Saturday, June 27, 2009

(86) Star Trek: Encarta


Encarta is a 4 part series which some people feel is what Voyager should have been.

The filmmaker is from Grand Rapids, Mich. (USA). Novel Cinema Pictures RyantheWebber's Channel

He is also the lead actor in the films.
There are four films in the series.  The first was a high school film project, but as the series progresses, serious film making emerges.
Dead link:     Star Trek Encarta(1999)(38:48)  I asked for an update on April 13, 2015.
A Review: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek Encarta(1999)

Dead link:  Star Trek Encarta II: Destiny's Advocate (2001)(57:17)
A Review:
Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Encarta II: ‘Destiny’s Advocate’

Dead Link;  Star Trek Encarta: Condemned.(Visible in the USA): (49:52)

Blocked for U.S. and some other Viewers
Star Trek Encarta: Condemned (2002) Full Film(49:52)

A Review:  Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Encarta III: ‘Condemned’

Star Trek: Encarta IV: Dark Hope - Full Film(1:40:13)
A review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Encarta IV: ‘Dark Hope’

Uniforms are same as in TNG. Ship is same class as Voyager. Christian calender year is 2385. A ship has been in a space anomaly for three years and is falling apart. Sounds interesting.  1 hour 40 minutes
This was made a few years ago.

But here's a discussion and reviews on the Trek BBS:
Here are some threads started by the films' writer/producer/star:

planetary alignment
planetary alignment

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  1. Why haven't reviewed this film like you have others?

  2. I would like to refer you to my comment on a similar question about Romulan Wars. The fact is that, I have reviewed far less than half of all the Fan Films I have found. My first priority is simply finding and listing the films. I currently have over 100 possible films I need to look at. Most of them are likely to be shorts, parodies, not Trek, or just people talking about Trek. But among those 100, there could be just 2 films that tell a Trek story, are over 10 minutes, and therefore should be listed, and aren't. Those two films, however, deserve to be listed so that people can find them. They should not have to wait for me to fully review and discuss every film I have already found and listed.

    My second priority is to just keep track of new releases and completions of partially released episodes in series I know about for Headline News.

    My third priority is to review films that are either very poorly organized, and I have to watch them just to list them properly, or films which are reputed to be so excellent they are likely to be Quick Pick Treasures... films I am recommending to people who aren't sure they even want to watch a fan film. Films that are better than much of the Professional Trek.

    After that, I have personal preferences. I prefer to watch films in order, and whenever I don't, I usually regret it. I just reviewed "The Multiverse Crisis"'s Part II "Incident on Beta 9" I'd probably have enjoyed it a lot more if I had waited to watch it until after they release Part I. I realize Encarta may NEVER release Part I, but I usually regret it when I don't watch stuff in order.

    For the time being, I am happy to link to a review written elsewhere on the web of what I have heard is a solid effort, a film likely to rate between 2.5 and 4.5.

  3. OH, and one more thing. This website has been up less than 7 months. I'm working as fast as my life permits.

  4. Dark Hope was really really good

  5. I just checked and it works again, however it doesn't look anything like it used to according to the way back machine...

  6. I just looked at the link myself, and it just seems to forward you to their You Tube home.

  7. Your right. Should update status.

  8. When will a new encarta movie be out? I want to see new missions and effects.

  9. Just watched 'Dark Hope' after finding it on this page, I must say it was really well done. - tgibson

  10. The first film just posted clearly lacks on some levels, but given it's age, the time it was made and what i know it eventually becomes it makes up for it on many levels, it's a shame there isn't more offered from this team, they really hit their stride toward the end. I wonder if Star Trek-Encarta isn't one of the oldest silver age productions?

    Larry T.

  11. I've slowly watched these now in reverse order, and I've gotta say I got a kick out of this set. Really pushed the envelope of what kids can do with a camera and a computer.

  12. I found Dark Hope rather enjoyable, in some places it's rather jarring, though I would have wished the Captain hadn't lost his marbles.

  13. I wish there was more Encarta. The first 2 movies weren't that good, but I kinda like the different approach the filmmaker had to parts 3 and 4.

  14. the link to episode 3 "Condemned" is wrong. it points to episode 4. the right link should be:

    that said, that video is blocked in some countries.
    anyone got an unblocked version?

    greetings, eMBee.

  15. uhm, copy-paste error, the right link is

    greetings, eMBee.

  16. Thank you for that correction! I also did not realize that the film was blocked from my view. I am always grateful to any reader who notifies me of a needed correction!

  17. it is also blocked in in a bunch of countries in europe, but apparently it is not blocked in france.

    you can watch it via if you select a french proxy.

    greetings, eMBee.

  18. i found a mirror of episode 3 at

    it appears that the copyright issue is because of music in the end credits. that music has been removed in this version.

    greetings, eMBee.

  19. Thank you so much for this wonderful work! I can't say how much I appreciate it both when people let me know my links are bad and even more when they give good links to the readers of this website. Thank you thank you!

  20. Can any one make available the first 3 episodes of Star Trek Encarta, never saw them

    1. Ryan the Producer and Captain, got to much uncalled for unnecessary negative response of his work, they didn't want to see the story, like reading a book, a true Trekkie would, they expect a multibillion production for a mere $500.00 budget, I love every Trek, I listen to the story, my eyes fill in with anticipation of what's coming...

  21. How do I watch the first one?