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(141) Star Trek Diplomacy (Czech with some English subtitles)

141 Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Stage Performance has been moved to

Star Trek Diplomacy (Czech with some English subtitles)
Updated 6/26/2018, Facebook Page:
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as of 4/12/2017, audio intro plus 2 film episodes.  1st Episode has English subtitles.
To play easily with English subtitles, use the Free Opensource VLC Player, available here:

Intro: Intro MP3

Epizode 1 - s01e01 - Government Gambity - STD01-s01e01_Vladni_rosady-720p.mp4 subtitles EN
Epizode 2 - s01e02 - Complete Report - STD02-s01e02_Uplne_hlaseni-720p.mp4
Epizode 3 - s01e03 - Shipyard - end of 2017
Epizode 4 - s01e04 - Closed Curtain - end of 2017

Length of Episode 1: 17:55
Length of Episode 2:  22:12

Episode 1:  Government Gambit, (17:55)
Episode 2:  Complete Report, (22:12)

Paragraph from Star Trek Bohemia page:
Star Trek Diplomacy:
Facebook Page:

In February 2017 they announced that they would not continue to produce this series.  They did not feel that they could do so with the limitations of the Guidelines. Nevertheless, they did release an episode in April.

Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production.  Set in 2373, during a war in which the Klingons have invaded and are conquering Cardassian space.  Cardassians flee, some to the Federation, but not all flee with good intentions.

Released 8/5/2018: (13:56).
English subtitles added 8/21/2018

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