Saturday, June 27, 2009

(105) Voyages of the U.S.S. Angeles


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Download website:

This 5 episode series, created in 1999-2000, was the prequel to Hidden Frontier.

Discussed and Reviewed: The Twelve Trek Days of Christmas 2009: Day 5, 5 Star Trek Fan Films

For download:
Return to Duty
A Little Night Music
Q in the Dark
Last of the Iconians

There is a forum on it at the Hidden Frontier website about this series, and the download is from their website:

Vimeo Index to all posted Voyages of the USS Angeles by number of plays:

Watch on Vimeo:

Voyages of the USS Angeles - 101 - Return to Duty  Website 2015: (23:05) Remastered video posted November 3, 2012 (1:11:40)

Voyages of the USS Angeles - 102 - A Little Night Music  Website 2015: (19:34)

Voyages of the USS Angeles - 103 - Dreamers   Website 2015: (20:34)

Voyages of the USS Angeles - 104 "Q in the Dark"  Website 2015: (18:09)

Voyages of the USS Angeles - 105 - "Last of the Iconians" Website 2015: (15:21)

The series is being continued as a Hidden Frontier audio production.
Voyages of the USS Angeles 2.01 - Duty's Betrayal.  Website 2015:   Download here:  Listen online here: (56:57)

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