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(212) Filmed or Videotaped Star Trek for Live Performance


Live reading of The Trouble With Tribbles, Friday March 15, 2013, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  See: for more details.

"Chicago's Best Improv Comedy" had an ongoing Star Trek show.  You can follow its current non-Trek work here:
Or for it's Trek work see , Season 0.  They are also producing ongoing on the web improv, which will be followed here:
Here's their facebook page:
And their podcast for your ipod:

The following productions were made for the stage, not for film or video, but were filmed:

The following appears to be a theatrical production of Wrath of Khan:Star Trek 2 - Wrath of Khan - 1/7 Annex Theatre Production

The following appears to be a parody entitled, "James T. Kirk, Superstar: A Spock Opera"James T. Kirk Superstar: a Spock Opera (part 1 of 6)(5:11)
James T. Kirk Superstar part 2 of 6(6:08)
James T. Kirk Superstar part 3 of 6(7:35)
James T. Kirk Superstar part 4 0f 6(4:21)
James T. Kirk Superstar part 5 of 6(6:42)
James T. Kirk Superstar part 6 of 6(4:56)

Amok Time, A Star Trek Opera. This is an Opera based on the TOS episode, Amok Time, in which projections from the original series episode are on the screen behind the singers.
Amok Time, a Star Trek Opera (Part 1 of 6)(5:08)
Amok Time, the Opera (Part 2 of 6)(6:03)
Amok Time, the Opera (Part 3 of 6)(4:50)
Amok Time, the Opera (Part 4 of 6)(4:24)
Amok Time, the Opera (Part 5 of 6)(6:05)
Part 6 does not appear to have been posted.  There are comments about its absence at the website of the poster.  This is the website of the composer, who is also the poster:

Portland, Oregon apparently offers Trek in Woodland Park in North Portland each summer. Parts or all of it has been videotaped and put on the web.

Fight scene from "amok time" presented by "trek in the park" 07.26.09
Trek in the Park: Amok Time
Same fight scene from the original episode: Star Trek - Amok Time fight scene
In the park, after the fight, Trek in the Park - I've killed my Captain, and my friend.
One of the Trek in the Park posters:
Star Trek in the Park (Portland, OR)
Vulcan Plomeek Soup, PT 1 18 seconds 
Vulcan Plomeek Soup, PT 2 27 Seconds (2:29)

HMS Pinafore Trek... a promo, not the whole proformance:
You Tube Home:

Star Trek Skit from the 2010 Supernova Convention in Australia: (2:19)

Eddie Izzard's  Star Trek Stand Up Comedy Act (9:06)

The Chumps, and comedy improv team in Toronto, did a series of skits based on The Wrath of Kahn.  This is one.

Here are articles summarizing live Trek performances in several locations, some of which include videos:

The Federation Will NOT be televised: This is a video ad for a live Trek performance:

This is a report on a live Canadian parody: (3:18).  It includes parts of the show.

Recorded stage parody of TOS, "Chekov's STAR Trek" (for ceremony setting star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame) (complete): (9:47)

This group in the Southern Illinois Music Festival has re-purposed Mozart as Star Trek.  Posted by Calib Gomes on July 9, 2014: (1:55:56). (Golden Age, adults, stage, sets, costumes, full orchestra..)  You can't have Star Trek Opera without Klingons. They offered the live audience subtitles, and for the film, subtitles in English would help a lot.

The Pacific Opera Project is apparently under the mistaken impression they originated Star Trek Opera.  How wrong they are!  Nevertheless, here is video online of two performances of their work, an English Star Trek libretto created by artistic director Josh Shaw of Mozart's "Abduction from the Seragilo" performed at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood in March 2015...
29 Dec 2014 Commercial (2:41)
11 Mar 2015 Finale (8:51)
26 Mar 2015 highlights (30:02)
29 Dec 2014 Full opera (2:06:22)

It was also performed at the The Ford Amphitheatre, September 3, 2016...

This is a commercial for a Star Trek concert: (2:09).

Live at the Improv in Irvine, Calif:  Live action recreation of "Spock's Brain."  (added 3/8/2016)

To Boldly Go
Cal Tech work on a Star Trek musical parody stageplay: (Feb. 2016)  Here is the full final musical, (Added 4/16/2017)   "Boldly Go!" A Musical Parody based on Star Trek, by Cole Remmen and Grant Remmen,

Discussion and Reviews:

This was a live stage performance, I'm not sure it was videotaped:
The Improvised Generation
Located at:

Star Trip, video (partial videos of live stage performances): At the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas, Tx. Golden Age.
Robin Hood on the Road to Sherwood Invaded by Star Trek TOS:
Star Trip: A Tale of Two Captains:  Posted 2013, filmed 2010.
  Bridge of the Compromise:
  The Klingies:
New Release:
Star Trip (filmed August 19, 2017, posted December 25, 2017): (5:14)

A short live performance on a subway car and filmed (Golden Age, Costumes). Mr Green Star Trek:  Watch how the other subway passengers react.

The Orlando Sentinel reported May 29, 2018, that Opera Orlando was doing a Mozart Opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio,” reimagined as an episode of TOS, "Star Trek: Abduction."  Tickets available for May 31 and June 2 2018.  Ad: (0:30)

Star Trek Live: "Turnabout Intruder" at the San Franciso Oasis, March 18, 2018.
Act 1: (47:53)
Act 2: (40:46)

Murder In Space
a mixed time parody produced as part of a charitable fundraiser, (58:38)
Parody takes from a variety of Trek shows to create a film for a charity fundraiser

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