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(83) Renegades

83  Formerly Star Trek: Renegades

Star Trek: Renegades
(Pilot, Episode 1) (1:28:04).  (Released 8/24/2015)

Pilot released with Portuguese subtitles: 6/8/2017)

Follow-up work was separated from Star Trek and NOT a fan film.  For all Renegades information, see

 Renegade Productions announced in August 2012 a new Star Trek Fan Film project, Star Trek Renegades.  Here is their website:
Trailer (Words, music, and a little CGI)
Set in the Post-Voyager era (mid-silver age).
Official Teaser Trailer (Nov. 2013)  (0:58)
Trailer 2 (includes TOS and Voy characters)on You Tube and on VIMEO:  (1:01)
Trailer released Nov. 7, 2013: (3:51)
Trailer released December 21, 2013. (2:20)
Comedy release (behind the scenes):  (0:51)
Introducing Lexxa (2:21) or (2:21)
Tarah Paige on Set: (1:11)
July 31, 2014 clip: (2:29)

Set tour: (1:30)
another article:
Article: Chekov returns in this trailer for 'Star Trek: Renegades' Fan Project.  The Verge:
Article: Geek Ireland -

A column (blog), entitled, "Prime Directives" at the website, Voices From Krypton will focus on the current state of Star Trek.  The opening column mentions the highlights of what is happening now, including Star Trek: Renegades.

3x2 Geeks for Geeks Podcast on The Future of Trek talks Abramsverse, Renegades, Axanar.

Official Music Video released The Ides of March, 2015. (2:55)

Official Trailer released April 6, 2015: (2:25)
Offical Trailer with subtitles, April 8, 2015: (2:27)

 A version was shown at FedCon 24, 2015.  Here are three reviews from those two showings:

Renegades Panel from Comic Con 2015 (45:49)

Renegades Reviews:
(6) (German)
(7) or video only (15:01)
(9) (13:56)
(10) en espanol:
Article about CBS turning down Renegades as a series:

Announcement Posted 8./19/2015:

Renegades continues!

We are very pleased to announce that Star Trek: Renegades will be producing further episodes!

As promised to our backers, we engaged the top entertainment attorney in LA who has exceptional connections to CBS and Paramount. For reasons we are not able to disclose, CBS cannot move forward with Star Trek Renegades at this time - or any Star Trek series for that matter.

We have nothing but praise for CBS. Their approach in allowing these independent productions supported by fans is enlightened and progressive. They deserve kudos for understanding that it is us -- the fans -- that keep Star Trek alive.

So, we are excited and pleased to announce that we will be moving forward with Renegades as an independently produced fan-supported Internet TV Series!
Our current film will be denoted as Episode 1 (the pilot) and we are actively writing Episodes 2 and 3. Walter Koenig has agreed to reprise Admiral Chekov in this two-part episode, with Episode 2 ending with a cliffhanger, and Walter has decided that Episode 3 will be his final performance as Chekov. We are so honored to work with Walter, who will be an active participant in the writing and production.

In addition to most of our returning cast, we also plan to bring in many fellow Trek stars and their familiar characters to join us.

As we complete the final fulfillment of all our rewards, we will be announcing a new crowdfunding drive for the next two episodes. Beyond that, however, we have an innovative new plan for funding subsequent episodes. Our goal is to produce 12 episodes a year, or roughly one per month! To accomplish this, we’ll use conventional episodic television production schedules, including shooting each episode in 7-8 days, editing and scoring the episode over the next month, then completing the VFX over the following 2-3 months. And this is now possible since we have the core Renegades team in place, and most of the difficult and time-consuming VFX work was accomplished for the pilot.

We hope you enjoyed Renegades and will continue to support our Series. We have multiple story arcs in the works which will extend over multiple episodes and even seasons!

The Adventure Continues!

Kickstarter for Episode 2 (and possibly 3)

Kickstarter discussed:

On April 17, 2016 the 2016 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards were presented at Treklanta in Atlanta, Georgia and Star Trek: Renegades received the award for...
Best Special & Visual Effects
Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing
Best Makeup & Hairstyling
Best Costuming
Best Production Design
Best Director
... and Best Original Story or Screenplay, all for “Pilot”

Post Fan Film Guidelines, they decided to be a non-Trek series.
This video (Jan 29 2017) discusses the changes:

Renegades: The Requiem, Part 1:
Renegades: The Requiem, Part 1, free to the public:


  1. why has this fan film been removed from you tube as violation of you tube policy?

  2. I bookmarked this a few days ago to watch when I had more time, now it is removed from you tube as violation of you tube policy against spam, scams, and deceptive content. As an interested fan I am very disappointed, and have to question the credibility of kickstarter projects.

  3. As an interested indexer I have to notice that you did not choose to identify yourself. Anyone can file a false complaint against any film on You Tube. Seeing as you immediately jumped to the Kickstarter (and this same thing has happened to Starship Saladin earlier this week) I have to ask: Are you the source of the false complaint that got this project removed? (Yes, I run this website.)

  4. Renegades Episode 1 is back up.