Saturday, June 27, 2009

(81) Star Trek: New Homelands


Star Trek: New Homelands
The home base is Tennessee, USA.

Star Trek: New Homelands is joining many of the other most established Star Trek fan Film producers and will be producing non-Star Trek films.  The one they are working on first is Stargate: Stargazers, a fan film for another franchise.  I note this here, but this production will be outside the scope of this website.

Both seasons of Star Trek New Homelands are complete.

The website describes Season One as 'bad' and urges views to skip Season 1. It has not withdrawn it.

Season Two has five episodes. However only four of five episodes are available in video.  The first story takes four episodes, one of which has been released in prose only. Episode 5 is a stand-alone story.
You Tube Home:
Vimeo Home:

Season 1
Dooms Day Comes Round at Last
Part 1  (3:50)
Part 2 (8:24)
Into the Land of Fire (Parts I and II)
Part 1  (8:00)
Part II (30:17)

Season 2
Fallen Empire (Parts I, II, III and IV*)(Incomplete, with no plans for completion)
Part I (6:12)
Part II  (5:01)
Part III  (6:15) (reworked version released December 21, 2009)
Part IV:  Not Available

Trailer :
The Trouble with Games (27:38)

Fallen Empire available on Vimeo:
* Not available for viewing or download at the website.

Title sequence for Star Trek: Ranger: (0:58)

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