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(90) Star Trek: Unity

90  Star Trek Unity


Star Trek: Unity had A MIXTURE OF NON-STAR TREK FICTION SOURCES MEANS THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE SCORE IS A 3 OR 4, DEPENDING ON THE SOURCE.  In the original series, Star Trek Unity, POOR QUALITY EQUIPMENT AND CGI LEAD TO MORE PROBLEMS THAT LOWERED THE SCORES GENERALLY TO 3 OR LOWER ON A WELL WRITTEN, WELL ACTED, WELL EDITED SHOW.  HOWEVER, The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity (at the top of this listing, the older show is below it) has far better technical characteristics.

The original Star Trek: Unity is below the current production, BUT IS CURRENTLY PARTIALLY OFFLINE.   The filmmaker is reorganizing his films, so links here will be updated when there is some regularity to their function.  The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity,  The Writer/Producer/Director/Lead Actor Luke Sutton is now in film school, and I suspect his ongoing work will continue to improve, as it has for many years!  I expect when rated, these films will get higher ratings, mostly in the 4 range.

For simplicity's sake here is the full listing of all episodes, Starting with Star Trek Unity.  As I post this, however, all episodes prior to 18 are not online.   I will be reorganizing this page AFTER Mr. Sutton is done reorganizing his own listings.

Season 1 (released 2005)

1- “New Order” 
2- “New Order, Part Two” 
3- “Addiction” 
4- “Unity Unbound” 
5- “2005” 
6- “Out of the Shadows…” 
7- “Into the Fire”

Season 2 (2006/7)

8- “Ancient Order” 
9- “The Unit” 
10- “Threads” 
11- “Threads, Part Two” 
12- “Memoirs of Unity” 
13- “Duel of the Fates” 
14- “Final Order”

Newbies might want to start with "Fifth Element"

Season 3 (2007/8)

15- “Crusade” 
16- “The Quest” 
17- “Puto’s Holiday” 
18- “Fifth Element” 
19- “Doomsday, Part One” 
20- “Doomsday, Part Two”

Season 4 (2008/10)

21- “Zombies on Kressgon” 
22- “The Scorched World” 
23- “A Lonely Alien” 
24- “The Return” (Machinima) 
25- “Day Two” (Machinima) 
26- “Double Jeopardy” 
27- “Moebius” 
28- “Twilight”

Season 5 (2010/11)

5.01 (29) Rapture, Part One (19:32) 11 May 2014
5.02 (30) Rapture, Part Two (35:44) 14 May 2014
31- “Cosmic Relief” 
32- “The Ice of Andor” 
33- “The Castaway” 
34- “The Warriors of Qo’noS” 
35- “A Good Day to Die” 
36- “Airlock 3” 
37- “Revolutions, Part One”

Season 6 (2012/16)

38-“Revolutions, Part Two” 
39-“Revolutions, Part Three” 
40-“Revolutions, Part Four” 
41-“The Oath” 
42-“Maze of Munitions”  
6.06 (43) Planet of the Rakelli (14:30) 21 Jul 2014
44-"The Worlds of Deep Space Nine."  
6.08.1 (45.1) The Neverending Sacrifice, Part 1 (16:10) 30 Nov 2014
6.08.2 (45.2) The Neverending Sacrifice, Part 2 (28:37) 13 Jan 2015
6.09 (46) Right of Statement (31:37) 17 Jun 2015
47-"There and Back Again"
48-"The Case of the Romulan and the Cheesecake"
6.12 (49) Snowglobe (16:57) 26 May 2016
6.13 (50) Nightfall (44:18) 1 Aug 2017
51-"The Lewis Inquiry."

Season 7 (2019)

7.0 First look at the Star Trek: Unity final season (2:20) 19 Jan 2019
Coming in 2019... An invasion of the Federation by Captain Puto and Admiral Lewis' oldest enemy, led by a traitor with his own ambitions, sends the starship Odyssey on a desperate voyage across the galaxy to uncover an ancient mystery and assemble a crew of ragtag heroes, old and new, for a final, suicidal mission to recapture the home where it all began: Unity Starbase. But on the eve of this historic event, a decade of secrets and lies will be exposed and Lewis, The Doctor, will face the biggest change of his life...

7.01 Tabula Rasa. In the first of the Star Trek: Unity vignettes - exploring the characters and worlds of the series - frustrated crewmember Graham O'Reilly reflects on the loss of his friend Mitchell Stone as Admiral Lewis offers him a new opportunity, with both men looking for a clean slate aboard the starship Odyssey... (2:51) 14 Sep 2019

7.1 Peace in Our Time. The starship Odyssey visits the planet Rakellus, which is being inducted into the Federation, as Captain Puto, Admiral Lewis and Commander Eleanor attend the wedding of Jimb'a and Nix'eu... but with massive, metallic shapes moving closer from the sky above, the crew are about to face an overwhelming assault led by a corrupted former friend. The Borg have returned and they signal the beginning of the end for the long voyage to Unity... (12:27) 08 Mar 2020

They have a You-tube home page: DeepSpaceLuke (Originally Gateway Productions)

Also, a Facebook page:

Below are Road to Rapture, Star Trek: Rapture, The Ice of Andor, and The Castaway which continue the adventures of Captain Lewis.

There is a separate Facebook page for "Star Trek Rapture" here:

Here is a bridge film, The Road to Rapture:
Part 1:  (11:28)
Part 2:  (10:15)

Star Trek Rapture. (remastered, May 2014)

Part 1  (19:32) (remastered release May 11, 2014).
Part 2 (35:44) (remastered release May 15, 2014)

A Review: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Unity: ‘Rapture’

Star Trek: Cosmic Relief: (5:07)  A new crewmember joins the Odyssey.

The Ice Of Andor (10:08)

Behind the Scenes for The Ice of Andor: (5:40)

A Review of both Star Trek: Cosmic Relief and The Ice of Andor: Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Unity: ‘Cosmic Relief’ and ‘The Ice of Andor’

The Castaway
On You Tube (8:27)
On Facebook:
A Review dated 25 Nov 2011:

The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘The Castaway’ and ‘Airlock 3′

The Warriors of Qo'nos(below).  This episode ends in a cliffhanger, with "To Be Continued..." in the next episode, which is entitled, "A Good Day to Die." 
23 Oct 2019 - All links unavailable, "Private"
Part 2 of 2: (10:09)

A Good Day to Die
23 Oct 2019 - All links unavailable, "Private"
Preview:  (0:49)
Part 1 of 2: (8:26)
Part 2 of 2: (11:26)  Mixes live action with Mechinima... and it appears that Luke Sutton has gotten a Star Fleet Uniform.  Hail!

A review of these two episodes:  The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘Warriors of Qo’nos’ and ‘A Good Day to Die’

A BBC Children In Need Special Edition, "Airlock 3".  

A BBC Children In Need special short is entitled, "Star Trek: Airlock 3", and can be viewed here: (5:47) or here: .
A Review:  The Further Adventures of Star Trek: Unity: ‘The Castaway’ and ‘Airlock 3′

Star Trek Revolutions.  Extended Trailer: (1:16)
Preview Clip One released Dec. 9, 2011: (1:21)
Preview Clip Two released Dec. 17, 201l: (1:14)

Season 5 Episode 9, And now, Star Trek: Revolutions. Part 1 of a multi-part story arc, ends, "To Be Continued...":
Watch this latest episode here:
Part 1 of 2:  Part 1 of 2  (10:03)
Part 2 of 2: Part 2 of 2   (12:35)  Ends, "To Be Continued..."

Here is a preview of Part 2: (1:27)
and A Teaser Trailer: (0:32)

Season 6 Episode 1
Star Trek Revolutions Part 2 (1 of 2) (released March 16, 2012) (9:29)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 2 (2 of 2) (Released March 31, 2012 (NY time, early April 1, London time)) (7:36)

Season 6 Episode 2
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 Trailer  (Released April 3, 2012) (2:00)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 (1 of 2) (14:26)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 3 (2 of 2) (13:32)

Season 6 Episode 3
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 Preview:  (2:25)

Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (1 of 3)  (12:34)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (2 of 3) (12:16)
Star Trek Revolutions Part 4 (3 of 3) (9:17)

Released after the older series, but before the "Road to Rapture" Star Trek: Unity at Easter.  (April 3, 2010) (2:00) is a discussion by our two (non-Terran) Captains about the Earth holiday of Easter.  No special effects, just some confusion and comparison of and about Easter Eggs, Coca-Cola, and Romulan Ale.

Season 6 Episode 4
Preview clip for Star Trek Unity: The Oath (1:28)
Second preview clip for Star Trek Unity: The Oath (2:06)

April 1, and 11, 2013.  The Oath: (Season 6, Episode 4)
Part 1 of 2: (12:51)
Part 2 of 2: (12:04)

Season 6 episode 5
Teaser for the next episode: "Maze of Munitions"
Episode 5 of Season 6, "Maze of Munitions"
Part 1 of 2:  (6:16)
Part 2 of 2: (7:37)
with Portuguese Subtitles: (13:52) , (13:51), or!dckUWDpL!RjO-uF0Jl7DgbjWvOYY8KRJsMZoy7Tqv2NZc31PoRy8

Season 6 Episode 6  Planet of the Rakelli: (14:30)

Preview of Season 6 Episode 7, The Worlds of Deep Space 9, "Welcome to Bajor": (4:07)

Another DS9 related trailer: The Con Is On! (0:47)
DS9 Warm up:

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #10 - Moral Wisdom from Penk (0:15)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #13 - Motivational Wisdom from Penk (0:16)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #31 - Insulting Wisdom from Penk (0:18)
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #34 and #35 on War and Peace: (0:18)
Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #40 - Financial Wisdom from Penk  (0:20)

Here is another person's idea of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition:

Penk comments on a Federation News item: (0:34)

December 22, 2013 (GMT) I received the pictures for "The Worlds of Deep Space Nine."
Part 1 of 3: (15:20)

Part 2 of 3: (14:04)
Part 3 of 3:  (8:12)

Trailer for next episode: Obanek's Lair: (1:36)
Bajoran Prophecies - The Emissary's Prophecy (0:26)
Star Trek Unity Season 6 Trailer:

Season 6 Episode 7 is  "The Worlds of Deep Space Nine."

