Saturday, June 27, 2009

(102) Star Trek: Odyssey


 To download go to:
or can be viewed on Vimeo:
Seasons 2 and 3 are available on You Tube:

Season 1
A review:   The Logbook

The Wine Dark Sea
A review:  The Logbook      
The Lotus Eaters
A review:  The Logbook 
Vile Gods
Keepers of the Wind

Season 2
On the Knees of the Gods

A review:

Audio episode which takes place between Seasons 2 and 3 is planned for release, vis: starting September 27, 2010.

Season 3 is the conclusion of this adventure, and it will be combined with the conclusion of The Helena Chronicles.  Released on You Tube Sept. 17, 2011, with download in future weeks or months.  Here is a trailer: (3:39)  and here is the final movie:
Tossed Upon The Shore : (2:07:22)  A review:

Subtitles available:
For Season 1, in Spanish:

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