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(76) Second Life Star Trek Fan Films

Second Life Star Trek Fan Films

"Second Life is an online virtual world, developed and owned by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab and launched on June 23, 2003. By 2013, Second Life had approximately one million regular users, at the end of 2017 active user count totals "between 800,000 and 900,000". In many ways, Second Life is similar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games; however, Linden Lab is emphatic that their creation is not a game"

"Linden Research's virtual world Second Life... encourages the creation of user content by including machinima software tools... [Second Life] has also been used for music video clips. Second Life virtual artist Bryn Oh created a work for Australian performer Megan Bernard's song "Clean Up Your Life", released in 2016...

Second Life Machinima film maker Ozymandius King provided a detailed account of the process by which the artists at MAGE Magazine produce their videos. "Organizing for a photo shoot is similar to organizing for a film production. Once you find the actors / models, you have to scout locations, find clothes and props for the models and type up a shooting script. The more organized you are the less time it takes to shoot the scene... Comparatively, machinimists using pre-made virtual platforms like Second Life have indicated that their productions can be made quite successfully with no cost at all... In 2003, Linden Lab was praised for changing license terms to allow users to retain ownership of works created in its virtual world Second Life. "

There is no shortage of resources on Second Life for making videos but perhaps the most complete would have to be the Star Trek Museum of Second Life. Owned and curated by Wabisabi Matahari, there is an extensive series of videos done in 2013 that will give you an idea of the work that has been put into it!
The Star Trek Museum of Second Life by Zarrakan
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 - The museum and island
Part 8 - Scuba diving and whale watching
Part 9, 10 - Hot air balloon ride
Part 11, 12 - The Enterprise!

Richard Chapman, who lives south of Rochester, in the State of New York in the USA has created a number of machinima based on Second Life with voices based on Microsoft David and Microsoft Zira for fun and love of the Star Trek Series.

Space Happy
A constitution class starship is directed to Polaris seven, where the scientists investigating the planet have suddenly become erratic in their behavior, and the crew is charged with finding a solution. Klingons are thought to be involved as battles on the ground and in space test the crew to its limits. The ship is disabled by an infected crew member and must resort to desperate measures as it falls under attack and an enemy drone attacks the team on the ground.  What is the secret of the planet?
Trailer: (2:14) 4 Feb 2018
Part 1 (15:10) 05 Feb 2018
Part 2 (15:41) 17 Feb 2018

The Eternals
The USS Hood diverts to planet Cygnus 4 after receiving a distress call from a ship that crashed there 20 years before.  They find all but one of the crew have remained young and have a terrifying secret why. The civilians from the surface hatch their plot to take over the USS Hood, and the crew seems unable to stop them.  Their weapons prove useless, and the old man on the planet assists the others in return for a promise to go to a neutral planet.
Part 1 (14:22) 1 Jun 2019
Part 2 (14:53) 2 Jun 2019

Dangerous Galaxy
A young ensign is tasked with helping to train a group of Starfleet cadets but the entire original crew of the ship collapses into coma and she must take control to find the cause.
Part 1: (14:58) 13 Jun 2019.
Part 2: (14:58) 22 Jun 2019

The Protozoa Invasion
An environmental disaster releases human sized protozoa, which were designed for study on planet Kappa Gamma.  Starship USS Eagle is tasked with providing initial relief to the stricken colonists and to divert an asteroid, but then must also combat the creatures.
Trailer (1:57) 12 Jul 2019.
Part 1 (14:58) 14 Jul 2019
Part 2 (15:03) 14 Jul 2019

Romulan Devils on Mars
Three Romulan super soldiers are found in suspension on the planet Mars, and a crippled starship is diverted to Mars to transport them after repairs are completed. When enemy agents release them remotely,  they begin to terrorize the population. As tensions heat up with the Romulans, the starship Hornet dispatches soldiers to the surface in an effort to stop them. It may be too late for the galaxy however, if the alien plot is not uncovered in time.
Trailer: (2:05) 01 Aug 2019.
Part 1: (14:18) 02 Aug 2019.
Part 2: (15:26) 02 Aug 2019.

The Morgellons Plague
The Starship Essex makes a port of call to the Earth, only to be quarantined when a plague breaks out, despite this they are ordered to investigate a distress call from a civilian science ship which is near the edge of the solar system with hungry alien creatures brought back from the planet Venus, while the Earth searches for the plaque. Special guest star Spock, and introducing the Nebula girls, the bluegrass group of the future.
Trailer (3:00) 02 Oct 2019.
Part 1 (15:54) 02 Oct 2019.
Part 2: (15:55) 02 Oct 2019.

The Spirits of Ingols B
The starship Intrepid is sent on a diplomatic mission to the planet Ingols B to try to persuade reluctant colonists to leave before the gas giant Ingols A passes close to it, potentially causing severe damage. Arriving at their destination, the crew discovers an alien colony living side by side with the humans, and both colonies refuse to leave, saying that the spirits will protect them. They make contact with an alien satellite orbiting the gas giant which requests repairs so that it can safely tow Ingols B to a safe orbit. When it is revealed that the satellite is not powerful enough, the captain conceives of a plan to help tow Ingols B into a safe orbit, risking his own ship in the process.
Trailer (3:21) 1 Dec 2019.
Part 1 (15:34) 1 Dec 2019.
Part 2: (14:48) 1 Dec 2019.

Hollowworld from ArtifactsofmarsMatt Decker as you never knew him commands the Constellation. Ordered to a huge, hollow asteroid, he has to take a Romulan officer with him to help combat deadly alien creatures that kill with fear. When clues start to be seen that  contradict the official story, an angry Matt Decker must try to unravel the secret of Hollowworld, all the while battling deadly alien creatures. 
Trailer (2:26) 24 Dec 2019.
Part 1 (14:57) 25 Dec 2019.
Part 2 (14:45) 25 Dec 2019.

USS Solstice
The USS Solstice is a Science Fiction Role-play sim based in the Star Trek universe in Second Life. We are currently in the year 2391 and are patrolling the space surrounding Starbase 82 in the Alpha Quadrant, near the Klingon border. You can find them on Facebook,

They are more of a spontanious live role play group and as such haven't done many fan films, however one of their members, Miu Zeppitay, has recorded some of their adventures...

Miu Finds GlaDOS (3:01) 27 Jun 2011
USS Solstice - The Story So Far 1 - 2012-2014 (9:12) 16 Aug 2014
USS Solstice 3rd Anniversary 2014 HD (2:33) 25 Nov 2014
Solstice Story So Far 2014 & 2015 (6:22) 1 Feb 2017
Solstice Story So Far 2015 & 2016 (6:23) 7 Feb 2017

Most, if not all of these seem to be protected as private now...
Star Trek: Warrior
Star Trek: Republic: Season One Opening (1980s Edition): 15, 2015)
Star Trek: Republic: Season 2 Intro:
Star Trek: Republic: Season 3 Intro:
Star Trek: Task Force Republic: Season One Opening:
Star Trek: Task Force Republic: Season Two Opening:
Star Trek: Task Force Republic: Season Three Opening:
Star Trek: Task Force Republic: Season Four Opening:

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