"The Con Is On!" (0:47)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #10 - Moral Wisdom from Penk (0:15)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #13 - Motivational Wisdom from Penk (0:16)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #31 - Insulting Wisdom from Penk (0:18)

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #34 and #35 on War and Peace: (0:18)

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #40 - Financial Wisdom from Penk  (0:20)

Penk comments on a Federation News item: (0:34)

And now, Season 6 Episode 7,  "The Worlds of Deep Space Nine."
Part 1 of 3: (15:20)
Part 2 of 3: (14:04)
Part 3 of 3:  (8:12)

Outtakes: (9:10)

Season 6 Episode 7: Trailer for Obanek's Lair: (1:36)
Bajoran Prophecies - The Emissary's Prophecy (0:26)
Bajoran Prophecies - Trakor's Third Prophecy (0:27)
Bajoran Prophecies - The Prophecy of the Eclipse (0:20)
Star Trek Unity Season 6 Trailer:

Season 6 Episode 8 "The Never-Ending Sacrifice"

May 22, 2014 Election video (for EU/UFP election day) (0:54)

August 7, 2014 announcement that ST: Unity will end with a tenth-anniversary show in spring, 2015: (1:30)

Scene released Sept. 8, 2014: The Iconian Invasion of Earth (1:58)

"The Neverending Sacrifice"  Season 6 Episode 8,
November 30, 2014, Released Part 1 of 2 of (16:10)
January 13, 2015, Released Part 2 of 2, (28:37)

"Right of Statement,"  Season 6 Episode 9, (31:38).  (June 17, 2015)

"There and Back Again," Season 6 Episode 10, (19:46)  (October 31, 2015)

Season 6 Episode 12 (Luke Sutton explained that 11 is still in the works) "Snowglobe."
5/26/2016: Snowglobe, in it's entirety: (16:57)  [Previously released, first half only: Part 1: (8:03)]

Trailer for Finale (released 11/29/2016)

Season 6 Episode 13, "Nightfall,"
Exploring uncharted space, the starship Odyssey makes first contact with Devizes: a technologically advanced planet with an unsettling origin.  Diplomacy soon switches to survival when the ship is invaded, as MItchells growing desire to return home brings him face-to-face with Captain Puto and Admiral Lewis' oldest enemy...

Season 6 Episode 14 "The Lewis Inquiry"
Preview (released 7/18/2018): (2:37)
Full Episode released 7/21/2019, (44:40)

First look at another Episode in the works: The Case of the Romulan and the Cheese Cake, (4:08)

The Following is the OLDER, Teen Trek series that preceded The Further Adventures of Star Trek Unity

Gateway Productions Presents Star Trek: Unity Luke Sutton as Captain Lewis, Ian Pidgley as Captain Puto. Becky Florence as Commander Tina Nuttol, Max Stafford as Lt. Commander Prax, Adam Best as J'imba, Daniel White as Commander Rob Whitfield, Freddie Milner as Sam Hawkins.... produced by Applemore Technology College... which is a UK school for 11 to 16 year olds in Hampshire, England.

Mr. Luke Sutton, who has already produced all this at the ripe old age of 21, has been kind enough to write to me and recommends starting watching this show at Episode 18. (He was 18 when he wrote this:)

There is clear admixture of elements from non-Trek Sci Fi sources, but the references to Star Trek are real as well. The special effects are limited, but the quality of the writing, acting, and editing are outstanding for Teen Trek. The teenage writer/producer behind these shows deserves to be scooped up by somebody in Hollywood or Bollywood as an apprentice. He needs guidance, but he's got drive and talent. I'll say this for this crew: The only time I was bored was when the poor quality of the sound made the story impossible to follow. Most of these shows are rated poorly due to awful equipment, worse special effects, complete lack of costume or sets, and admixture of non-Trek elements, not because the shows are boring. And for a person of my generation, this show is sort of Star Trek meets It's a Hard Day's Night.

Star Trek: Unity has an article In the Star Trek Wikipedia.
Gateway Productions also produces pieces for a Game, The Holo Federation.

This is Silver Age Star Trek, to the extent it's Star Trek at all. After the jump, read an episode by episode review of this entire series, with spoilers. Or just use the links, below, and watch the episodes.

Star Trek Unity - #1 - New Order (Part 1) (10:30) Rating: 1.5
Star Trek Unity - #1 - New Order (Part 2) (9:54) Review rating: 1.5 or 2.
Star Trek Unity - #2 - New Order, Part Two (Part 1) (10:02) Rating: 1
Star Trek Unity - #2 - New Order, Part Two (Part 2) (8:10) Rating: 1
Star Trek Unity - #3 - Addiction (Part 1) (10:22) Rating: 3.5.

Star Trek Unity - #3 - Addiction (Part 2)(6:00)
Star Trek Unity - #4 - Unity Unbound (Part 1)(9:57) Rating 2
Star Trek Unity - #4 - Unity Unbound (Part 2)(5:53)
Star Trek Unity - #5 - 2005(10:37) Rating: 1
Star Trek Unity - #6 - Out of the Shadows, (Part I) Rating: 1

Star Trek - #6 - Out of the Shadows... (Part 2)(5:40)
Star Trek Unity - #9 - The Unit (Part 1)(9:15) Rating: 3
Star Trek Unity - #9 - The Unit (Part 2)(7:06)
Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 1)(10:39) Rating: 3
Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 2)(8:31)
Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 3)(4:09)
Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 1)(9:53) Rating: 2.
Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 2)(8:23)
Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 3)(10:03)
Star Trek Unity - #12 - Memoirs of Unity (Part 1)(9:53) Rating 1
Star Trek Unity - #12 - Memoirs of Unity (Part 2)(10:09)

Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 3)(10:34)
Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 4)(8:10)
Star Trek Unity - #15 - Crusade (Part 1)(10:00) Rating:2.
Star Trek Unity - #15 - Crusade (Part 2)(8:30)
Star Trek Unity - #16 - The Quest (Part 1)(6:24)  Rating 3.5
Star Trek Unity - #16 - The Quest (Part 2)(5:36)
Star Trek: Unity - #17 - Puto's Holiday(9:52) Rating 1.5

Star Trek Unity No. 18, Remastered, Fifth Element, Part 1 of 2 (9:27)   Rating 3 (based on non-remastered version)
Star Trek Unity, No. 18, Remastered Fifth Element Part 2 of 2 (9:25) (Remastered version released February, 2012).
Star Trek Unity - No. 19 - Remastered Doomsday, Part 1 (Part 1 of 2) (13:35) Rating 4
Star Trek Unity - No. 19 - Remastered Doomsday, Part 1 (Part 2 of 2) (11:43)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 1 of 5)(10:03) Rating: 2.5
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 2 of 5)(10:06)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 3 of 5)(10:01)

March 6, 2013.  Doomsday Part 2 has been remastered and re-released.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(14:11)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(14:25)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(13:02)

Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 4 of 5)(10:28)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 5 of 5)(0:59)
Star Trek: Unity - Zombies on Kressgon (Halloween Special)(10:21) Rating: 2.
The Scorched World Part I of 4(8:59)  Rating: 3

The Scorched World Part 2 of 4(9:57_

The Scorched World Part 3 of 4(9:36)
The Scorched World Part 4 of 4(4:52)

Laura Lee Needs You(0:43)

A Lonely Alien(9:13)

Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #1 "The Return" (Part 1 of 2)(6:22) Rating: 4.
Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #1 "The Return" (Part 2 of 2)(5:48)

Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #2 - "Day Two" (Part 1 of 2)(9:51)
Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #2 - "Day Two" (Part 2 of 2) (9:56)
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 1 of 3)(10:36)
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 2 of 3)(10:36)
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 3 of 3)(10:55)

Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 1 of 5)(10:42)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 2 of 5)(9:26)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 3 of 5)(9:10)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 4 of 5)(9:08)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 5 of 5)(4:59)

Star Trek Unity - Twilight (final episode) Preview, Mirror Mirror
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 1 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 2 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 3 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 4 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 5 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 6 of 7
Star Trek Unity - Twilight Part 7 of 7

In addition, The following is a recut from a game:
Star Trek Armada
Part 1 of 6: (10:48)
Part 2 of 6: (6:53)
Part 3 of 6: (10:09)
Part 4 of 6: (10:30)
Part 5 of 6: (8:52)
Part 6 of 6: (4:40)

Below are extensive plot summaries and spoilers.

Star Trek Unity - #1 - New Order (Part 1) (10:30) Rating: 1.5
The opening identifies us as the year 2384, after a war with the Borg. Space drawings are flat cartoon-like not cgi. Our main characters are surviving Star Fleet captains Captain Puto and Captain Lewis. But then we do switch to CGI, and a voice is Patrick Stewart, as Jean-Luc Picard, but speaks of Voyager's return. The new, advanced space station which will be home for our two leads is Unity One, which can see ships even if cloaked for many light years. We hear that, since the Borg war, the Klingon Empire and the Federation have been on excellent terms. However, the new threat comes from a species which has been conquered by the Klingons, the Rakelli.

The parts are played by tweens and young teenagers. The sound quality is poor, and the lack of enunciation doesn't help. It appears once can mumble in London English just as much as other dialects of the English language. No costumes. Sets are limited to computer screens on PCs. Music is too loud relative to voices, and makes the voices harder to understand. There is interaction with drawings of people in Silver Age Star Fleet uniforms.

The acting isn't bad. The storytelling is pretty good, too. Photography is as blurry as the sound, though. They supplement the actors with Star Trek plastic dolls. Some of it is just games and drawings. They don't mention a worm hole, at least not that I could understand, but they flash worm hole special effects, which they use to mean travel through a stargate, one of their many non-Trek features.

Star Trek Unity - #1 - New Order (Part 2) (9:54) Review rating: 1.5 or 2. Came up automatically after Part I:
There is one kid who looks about seven or ten who is wearing a jacket and com-badge like thingie. Costume! (But, given the location, he has to be at least 11). Missing ships show up trying to doc just after a barge intended to blow the station apart was disarmed. This has a real story.

These kids have no budget but they can write and act. I suspect these would score higher if they had reduced the music and enunciated rather than mumbled so I could understand what they were saying.
Star Trek Unity - #2 - New Order, Part Two (Part 1) (10:02) Rating: 1
comes up automatically:  v=fTimR6D0Y5o&feature=PlayList&p=2140BBBF46D09DA6&index=2&playnext=3&playnext_from=PL

The blurry quality of both the live action video and voice make this hard to follow. Nonetheless, one appreciates the use of solid storyline and acting. Mixture of blurry live action with stills. The Rakelli have been attacking the Klingon for years, but things slowed down once the Klingon allied with the Federation.

Star Trek Unity - #2 - New Order, Part Two (Part 2) (8:10)
Automatically called up: Star Trek Unity - #2 - New Order, Part Two (Part 2)

Opening sequence seemed to show light sabers... shades of Star Wars. They seem to be using game cgi for tunnels. A lot of the 'animation' is stills, but some is animation. They do know how to add an explosion. And they find a way out via a 'Star Gate.' The combination of this with the blurry sound and visuals make it hard to watch, in spite of a pretty good plot and decent acting. Costumes consist of Trek com badges from TNG and long sleeved white shirt, ties, and dress pants, which change magically into T shirts over short sleeved white shirts in mid-scene. Bizarre use of the pointer on the game to make the Stargate work.

