Saturday, June 27, 2009

(108) Hidden Frontier - Intrepid Crossover Films


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Watch here: (12:32)
Orphans of a War-Dvix.avi
Or with Portuguese subtitles, here: (12:32)

Orphans of War
Discussions: Star Trek: Orphans of War , Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield

This facebook page has clips from this show:

It is available
On You Tube: (7:44)
Vimeo: (7:43)
and for download:

Portuguese Subtitles:
One of Our Own.avi

A Review:

Fan Film Friday: Star Trek: Intrepid/Hidden Frontier: ‘One of Our Own’

Here's a review thread:

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  1. I was sorry to see this company not makeing visual episodes anymore. I enjoyed seeing the product as it matured into something of real quality. The podcasts just don't do it for me. These series are worth looking at. Thank you for your great work.