbase Studios,  Facebook Page:  Trailer: (1:52) (January 2016).  A

March 25, 2017, released Part 1 of their introductory episode, "Stormfront,"  Facebook posting: (11:27) YouTube Channel:
Starbase Studio informed me that this project is lead by Vance Major Owen whose Facebook page is (note made June 23, 2016)  Starbase Studios has links for them to another Facebook page, too,
Stormfront, Part 2 (Released 7/20/2018) (14:14)

On July 4, 2016, they released "Penpals," a short crossover with Starship Valiant (1:10)

On Sept. 27, 2016, a short response was released, PenPals2, a Star Trek Fan Production,  from Starship Melbourne, (1:23)

Trailer released 10/25/2016: (1:00)
Multiple postings Late January 2017 show continued activity.

Released February 14, 2017,  a short 'commercial' for Valentine's Day, "VGer for Women,"

Released April 14, 2017, The Hunt a short film from aboard the USS Melbourne:

Released June 17, 2017, a short film, "First Duty,

Released 6/18/2017, "VGer for Men,"

The following films are Vance Major Owen productions, but not part of Starship Melbourne.

Project Defiant, set in the Mirror Universe.

One (released 3rd), "The Hill" (Mirror Universe) (16:04).  With Producer's commentary: (16:04)

Two (released 1st) Prequel to "Dark Glimmer" released 8/11/2017, Command and Conquer
Meanwhile, in the Mirror Universe, the Dreadnaught Dominion gets a new captain:

Three (released 2nd), "Dark Glimmer" released 6/23/2017(Golden Age, adult fans, costumes, sets, props, CGI, mirror universe), (2:48).

A review of Vance Major's 5 films from Resistance through Crying Wolfe (set out in order below):

Two, "Resistance." (Silver Age story on Golden Age sets; comments suggest the ship is reactivated for the battle.  Silver Age costumes, CGI, etc. set at Wolf 359.  Adult fans.)
Teaser for "Resistance" released June 4, 2017, (0:33); Complete short film,

Not yet finished: Vintaak Code
Facebook Page:

Persons involved include Adam Patrick Mullen.
They posted the following as the "Main Cast" on 5/13/2017:
John Snow  - Captain Paul Baxley
Krystal Willis  - First Officer Yara El-Nath
Rick Vyper  - Science Officer Kai
Mark Bennett - Doctor Shawn Thrasis
Shauntara Phillips - Engineer McKenzie "Mac" Steele
Sally Van der Veer - Comm Officer T’Lan
Kristian James - Ensign Jadan
JulieAnna Rohde - Doctor Kali Zorim

Aboard the Starship Valiant, "Minard"
Three, Review released before the film, "Minard
Released 8/5/2017, "Minard,

Released 9/10/2017, "Around the World and Forever,"

Released 9/11/2017, "The Valhalla Stone,

Released 9/12/2017, "Nightmare,"
Released 9/13/2017, "The Mind's Eye,

Released 9/14/2017, "Old Wounds," or
Released 9/15/2017,"Discover," or

Released 9/16/2017, "The Valhalla Stone, Retro Edition,

Reviews of the Minard films released from 9/10-17/2017

Released 11/15/2017,  set aboard the USS Constar with Captain Minard, "Stand With Me," (8:29).

Released 11/17/2017, "Mr. O'Sullivan's Bakery,"

Released 11/23/2017, "Cageless,

Released 11/27/2017, "The Ancient Light,"

Released 12/01/2017,  "CRYING WOLF,"

"Lexington Adventures, Rise of the Tribbles,"

A Review:

"Without Reward,"


" Person ," (12:02).


"Full Circle,"
Final release from this set of films:
"The Best Things,"

The following announces a collaborative effort between Vance Major Owen and MrBonk85: (1:28)

Here is the crossover film:  Stunt Doubles: The Meeting: (5:11)

The Constar Chronicles: (2:07)

Time's Echo (Crossover with Dreadnought Dominion): (4:59).

Trailer for The Constar Chronicles: (2:07)

A very short film:  Family: A Star Trek Fan Production, (1:15).

Another trailer for Constar Chronicles: (2:22)

Vance Major Owen has stated that he considers this a Disco fan film, and it is the first one ever. (4:06).

The following films are productions by Vance Major Owen but do not fit our criteria for Star Trek Fan Films:

The Mariana's Trench: An Orville Fan Film:

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