The next episode is "Addiction" Rating: 3.5.
Star Trek Unity - #3 - Addiction (Part 1) (10:22) Big improvement. No uniforms, still blurry, but you can either understand the speakers or they offer subtitles. Luke Sutton is a good writer, and this episode includes no obvious elements from other non-Trek sources. There's also a drug message.

It starts out with the words supplemented by subtitles which makes it possible to follow the story. A big improvement! Captains Lewis and Puto are visiting a nearby Colony, Koria III, Commander Whitfield's colony. While away, somebody starts to pass drugs to staff members, including Praxis, at Starbase Unity, saying they will enhance performance. Also, while on the colony, it's attacked by the Rikelli. Praxis gets very ill. The Episode ends with Captain Lewis picking out clothes, an extreme statement of the lack of costumes.

Star Trek Unity - #3 - Addiction (Part 2)(6:00)
Captain Puto is a prisoner of the Rikelli. The questioner appears to be addicted to the same drug as was being passed around Starbase Unity which made Praxis sick. The Rikelli interrogator collapses. Puto escapes, and runs, and Captain Lewis turns his ship back to try to pick him up. Sadly, at this point, Captain Lewis's words are drowned out by music. He blasts the Rikelli freighter that is shooting at Puto (why is a freighter shooting? Doesn't a frighter carry freight?) and transports Puto from the surface, magically changing his clothing at the same time.

Star Trek Unity - #4 - Unity Unbound (Part 1)(9:57) Rating 2 (blurry sound in first half and Stargate technology override a good script, story and acting making the story hard to follow. There is no effective CGI, but drawings and the like tell the story well enough.)
It's Christmas. The fact that the chatter about the prior year is light doesn't mean you can understand it with the blurry sound and mumbling. But Captain Puto's overeating isn't what's causing Captain Lewis' illness, as it becomes clear when he collapses on the floor. Sick bay's received 42 patients in the last hour... but there's more dialogue, and the poor quality of the recording makes it hard to follow. They've moved up to flat screen computers for their special effects. A commentary I read elsewhere says it's flu. I couldn't tell from the film itself, though. Quarantine gives Puto and Lewis time to review tapes of their encounter with the Rikelli (what tapes? From where?). Symbols on the Stargate Control (oops, non-Trek!) are discussed, but blurry sound, music and mumbling make the dialogue mostly unintelligible. Something about using their own Stargate to find a Rikelli base. Lewis tried to go to bed, but Puto puts together an away team with Smith, breaking Quarantine. Footage is stolen from Stargate TV shows. Praxis wakes Lewis, and gets him out of bed. They are being watched by Rakelli from an asteriod belt, and Puto and Smith are missing.

Star Trek Unity - #4 - Unity Unbound (Part 2)(5:53) Puto's discovered the technology isn't Rickelli, it's Romulan. Space battle with minimal effects, but CGI isn't my thing, as long as I get the point, I don't care... somebody else will care a lot. Hey, I can understand the voices... a note says this is a remastered version, which explains that. Lewis tries to go back to bed, but Puto pulls him out... they are having a drink and the music from the Star Wars bar scene I guess is supposed to make this a bar. closing credits tell us it's the end of 2004, and the next episode of Star Trek: Unity will be in 2005.

Star Trek Unity - #5 - 2005(10:37) Rating: 1 It opens with Puto and Lewis complaining that temporal investigations is always watching. That's not all they say, but it's all I could make out. They're asked what they are complaining about, and they begin their story. We see a sequence of a Stargate from the TV show of that name. We are told that a child from Applemore College in 2005 came through, and so our heroes go back to stop the aliens from going into Earth's past. When they get there, Captain Lewis engages in a battle with light sabers. (wrong franchise...). Live stop action photography... unusually bad, even for this equipment challenged group. Commentary is far too blurry to understand. TWO other franchises are used, and in spite of the always reliable acting of young Sutton and Pigley, the story is beyond comprehension.

Star Trek Unity - #6 - Out of the Shadows, (Part I) Rating: 1 Hard to follow, unoriginal, uses both Star Wars and Stargate. The Rakelli leader heads for their weapon, and Starbase Unity braces for assault as this episode opens. The problem, the Rakelli have hacked into Unity's security system and can see everything they are doing. Large groups of ships face each other, and after a brief verbal exchange, the fight begins. Stargate brings them to a Rakelli base where they download files that 'seem familiar'. Fighting on the way out includes light sabers. The hope of capturing the Rackelli Emperor is greeted with the intention of killing him by the Klingons.

Star Trek - #6 - Out of the Shadows... (Part 2)(5:40) Captains Lewis and Puto find the Rakelli Emperor trying to flee through a stargate and shoot at him and his crew. We hear a voice recording a log at Unity that the Rackelli have been defeated but Puto and Lewis are missing. A game version of Jon Luc Picard comments on the Rakelli uprising. Captain Lewis returns, warning of a possible Rakelli super weapon. ...which turns out to be a still operating Borg cube.

Star Trek Unity - #7 - Into the Fire (Part 1)(10:08) Rating 1.5 (Story, editing and acting good, bad CGI impossible sound, use of multiple non-Trek sources at random ruins the show) The usual sound problems now extend to understanding the Rakelli Emperor, who until now we could understand... but he now has background music. Lewis and Puto beam over, and confront some Borg drones and the Rackelli Emperor. This makes no sense in the Star Trek understanding of Borg. The Borg are taking orders from the Emperor... sort of Star Wars Clone Wars using the Borg. Sorry, Sutton, this doesn't work for Trekkies. The drones attack Unity Station, but Captain Lewis receives a call from a servant of the Emperor who says he has not been himself for the last five months and gives him what he claims are the frequencies he needs to defeat the Borg cube. The attack ensures nonetheless, but Unity wins and Lewis and Puto beam over to confront the Emperor of the Rakelli, while other use the Stargate to go to Andromeda and get back up. Apparently what I thought was worm hole footage is Stargate footage. Interesting, but not Trek.

Star Trek Unity - #7 - Into the Fire (Part 2)(9:30) The Rakelli Emperor says he was not the Emperor five months ago, but when Lewis destroyed the Borg he was part of the single cube that survived... that cube. They assimilated a Rakelli freighter and the rest followed. A view of the Stargate tunnel is followed by a battle between the lone cube and Unity Station. Not clear how all this relates... not like Mr. Sutton whose narrative is usually a crystal which shines past the poor CGI, worse film and sound, and impossible lack of sets and costumes. Anyway, Lewis and Puto use their Phasers on vaporize and destroy the Borg Rakelli Emperor. The Borg just come after them. Lewis and Puto retreat, leaving a major explosive just before they beam out. The cube blows, then flees. The Rakelli decide to become a Democratic Republic and elect J'imba to serve in a high capacity. Big celebration on the Rakelli homeworld, Star Wars Bar music.

Star Trek Unity - #7 - Into the Fire (Part 3)
   We find Lewis in a bar amidst the celebration talking about the disadvantages of being shipped off the San Francisco. But all is not well, 5 months later, an officer reports to Lewis and Puto that there is a large fleet of Borg vessels heading toward Unity Station. Creative use of game animation supports the cast.

Star Trek Unity - #8 - Ancient Order (Part 1)(9:57) A good story and good editing are held back by multiple non-Trek references, and very bad special effects. I'd love to give this a 2 on the strength of the yarn, acting, and editing but on my point system it's a 1

This opens with a battle between the Borg and the Federation. Better CGI than usual (a game?). There's a lot of back and forth, as the Borg hit the ship Lewis, Puto and Prax are fighting out of... a group of what look like Federation ships are identified as Imperial Ships... (Klingon?). At any rate, many ships are destroyed, including at least one Borg cube. Stargate shows up again. At any rate, we are told the initial fight with the Rakelli goes back 5 months, and the attack by the Borg went on for three weeks. Lewis & co are going to try to find and destroy their home base. They come upon a Borg cylinder, and determine it's a trap and alert the other ships.

Star Trek Unity - #8 - Ancient Order (Part 2)(8:04) They have tracked the Borg back to a desert-like planet with non-Borg power readings. The Effects are sub-cartoonish but they get the story across. But somebody else, who is calling their boss, "my lord" is chasing the Borg, and a cube disappears into a conduit. Back on the planet, Lewis and Puto find ruins of a 10000 year old civilization. Lifesign reading are Iconian. They interact with what they find, push a few buttons and a man and boy appear and start shooting at them. Lewis is hit and down, Puto and another character follow quickly (after pulling out light sabers?). The three awake in a room with no weapons, but Puto finds it all vaguely familiar. Something is launched from where they are, and they hear it, but know nothing else. The old guy comes in, he is Andrus, son of Frank, leader of the Iccobar, and he's been trying to kill Puto for a long time. Lewis notes the Iccobar were the blood enemies of the Iconians. Puto states he lead an Iconian mission to wipe out the Iccobar, Andrus declares he ruled the stars. Lewis says, "I don't think so" and with a motion, the Federation Starship above fires on the building they are in which looks like a big rock. They fight with light sabers.
Star Trek Unity - #8 - Ancient Order (Part 3)(7:54)

Dodging and fighting. Lots of light sabers for no apparent reason. Lewis, not in the shuttle says, "Engage" and it lifts off. (????). The scene shifts to San Francisco, (where everyone also sounds curiously English). Lt. Commander Wood is sent out to join our three, to make sure Puto doesn't do anything unlawful. But something is weirder with the people giving commands than the version of the English language these Californians speak. Their eyes flash yellow. Unity Star base follows orders and sets out space mines(???) to hold off the advance of the Iccobar who want to retake the galaxy. A single Iccobar ship makes it through, but Lewis warns it's commander, Andrus, that Star Fleet has reinforcements on the way, and Andrus withdraws.

It sneaks up on you, but the sound has gradually improved. Much less blurry, more understandable.

Star Trek Unity - #9 - The Unit (Part 1)(9:15) Although there is the non-Trek tech, it's not central to this issue, and the discussion of the touchy issue of Borg drone v. underlying individual is well done. Rating: 3. The sound isn't beyond understand, and the CGI is awful as usual, and never any sets or costumes. Opening credits here changed. It's now L.I.K. Productions. Still produced at Applegate College, though. Opening shots have a Klingon vessel self-destruct rather than surrender to the Borg. The Star Wars Bar music tells us Lewis and Puto are in Greeto, the Unity Bar. Chit Chat, Prax is taking piloting lessons, Lewis is going to Rakellus to see how their political system is developing. While waiting to see J'imba, who is working with the Rakelli counsel, Lewis is taken to see a captured alien... a Borg drone. Lewis is restrained from killing it, being told the individual drone is innocent. But the drone breaks free, is protected now by it's shield, and beems out.

