Saturday, June 27, 2009

(74) MrBonk85's Star Trek Short Spoofs

Star Trek: Federation One has been moved to

Star Trek Stunt Doubles
For more information on this series of Star Trek Comedy Shorts, released on YouTube, see the listing on the new Star Trek Reviewed website at...

The following announces a collaborative effort between Vance Major Owen and MrBonk85: (1:28)

The following is a strongly negative critical review of Lee Gartrel's work on The Romulan Wars.

This is a new series based around the idea of "Men Going Their Own Way"

USS MGTOW Intro (1:19) 10 Jly 2020

DeInfector (3:02) 17 Apr 2019
The Engineering Incident (4:34) 21 Apr 2019
Bats In The Belfry (6:38) 27 Apr 2019
MGTOW POW WOW Reloaded (4:45) 30 Apr 2019
Star Trek Femon Attack (6:50) 16 May 2019
Star Wrek
A Star Trek / Star Wars crossover. (6:55) 25 May 2019
Young Men Like Charlie X
Young men can get confused. (2:03) 10 Aug 2019.
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Going back in time would solve some of the problems. (2:33) 11 Aug 2019.
Vanity Will Prevail 
Wonder what I'm getting at here. (4:11) 14 Oct 2019.
Scheduled Maintenance 
Even for the USS MGTOW, everything needs to go into maintenance at some time. (3:06) 17 July 2020.

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