Saturday, June 27, 2009

(117) Fem Trekz, later Star Trek: Earhart


Fem Trekz has released it's first film that qualifies as a major fan film under Star Trek Reviewed criteria, and it is also it's best effort to date.  Like pro Trek, it turns on mind games, in this case between Starfleet and some Klingons, as well as between organic beings and a computer with quirky programming.   It is still called a 'Screen Test' so it does not appear to be the 'official' first episode, but it is worth a look:

Fem Trekz: The Power of Life and Death
Part 1 (1:55)
Part 2   (5:17)
Part 3   (5:47)

Fem Trekz.   This was going to be a set of modules to allow people to produce post-Nemisis animations according to a timeline plan they were putting together.  There were issues with Xtranormal Plus.  However, the development continues, can can be followed here:

This essay by the creator about his goals and purposes was posted 6/6/2013:

The Star Trekz Empire Series based on these modules has been moved to

Fem Trekz
You Tube Channel
Facebook Page

The underlying modules are based on an all-female Federation crew with a captain who appears to be from the Indian subcontinent.  There is also a fully developed set of Klingon modules.

Movie Teaser: (1:21)
Amy questions Klore (0:12)
Companion bot Steve (voice of the filmmaker): (1:13)

The following are using the mods, but are not the primary movers:
created a film he calls, "Fem Trekz-Episode 1" (8:23).  This was given a headline.

Both these (below) and many of the short films seem to feature a lot of sexual innuendo, but nothing I can really call a story.  What is more, the characters are human females, but they are given male sexual outlooks and do not seem to think about sex like girls do.

Here are a series of shorts released August 6, 2012:
Companion Bot Steve  (1:14)
The Stowaway  (2:30)
The Gift of a Friend (0:45)
A Romantic Interlude (2:20)
Introducing Klore (0:25)
More shorts, October 27, 2012:
The Mission  (2:19)

The Hidden Camera  (0:22)
Button  (0:46)

He continues to release short subjects which you can follow here:

Released September 3, 2012 Fem Trekz: Trophies (6:53).  More sex talk.
Fem Trekz Sound Track:  (3:03)
Fem Trekz The Power of Life and Death - Isolated Soundtrack (2:35)

Star Trek: TOS Music Deep Cuts: (2:13)

In March of 2015, the name of this series was changed to Star Trek: Earhart.

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