Star Trek Unity - #9 - The Unit (Part 2)(7:06) They find the Borg drone who was once Rakelli and try to talk to his individual self. The Borg is brought down by a phase fired from behind by Lt. Commander Wood who has now arrived from San Francisco to join them. Back on Unity, the body of the Drone is examined, and Lewis isn't happy with himself for not seeing that each drone was once an individual who is innocent.

Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 1)(10:39) Luke Sutton's gifted writing keeps our interest, as always, and the sound is consistently clear enough to understand. No message, and CGI is very limited. There is only one significant use of non-Trek tech, although the Borg Emperor increasingly makes one think of Star Wars. Rating: 3. A new starship, the USS Odyssey is commissioned to protect, "The country"(?). The film quality is significantly worse, with faces not really visible. Commander Wood is going to stay on Unity, says the commander whose eyes turn yellow (same weirdness as in San Francisco stuff). Puto is pretty neutral on this. Scene shifts to Greeto's Bar, and we hear Star Wars Bar music. A female officer playing chess with Lewis asks for love advice about Prax, and receives insults. Lewis admits he's only gone out with a girl once, a long time before, but wins the chess game. Puto shows and and reminds Lewis they have a mission on Kressgon. Kressgon is a planet with two cultures, one primitive and starving, one with warp drive. As Lewis, Puto & Jono walk, the planet comes under attack. A Starfleet vessel tries to engage the attacker, which they identify as Borg, as Lewis, Puto and co. use a Stargate to escape, leaving the primitive villagers behind to their fate.

Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 2)(8:31) Lewis & Puto discuss the Borg's "harvester" ship's arrival on Kressgon, when the USS Pentock arrives, Lisa Coventry commanding. We go to the Borg vessel, where our old enemy, the Emperor, seems in control of the vessel. Back on Unity, it becomes clear that Lisa Coventry is Lewis's once and future girlfriend. On a starship, our yellow-eyed strange folk are grabbed by the Borg harvester. Prax's log shows he's worried about these events, including Lewis's distraction by Coventry. At Greeto's Bar, the always present Star Wars Bar music backs Lewis and Coventry catching up. She presses him about him taking a command and leaving her... good news, Coca Cola survives in space! But Red Alert interrupts, and Lewis is directly called upon by a transmission from the Borg Emperor. The Emperor declares plans to assimilate the Alpha Quadrant, and Lewis seems a bit...overconfident in his response. The Borg grab Lewis and Lisa Coventry. Puto says, "You've made a big mistake." He commands the station and star ships to hit the Borg harvester with everything they have, they damage it and it flees with Lewis and Coventry on board.

Star Trek Unity - #10 - Threads (Part 3)(4:09) Puto, Prax, and others makes plans to chase the harvester. On the Harvester, Lewis is told he will be assimilated, Lewis drops his phaser. The would-be rescuers find themselves in a battle.

Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 1)(9:53) Rating: 2. The acting, and editing are good, the sound has improved, but the use of non-Trek sources is just getting worse and worse. The "Big Brother" thing did some harm, but sudden appearance of Lightning Lad did more. The CGI is still nonexistent, but the drawings still tell you what's happening. No message. Absent the "just plain fun" factor, I'd be forced to give this a 1. But, I just really enjoy the work of this group.

It opens with Lewis dropping his phaser but... hey, he's Lightning Lad from the Legion of Super Heroes? Are we introducing a new Sci Fantasy series (Superman/DC Comics?). Puto and his crew win their battle and continue their pursuit under yellow alert. Apparently, Lightning Lad Lewis won the battle, but the Emperor beams him to some place through the collective with Lisa Coventry to what we later learn is the set of the "Big Brother" reality TV show. On board the rescue ship, Puto gives his crew a hard time for liking girls. (Is this 1930s tough guy or 2000s gay stuff? I'm betting on tough guy.) Lewis and Coventry are joined by the yellow-eyed English girls from San Francisco who were beamed off their ship before. One is isolated, and reveals she is really an Iccobar. Captain Lewis finds a weakness in the wall which he increases, as Puto's fleet arrives and attacks. They lose a lot of fighters. Lewis hears the attack and signals Puto (the Borg have apparently not taken Lewis's phaser or his communicator, how sloppy and unBorg-like of them!).

Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 2)(8:23) Lewis says "Four to beam out" and Puto gets them as the harvester flees. Lewis informs them of the Emperor's plans to assimilate all of Kressgon. They send Jono, their Jedi Master to recruit others to help Star Fleet. Back at Greeto's and Star Wars music. (This is turning into an episode in which Trek is incidental, and Star Wars central). We learn that one of the junior officer's parents were killed by the Borg, and Lewis was assimilated by them and rescued by Voyager after four years as a Borg. They use the Stargate to go to Kressgon. Unity personnel command starships which attack the Borg harvester in space, as Lewis and company join the fight on Kressgon. The Borg aren't doing as well as you would expect. As the Unity people on the ground gather the troops from the scattered surviving Kressgoni, we hear the Borg demand extermination rather than assimilation. Phaser battle. (They have to get the girls to smile less in battle scenes. They look like they are laughing.). An assortment of weapons, including some sticks which fired stuff from TOS. Battle continues in space,

Star Trek Unity - #11 - Threads, Part Two (Part 3)(10:03) and on the ground. A Borg tries to assimilate our Jono the Jedi. The guy who saves him is Lewis, but the film is so grainy it takes a while to be sure. Sadly, it was far enough along so that the Jono the Jedi is now under the control of the Borg. Strangely, though, he can still move like a Jedi. Puto tells Lisa Coventry that Lewis has been pining for her for years and thought leaving her was a mistake, as the Jono/Lewis battle rages. No lightning from Lewis. Somehow, a phaser blast turns the Jono back into himself.(?). Puto figures out how to use a Borg loss of shielding to use a solar flare against them, and does it. We see Unity, and hear his log. They beat the Borg off Kressgon, but the harvester escaped, and they'll be back. Hey, we're in the Bar at Unity Station to celebrate and NO STAR WARS MUSIC!!! YEAH! The Iccobar-possessed officers are there, too... ops, it ends with Lewis and Puto drunk and Star Wars Bar music... as Lisa Coventry leaves for her starship, Lewis gives her a token to remember him by, a patch from Unity Station.

Star Trek Unity - #12 - Memoirs of Unity (Part 1)(9:53) Rating 1. Full of flashbacks, this show is unusually hard to follow and made up mostly of old, and bad footage.

Captain Lewis is remembering his two years on Unity Star Base as this show opens. They are on a spaceship going on a secret mission. This is a flashback show, reviewing the previous 11 episodes. But Lewis brought along his Jedi, Jono because they are approaching genetically enhanced light-saber wielding Borg.

Star Trek Unity - #12 - Memoirs of Unity (Part 2)(10:09) Flashback sequences continue, now focusing on light-saber wielding Borg. However, they are taken hostage by the planet locals who demand they fight in their arena. More flashbacks. Fighting a Borg drone in the arena with light-sabers, we see Lightning Lad Lewis emerges again. More flashbacks, they found a Stargate, but can't use it to get back to Unity Station because Lewis doesn't have those codes. Puto crashed a ship somewhere near a stargate, so they'll go there and try to get Puto's abandoned ship up and running. When through the Stargate they get confronted by a local, but make it to the ship and get it up and running immediately. Back at Unity, we learn that the Jono the Jedi is Jewish.(A salute to the original (Jewish) Kirk and Spock?).

Star Trek Unity - #13 - Duel of the Fates (Part 1)(6:34) Rating: 3. It's unusually exciting, it's a great show. But we have the standard problems with bad equipment and lack of CGI. And then there's the whole, Super-Star Wars "Luke (er, Lewis, but Luke, you are a Luke, and you even LOOK like Luke Skywalker), I am your father" thing.... The fun aspect pops it up to a 3. It opens with Lewis remembering his father, who is represented by Sutton's real dad who already played the part of Andras in a previous show. The fact that the father looks like Andras, a guy from 1000s of years ago is noted. Lewis is disturbed by bad dreams. He makes a log entry noting he is leaving Unity Station after almost three years. He notes that there is an Iccabar who claims to be Lewis' father. Lt. Commander Fox is taking over command of Unity Station. Puto is on duty, and he gets the news three Romulan warbirds have just decloaked just off of Unity Station. No make-up on the Redhead who is apparently Romulan. He wants mining rights to the asteroid field. Puto explains that's a Klingon issue, and the Romulan says he'd never talk to the Klingons and will kill them and 'you all.' Puto suggests he do a preliminary survey before getting carried away, and apparently the Romulan will, but with threats about what else he'll do.

Star Trek Unity - #13 - Duel of the Fates (Part 2)(7:00) The two Iccobar possessed Star Fleet officers are delighted that the old team has left and Andras will soon control Unity Station. Commander Fox greets the Iccobar possessed Commander Hayward. Hayward demands control of Unity in a coup, and when she threatens to kill a hostage, Fox surrenders Unity Starbase. Meanwhile, Lewis and Puto aboard the Odyssey are off looking for Iccobar ships, and eventually find three. Andras is aboard, and suggests Lewis surrender saying, "If you can't beat them join them," and Lewis says he can beat Andras. Well, more Star Wars, when Lewis says he's an Iccobar who has taken over his father's body, Andras says, "No, Lewis, I am your father." (Which, since I've been thinking of him as Young Luke Sutton (Skywalker?) since Chapter 2, is fine with me... but hurts the rating of this show) There is a battle with the Iccobar ships, and the Romulan guy somehow is involved, but it's not clear how. A Voyager type ship looses a propulsion engine. With only the Odyssey left, a Borg cube uncloaked and demands surrender and assimilation.

Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 1)(9:54) Rating: 3 The CGI is much improved, but much of this story turned on Star Wars themes. The Lightning Lad Lewis was mentioned, but not explained. The credits are misleading. But it has the exciting writing and acting and tight editing we've come to expect from this group, and the offer of an explanation of a long unexplained Trek subject earns it an additional boost. We could understand the sound.
The Borg Emperor dislikes the Iccobar and Lewis alike. (So very Star Wars...) But... special guest star Patrick Stewart as Jon Luc Picard (???)... Denise Crosby as Admiral Sela... (this turns out to be use of a game or animation of some kind which is integrated into the story.)
As the Iccobar head for Rikelli, the Odyssey, with Lewis and Puto, head for Unity Starbase to warn of the two attacking forces. (Why no subspace warning?). As they arrive, they conclude that the Iccobar have taken Unity in their absence. The Unity staff claims Unity is under control, that the Romulans helped them take back the station from Captains Hayward and Goodwin. The two had Iccobar parasites attached to their brain stems (a nice reach back to the end of the first season of TNG). Lewis phasers them both and removes the parasites, then orders the Star Fleet officers taken to the infirmary. Puto notes that the Iccobar are headed for Beta-4-02, a planet under Federation protection, so they have to act. As Puto prepares to depart for Beta-4-02, Fox confronts him about how handling Unity Station will be too much for her. Star Wars music plays as Puto repeats the story he told Lewis three years earlier about Captain Sisko, but now the story is about how Lewis was overwhelmed when he was first put in charge, and rose to the occasion, not Sisko. (Very touching, I have to say.) A huge joint Federation and Klingon armada head out, finding a huge Borg armada. After a very brief exchange with the Emperor, Lewis orders the entire Federation/Klingon Armada into battle. The Odyssey cuts through and reaches the Rakelli home world. But Romulan war birds uncloak, and a game version of Romulan Commander Sela (Crosby) try to stop them from reaching Beta-4-02.

Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 2)(9:46)
They've discovered a Romulan Starbase, which Lewis promptly attacks. We hear Patrick Stewart ordering that all forces focus on the Starbase. After that, Puto is left to fight the Borg, as a time warp or other space distortion forms nearby. As Lewis goes down on a Rikelli base to organize resistance to the Iccobar. Lisa Coventry is with him, and questions his use of a light saber, his Lightning Lad abilities, says he's hiding something ... Lewis insists he's human as he always was. Coventry says she doesn't know his surname, and Lewis says she couldn't pronounce it. Lewis says he was born on Voyager, was captured and assimilated by the Borg for four years before being rescued, and has only vague, painful memories of what happened during that time. Puto thinks it's something Iconian. But Lewis insists he will fight the Borg, the Iccobar, all of them for what he believes, and he is still human. (Na... he's from the planet Winath) Puto attacks the Borg as the Emperor confronts his former Rakelli servant. Below, Andres makes a final attempt to recruit Lewis to his cause, before they fight with Light Sabers. Battles range in space an on the Rakelli base planet. Andres makes Lewis choke himself. It's the force!! But the Federation's own Jono the Jedi light sabers Andres from behind, and Andrew, Lewis' father, speaks. Andres, and Andrew, die.

Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 3)(10:34) Space battle between the Federation and their allies and the Borg continues in space. The Emperor announces he is going back in time to stop the Federation before it starts. Puto beams Lewis and Jono the Jedi aboard and follows them into the space anomaly. They emerge above 21st Century earth, where the Borg are starting their unopposed assimilation in Southern England. Both the Borg and our four heroes appear in what I assume is Hampshire, England. The four of them confront the Borg cube (unrealistic in the Star Wars er Trek universe, ya think? But after J.J. Abram's Spiderman Kirk, who can complain?) Light sabers, but no collective of 100s of Borg drones all on the four. They rig an enhanced phaser weapon to shoot at the cube. Lewis is beamed into the Emperor's chamber, and they argue as the cube, under attack is weakening. The Emperor intends to take another body as Lewis beams out saying (cute) "assimilation is futile."

Star Trek Unity - #14 - Final Order (Part 4)(8:10) The Borg are gone, but the timeline has been disrupted. Lisa Coventry offers to stay behind to try to correct it, over Lewis's objections. Discussion, but in the end that's how it's settled, much to Lewis's distress. Lewis, Puto and Jono the Jedi beam up, and clean up the leftover Borg remains from the U.S.S. Odyssey. Then, into the time rift and back to Unity Station. Collage of old shots. Puto and Lewis will miss Unity, but they transfer their command codes to Lt. Commander Fox. On board the Odyssey, they discuss where they'll go, then decide to find, "... a strange new world" which Lewis hopes won't try to blow them up.

Star Trek Unity - #15 - Crusade (Part 1)(10:00) Rating:2. This episode begins Season 3, and it's a transitional episode. It's not about Unity Starbase anymore. The special effects continue to improve, but this story is much more disjointed than has been the case, and the 12 year old ensign didn't help for me. The story opens noting that the old Unity Starbase crew are scattered, and the right winger Imperial Klingons have staged a coup (I'm guessing Luke Sutton prefers Labor over the Tory Party). They interact with a Klingon video game character. They are trying to escort Chancellor Martok out of the Klingon system. They appear to be outmatched, when the Odyssey shows up and turns the tide. New Credits sequence adds Oliver Stevens as Ensign Rick Ford. Then, it's back to earth for reassignment to separate ships. There's some kind of energy event outside of the ship, and as they try to figure out what and then what to do, there's a lot of talk, not all of it clear. A decompressed ship has appeared. They are assigned apart, apparently Puto was Lewis's first officer (I was never clear who was in charge between the two of them).

Star Trek Unity - #15 - Crusade (Part 2)(8:30) We are at Nimbus III, the Planet of Galactic Peace. Paradise City looks an awful lot like where Anakin Skywalker grew up. The Klingon who confronted Puto and Lewis meets with a mysterious figure, Saral (Romulan? Vulcan? Tom Crusian?) complaining that Martock has escaped to the Federation, and he can't execute him. Next we are at Starfleet Command in San Francisco. Puto sits down near Ensign Rick Ford, age 12 who is translating an Iconian text which speaks of the Grail being revealed. (??) He knows of Puto, and Puto is impressed by both his having graduated at 12 and his scholarship. Puto recruits him for his ship. Some reason is given why Lewis, Puto, Jono and Ford are now together but it wasn't clear. Anyway, they are on a Starship that looks like the TNG Enterprise and are pulled into a space conduit. Lewis is now wearing reading glasses. (??). They are in the Serius System, and find an M-Class moon. A very purple landscape. Puto and Lewis are pink, when the landscapte turns green. They are greeted by game animation people who tell them to lower their weapons, they are not in danger.

Star Trek Unity - #16 - The Quest (Part 1)(6:24) Although the CGI is greatly improved, there are still no sets, no costumes. The sound and videos are no longer impossible to follow, but they are, at best, neutral. The Stargate continues to be used, here for no apparent reason. Aside from that, the writing, acting, and editing are great, and the story is fully within the Trek tradition. And it's an exciting yarn, which I greatly enjoyed. No message either social or technological. Rating 3.5
This Episode really continues "The Crusade". Lewis and Puto enter past some sheets and want to know who they are... they say they are the Fen Domar. They say they grabbed the U.S.S. Odyssey to convert the Federation to their faith by force. They are sending an Armada to the Federation. Lewis and Puto feign acceptance of their faith, then flee to their ship. The Fen Domar attack them almost immediately. They battle, but are able to get away with Trans-Warp drive. Once away, Rick Ford pours over Iconian documents and finds reference to a mind control machine, an 'elemental' that was created by a power hungry Iconian named Domar. Puto can't remember his Iconian past, but Ford finds a possible way to defeat the Fen Domar in the Kressgon system, some kind of weapon. Of course, Puto and Lewis were there, and they head for it, maximum warp.

Star Trek Unity - #16 - The Quest (Part 2)(5:36) They find an energy signature on Kressgon that matches what they are looking for. All four beam down and find a building identical to the one they just left in the domaine of the Fen Domar. They are attacked by Fen Domar ships in space, and run for the building. In space, the Odyssey fights the Fen Domar. The four enter the building, where Puto encounters a force field. He is able to pass through it, then harness the power source to destroy the Fen Domar ships in space above. Puto announces that he's destoryed the Fen Domar ships, but also that he 'knows who he is' and 'has to stop them.' He walks swiftly out of the building. Jono the Jedi suggests that Puto has gone loony. But Puto explains that the only way to stop the Fen Domar from coming back in greater numbers is if they find the 'elementals' first. He knows where they are, and will use the Stargate to go there.

Star Trek: Unity - #17 - Puto's Holiday(9:52) The holiday part of the episode is irrelevant. I suspect the animation is part of a Trek game, but it was pretty good. Still, it all has only a side relationship with any story. Unlike most stories in this series, it lacks in writing, editing, acting, plot and characterization. The improvement in special effects continue. Rating, 1.5.
It's been a month since Puto went through the Stargate, and Captain Lewis is sitting and still waiting for him, wearing his deceased father's blue blazer. Ford beams down with a can of Coca Cola and Lewis explains Puto said he'd be back and He's sure Puto will be. In a minute, the Stargate is on, and Puto steps through with the elemental. The crew works on an analysis of the elemental, and Lewis, Puto and Chelse Fox go on holiday on an earth beach. Meanwhile, an animated battle begins on the Klingon/Romulan boarder. But both sides have Klingons, one is lead by Worf of TNG and DS9, the other by the guy who tried to kill Mattock and was working with the Tom Cruise-like mystery Romulan guy. The Federation allies win, and the other Klingons flee to fight another day. Back on the beach, Lewis, Puto and Fox are recalled for the emergency.

Star Trek: Unity - #18 - Fifth Element (Part 1)(8:40) Production values keep getting better. The graphics are now quite adequate, and the acting continues to be excellent. They continue to add more and more science fiction and fantasy elements, which they claims makes it hold together, but doesn't. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Fifth Element is weaker writing, not stronger writing. Still, it's a fun yarn, which is well edited. The introduction of the green screen adds a nice touch, although for me the disconnection of the plot with the nonsense about the 'elements' which I'm assuming is from a Science Fantasy movie counter it. No message, and the writing in some of the earlier stuff was stronger. I guess Luke Sutton is growing up and giving us better CGI and less story. Typical adult. Me, I like a story! That's why, no matter where on the rating scale this show has landed, I've kept enjoying it. Rating: 3.

South England, Earth, 2008. Lewis is there and then, and hands a woman what could be a tricorder. Lewis runs, the girls walk, and something is happening near a blue wall... 379 years later, Weymouth, England 2387, Lewis knocks on the door of an elderly woman, his grandmother. She is retired Starfleet. He's there because the Odyssey is being refitted in orbit. He explains that the 'elementals' were the first piece, earth, the piece Puto go, water, a Vulcan forge contained the 'fire', and they sought 'air' on the world of the ancient Iconians. Where they found 'air' they also found a box which was bigger on the inside than the outside, which they called a "tardus" and took them through time... to find the fifth element. (it was a 'police call' box, from 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. MORE stuff from other movies and TV shows.) Two girls witness the box's arrive back in 2008. A sign says, "Scorn Venality" which Lewis tells us is an anagram for Lisa Coventry. (Except that Scorn Venality has two "n"s and Lisa Coventry has one...) they go to the exhibit advertised on the sign above the words, "Scorn Venality" unaware that they are being observed.

