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(118) Cerberus Films' Star Trek Online Mechinima Productions


Cerberus Films is working on two series of Mechinima films based on the Star Trek Online engine.  The one they produced first, but have set aside after one episode with plans to return after completing the second is Star Trek Reunion.  The second series which will be worked on starting in late 2013 is Children of the Raptor.

 Star Trek: Reunion (Home Page: ;  former home page:, see also ) is a Mechinima project based on Star Trek Online.  It is set in 2410, which makes it late Silver Age.  Here is a thread which discusses it:
An article about this series:

Here is it's You Tube Home:

Episode 1:  The Gathering Storm (25:39)

And Here ,  "Leaks from Episode 1": (1:04) Posted June 14, 2011.

teaser- trailer for Episode 2: (posted Nov. 5, 2011): (4:15)

I got a PM from the producers on May 1, 2013.   Here it is in its entirety, including an announcement of much faster production to come for both this and a companion series:

Hi there,
It is still in the works unfortunately, it was put on hold for various technical and personal reasons (for example I am currently sitting my final year of exams). We also lost about 90% of our recorded voice overs due to a former member of the team.

Aiming for release in Mid to Late Summer now that we have the voices re-recorded, however I will not release it until I feel it is as close to perfect as it can be :)

You may also be interested to know of another Machinima series we're planning, based on the plight of the Romulans after the destruction of Romulus as they search for a new home. Again looking towards late summer for the first release of that, it will be approximately 30-40 episodes in length and due to our new workflow and it's nature, will be much faster and easier to create. (STR will continue to be released however)
In September, in a follow-up PM, the producers put Star Trek Reunion on hold and said they would instead be moving forward with the follow-up Romulan Star Trek Online Mechinima series, Children of the Raptor

Children of the Raptor (proposed Mechinima series based on Star Trek Online with released trailer August 31, 2013). (1:37)  from Cerberus Films.

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