Saturday, June 27, 2009

(68) Starship Melbourne

68 for Armalarm's Animations, click here: Armalarm

Starship Melbourne, produced by ShadowStorm Studios at Starbase Studios,  Facebook Page:  Trailer: (1:52) (January 2016).

March 25, 2017, released Part 1 of their introductory episode, "Storm Front,"  You Tube Channel:
Starbase Studio informed me that this project is lead by Vance Major Owen whose Facebook page is (note made June 23, 2016)  Starbase Studios has links for them to another Facebook page, too,

On July 4, 2016, they released "Penpals," a short crossover with Starship Valiant (1:10)

On Sept. 27, 2016, a short response was released, PenPals2, a Star Trek Fan Production,  from Starship Melbourne, (1:23)

Trailer released 10/25/2016: (1:00)
Multiple postings Late January 2017 show continued activity.

Released February 14, 2017,  a short 'commercial' for Valentine's Day, "VGer for Women,"

Released April 14, 2017, The Hunt a short film from aboard the USS Melbourne:

Teaser for "Resistance" released June 4, 2017, (0:33)

Released June 17, 2017, a short film, "First Duty,

Released 6/18/2017, "VGer for Men,"

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