Star Trek: Unity - #18 - Fifth Element (Part 2)(7:20) There they find an old pocket watch and another note from Lisa Coventry, to take it and return to the 24th Century. But they catch the girls, Becky and Jade, watching them, and are told that a man who looked like Lewis but called himself, "The Doctor" had given them a phaser an hour before they arrived, so they took them with them back to the 24th Century. But they did not find themselves on Iconia but on the ice world of Exo III. (Green Screen!! Nice ice world background!)where they find themselves under attack by the Fen Domar. (How did the Fen Domar know they'd be there?) Puto says it's time to assemble the five elements, as the Fen Domar beam down and there's a phaser fight. But the four elements assemble into nothing until Lewis realizes he has to add the pocket watch, but when he opens it, something happens. Something eminates from the watch, the assembly, and the Fen Domar themselves. It was one of the original guardians. But Lewis claims it explains all the strangeness from the fear of the Borg of him to Lightning Lad Lewis. (It's not clear why this would extend backward from the time of the event as well as forward). When he was assimilated as a Borg drone he somehow wound up back in Iconia, billions of years earlier, at the time of the Guardians, the Iconians predecessors. (There is an interesting time problem here if you accept the idea of the big bang and the time it takes for stars to create the heavier elements, but it's a problem that was in the TNG explanation of why so many races were humanoid.) Apparently, this character was who he was all along (but he said he was born on Voyager, and also that his father wasn't really an Iccobar, but was a miner...? Never mind, what was a miner doing on Voyager?)... anyway, the Fen Domar are released from the mind control worship they were under, and can gradually work to piece together normal lives.

Star Trek: Unity - #18 - Fifth Element (Part 3) All of them, including Becky and Jade, beam up to the Odyssey, but find themselves in a war (Why?) again with the Borg. But we're dealing with a game version of the Borg Queen, not the Rickelli Emperor turned Born Emperor. They escape to Warp to warn Star Fleet (even though the Borg have Trans Warp technology?). Grandma was an Admiral, during the Dominion War, but is retired. Lewis beams up back to the Odyssey. He's a 'Time Lord' and is needed in the fight. Becky and Jade are ready to fight, too, even though it's a sudden change to using weapons as they hop through Stargates from worrying only about shopping and boys. Game type animation shows scenes of Borg and Federation ships fighting.
No. 18 was the episode Mr. Sutton recommended to start with. It's a good episode in many ways, but it illustrates the issue of fan series developing their own 'cannon'. As one set of experiences which are based, not on scientific speculation, not on social commentary, but on fantasy fiction piles on another, however one may develop the reasons for borrowing the idea, if you come in in the middle of such a series, the reasoning is not there. And the shows that tell the reasoning in this series are technically problematic, with the explanation at times coming from dialogue one cannot make out due to poor sound quality. The writing seems to be there, but the miking wasn't. For want of a nail... wait, isn't that a Starship Farragut fan film?

Star Trek: Unity - #19 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(9:56) Rating notes: Except for a brief flash of a lightsabre, this is an episode which is pretty much Trek. The acting, writing, are solid, as always for Star Trek: Unity, but now we have some decent special effects, too, and better quality sound and video. The Borg continue to come from a game, and there is no real subject, message, or meaning. Rating: a 4!
The opening effectively sets the scene by letting the viewer know that the girls are from our own time, while Lewis and Puto are from the distant future, and that the story takes place in the distant future. Becky Carter and Jade Perry apparently are the real names of Becky Carter and Jade Perry. The special effects just took a major jump upwards. Lewis and Puto's spaceship fighter interiors are suddenly convincing, in fact, better than those in the early seasons of Hidden Frontiers. There are panels in front of them which block our view of them, and a display of panels behind them. It's only the dialogue which makes it clear they are on two small fighter craft, not in parallel stations in a larger craft. But we can hear the dialogue. At one point, an allied fighter is blown up by the Borg, and a human body hit's Puto's fighter's shield. In the course of the battle, the two fighter craft enter a landing hanger in the borg cube (I didn't know borg cubes had these), but they can't lift off again. They get into the same craft and set cube to explode around them. They somehow manage to be picked up. Next we hear it's a month later aboard the USS Odyssey, and the Borg War continues. Becky, who still wears 21st Century mental braces on her teeth, visits with Jade and discusses the events of the month-long war, and which of the boys interest them. In an interesting choice of consistency, they have kept the general look of inside the large ships as being pretty much as they have been... inside a house. As this part ends, they receive word that the Borg Queen herself is leading and assault, and they are off to fight. First stop, a Rikelli world.

Star Trek: Unity - #19 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 2)(10:01) They land outside a Rikelli complex, and see Borg leadinr Rickelli off to assimilation. Lewis briefly recounts what happens when an individual biological entity is assimilated. Puto declares he has to stop the Borg, and charges without a plan, and the Borg kill him. When Lewis pronounces him dead, we get a life of Puto flashback sequence. Juno the Jedi and Lewis open their lightsabres and, leaving Lewis' body behind, move toward the Borg. But then we see Puto's clothings and equipment, his body gone. We flash to the Borg Queen. She predicts the death of this one individual will turn the tide (a very unBorg-like prediction). Lewis and Jono the Jedi return to the empty clothing, and Lewis explains that Puto has ascended as pure energy, he is not dependent on the body and is not dead. Puto finds himself in a white room facing Andreus. (Andrew Sutton). Lewis addressed Rikelli Prime Minister Jimba, who thanks him for saving the Rikelli settlement and sends him a Rikelli Squadron to fight the Borg. Andreus, now dead and Andrew again, says the Iconians cannot take Corporial form again due to their laws, but Puto can, and Puto must stop the Borg from getting some item, "The Crusiform" which the Iconians left behind. The first race, the Iconians built the Crusiform, a device the size of a Galaxy. It spread the DNA throughout the Galaxy, and if the Borg could get their hands on it they could assimilate the whole Galaxy at once. (Doesn't make sense. Fits in with some parts of Trek, though. Associates the Iconians with a second TNG episode they were not previously associated with). The Crusiform still exists in subspace. Puto has to be pursuaded that it's worth the effort to seal off the single palace that the subspace Crusiform can be reached, through the Gateway to Forever (TOS!!) but when he does agree, Andreus agrees to reincarnate Puto, warning him that the task won't be easy.
Star Trek: Unity - #19 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 3)(5:25)

Lewis reports back to Unity Station which is also upgraded in special effects to about the details of a game. Reports and says he needs an armada to go on the offensive. He is hit by visions (MORE TOS TYPE EFFECTS!!) in which his visions include the Gateway! Next we see Planet Gateway, "Forever World." Well, now the Guardian of Forever speaks the Queen's English! And it restores Puto to life. We switch to Becky and Jade watching a video of Data giving his nightclub comedy act from TNG. But they are interrupted by a Borg cube. So are Lewis and Puto at the Guardian of Forever. Puto has Borg tubes in him and Lewis is hit and bleeding as we fade to black.

Star Trek: Unity - "Doomsday, Part Two" Preview Clip Captain Lewis tries to make peace between warring factions on a planet threatened by the Borg.
Star Trek Unity - "Doomsday" Series Finale trailer(1:44)
Short outtakes.

March 6, 2013.  Doomsday Part 2 has been remastered and re-released.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(14:11)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(14:25)
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part One (Part 1)(13:02)

Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 1 of 5)(10:03) Rating: 2.5 As always, this series is very entertaining, well written, well acted and well edited. The special effects are better than at first, but still weak. There are props but no costumes, and the use of sets and green screens is minimal. There is an admixture of non-Trek elements so basic to the story that it cannot be separated from it, the stargate from Stargate and the Tartus from Dr. Who, just for starters. But, perhaps more disturbing, in this episode, an explanation for the Borg is introduced that is both illogical and violates Star Trek Lore, or as some want to call it, Canon. I would have given this a 3 if not for the Canon violation, but because of it, I'm knocking this down to a 2.5

The recap of the prior episode was done in 50 seconds, a sharp contrast with other Teen-created trek, and even some adult Fan Trek. Unity Station easily destroys Borg cubes, and apparently Star Fleet's Phasers now can take on Borg individual shields. We hear Patrick Stewart's voice calling for the attack, and the Borg themselves seem to taken in part from a Game (although the cube outside of Unity is clearly not part of the game). Puto and Lewis lie seriously wounded outside of the Guardian of Forever, which the Borg Queen addresses as a mere 'rock'. Help arrived in the form of Black uniformed Star Fleet fighters. Puto is captured by the Borg, who flee, and question him about Torell, a Vulcan scientist captured seven years earlier. The scientist connects the Voyager Craft (from ST:TMP, or Star Trek I) with the creation of the Borg (I thought that the fate of Voyager was settled in that movie...), sending out it's mechanized carbon based life to find Voyager's creators. (This is a strong conflict with Star Trek: First Contact). Puto comes out of his mind link with Torell, crying out at being assimilated and also at his discovery that the Borg were created by Humans. The scene takes us back to Captain Lewis, who is injured but not fatally. He makes plans with Becky and Jade to destroy the Crusiform, whose location he learned from The Guardian of Forever, Heading out on the Odyssey A. Lewis first uses a Trans Warp Conduit to head for Unimatrix A, the center of the Borg where he believes Puto has been assimilated, while the Klingons attack as a distraction. A dark basement mixes with animation to place Lewis inside the collective. He gives himself some sort of shot. We hear Puto working planning the fight against the Klingons for the Borg.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 2 of 5)(10:06)

The Borg Queen orders Puto to assimilate Lewis, which he appears to do, up until the point when he places tubes at Lewis's throat. But Lewis says he won't be assimilated, and he's right... Puto is Iconian, and immune from Borg assimilation. The liquid Lewis shot into himself, however, released something into the collective which is causing the technology to blow up. They beam out, with Puto baiting the Borg Queen about the Cruiform, which she states she will get as he and Lewis beam out, and leave on the U.S.S. Odyssey. The meet up with a group of ships from Starfleet which are towing Unity Station. But it will take them five hours to get to the Cruiform, and they don't have that long. Puto proposes that Lewis go ahead with some Marines via the Stargate. The scene switches to Kressgon, where people use hand tools to till the soil near a Stargate. The Stargate activates, and Lewis and Juno the Jedi appear (but not an entire group of fighters as one might have expected.) One also wonders, since access to the Cruciform is on the Gateway Planet, why are they on Kressgon? Becky and Jade also appear through the Stargate, as Lewis goes off the recruit local help, leaving Juno in command. Lewis breaks up a fight between two local women using what I have to call force-sticks. (The force-sticks look like crude walking sticks but fire like phasers.) They agree to work together to fight the Borg. Lewis stands on a beach which seems to be the same beach they took a holiday on a few episodes earlier. A stone structure is nearby. Temple like building on the landscape, peaceful music, and a boy hands a flower to a girl. Lewis demands they stop snugging because they are in the middle of a war. Black-suited soldiers show up, as does Jimb'a the Rakelli, who vomits upon arrival. He is given a weapon, and the scene shifts to the Borg cubes in space over the planet. Lewis reports to Juno his success in recruiting the Rakelli to the fight. Juno notices Lewis doesn't look well after not sleeping for two days. Lewis acknowledges being down, and Juno assures him they will win.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 3 of 5)(10:01)

Small Borg Spheres approach the planet not far from the group that come through the Stargate. Still not clear why they are here rather than at the Gateway. The Starfleet group shoot at the Spheres, as do the black-suited fighters. We see a Borg sphere explode, but then, a cube enters the planetary atmosphere. The Rakelli women Lewis recruited come across a group of roughly 100 Borg drones who have beamed down just in front of them. Puto plans on putting Starfleet between the Borg and Kressgon. Below, the locals and Starfleet fight the Borg, all hiding except Juno who stands before them without a rock protecting him. We see the Borg destroy a Klingon Bird of Prey, and Puto directs an attack and a given formation. Game special effects for the Borg throughout. Below, all the characters we've met fight the Borg drones as Puto commands Starfleet above. Unity Station with it's extra firepower in tow arrives on the scene and joins the fight. Lewis must retreat on the ground as more and more drones join the fight. One ensign refuses to follow orders, Ensign Carrie Fisher (this is a pregant moment we will return to in a later episode), until personally order to retreat by Lewis. When they have gone a distance, Lewis asks if he knows her, she says, "from another time," and he has flashes of Southern England in the early 2000s (our time). Juno is hurt, but Lewis uses a device to heal his second degree burns. Above and below the Borg come to a complete hault. A number of ships from Starfleet approach as they blow up Borg cubes, apparently dead with their sheilds down. But Lewis concludes it's a ruse to get at the Iconian Dome, so Puto beams down to blow it up, and does. A fleet of what look like Ickabar ships (but are later identified as Iconian) join the fight against the Borg, as the Borg Queen beams down to Kressgon. Juno and Lewis fight a human under Borg control with light sabres. Again, somehow this Borg controlled human does not get the slowness that comes with being part of the collective. The fight also resumes in space, now with the reinforcement from Star Fleet. Somehow it comes out that NASA's voyager started the Borg.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 4 of 5)(10:28)

Battle continues on the ground, with the strange Borg and Lewis fighting with light sabres, while Puto uses more conventional phasers. The Borg queen shoots Lewis, while Becky and Jade watch the light show caused by the space battle. The Iconians spaceships appear fighting the Borg, and the queen says, "Not fair" Lewis and Co. comment that the Borg are children powerful enough to get whatever they want. For whatever reason (background music) the quality of the sound seems to have taken a step backward in this episode. Still, mostly understandable. Lewis and Puto try to talk the Borg Queen into retreating, but Becky and Jade sneak up and just hit her with an enhanced phaser blast and end it. She dies dispite Lewis and Puto's efforts. We are told the war is over. Jimb'a and Lewis speak of improved Federation/Rakelli relations. Unity Station is returned to it's usual place, and others return to their lives. Juno the Jedi joins an archeological dig on his home world of Iconia, Juno talks with Lewis about the need to keep learning and exploring. He leaves via Stargate. Becky and Jade return to 21st Century South England. He now gives the earlier Becky the phaser, and leaves the Becky who has been with him behind, with a Starfleet com badge. Back at Unity Station in the future, they are in the Bar, as we know from the Star Wars Bar Music. Puto comments about how one has to grow up and experience new ideas and new things, and Lewis comments on how uncharacteristically philosophical Puto is being. Puto says he's a realist, sometimes he needs a bit of philosphy. And this story ends, but the adventure continues. Credits begin.
Star Trek: Unity - #20 - Doomsday, Part Two (Part 5 of 5)(0:59)

Credits roll.

Unity Season 3 Finale Teaser Trailer(0:20)

From here forward the episodes are not numbered. This is the order I believe they fall in:

Star Trek: Unity - Zombies on Kressgon (Halloween Special)(10:21) Rating: 2.  The show loses about a point and a half for use of light sabres, and for the time travel from Dr. Who.  Beyond that, the special effects are mediocre, as are the female actors.  The standard cast is excellent, the editing is good, the writing is fair.  It is an amusing Halloween special, though.
Intro is live action, we learn that when the Borg went back to the 21st Century, they absorbed and left with one human... Odyssey ship scenes are Mechinima. Then we are back to live action, in Lewis's quarters (on the ship?). There was a Halloween party there the previous night (do Puto and Lewis share a cabin? Seems odd for captains.) He receives a message from Star Fleet Command and orders the Odyssey to Kressgon. Lewis is greeted by a woman who briefs him that some graves are empty, the 'Green Warrior' is missing. They are approached by a man who was assimilated by the Borg but doesn't have the external machinery. Soon three people, partially absorbed by the Borg, are after Lewis, who shoots his phaser and objects, that it's Zombies at Halloween. He runs, checks them with his tricorder, finds nanoprobes in them and just happens to have an anti-metalic injection that might stop the nanoprobes. He injects his original greeter, and gives the injections to her, then goes to stop the Green Warrior who started the problem. Lewis finds him and they fight with light sabers. He is injected and comes out of it, back to his 21st Century self, and Lewis returns him to his home and time. But he is spoted by Laura Lee who reports, and recognizes 'the Doctor' who still claims to be 'Captain Lewis.' Next, The Scorched World.

The Scorched World Part I of 4(8:59)
The Scorched World Part 2 of 4(9:57)

The Scorched World Part 3 of 4(9:36)
The Scorched World Part 4 of 4(4:52)

This series opens in the immediate future, in a 21st Century in which genetic manipulation becomes the basis for nuclear war, and then extermination of the genetically altered by a group called Optimum, lead by a Colonial Green... whether by plan or radiation. (Cretaceous Trek?). It moves to Kressgon, year 2387, the "Doomsday" battle. We see a drawn still with familiar Trek starships and this series' own Space Station Unity. (Back to Silver Age Trek). A battle between humans in street clothes with phasers and humanoid (animated) people with Borg implants, and something which could be either another creature or a set of robotic fighters. (Impressive mixture of animation and live action). Captain Lewis sends a female soldier running to the village. Next minute, the Captain Lewis wakes up in his bed, it's a year later and a nightmare. Discussion about the Borg War, and nightmares about the female soldier. But when he seeks records of her, she lived 400 years before, although they have photos of her from just the previous year. They time travel to investigate (400 years would be 1987, roughly, the end of the Cold War, but instead they go back to 2008, in Plymouth, England). They have a phone book-like time machine (I'm not familiar with Dr. Who, but I'm suspicious of the source of this non-Trek Device). Captain Lewis follows his lead to find Star Fleet officers from the 31st Century protecting the temporal time directive and working with "Torchwood," clearly a non-Star Trek source. Our officer holds the memories of a Time Lord (possibly from an earlier show, Torchwood or Dr. Who?). The conversation indicates that these aren't teenagers playing adults, they are supposed to be officers who are also teenagers. He's to investigate tactical nukes being stored by a non-government group in a nearby warehouse. There is a discussion at the warehouse with a man Captain Lewis recognizes as the genocidal leader of Optimum, Colonial Green, but much younger. Green tries to hold Captain Lewis at bananapoint. No kidding, but these young actors keep a strait face throughout. Captain Lewis hops forward 20 years in his phone booth time machine, to 2028, nothing visibly different in the world. Even the car styles look the same. But the people are dressed in surgical masks and coverall jumpers with hoods. The guys in the white coveralls shoot the guy in street clothes then report back to Colonial Green, Optimum's genocidal leader. Captain Lewis arrives and is quickly captured and brought to Optimum's Headquarters, but since he's not a mutant, his technology is taken, he's not killed and he escapes. He runs, then walks, through empty countryside. They use a non-flip cell phone as a tricorder (or a phone with a GPS system? Star Trek 'future' tech isn't future anymore.). He finds the same but much older woman he encountered in 2008. Lewis keeps his Starfleet Com badge on through it all. She sends him back to kill Colonial Green, who he stops from blowing up the world. Back in 2388, they have Christmas dinner. Good acting, good story, good editing. Lots of ideas. Bad CGI, limited special effects which are made up for by top rate acting and writing. Mixing non-Star Trek sources reduces the grade. Rating: 3

A short, "" is at Laura Lee Needs You(0:43) introduces these films.

Unity 2009 preview:

A lonely alien(9:13) Released February, 2009. Side comment says it is the first special of 2009. The intro includes a character "Laura Lee" with whom I am not familiar. February 2389. USS Odyssey, Beta Thoridor System. Set a year after Doomsday. It also recalls World War III discussed in The Scorched World story. There was a period of peace, but now, War is brewing, and 'they' are back. They follow a energy alien through a space rift with the tardus back to Earth, 2009. They materialize on a train. The alien, which looks a lot like the alien from TOS that fed on conflict and anger, (threw the Klingons and TOS Enterprise together to fight for eternity). It appears, and Puto and Lewis attempt to fight it to little result before the train pulls into Yeovil Junction. Lewis, who holds the memories of a time traveler, knows about the Carter woman, and connects her to this place. We see the Alien above Exeter, Devon, UK. Two young women appear with tricorders. They find and chase the alien. They literally run into Lewis, and then work together after a brief chat. Puto spots it as he leaves a coffee shop with a cup of Coffee (paid for with what money?). The creature attaches itself to his farhead, causing him to produce endorphenes, which it then feeds off of. Puto convinced it not to feed off people. He identifies it as an 'amora' creature (I suppose as opposed to the hate critters from TOS). But the women report that Chloe Fisher disappeared about a month earlier, and their attempts to locate her have been fruitless. They want to return to the future with Puto and Lewis to locate her. Chloe is the leader of the 'home guard.'

The next Episode is entitled, "The Return"

They have experimented with Machinima. Star Trek: Unity - The Machinima Trailer (0:54)

Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #1 "The Return" (Part 1 of 2)(6:22) Rating: 4. Mechinima limits the acting, but provides the sets and costumes the group usually lacks. There are also no non-Star Trek elements for once. The writing is good, as we expect from this group, and it's tightly edited and entertaining. I'm not sure how directing works with this medium, but I'll guess it was also good. One does have to wonder about the lack of concern for the birdman crewman who disappears.
USS Odyssey-A March, 2389. The two 'Captains' don't look much like their human counterparts, nor does the model of the woman from 2009, Laura Lee. This form of animation is very inflexible. However, the voice actors benefit from having done so many live action shows. The quality of the voice acting is better than most such productions. The background in this format is Silver Age starships, not the office building we are used to from the live action. Lewis and Laura Lee, the woman from 2009, are chatting when an alarm goes off. Puto is in command on the bridge. Although Puto in this form has a uniform, Laura Lee and he discuss why he doesn't (Starfleet cutbacks). They enter the Qualor System, seeking the source of a time/space distortion. Four beam down to the planet, one bird person, Laura Lee and the two captains. They split into two groups Puto with the bird, Lewis with the woman. The Puto/Bird team finds the structures, which show signs of recent activity.
Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #1 "The Return" (Part 2 of 2)(5:48)

A creature arrives and eats the birdman. The creature is brought down, not by the three phasers of our crew, but by one fired by a blonde man in a uniform who we had not previously met. He identifies himself as "Jonathan Kent" (which, together with Laura (not Linda?) Lee, starts to make one look for a guy in a red cape from Krypton) from Temporal Investigations. His ship was damaged by the distortion, and trying to repair it with 24th century tools would take some time. Kent decides having them help him fix his ship is the best of a set of bad alternatives for contaminating the timeline. The subspace distortion gets worse, and all four and the time ship are beamed up, with no effort made to find the birdman or the creature who killed him. A moment later, the planet vanishes. Kent explains that somebody is distorting time and that all things are converging on the year 2389 for reasons he does not know. They return to Unity Starbase. Back at the Starbase, we are treated to banter between Lewis and Puto as Kent and Lee comment.

Star Trek: Unity - Machinima #2 - "Day Two" (Part 2 of 2) (9:56)
In spite of mentioning non-Trek devices, this episode also relies only on Trek matters.

Well, we are back to the "Iconian" Stargate and Doctor Who and the Tartis time machine. A Federation outpost claims it is under Klingon attack. They go on the Odyssey. They also speak of being attacked when Lewis, Puto, Lee, and Kent arrive. They haven't spoken with the Kingons, however, about what is happening. There are dead laying about, unburied. The person who is voicing Kent speaks with less volume than the others and is hard to hear. For reasons unclear, they don't just call the Kingons, they try to sneak up on the well-armed base with just the four of them. They meet the Klingon commander who says he is not attacking the Federation Starbase, and has said as much. The Klingon base and the Federation base comeunder attack, by rebel Romulans, the "Empty Crown". A dying Romulan says they will attack the mining facilities in the Gateway system. The arrive before the single Romulan warbird under the control of the Terrorist group, "Empty Crown." They come out of warp at the last second, Kent notes that the Romulans remain overconfident in all centuries. For no apparent reason, Kent leads the defense of the mining colony. Romulans cut off part of the mining colony ship and beam aboard. Laura Lee suggests a continuous beam to push the Romulan warbird away (into a nearby asteriod). But the Romulans leave a message: The Forge is Coming. Lee asks what the Hell does that mean? It closes with all four going to lunch.

Next: "The 11th Hour." Does not yet appear to be released.

Three parter, Posted mid-July, 2009. How this works in order of episodes is not clear.
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 1 of 3)(10:36)
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 2 of 3)(10:36)
Star Trek: Unity - Double Jeopardy (Part 3 of 3)(10:55)
This series now officially acknowledges it is also a 'Doctor Who' series.

Rating:TBD.  This is Part I of a two- or more part story.  There are no non-Trek elements, but a lot of serious holes, so it's hard to evaluate.  They have better and better green screen technology, and there are some other nice effects, which I encourage you to watch.  The acting, editing, and writing are tight, as usual.  I enjoy this series more than most commercial TV, but I have a rating system.  Since the story continues, I can't tell yet if there's an explanation for some of the holes, so the suspension of disbelief element of my rating system is indeterminate.

New opening with a mixture of non-Trek British rock music. Also mixes the live action episodes with the machinima. The episode itself also mixes both versions. It opens with Lewis, Puto and Lee coming back from some vacation and being informed they are under arrest for violation of Starfleet directives, of Treason, and of the Temporal Prime Directive. They grab Odyssey and flee Unity Star Base. Scene changes to Earth, and Starfleet HQ. Puto and Lewis are blasted for using alien technology which is not approved, and being out of uniform as well by an officer. Then he goes on in some detail about what they did in the 21st Century, including Lewis' relationship with Chloe. Lewis ask "How could you know about Chloe?" and then shoots him. He explodes. Lewis explains he has been replaced by an android. They beam up to follow a signal the remains of the android are emitting, and steal The Odyssey to follow. Laura Lee meanwhile is surrounded by a green light and finds herself in what looks like Iconia. The image waves and bends, as does she. A person informs her she is in the Matrix. Odyssey approaches Delta Vega on the edge of the Galaxy. Lewis is beaming down to infultrate. End of Part I.

He arrives in a snow-covered landscape, with a private home in the background.  He walks across the wind-swept frozen landscape for a while.  He approaches a large, multi-story building which he scans with his tricorder.  He enters through a grate, sneaking in, staying low, and finds a room with a symbol and a map about Federation Space.  It's the Optimium group, from the 21st Century.  They've replaced a lot of Federation people with androids.  Green confronts him and hits him with some electrical-type device.  Lewis collapses. The Rackilli Prime Minister informs Puto, who is on the edge of the galaxy, about the replacement of Federation government officials with androids by the 21st Century Optimin group.  Lewis recalls being told about Green by his two female friends back in the 21st Century.  Green states mass killing after a global war resulting in mutations was ending suffering.  Lewis awakes in a bubble bath.  We hear the words, "Process Complete".  He dries himself off and gets dressed.  He hides when a white-covered Green operative enters, and phasers him, taking his clothing and blackberry.    The scene shift to Laura Lee in the Iconia Matrix.  But she figures out that it's the Unimatrix, and she's being assimilated by the Borg in the real world.  Lewis is sitting at a table with a guy in white clothing as Green walks in.  End  of Part II

We open where we left off, with Lewis confronting Green in what looks like a current day schoolroom sitting at a table.  What is Green doing, 300 years in his own future?  Green wants to break up the Federation and sent all the other species home to their worlds, concentrate on protecting the humans.  He discovered android technology on a planet with a long dead race, and figured out how to use it to replace many of the top Federation officials (no real explanation of time travel, though).  There are two Lewis's an original and a clone, but the clone is not under Green's control.  But when Green beams out to join his allies, Lewis determines the androids are Borg (totally out of the blue, and inconsistent with prior Unity and Trek alike).  The Lewises race around the building, which is under attack without and within.  Puto beems in as the clone Lewis is hit... but he can regenerate.  Nice effect, Greg Holgate looks a lot like Sutton.  The three beam up, and get messages from Starfleet Command that their arrest warrents have been revoked (Did real people take over again?  How?) and they should report to Unity Starbase. (Is it a trap?).  Green has had an invisible addition of a Borg eye, and the Borg are holding Fisher and Lee.   It ends with them heading for Unity Starbase.
next: Moebius

Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 1 of 5)(10:42)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 2 of 5)(9:26)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 3 of 5)(9:10)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 4 of 5)(9:08)
Star Trek: Unity - Moebius (Part 5 of 5)(4:59)

Then there's this parody, Star Fleet Apprentice(3:35) Holodeck Simulation of a Borg conflict leaves Lewis firing Star Fleet recruits.
Star Trek: Unity has an article In the Star Trek Wikipedia.
Gateway Productions also produces pieces for a Game, The Holo Federation, vis:

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    Luke Sutton said...

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reviewing our fan film series, and seeing beyond the awful early production values! Haha.

    I think what is most important to remember about Star Trek: Unity is that for the first couple of seasons... until about episode 10, we were only kids making these films for a laugh, so we didn't care much about effects and quality. But since episode 18 especially (which is where you should really start watching), we've got much better at the acting, writing and the production values in general, and now we're about to conclude a big story-arc!

    Anyway, I'm glad you are liking it all! =]
    July 25, 2009 3:16 AM

    Luke Sutton is a blogger on Blogspot, and his information is at

  2. just started watching this series. unfortunately the first 17 episodes have been made private. also, episode 18 has been edited as explained here:

    your comments on episode 18 don't seem to reflect that (but they also don't contradict it) and i thought it is worth mentioning.

    greetings, eMBee.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I know that Luke Sutton is in the middle of reorganizing his series. In fact, the new release was originally Season 6 Episode 1 and is now Season 6 Episode 5. I suspect the child Trek he produced starting at 12 or 13 will reappear at some point. His strong points are writing and acting, not sets and CGI. Very English. I enjoy the series, but that's me.

  4. ah, yes, i noticed that too, episode 6.5 didn't match what's written on stexpanded wiki. did you get this from luke directly, because i couldn't see anything about that on the his weblog.

    anyways, i agree. i have only seen two episodes so far and while the costuming is weak (just imagine what this show would look like with real star trek uniforms) the acting is done well and i feel really drawn into the story.

    greetings, eMBee.

  5. not only have the old videos been made private, but the newer ones (from episode 18) have been replaced with updated versions too.

    so for anyone trying to find the videos, until barb gets around to update all the links, here is the new playlist:

    greetings, eMBee.

  6. Yes, Luke Sutton and I are in almost regular contact. I get most of my information from him directly. One of the benefits of running this index is that I do get to have direct contact with many of the filmmakers. I get the photos from them, and get permission from them directly. I don't want any copyright issues. Even with that, I have been threatened when there has been a change of who is in charge at some of the film series, so I keep documentation of the permission to use photos.

  7. Just to be clear, that threat issue had NOTHING TO DO with Star Trek Unity, and I worked it out when there was a third change in control (back to the founder) at that Star Trek fan series.

  8. eMBee, if you post a way for me to contact you without open posting, I'll send you my e-mail... and I won't post yours. I control which comments appear, that's why you don't see any spam. Most attempts to post are spam, I just don't approve them.

  9. The series is enjoyable, indeed, in a strange way. The bad sets and video and sound and effects would normally be way more than enough to drive me away at warp speed, but here I sit and enjoy the series, I even liked those first 18 episodes. On one hand, it's the surprisingly good acting and strong stories, also paired with very creative addition of non-ST-elemets. On the other hand it is so fascinating to see how comitted, how devoted they are to what they are doing, and how much and deep (especially for the respective ages!) thought they put in it. While people often keep some interests and hobbies from childhood into adult life, it is really something special to be working on the very same project since being a kid (which they were) till being adults (which they are today). And while already this is quite rare and precious, it is virtually unheard of that this feat would be performed by a whole group of people! This is such a powerful sight, they are a really special group. One could say they show how magical and special Star Trek is.

    In a way, this is more special and precious than many, many state-of-the-art, shiny projects.

    1. It is one of my favorites!

    2. Ian P (AKA Capt Puto)January 26, 2016 at 12:13 PM

      Good Evening... this is Ian, the voice and body of Captain Puto within Unity... Luke mentioned this review to me so i decided to seek it out, and just extened a big thanks for bareing with us and enjoying the series... I have to admit i never realised anyone actually watched it... so its extremly grattifying to find out people hold us in such high regards... live long and prosper

  10. Hello, I am hoping to see all those episodes that are no more on youtube. Thanks Barb to inform us of the progress.